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Earth Science Teaching Requirements (Grades 5-12)
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For an endorsement in the major teaching field of Earth Science, a student must complete the requirements for the B.S.
with a major in Geosciences, Earth Science Education option (see the Department of Geosciences and below). Individuals holding a baccalaureate degree must
meet these requirements by completing the courses listed below or demonstrate course equivalency. The Earth Science Teaching major does NOT qualify as a
single field endorsement. NOTE: The demand for teaching in this field is limited. The required second endorsement (either a teaching major or teaching minor)
should be in a field in high demand.
                                                       Earth Science Teaching MAJOR Requirements
                         Course Titles                             Cr.    Term.    Grade           Approved Substitute             Institution   Credits   Grade

GEO 101N (GEOS 100N) Intro to Physical Geology                      3
GEO 102N (GEOS 101N) Intro to Physical Geology Lab                  1
GEO 105N Oceanography                                               2
GEO 226 Rocks, Minerals & Resources                                 4
GEO 231 (GEOS 230) Geosciences Field Methods                        3
       Complete one of the following:
GEO 211 Earth History and Evolution                                 2
GEO 228 Earth Surface Processes                                     2
        Complete all of the following:
GEO 310 Invertebrate Paleontology                                   3
GEO 315 (GEOS 330) Structural Geology                               3
GEO-any course numbered 100 or above                                3
GEO-Course numbered 300 or above                                    3
GEO-Course numbered 300 or above                                    3
GEO-Course numbered 300 or above                                    3
GEO-Course numbered 300 or above                                    3
ERTH 303N Weather and Climate (GEOG 322N Meteorology)               3
ASTR 131N Elementary Astronomy I                                    3
ASTR 132N Elementary Astronomy II                                   3
M 151 (MATH 121) Pre-calculus                                       4
STAT 341 (MATH 341) Introduction to Probability and Stats           3
CSCI 172 (CS 172) Intro to Computer Modeling or equivalent          3
EDU 497 (C&I 426) Methods: 5-12 Science (coreq. EDU 395)            3
CHMY 485 Laboratory Safety                                          1
     Choose one (1) of the following courses (may include a lab):
BIOE 172 (BIOL 121N) Introductory Ecology                           3
CHMY 121N (CHEM 151N) Intro to General Chemistry                    3

and CHMY 123N (CHEM 152) Intro to Organic & Biochem                 3

PHSX 205N (PHYS 111N) Fundamentals of Physics I                     4

and PHSX 206N (PHYS 113) Fundamentals of Physics I Lab              1

PHSX 207N (PHYS 112N) Fundamentals of Physics II                    4

and (PHSX 208N) PHYS 114 Fundamentals of Physics II Lab             1
                                                 Total Credits   62-72

Department Advisor Signature                                             Date   Major GPA

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