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 ng y
                                                                         Lord Mayor
                                                                         Paul Garrard

A      Ander
 Scarred for Life
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2   GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010


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     Cover Story                           Regulars                             Features
 6   Scarred for Life: The Story of
     Angry Anderson
                                      22   The Advantages of IP
                                                                          36    GWP Media –
                                                                                New Marketing Paradigm
     Larry Woldenberg                      Steve Sebbes                         Daniel Moisyeyev

     Publisher’s Guest                                                    38    Australia – World Leader in
                                      30   Do You Need a DA for That?
                                           Talk to Council First
                                                                                Pearl Production and Design
                                                                                Robert Cliff
14   Paul Garrard,
     Parramatta Lord Mayor

                                           Business Chamber
                                           Ten for 2010:
                                                                          40    Solutions to Improve
                                                                                Safety and Efficiency in
     Regulars                              Steps to Grow Your Business
                                           Nicole Baines
                                                                                Your Workplace
                                                                                Victor Prasad
     Business Advice
16   Does Your Business have a
     “Life” Plan?
                                           Political Agenda
     Jonathan Reynold
                                           Think First: Beware of         42    Engage One of Australia’s
                                                                                Fastest Growing Regions
                                      34   Clowns - Part I                      Shannon Donato
                                           Igor Palmer

18   A Company is Like a
     Soccer Team
     John Glover                                                          50    Classifieds
                                      26   Come Visit Loxley on

20   Ten Tips for a Better Website
     Scott Tyler
                                           Bellbird Hill
                                           Paul Maher

24   Business Incubator or Serviced   28   Don’t Get Caught Out
                                           in the Car
     Office? Is There a Difference?
     Stephen Frost                         Darren Read

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                                                                                                        Editor and Publisher:
                                                                                                        Dmitry Greku

                                                                                                        Staff Writer/Cover Story:
                                                                                                        Larry Woldenberg

                                                                                                        Contributing Writers:
                                                                                                        Scott Tyler         John Glover
                                                                                                        Darren Read         Nicole Baines
                                                                                                        Victor Prasad       Jonathan Reynolds
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                                                                                                        Paul Maher          Stephen Frost
                                                                                                        Igor Palmer         Robert Cliff

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    giving out advice. They look busy from            strip bars prior to the acceptance of an          Circuit, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
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    related to small and medium enterprises,                                                            International Standard Serial Number
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    will to think and understand. In reality,         possible to change their minds? Or is
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    one or two such state or federally funded         This could give us a chance to save               w |
    organisations in every city and town.             millions on these “business support”
                                                      organisations and redirect funds into more
    Unfortunately for the taxpayer, this              efficient business support projects.
    obnoxious practice is encouraged by
    absurd examples from the top of the               This could be quite funny if it weren’t
    food chain. The ladies and gentlemen in           so sad.
    our government are constantly sending
    a message on how to behave for those              Have a great day. Take care of yourselves
    on the local levels. There is nothing left        and your clients.
    for the local business advice “service
    providers” than to do what they do
    best, according to the Code set by their
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4   GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
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                                                   Lord Mayor
                                                   Paul Garrard
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mayor Peter      Business

 Anderson                                                                                                                                  lynn
 Scarred for Life

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                                                                    BUSINESS                                                             BUSINESS

                                                                                                                                                                                                        “WANT MORE
                                                                    Resource&Lifestyle                                                   Resource&Lifestyle

                                                   the Hon David
                                                   Clarke MlC
                                                                                                                                                                                                        L E A DS AND
                                                                                                                                                                                                        NEED MORE
RObeRt                                                              SONY                                                                 TAGGART
                                                                                             Shock-and-Awe of                            Always be There
                                                                                             Massive Ordnance
                                                                                             of ALP Debt Blast
                                                                                                                                         for Others
From Apprentice         Six Characteristics of
                        Successful People                                                                             Publisher’s        In Tough Times, the Tough
to Owner:                                                           Peter Colby, MD                                   Guest:             Get Going
                                                                                                                                                                                      Ray Williams
                                                                                             Ten Reasons
A Retail Jeweller’s                                                 Reforms and                                       Barry O’Farrell,
                                                                                                                                         Search Engine                                Member for

                                                                                                                                                                                                        SAL E S?”
                        Is Small Business                                                    Why Most                 NSW Opposition
Success Story           Small Minded?                               Success                  Marketing Fails          Leader             Optimisation Strategies                      Hawkesbury

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Business                                                            Business                                                             BUSINESS
Resource&Lifestyle                                                  Resource&Lifestyle                                                   Resource&Lifestyle

                                                                                                   Andrew                                  Cumberland
                                                                                                   FrAnk                                   Industries:
                                                                                                                                           A Heart Moving
                                                                                                     Understanding                         Success Story
                                                                                                     the Law as a
Freddy                                                                                               Servant of Good                       Dream Festival
and Sahar                                                                                            Business Practice                     in Melbourne
                                                                                                                                           Sydney’s Inflatable Event

Mikhael                                                                                              Business Lessons
                                                                                                     from Past
                                                                                                                                           Company Plays A Major Role

  JC Travel             doing Business in
                        Tough Times                Publisher’s                                       recessions                            CHIPS Plumbing
  Professionals                                    Guest:                                                                                  10 Years On
  Takes the Travel      a Federal                  alex hawke                                        Staff Management                      A Business That Just Won’t
                        Government and             Federal Member                                                                          Slow Down
  industry by Storm     Bank led recession?        for Mitchell                                      in a down economy

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BUSINESS                                                            BUSINESS                                                             Business
Resource&Lifestyle                                                  Resource&Lifestyle                                                   Resource&Lifestyle

                                                                     LUBA AND
 GARTH                                  Publisher’s
                                        Guest                        SASCHA
                                                                                                          Choice                          EarlE
 YOUNG                                  The Hon Alan Cadman

                                                                                                          The Art of Italian Cuisine
  How to Make a                         Enterprise
  Business out of                                                      Have Passion for                   New Section
                                                                                                                                           the right Person at
  Community Service                     Pathway to Success             Your Business                      Business Events                  the right time

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6   GWP Magazine | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                                                                                    grEaT AuSTrAliAn BUSINESS PEOPLE

              for                                          Life
ng A                                                                                            By Larry Woldenberg

      The very name Angry Anderson conjures up             laughter in the house. He had many demons to
      the vision of bad boy. The lead singer of Rose       fight and I inherited a lot of those from him. His
      Tattoo’s childhood featured sexual abuse and         father, Jack, was brutally violent as well — being
      depression, so he had every right to be angry. Yet   a third generation Australian of Scottish poor
      when you get to know him, you find an advocate       stock. Likewise, Colin was physically violent and
      for the underdog — someone who has learned           emotionally neglectful with me.
      to channel his emotions for the betterment of
      Mankind. This is Angry’s story.                      “Years later in therapy I learnt that children in this
                                                           situation are a perfect prey for adults and that’s
                                                           what happened to me. Only it wasn’t Colin. Rather
   “My Mum’s Mauritian,” Angry began. “She came            it was a family friend who sexually abused me.
   here at 19 pregnant with me and I was born in
   August’47. She was short, dark and French Creole        “Having a small physique, I naturally gravitated
   — not popular in Australia at the time.                 towards bigger blokes to make friends with. I think
                                                           it was both a protective mechanism and the urge
   “Colin, my father, dumped us with his parents.          to be strong in life. Colin always drove home the
   I suppose I’ve blocked out much of my early             message ‘You’ll always get picked on. Little blokes
   life, because Colin is a vague memory. Our              are little blokes all your life. They’ll always be
   relationship was a difficult one. I don’t remember      picked on.’

                                                                                       GWP Magazine | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   7
    “But the funny thing is that time after time in   “And you know, he was right. As a society,        “School is not just the place to learn ABCs
    talking with other blokes including truckies,     we don’t acknowledge the passage from             and maths. Why not use the formative years
    bikers, tradesmen, accountants and other          puberty to adulthood like other cultures do.      to build competent citizens? Why leave our
    professionals, whomever, I discovered that        The transition from grub to butterfly is not      teenagers floundering?
    a great many of them suffered childhood           painless. Something plain-looking becomes
    abuse as well — including physical violence       something different physically, intellectually,   “As an adolescent, I had to bottle up my
    and sexual abuse just like me.                    spiritually and emotionally.                      depression. There was no help in the Fifties.

    “But there were good things to remember
    too. Colin, for example, wasn’t all bad for
    he did teach me to box, shoot and ride a
    bike. And then there was Uncle Ivan. I give
    him credit for all my good and bad habits.
    He drank, smoked, rode a motorcycle and
    played drums in a swing band. He was my
    hero. Thanks to him, I developed an interest
    in music.

    “School didn’t do much for me. My favourite
    teacher taught both art and English. As a
    result I became an avid reader and dabbled
    in art as well, doing charcoal portraits, etc.
    Had I not become a singer, I may well have
    become a teacher.

    “But I’ll always remember my
    teacher’s advice. He called
    me an imaginative writer
    and on the last day in
    school said: ‘Books and
    experience will teach you
    all you want to know
    about Life. School
    hasn’t done that.’

                                                                                                        There was no nurturing. Hence, I became
                                                                                                        frustrated, sad, then angry. Naturally,
                                                                                                        I rebelled by turning to alcohol, drugs
                                                                                                        and violence.

                                                                                                        “After a few successes in school fights, I
                                                                                                        became more sure of myself as a physical
                                                                                                        force. But I also continued to read.

                                                                                                        “After leaving school I had a music teacher.
                                                                                                        She acknowledged my ability to sing and
                                                                                                        keep perfect pitch, but she said she couldn’t
                                                                                                        give me what I craved — how to sing the
                                                                                                        blues. Again, Life had to be my teacher.

                                                                                                        “What good is school when kids have
                                                                                                        so much crap to deal with? We allow
                                                                                                        children not yet emotionally stable to drive
                                                                                                        a 6-cylinder turbocharged car. Then at 18

8   GWP Magazine | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                                                                                                            grEaT AuSTrAliAn BUSINESS PEOPLE

we allow them to drink — a confusing and            Heroes. I loved how they championed the          Short Life by Ian Jones.
dangerous concoction.                               poor and downtrodden — how ordinary
                                                                         people could live           “After 4 years at tech school I was apprenticed
“We don’t give the kids the                                              extra-ordinary lives.       as a fitter and turner. I worked for 2 years saving
truth in history classes.                             Angry’s with his                               enough monies to buy a motorcycle and left.
Let’s tell them about the                            oldest son Galen    “I   always      loved      But I liked physical labour and continued
invasion     of    Australia.                                            reading        history.     working similar jobs for a long time.
Aboriginals have trouble
dealing with it, but you
always have to confront
your demons. History is
important because that’s
your life. We all need to
face our past. It’s no easier
for the Whites who carry
guilt over the same.

“If people don’t know
where they’ve been, they
don’t know where they
are. And if they don’t
know where they are, they can’t know where
they’re going.

“For me to be what I wanted to be, I had to
confront Life. There was no f--k’in around. I
had to face my demons.

“Some years ago I gave a talk to some high
school students. The principal commented:
‘Let’s put our hands together for someone
who overcame a disadvantaged past to
build success in their life.’ F--k that! My
thoughts at the time were that I achieved my
success not in spite of my past but because
of my past. I had to tussle with Life. Grapple.
Confrontation. It was a battle royal.

“I told my three teenage boys: ‘I won’t protect
you from Life.’ They have to face their own
demons themselves. No one can shelter you
from Life.

“When I was 17 years of age Mum accidentally
discovered my first tattoo — an anchor and a
rose. She immediately declared ‘It’s coming
off.’ So she proceeded to scrub and scrub to
no avail. Crying, she added ‘Gary (my given
name), you’re scarred for life.’ Now no man
wants to see tears brimming in his mother’s
eyes because you realise you’ve broken
her heart. But at the same time I thought:
‘F--k’in great! That’s what I am. Scarred for
life.’ Later that became the title of a hit song,
my album and even my book.                          Right now I’m reading Les Carlyon’s Gallipoli    “Meanwhile, I started singing in ad hoc bands
                                                    and The Great War. My favourite reading          with various mates, some from Trade School.
“I probably accrued a propensity to defend          is a factual history and biographies. But I      I was a frustrated guitar player who loved
the weak from listening to the radio as a kid.      also like to balance my factual reading with     vocalising. I always marveled at the magic
I used to sit with my head inches away and          good novels like Patrick O’Brien’s Sea Faring    a singer weaves to touch their listeners. I
the volume turned down so as not to bother          Series, i.e., Master and Commander. Often I’ll   was mesmerised by Frank Sinatra, Peggy
Colin. I listened for hours to the radio serials    have 2-3 books on the go. For instance, apart    Lee, Billy Holiday, Odetta, John Lee Hooker,
of the day and reading about Robin Hood,            from Les Carlyon’s works, I am re-reading        Bessie Smith and Mama Thorton. I thought
King Arthur and the like. They are Legendary        Tim Flannery’s Future Eaters and Ned Kelly: A    to myself I just have to do that.

                                                                                                               GWP Magazine | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   9
     “I feel it’s the greatest compliment you can      But there were some quirky developments.
     give me when people say: ‘You moved me            Firstly, after only one tour in the U.S., Rose
     to tears.’                                        Tattoo decided not to return. Secondly, the
                                                       band never was embraced in Australia,
     “Later I helped form Peace, Power and Purity,     seeing its greatest successes overseas. To
     a hippie-type band covering Bob Dylan and         this day the current band members still tour
     Eric Burdon and the Animals with songs            Europe doing the club and festival circuits.
     about causes.
                                                       “Relative to the U.S.,” Angry elaborated,
     “I sang blues and folk material with a school     “you can’t change the stripes of a tiger.
     mate in jazz clubs before I formed my first       We thought that all we had to do is to play
     band. Then in the early Seventies I fronted       the music. But in the U.S. it’s different. The
     Buster Brown which was the most successful        music’s not the most important thing. They
     band prior to Rose Tattoo. It was then that       told us that we had to write the right kinds of
     I formed a friendship with AC/DC when our         songs and we didn’t want to write the right

                                                                                                           Mick Cocks passed on the 22nd of
                                                                                                           December leaving Angry as the last
                                                                                                           remaining original founder of Rose Tattoo

                                                                                                         affectionate relationship to the American
                                                                                                         band Guns’N’Roses. As a young band
                                                                                                         they took what we did, re-formed it and re-
                                                                                                         packaged it and made a success of it. Plus,
                                                                                                         they openly acknowledge their debt to Rose

                                                                                                         “As for Australia, our history of larrikinism sits
                                                                                                         well with the Europeans, Brits and Americans
                                                                                                         alike. But here we’ve only achieved cult status.
                                                                                                         Quite frankly, I think it goes back to the early
                                                                                                         settlers from the British Isles and Europe.
                                                                                                         Our harsh environment produced a certain
                                                                                                         character along with mateship. You’d never
                                                                                                         turn your back on someone because the next
                                                                                                         time it could be you.

     drummer Phil Rudd later joined their band.”       kinds of songs. Also, we didn’t
                                                       want to make the right kinds of
     Then came the big musical break as Angry          videos and we didn’t want to
     replaced Rose Tattoo’s original singer Tony       look the right kind of way.
     Lake. Guitarist Peter Wells and bassist Ian
     Rilens had originally formed the band. They       “So we said: ‘Sorry, no!’ When
     then needed a guitar player and drummer.          they replied: ‘AC/DC did,’ we
     So to complete the line-up, Angry introduced      replied: ‘We’re not AC/DC.’
     guitarist Mick Cocks and drummer Dallas           They said: ‘But the Rolling
     Royal. Sometime later AC/DC introduced            Stones did.’ But if you
     them to Alberts — their first record label. (It   don’t like what we are, we
     was AC/DC’s first label as well.) The rest is     don’t care.
     history as Rose Tattoo produced six hit albums
     with Angry writing nearly all of the lyrics.      “However, we have an

10 GWP Magazine | Issue 29 | March / April 2010

                             Rose Tattoo

 GWP Magazine | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   11
     “Why do our soldiers, who are in the minority,   Incessant touring and a wild lifestyle             The producer then suggested to Mike’s
     get so much recognition from the Boer            eventually took its toll on the original Rose      successor, Ray Martin, that they get me back
     War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam and any conflict         Tattoo band members and in 1983 they               on the show. Ray was impressed and asked
     we’ve ever been involved in? Because they        called it quits.                                   me to stay on with my own weekly spot.
     stood out.
                                                      As Angry explains: “With all the media work        “I became an ambassador for Can Teen and
     “As a result, there evolved the quintessential   and touring, the band was under considerable       worked with Make a Wish. I did stories on
     Aussie with no caste system like the English.    external pressure. Internally, members were        anyone needing a hand.
     In the same way our music is distinct. You       struggling as well. For example, Digger
     have the great Australian guitar sound used      struggled with a heroin habit and everyone         “My area was youth. I wanted them to be
     to great success by our most famous bands        partied too hard. Something had to give.           taken seriously. Addiction was a real issue
     AC/DC, The Angels, the Choir Boys and,           Then I became a father.                            with me as well. I didn’t act or look like a
                                                                                                         typical reporter on a TV show. I just let it roll.
                                                               “We needed and took a break as            So we went out and did amazing stories.
                                                               a band. We needed time to digest
                                                               the whole American thing. And we          “One of the things we started off on was child
                                                               never got back together.                  sexual abuse. We did the whole story. We did
                                                                                                         victims, the survivors. And we actually spoke
                                                               “It was extremely hard to get off         to fathers that had sexually abused their
                                                               drugs and booze. Extremely hard.          children and uncles that had abused their
                                                               Most of those things were given to        nephews and nieces, because they were
                                                               us in those days.                         trying to rehabilitate themselves. They had
                                                                                                         to realise just what they’d done, to know the
                                                               “I started drinking at a very, very       love and trust they had destroyed.
                                                               early age as a paperboy. I remember
                                                               there was a cold wet day and I was        “Ray and I had wonderful rapport, so when
                                                               selling papers and I got bumped           Ray went to Current Affairs he took me with
                                                               by a car. Then some old bloke who         him. In 1991 we started the Challenge Series
                                                               used to come out of the pub and           with shows based on finding ways to solve
                                                               get a paper brought me a little nip       Community needs that couldn’t be done in
                                                               of rum and said: ‘Here, mate. This’ll     any other fashion
                                                               fix you up.’
                                                                                                         “In our first year working with Farm Aid we
                                                               “I believe I was saved from my            organised trains to carry dried feed and
                                                               addictions by the birth of my             foodstuffs from Victoria to Queensland to
                                                               daughter Roxanne. We were on              feed starving herds. Twelve million trees were
                                                               a tour with Aerosmith. That was           planted in a Land Care Initiative. We had
                                                               probably the most outrageous tour         projects building houses for AIDS sufferers.
                                                               that I’ve ever done. She was two          There were fund raising initiatives for Child
                                                               weeks old before I saw her. The first     Flight helicopters and Cerebral Palsy and
                                                               time I actually looked into those         Spinal Bifida victims.
                                                               eyes, that was it. Within the space
                                                               of a couple of weeks I went from          “As part of the series we shot a documentary
                                                               being this wild, out-of-control rock      on the Kokoda Trail in 1996. We then finished
                                                               dog to being — I want to sort of          the series in 1999 with a documentary shot
                                                               paint the front fence.                    in Cambodia on landmines to commemorate
                                                                                                         the work of Princess Diana.
                                                                “All my kids have received what
                                                                I missed — hugs and kisses. And          “It was around this time that I received a
                                                                the great thing about it is, now it’s    call from the Governor General informing
                                                                not always me that says: ‘I love you’    me I’d been nominated for an Order of
     of course, Rose Tattoo. Similarly, our most      first. They’ve been raised to say that. And it’s   Australia. He asked if I’d accept it. I replied in
     successful singers never fit the mold.           a wonderful moment when you’re dropping            the affirmative.
                                                      your 18-year-old off in front of his workmates
     “As our guitarist, Peter, pointed out —          and he will lean into the car and kiss you or      “Later when interviewed by Peter Thompson
     mediocrity sells. ABBA is a good example         say: ‘Kiss, Daddy, kiss.’                          on TV I admitted to being very honoured,
     of melody carrying the day over lyrics. The                                                         very humbled, by the award. And it wasn’t
     early Beatles albums the same. With their        “In 1985 I started working in television           being glib on my part. Indeed, it’s how I feel
     later albums they discovered they wanted to      which kicked off a whole new career path —         and I will spend the rest of my life earning it.
     write about more than just girls.                working as a TV personality.
                                                                                                         “A few years ago my fellow Rose Tattoo
     “On the other hand Bon Jovi was wildly           “Originally I was a guest on the Midday            member, Peter Wells, phoned. ‘What do
     successful.”                                     Show in 1984. Mike Walsh interviewed me.           you know about prostrate cancer?’ he

12 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                                                                                                           grEaT AuSTrAliAn BUSINESS PEOPLE

asked. ‘Why?’ I replied. ‘Because I’ve got
it,’ he explained. ‘Angry, we have to raise
awareness of it. There are 15,000 diagnoses
a year of which some 6-7,000 die compared
to 2,000 ten years ago. While the cancer is
killing me, in a way it’s the ignorance.’

“At about the same time I had become
involved with Blundstone Boots. When I
do an endorsement for a product I build
into the deal that they support myself or an
initiative that I’m involved with. So they back
me monetarily by paying for awareness ads
and helping me travel around the country
to address men’s health. This includes
addressing depression as well with which
I struggle even to this day. Now I haven’t
suffered depression for many, many years,
but from time to time I can feel it sneaking
up on me.

“And when I do get down I know I have to
turn around and face it squarely. You look
it straight in the eye and you just say: ‘I am
not afraid of you and I will not let you take
control.’ It’s simple as that.

“One of the biggest influences in my life
was Philip Groves. He taught me how to
communicate with the Divine and how
the Divine Process enriches your life. I
studied with him for five years in the
Eighties. He taught me that while we’re all
walking different paths, they all head in the
same direction.

“I’ve grown comfortable in my skin over the
years as Angry Anderson. But a strange
thing is happening over the last few years.
I’ve noticed more and more people call me
Gary. They just walk up to me in the street,
whereas once no one did. And it’s not that
I’m afraid of Angry disappearing. Because,
you know, it’s as much a part of me as being
Gary. They’re the one person anyway.
                                                       Angry with his biggest fan – Boof
“I guess there’s a lot more of Gary around
these days than 20 years ago. Most definitely.
I mean, poor old Gazza didn’t get a look
in much in those days. In fact, you know          “I’m not going to leave my rock band              December we lost Mick which makes me the
he would have been more of a burden               capabilities behind. Physically we’re 35 years    last original band member.
than anything.                                    as a band. I still think we’re relevant. Europe
                                                  still beckons. The 17-18 year-olds over there     “Coming to terms with the loss is a day to
“One of the great things about turning 50,        know all our lyrics. They give it life.           day proposition. Dealing with the loss will
let alone 55, let alone 60, is certain things                                                       never be easy. I get up and look at all the
become sharply in focus. Right now I’m            “One of the things that’s great about Rose        photos and think: ‘Jesus, Boys, I’ll never see
more about myself than I think I’ve ever been     Tattoo is that to say it’s a brotherhood is       you again.”
in my whole life.                                 an understatement. I never realised how
                                                  much I loved Pete until he was dying and I        Angry Anderson or Gary, if you wish, has
“At 40 you think at 50 it’s all over. Then at     realised I’d been with him for more than half     indeed found his way in Life. From the Angry
55 you think that doing something else            my lifespan. We had lost Digger to cancer in      I met in this interview, I know one thing. It will
is a real possibility. And at 60 you see          1989. Three years ago we lost Pete and Ian        take death to shut him up, but his memory
the opportunity.                                  within a year of one another. Then just last      will stand tall before all those who follow. G

                                                                                                             GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   13
 PuBliShEr’S gUEST

                                                        Publisher’s guest

                                    Paul Garrard   Parramatta Lord Mayor
                                                   with Dmitry Greku, Publisher/Editor, GWP Magazines.

                                                        Parramatta will need to provide for 20,000      to date is its lack of coordination. The
                                                        additional dwellings and 30,000 extra jobs      Blue Mountains has a Tourism Authority,
               Clr. Paul Garrard was                    by 2030. The State Government’s existing        the Hunter and Illawarra each have one,
               elected to the position of               travel infrastructure will simply not support   but Western Sydney doesn’t. Tourism
               Parramatta Lord Mayor in                 this increase. The State Government should      needs to be coordinated across the local
               September 2009. He loves                 be pushing for Parramatta to be a place of      government areas and be marketed as a
               his city, knows everyone                 employment, a destination city, otherwise       collective.
               and everything happening                 people are just going to go to Sydney. The
               in the same. Paul is the                 State Government is not doing enough and        DG: Do you see any ways to improve the
               longest-serving councillor               has not planned sufficiently for the future.    situation with homeless people in Parramatta
               of the Parramatta City                                                                   which has an influence on the success and
               Council. It’s his fifth term             There are many plans for the future of          performance of the businesses operating in
               as the Lord Mayor during                 Parramatta, it has been studied to death.       the region?
               his 35 years on Council.                 But the State Government has not acted
                                                        on many of them. I see the West Metro           We need to do something different with
                                                        as important in order for Parramatta to         regards to homelessness. I think everyone
                                                        serve the needs of the planned growth.          is aware of its importance, but the approach
                                                        If you have to get here from Five Dock;         is probably not structured as well as it could
                                                        Homebush Bay, or anywhere on the harbour        be. It needs to be more consistent. I would
   DG: How do you envisage the role of                  peninsulas, there is no way of getting          like a Trust established in Parramatta to
   Parramatta as a social and commercial hub            here except by driving – it is vital that we    look after the homeless.
   in NSW?                                              have an integrated transport plan with
                                                        infrastructure in place. But, unfortunately,    The important thing is that plenty of people
   Socially, we need to ensure that our city            nothing has been announced by the State         and organisations have shown that they’re
   continues to capitalise on its reputation as         Government.                                     willing to assist to deal with this matter.
   one of the leading entertainment capitals in                                                         I also believe that businesses should
   Sydney. Parramatta has shown that it has             DG: What new steps does Parramatta City         also lend a hand and it would be ideal if
   matured a lot in the last 20 years and, with         Council plan to take to improve relationships   Council could develop closer business
   our Riverside Theatres, we are a key player          with the business community?                    partnerships.
   in the arts in Western Sydney.
                                                        Our responsibility to the business              We need to work with the care providers
   Commercially, Parramatta is the third                community extends not just to Parramatta,       to get a better understanding of the issues,
   biggest legal precinct and one of the                but to the whole of Western Sydney.             what is required to secure government
   fastest growing regions in the nation. I’d           Parramatta City Council needs to continue       funding, and the provision of more effective
   like to see Parramatta continue to be a              to bring stakeholders from diverse              services and facilities. Homeless people
   leader of business in Western Sydney and             backgrounds together to explore business        are often aligned with mental health issues
   with our strong economy and thriving legal           opportunities. The economic development         and they need proper assistance and care.
   business sector, we’re well positioned to            in Parramatta needs to broaden its base –
   achieve that.                                        I am keen to have our organisation cross        DG: Paul, you are one of the longest
                                                        fertilise with other departments in order to    serving councillors of the Parramatta City
   DG: Can the Parramatta Business Community            work together, not in isolation. By doing       Council and one of the biggest supporters
   expect any financial support from the State          that, we could start attracting opportunities   of Parramatta amongst the people I know –
   Government to develop infrastructure in              we might have otherwise missed.                 you know your city inside out. What would
   Parramatta and what are the plans?                                                                   you like to complete in your city being the
                                                        The Federal Government has devoted              Lord Mayor for the fifth time?
   I have been disappointed with the State              $500,000 to Parramatta to develop
   Government’s role in recent times,                   a Tourism Strategy. I feel one of the           I am trying to establish Parramatta as being
   particularly its  transport   initiatives.           weaknesses in Western Sydney tourism            a smart city. I have a vision of Parramatta

14 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                                                                       PuBliShEr’S gUEST

being a wireless city and trying to attract
people to Parramatta for a reason that
they cannot get anywhere else. Being a
smart city – having a broadband rollout in
Parramatta would be ideal – would capture
the imagination. In the first four months of
being Lord Mayor, I have turned our libraries
into wireless ports.

I’d also like to introduce a smart card in
Parramatta, which could be used in shops,
restaurants, etc, and would enable the
smaller retailers to compete with the larger
department stores.

What we have done in libraries shows what
we can do. If I can have a smart card pilot
program established in Parramatta – as part
of the $43M Federal Government program,
if I can establish Parramatta in that position,
I would be very pleased. We would be a
high tech city for future development. While
Norwest is laying pipes for carrying water, I
want Parramatta to lay pipes for information.
That’s what the future is about.

The other matter is the issue of having a
popularly elected Lord Mayor. Parramatta
City Council has a Residents Panel which
is comprised of about 2000 people. In a
recent survey, 64% said they would support
a popularly elected Lord Mayor.

I am encouraging public debate on this
issue. The time has come – Parramatta
needs to have some certainty about its
political leadership over the term of the
Council. Parramatta City Council cannot
continue to have a dilution of political
support with back room deals, and I think
the community and the business community
want some certainty. G

Please read full version of this interview @

                                                  GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   15

                            Jonathan Reynolds, Wealth Adviser - Skeggs Goldstien Associates

    Does Your Business have a “Life” Plan?
       As with individual financial or wealth           The Business Life Planning Process               To initially understand their concerns, the
       planning, Business Life Planning (BLP)           The workshop and subsequent report               shareholders/owners individually held a
       provides a solid platform from which you         includes discussion and an evaluation of:        “Discovery” meeting with their adviser for
       can develop your business and establish          • The current financial performance of the       the purpose of understanding what was
       important lifestyle and business goals.            business                                       important to them in life right now.
                                                        • The owners’ plans, ambitions and
                                                          expectations                                   It was discovered that the owners of the
    Each business is unique, with its own set of        • The strengths and weaknesses of the            business currently play too big a part in the
    challenges and opportunities that change              business                                       day-to-day operations and should be able
    over time. Business Life Planning has been          • The current business value and education       to step away from time to time or spend
    designed so that it can help any business,            on what drives the capital value of a          more time making informed improvements
    regardless of the stage of its life cycle.            business                                       to the business.
                                                        • The opportunities and threats to the
    The Business Life Plan (BLP) process takes            business                                       It was also apparent that each Director/
    into consideration all available growth             • The potential growth areas of the              Shareholder had varying requirements
    and succession options for a business                 business                                       regarding their succession. They all agreed
    and enables business owners to make                 • The relative strengths of the business’s       that they would like to remove themselves
    informed decisions about their future. The            management infrastructure                      from day to day operations over time;
    result of the BLP is a defined set of actions,      • The owners’ personal financial position        however, two wished to maintain an active
    assigned to various owners that will give           • The succession options for the business        management role, whilst the other only
    your business the highest probability of            • Any estate planning issues that might exist    wished to participate through director/
    achieving its goals.                                • A Notional Business Value of the business      ownership capacity.
                                                        • The owners’ lifestyle preferences (and any
    Why you need a Business Life Plan                     issues that might exist) and core values       The Discovery and Business Life Plan
    When things are going well many business                                                             process not only identified the goals of each
    owners fail to have a plan for the future.          On completion of the BLP process,                of the participants but also enabled them to
    As we are well aware, circumstances                 each business owner will have a clear            understand what was important to each of
    can change rapidly and failure to plan for          understanding of what needs to be done to        them individually and to plan for the future
    changing circumstances can often mean               improve their position and performance of        of the business and overall attainment of
    the failure of a once successful business.          their business. Your adviser will then provide   their goals. G
    Below is a list of typical changes or events        ongoing support and conduct review
    affecting many businesses:                          meetings to ensure that the necessary
                                                        strategic and operational improvements
    • Poor health or death of owner                     are implemented, timelines are adhered
    • Dispute between owners                            to and that you are on track for the overall     For more information or to discuss your
    • Purchase of equity by key staff                   achievement of the plan.                         individual business planning requirements,
    • Change in business circumstances                                                                   please contact Skeggs Goldstien.
    • Owner looking for a change in lifestyle           CaSe STudy
    • Loss of key staff                                 Sydney-based Family Manufacturing                Skeggs Goldstien associates
    • Absence of successor                              Business                                         p | 1300 753 447
    • Declining profitability                           Skeggs Goldstien began working with a            e |
    • Increased competition                             third generation family-run manufacturing        w |
    • Possible acquisition                              business in 2009. They had become
    • Merger opportunity                                concerned about their future after working
    • Growth opportunities                              in the business with their spouses and
    • Resignation or retirement of a principal          siblings for over 20 years and couldn’t see                 skeggs
    • Loss of business enthusiasm                       a way to plan for their future succession or
                                                        reinvigorate their family time.
                                                                                                                       golds ien

16 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                          g YOuR
                       nd                                                                                             2

                   B                                                                              ep
                                                                                              Print t

                                                                                                         Our services include:

                                                                                                         Graphic Design

    Graphic Design
                                                                                                            Web Design

                            S o l u t i o n S                                                            Print Solutions

       Not getting the advertising
            results you want?
                            At X Designs, we provide designs for:
                                                                                                    XDESIGNS                           TM

    4 Logos                         4 Catalogues                     4 Advertisements
    4 Corporate Identity            4 Signage                        4 Web Design
    4 Brochures                     4 Marketing Material             4 Print Solutions               02 8824 5169
          Professional Prompt Service and Guaranteed Graphic Design Solutions.
                            Call us today on 02 8824 5169                                            e |

      There’s no substitute for
      local knowledge. And
      we’re as local as it gets.
      Your Commonwealth Bank team has the local expertise and knowledge to help your
      business succeed and meet your personal banking requirements. To put us to work
      for you, give us a call today.

      Business banking:                                                  Personal banking:
      Norwest              Rob Darroch             0434 221 624          Mardie Constantino
                           Anupa Kontham           02 8282 0729          Norwest Branch Manager
                                                                         02 9849 6200
      Parramatta           Dallas Whitehead 0404 845 615
                           Tushar Trivedi   02 4747 0620
      Wetherill Park Trevor Williams               0414 813 147
                     Tara Ward                     02 8815 0606

      Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. CBABM0687

                                                                                                  GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   17
CBABM0687_123x180.indd 1                                                                                                  1/10/09 9:50:13 AM

                            John Glover, Director - Pendragon

    a Company is Like a Soccer Team…
       During my 30 years of business it has             job share whereby one person may                player calls for the ball, we must trust and
       come to my attention that businesses              cover several roles. A soccer player            pass to him.
       are very similar to a sports team. In fact,       is not given a job specifications.

       I would go as far as to say that they are         He is required to perform his best
       exactly like a sports team.                       on the pitch as well as to cover others
                                                         when necessary.
                                                                                                         Tell the truth, be honest, explain what you
                                                                                                         can’t do in your position in the team. Praise

                                                         Sport People
    When establishing a soccer team, different
    skills are required depending on the                                                                 others in the team even if they are not
                                                                                                         playing that well. People generally perform

    position in the team. Some players are
    more flexible than others in the positions                                                           better when motivated and the smallest of
    they can play in. Some train harder than                                                             things can often motivate. Communicate
    their team mates, some want to win,
    some don’t want to lose and a few are not
                                                         Team                                            with your team members. Do not whisper
                                                                                                         (through e-mails), they won’t hear you.
    concerned about their team or winning.
                                                         Involvement                                     The midfielder does not text or e-mail the
                                                                                                         winger, he communicates quickly and
    Similarly, if you are unable to look after           Does your company play as a team or             precisely what he wants and adapts to the
    your soccer “stars”, you will lose them;             as individual premadonnas? We could             pass he receives.
    individuals who feel their talent is wasted          say that the goalkeeper represents the
    in the team will look for a new team to play
    for. The best option would be for them to
                                                         Chief Financial Officer — no money should
                                                         slip through their fingers. The Salesman        One Day You
                                                                                                         May Lose
    talk to their manager and explain how they           is the centre forward or the goal scorer,
    feel because a resolution to their problem           since they need to score as many goals
    may be found, enabling them to stay within           as possible creating money for the
                                                         business. But they both need support            “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.”
    their current team. If this solution suits the
                                                         from their team mates.                          Don’t worry about the loss; it should be a
    team, player and manager, it’s a win-win
                                                                                                         concern but never result in loss of sleep.
    situation for all parties.
                                                         The coach could therefore be the Managing       Learn from it and look to adapt to produce
                                                         Director or the Chief Executive Officer.        better results next time.

    a Team /                                             When a player is not performing to their
                                                         best potential they may have to substitute      Just understand the need for team spirit

    Company Must                                         or re-train them.                               and work as a unit.

    Score More                                           An employee is an expense to a company
                                                         similar to a soccer player; sales must be
                                                                                                         Above all, have fun… Good luck this
                                                                                                         season… G

    goals Than It                                        made in order to cover their expenses. If the
                                                         sales (goals) are not made, players may not     Pendragon

    Lets In                                              be able to keep their positions. When this
                                                         happens, teams may become disgruntled,
                                                                                                         p | 02 9407 8700
                                                                                                         f | 02 9407 8701
                                                                                                         e |
    Every day is a new game. Whether it is               and an unhappy team may never win as
                                                         working together is unlikely to happen.         w |
    sales, marketing or finance, we all strive
                                                                                                         MARN 0105060
    to be better than the day before and our
    increasing knowledge and experience
    will assist us to work more effectively for          Trust
    the future.                                          If trust is not present, a team cannot be
                                                         formed; we must trust that all players are
    Smaller     teams     tend    to   rely   on   the   capable of fulfilling their own roles. When a

18 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   19

                            Scott Tyler, Managing Director - Brightblue Marketing

    Ten Tips for a Better Website
       Most small businesses have a website               site. Create rich content in the form of articles,   images to that of your target market(s). Your
       these days. Unfortunately most do                  blogs, podcasts, vodcasts and live feeds             marketing copy should focus on addressing
       little to attract traffic, engage visitors         that your prospective clients will value. It is      the needs of the “buyer” rather than directly
       or generate a tangible result. They say            important to understand that your website is         on your products and services.
       most website visitors take just seven              always a work in progress. Keep prospective
       seconds to decide on whether they will             clients coming back by continually adding to         Tip No.10 - do Not annoy Site Visitors
       spend more time digesting the content              the content.                                         No matter how tempting it may be, do not
       on your website, before moving on to                                                                    have music or video playing on your site
       a competitors’. If your website is just a          Tip No.5 - Build a Contact List                      when it is first loaded. Not only is it annoying,
       brochure site, then you are missing out            With the right strategy, site traffic can be         but is also a sure fire way to ensure visitors
       on business.                                       harvested in order to create a contact list          leave your site quickly. You should instead
                                                          of prospective clients. This list can then be        consider having a control that can be used to
                                                          used for further marketing. There are various        play or stop the music or video.
    This article describes ten tips to improve            ways that lists can be generated including
    your website.                                         newsletter sign-ups, VIP Club registrations,         Pop-ups and the overuse of flash can also
                                                          memberships and competitions.                        be irritating. G
    Tip No.1 - Have a Clear Strategy
    Your website should be focused on either              Tip No.6 - Make your Site Browser
    generating genuine enquiries or making a              Friendly
    sale. If it is unsuccessful at either of these        It is important that your website works
    objectives then it is time for a website              correctly on the major web browsers. As of           Is your website working for your
    overhaul. It is not enough to just have a             January 2010, the most common were Firefox           business? Are your competitors enjoying
    “brochure-ware” site.                                 (46% of all users) and Internet Explorer (42%)       more traffic? If you would like a FREE
                                                          followed by Google Chrome (10.8%) and                website assessment, please contact
    Tip No.2 - Set-up your Navigation with the            Safari (3.7%).                                       Brightblue Marketing on 9762 1255 or
    Website Visitor in Mind                                                                                    email At Brightblue
    Prospective clients should be able to find            Tip No.7 - Optimise for Search engine                Marketing we’re reshaping business.
    the information they are seeking quickly.             Ranking
    Otherwise you will lose them to a competitor’s        It is only worth having a website if it can be       Brightblue Marketing
    site that does. Site navigation should be             found. On what page number does your                 Suite 609, 12 Norwest Central
    designed in a way that is logical for the             website appear when someone enters a                 Century Circuit
    prospective client.                                   search term related to your business? If it is       Norwest Business Park NSW 2153
                                                          not on page one or two then you will never
    Tip No.3 - Make it easy to Contact the                achieve a great deal of traffic. Search engine       p | +61 2 9762 1255
    Business                                              optimisation is a wise investment.                   e |
    The purpose of your website should be to                                                             
    drive an action. Whether it’s to generate an          Tip No.8 - update frequently                         w |
    enquiry, sign up for a newsletter or make an          It is important that you update your website
    online transaction. As a result all key pages of      frequently. It keeps your website fresh and
    content should make it easy for a prospective         also helps with your natural search engine
    client to contact you. You are potentially            ranking. Add new articles, brochures, news
    missing opportunities if you just rely on a           items and blog entries.
    prospective client to click to your “Contact
    Us” page in order to find your phone number           Tip No. 9 - Frame your Marketing Copy
    and email address.                                    In order to be effective your website needs
                                                          to be engaging and resonate with your target
    Tip No.4 - Make it Sticky                             market. This is achieved through framing
    Create content that will keep visitors on your        the language of your marketing copy and

20 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
Premium Foil Trays
with personalised service

T available in every shape and size
Providing you with foil containers is our business. If your business
involves making or selling food then we want to join your team.
If you use foil containers and would prefer a supply partner who will
value your business, call us on (02) 8860 6445.
Level 5, Nexus Building Norwest Business Park, 4 Columbia Court Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Postal Address: PO Box 3537 Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Fax: 02 8860 6464, Phone: 02 8860 6445
                                                                                          GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   21

    The advantages of
    IP Telephony                                                             Steve Sebbes, Director - Telstra Business Centre Hills/Northern District

       Internet Telephony is technology that        2. Call centre features. These include             Telstra supplies and supports premisebased
       converts analog speech signals into             intelligent call routing and queuing,           IP Telephony systems, as well as older
       digital signals and routes them through         agent log in/log off, agent and supervisor      PSTN and ISDN technologies. G
       packet-switched networks of the                 productivity clients, music on hold,
       internet. These signals bypass the              customisable messages and real-time
       traditional network calls from a landline       reporting.
       and use the internet.
                                                    3. Call handling and management features.
                                                       Time-saving features such as presence
    For larger, networked businesses, the              awareness and click-to-call dialling from
    advantages are significant. The most               your computer desktop could increase
    obvious is the potential for noticeably lower      the contactibility of employees and
    operational costs, thanks to site-to-site          company productivity.

    calling “on net”. However, IP Telephony is      4. Remote teleworker. The ability to make          Telstra Business Centre
    not just for large business – it also offers       almost any external phone an extension          Hills/Northern District operates Monday to
    a wide range of extra capabilities that can        of your office phone.                           Friday Norwest Business Park
    improve office efficiency and productivity                                                         H137, Ground Floor, 24 Lexington Drive,
    across multiple sites or in a single-site.      So which solution is right for your                Bella Vista NSW 2153
                                                    business?                                          p | 1300 721 400
    They include:
    1. Hot desking. Each phone user is given        As a basic rule, premise-based systems
       their own PIN, which they can enter into     can scale right down to suit a business
       any IP handset to instantly make that        with one site and a handful of employees,
       phone their own, complete with their         while hosted solutions are better suited to
       number and voicemail. Great for offices      large multi-site customers with a Wide Area
       with limited desk space or staff who are     Network (WAN). Both options are highly
       infrequently in the office.                  featured communications platforms.

22 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                               NEW BUSINESS MOBILE
                        P L U S P L A N S PUT YOU IN CHARGE

       When you connect to this Telstra Busine ss Mobile PLUS plan for 24
                                                                                                                       NOKIA 6720 CLASSIC

       months you get:                                                                                                  $0 UPFRONT ON A
           	 		F ree voice calls in Australia from your Business Mobile PLUS service
               to mobiles on the same account 1
           	 		1 50 MB	 data allowance included for mobile internet and email 2
           	 		$ 135 	credit when you bring your number to Telstra
                                                                                                                     BUSINESS MOBILE PLUS
                                                                                                                     PLAN FOR 24 MONTHS*
                                                                                  ASK US HOW

                      R ID
                             IA N
                                         Telstra	Business	Centre	Hills
                                         Lexington Corporate Suite H137
                                         Lower Ground, Bella Vista



                                         Call 1300 721 400

FOR	THOSE	WHO	LIKE	THE	DETAILS,	WE’VE	GOT	THEM	HERE:	1. Our Fair Play policy applies. 2. Unused data expires monthly. Usage charges apply for data
use in excess of or excluded from the included monthly allowance. Additional charges apply for sending/receiving email when overseas. ® - Registered
trademark of Telstra Corporation Limited. ABN 33 051 775 556 .                                             GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010 23

                            Stephen Frost, Managing Director - BREED Local Community Partnership

    Business Incubator or Serviced
    Office? Is There a Difference?
       Yes, there is a difference between “Business    2009 11 10 - Mark Arbib - Stephen Frost - Fleur   has demonstrated that businesses generally
       Incubators” and “Serviced Offices”.             Kearins - Business Incubator of the Year 2009     outgrow the services of the Incubator within
                                                                                                         two years, with many businesses moving
                                                                                                         into commercial premises in Norwest with
    Essentially a “Serviced Office” is generally                                                         increased staff.
    owned, managed and operated as a
    for-profit entity; providing furnished                                                               One of the benefits of a business locating
    office accommodation with access to                                                                  within an Incubator is the collaboration and
    telecommunication and IT infrastructure                                                              networking with other growth businesses.
    and administration services including                                                                Despite the tenants all being small business
    reception and meeting facilities. As a for-                                                          owners, the Incubator is able to foster
    profit enterprise, every additional service                                                          relationships between management and
    generally attracts additional fees for                                                               tenants and between tenants. Many tenants
    services.                                                                                            have formed alliances in an effort to build
                                                                                                         each other’s businesses and be able to offer
    Conversely, a “Business Incubator” is                                                                a wider range of services to their clients.
    generally managed by and operated on a
    “cost recovery” basis by a not-for-profit                                                            The Nirimba Business Centre was the proud
    entity. These entities generally have an                                                             recipient of the 2009 Australian Business
    economic development or educational                                                                  Incubator of the Year award and represented
    focus. They look to assist resident                                                                  Australia at the UK Business Incubation
    individuals and companies to develop                                                                 Conference in Belfast in December. This
    and or grow their business or test their                                                             presented an opportunity to investigate
    new product or service from a friendly             (l - r) Conference speaker Stephen Frost,         international best practice and promote
    flexible basis. They provide access to all         Nirimba Business Centre, Australia,               business incubation activities in Australia
    the services of a “Serviced Office” plus           Enterprise Minister, Arlene Foster and            while establishing international networks to
    the benefit of having access to business           Gordon Gough, CEO, Enterprise NI.                 assist local businesses. G
    advice,    mentoring    and    networking
    opportunities. They have proven to be the            food production, software development           Stephen Frost is the Managing Director of
    most effective technique yet devised for             and “green” technologies.                       the Nirimba Business Centre and he can be
    creating employment, commercialising                                                                 contacted on 9853 3200 or visit the website
    new technologies and developing local               Incubating businesses locally is much   for further information
    economies.                                          cheaper and more likely to produce               on Business Incubation in Australia.
                                                        economic benefits than incentive programs
    There are three categories of Incubators:           that seek to entice existing businesses to an    Nirimba Business Centre
                                                        area only to have them leave when a better       PO Box 147 Quakers Hill NSW 2763
    • General purpose Incubators typically              offer is made.                                   p | 02 9853 3200
      have employment outcomes as their                                                                  w |
      highest priority.                                 The local regional Incubator, the Nirimba
    • Technology        Incubators  seek     to         Business Centre, is located within the
      commercialise new products/services.              Education Precinct at Quakers Hill. This is
    • Specialist incubators focus on specific           a general purpose incubator that can assist
      industry areas. For example, art and craft        up to 32 resident businesses at any time.
      businesses, agriculture, aquaculture and          Occupancy is up to three years but history

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your sales team for six months
Need greater results from your sales team?
Want to increase sales and grow your business?
Now you can, with Sales Mechanix...
• Weekly one on one meetings with your sales team
• Results driven Sales Manager without the
  $150K P.A price tag
• In the field sales mentoring
• Sales process improvements
• Measurable results

           Call 8860 6490
level 5, nexus building, 4 columbia court
                baulkham hills, nsw 2153

                       Corporate Imagery

                                   Advertising & Editorial
                                     Products & People
                                      Food & Fashion
                                        Real Estate
                                    Indoors & Outdoors
                                    Events & Functions
                                      Receive 10% discount
                                    when you mention this ad.

                                   Shop 3, 268 Old Northern Rd
                                      Castle Hill NSW 2154

                                       Ph: 9680 9823

                                       GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   25

    Come Visit Loxley
    on Bellbird Hill                                                                                 By Paul Maher, Proprietor - Loxley on Bellbird Hill

        After 27 successful years in the Financial   people who visit the property.                     Sydney Region. Loxley is positioned in the
        Service Industry and a mid-life crisis, I                                                       mid-to-high range of the marketplace.
        thought it was time for a career change.     Loxley’s Customer Base is positioned
        As my passion has always been Australian     in the mid-to-high end of the market.              The Loxley market is broken into the
        Heritage and the Environment and after       The majority of Loxley’s customers are             following segments:
        searching for two years for a unique         generally through word of mouth, repeat
        property, I was fortunate enough to find     clientele, and through Loxley’s website/           50% Wedding Market – Loxley’s wedding
        a two bedroom cottage on acreage circa       Internet exposure.                                 customers primarily come from the Hills
        1833 which is now known as Loxley on                                                            area, Sydney Basin, Hawkesbury and
        Bellbird Hill.                               Our mission statement: “To consistently            Nepean; however, we have also attracted
                                                     exceed our clients’ expectations by                couples wishing to hold their wedding
                                                     maintaining our customer service standards         reception at Loxley from interstate and
    Today Loxley on Bellbird Hill is a unique        and empowering our staff to embrace a              overseas.
    Resort on 30 acres with Function and             Can Do attitude”. This clearly identifies our
    Conference facilities, and with the new          business point of difference.                      25% Corporate – for Conferences,
    acquisition of Peppercorn Lodge, Loxley                                                             Functions or Special Events. Our Corporate/
    can now accommodate 44 people. Loxley            Besides the allure of Loxley’s first class         Group Customers are 50% repeat clientele.
    is a one-hour drive from Sydney, nestled         facilities, there are many other magical           The majority are from the Greater Western
    into the Kurrajong Hills on the Grand Tour       moments awaiting guests – including                Region and Sydney CBD.
    Drive of the World-listed National Park,
    overlooking the magnificent Hawkesbury
    Valley to the Sydney Basin and beyond.

    With the positioning and uniqueness of this
    historic property, it is imperative that the
    presentation and services are not just from
    a business sense but also from that of the
    environment - nothing short of excellence.

    in offering:
    • Conferences and Special Events
    • Team Building (e.g., murder mystery, white
      water rafting, and culinary challenges)
    • Weddings
    • Boutique Accommodation

    Loxley on Bellbird Hill has been trading
    since July 2000, attracting more than 16,000     embracing the 400-year-old turpentine              25% Leisure Market - The philosophy
    visitors per year and is growing rapidly.        tree in the property’s rainforest and the          behind developing Loxley on Bellbird
    Loxley enjoys a customer base of over 100        150-year-old Kauri Tree planted by the             Hill was to provide guests with an
    corporates who utilise the facilities. Over      original owners.                                   opportunity to celebrate special events
    35,000 families have celebrated weddings                                                            at an establishment that offered historic
    and/or dined at Loxley.                          Loxley enjoys a diverse market with                significance,   a   rural  belonging,    a
                                                     customers travelling from International            cosmopolitan flavour and an old fashioned
    Loxley holds the competitive advantage           markets as well as from businesses all             feeling of comfort. Loxley is successfully
    of being “different” and thereby generates       over Australia. Many functions cater to            meeting its mission and achieving
    awareness, curiosity and interest from           businesses and residents of the Western            customer satisfaction.

26 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010

Excellent customer service is no longer      From the minute guests arrive at Loxley
an add-on, it’s expected. What is seen as    on Bellbird Hill they are warmly greeted by
“good service” is the bare minimum for the   staff and are made to feel important and
Loxley staff. The bar is continually being   valued until they depart. G
raised. We live by our Mission Statement.
                                             Loxley on Bellbird Hill
Loxley has a proven record in superior       993 Bells Line of Road
customer service with repeat business and    Kurrajong Hills, NSW
continual referral business.                 p | 02 4567 7711
                                             w |

                                                                                           GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   27

                             Darren Read, Managing Director – Vodafone Business Centre Norwest

    Don’t get Caught
    Out in the Car
       “Confidence comes from being prepared.”          when you are waiting at traffic lights.         Holding the phone (whether or not
       - John Wooden                                                                                    engaged in a phone call) is also prohibited.
       John Wooden is a retired American                Sounds fair - no hands free device in the       Holding includes resting the mobile on the
       basketball coach. He was the first person to     car means no phone calls. The down side         driver’s lap.
       be inducted as a member of the Basketball        is that even if you have a handsfree, you
       Hall of Fame as both a player (1961) and         can still be booked if you have an accident.    The NSW Government has a working
       as a coach (1973). His philosophy was            In an effort to clarify the use of handsfree    committee that is looking into adopting the
       simple – success and confidence comes            kits, the NSW government passed a law           same rules.
       from knowing what you want to achieve            stating that a driver must always have
       and being prepared for all situations that       “proper” control of a vehicle, and you can      Be prepared as now is the time to act.
       may arise. This philosophy is essential in       be booked if the police officer believes that   When the laws were introduced in Victoria,
       business to ensure that your company             your mobile phone was distracting you.          fleet operaters scrambled to have their cars
       reaches its full potential, but often we are     The current guidelines recommend that you       fitted with handsfree kits. This included
       unprepared for small changes. I would like       “keep conversations short. Don’t engage in      Government Departments. This created
       to draw your attention to a small change         complex or emotional conversations”. Due        a two-month backlog for suppliers. Your
       that may have a big impact on your               to the ambiguous wording of the legislation,    current handsfree may not be legal soon if
       business if you are not prepared.                it has introduced a small loophole. The         you have to touch the phone to dial or make/
                                                        loophole in the law is that you can have the    receive a call. Also, you cannot touch the
                                                        phone on your lap and the loudspeaker on        screen of your phone to update the GPS. It
    are you up-to-date with the recent                  and you are not breaking the law.               must be “Turn by Turn” voice directions and
    changes in mobile phone usage in motor                                                              you must select your destination before you
    vehicles?                                           The Victorian Government has closed the         start driving the car. G
    The recent changes in Victorian legislation         loophole by tightening the rules to the
    are being looked at by the other States             following:
    and the Australian Federal Government               “Using a mobile phone while driving is
    in strongly encouraging all the States to           prohibited, except to make or receive
    standardise their road rules. This means            a phone call or to use its audio/music
    that there could be changes on the way.             functions provided the phone:
    “What does this have to do with me?” - you          • is secured in a commercially designed
    may ask. Due to OH&S responsibilities you             holder fixed to the vehicle, or               At the Vodafone Business Centre we are
    may be liable if a worker is injured or unable      • can be operated by the driver without         a complete business solutions centre and
    to perform their duties because you did not           touching any part of the body of the          we have a large range of the latest car kits.
    supply them with a safe work place.                   phone.                                        We are always keeping track of changes in
                                                                                                        the industry and relevant legislation. Please
    So what is the current law and what                 Using a phone as a GPS while driving            feel free to contact our office to ensure
    could be changing?                                  is prohibited unless it is secured in a         that you are prepared and able to avoid
    Currently in NSW, it is illegal to drive or ride    commercially designed holder fixed to           an interruption to your staff’s valuable on
    while using a hand-held mobile phone. This          the vehicle.                                    road time.
    means that talking, sending or receiving
    text messages, emailing, playing games              All other functions (including video calls,
    and taking photos are all illegal when              texting and emailing) are prohibited.
    using a hand held phone. It is also illegal to
    perform these activities when your vehicle          Learner and P1 drivers are prohibited from
    is stopped but not parked. For example,             using a mobile phone at all while driving.

28 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
Global player, local knowledge

At the Vodafone Business Centre we understand the needs of your businesses. We know that many
businesses are global players, as well as having a strong local presence.

               Vodafone’s growing                                                           Stay in touch with your                                                      Keep yourself and
               global network in over                                                       business when you are                                                        your team connected
               140 countries means                                                          away, with Vodafone’s                                                        to email* anytime,
               virtually anywhere you                                                       MobileBroadband#                                                             with BlackBerry® from
               go,^ you can use your                                                        and Internet on Your                                                         Vodafone.
               mobile just like a local.                                                    Mobile.†

Contact the team at the Vodafone Business Centre Norwest on 1800 333 638 to make an
appointment for your free Telecommunications Consultation and Bill Analysis.

                                                                                Vodafone Business Centre
                          Suite 402, 12 Century Circuit, Baulkam Hills NSW 2153 Tel: 1800 333 638

^Vodafone World for Postpay is the default roaming product and should be activated at least 3 days before travelling. Vodafone Traveller only available to customers who specifically opt-in and are connected to an eligible Vodafone contract.
Both Vodafone World and Vodafone Traveller are subject to limitations of overseas networks and individual handset capabilities. Some Vodafone services may not be available whilst roaming in some countries. For fees that apply to both
Vodafone World and Vodafone Traveller see #Vodafone Mobile Broadband subject to network limitations and availability. The 3G broadband network covers selected metro areas of most capital cities and some larger regional
centres. 3G subject to network limitations and availability. Outside 3G broadband areas Vodafone Mobile Internet operates at slower access and download speeds on Vodafone’s 2.5G network. See for details.
†Available on a Month to Month basis when added to a valid Vodafone Cap on contract. Must connect for one full bill cycle. Recurring $9.95 monthly access fee charged until the end of the month in which you discontinue the service. Included
data subejct to 1 month expiry. Additional data usage: 12c per MB (min session 50KB). All Vodafone services subject to local and overseas network availability and handset/device capabilities. 3G services available on 3G handsets in 3G areas
(available in selected metro areas). Limited content available on 2.5G capable handsets. Some internet and web sites may not be accessible. See for more details. *Data for use in Australia on Vodafone’s GPRS/3G
network, subject to local and overseas network availability and handset capabilities; some internet & email services may not be accessible. BlackBerry® and the BlackBerry® logo are registered trade marks of Research in Motion Limited and
are used under license. Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554.

                                                                                                                                                                              GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010                29

    Do You Need a Da for That?
    Talk to Council First
       • Considering moving premises?
       • Are you about to sign a lease or buy
         a property?
       • Did you know that you may need to
         check with Council to find out if what
         you are planning to do is allowable?

    Businesses locating to The Hills Shire
    or moving premises within the region
    may require a DA. This is a Development
    Application made to Council for consent
    to construct, change the use of a property
    or premises, demolish a building, display
    advertising, or make alterations or additions
    to a building.

    Getting the best from Council
    So how do you make submitting your DA
    quick and painless?

    Cameron McKenzie, Group Manager for
    Environment and Planning, says sorting
    out any potential issues up front will help to
    smooth the way for a speedy DA process.

    “Talk to us first – we are here to help
    make everything as easy as possible,”
    Cameron said.

    “Businesses should be aware that Council
    has a duty planner working the main
    customer service counter every day who                                                Cameron McKenzie
    can talk you through the process, help you
    lodge your DA or give guidance on what           where the DA is up to, view and download       don’t be shy
    you need to do next.                             documents, and it’s available when you         Do you have a DA looming in the near
                                                     are,” he said.                                 future? Building a relationship with Council
    “If your DA is complicated, Council is                                                          before lodging your DA can ensure there
    happy to meet with you before you lodge          a proven track record                          are no surprises. Any issues are identified
    your application (called a pre-lodgement         Council has a strong record in managing        up front and all this makes for a speedier
    meeting), and together we can work through       the DA process. In 2008/09, The Hills Shire    approval process. G
    any issues before you begin,” he said.           Council determined over 1700 DAs with a
                                                     value of $973 million, and 828 construction
    Tracking your progress                           certificates were also issued.
    Council also has a system called “DA
    tracking” which is an online tool you can        The NSW Department of Planning statistics
    use to track an application through each         indicate that the Hills Shire Council
    step of the way.                                 performed highly against other Councils        p | 02 9843 0555
                                                     in NSW for the number of days taken to         e |
    “It’s as easy as going to the front page         approve a DA.
    of Council’s website and clicking on ‘DA
    Tracking’ in the ‘Online Services’ section,”     “We are proud of our staff professionalism,”
    Cameron said.                                    Cameron said, “and we are always
                                                     striving to provide the best service to our
    “This system allows you to see exactly           customers.”

30 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
Need Business

                                                   Let us help
                                                   you with
                                                   research data
                                                   at no cost.

Council can offer your company the
following business information:

 Local business statistics                  Labour market costs
 Business demographic data                  Population forecasts
 Marketing analysis and research            Typical real estate costs

The hIlls shIre CouNCIl                     For a FRee confidential
129 Showground Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154   appointment contact Council’s
Phone 02 9843 0131                          economic Development Team
                                                        GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   31

    Ten for 2010: Steps to grow
    Your Business                                                           By Nicole Baines, Development Officer - Sydney Hills Business Chamber

       If you operate an SME business, here
       are our top 10 tips for growing your
       organisation in 2010.

    1. Set clear goals. Engage a business,
    executive or life coach to facilitate a 2010
    vision setting session and form a clear
    picture of how you would like to finish this
    year. You can find a list of coaches on the
    Sydney Hills Business Chamber online
    member directory.                                  Chamber Business
                                                       Development Officer
    2. Manage Cashflow. Sudden growth                  Nicole Baines making
    can send you broke if not well managed.            introductions to members
    Appoint an accountant with cash flow               at a networking event
    expertise to ensure your pricing model             held at Norwest Business
    guarantees profitability.                          Park in February

    3. Create a strategic plan. Contact Nicole
    Baines and she will forward you a strategic      a Business Promotion Kit to find out how         an excellent forum for engaging others.
    plan template that was developed by one          the Chamber assists you to hit the mark.         RPT members meet in small groups each
    of our business partners.                                                                         fortnight for a range of purposes, including
                                                     7. define your sales process. Be sure you        sharing ideas and gaining feedback.
    4. develop a clear marketing message.            have a solid process in place to maximise
    Survey your team, clients, suppliers and         the potential of every lead. Determine best      10. Take responsibility. We often find
    the broader market to develop a true             practice for timing of any follow up calls,      people join organisations like the Chamber
    sense of the value you offer. If you belong      multiple contact approaches, recording           in the hope that they are a magic formula
    to a Chamber or other networking group,          of lead information, tracking of activity        for success. The fact is that responsibility
    ask fellow members to contribute to this         levels and campaign responses. The               for your business success lies solely with
    exercise. Ensure your marketing message          Chamber will be running a Sales Boot             you. No one knows your business like
    reflects the feedback gathered in a clear        Camp in June 2010 for those needing a            you do and no one is as invested in your
    and concise way. You will gain additional        mid-year sales boost.                            success as you are, so get active and make
    insight from the Chamber’s 30 Second                                                              it happen. G
    Commercial Workshop.                             8. Know what’s working and stop what’s
                                                     not. Tracking progress towards your goals        Sydney Hills Business Chamber exists to
    5. Market to the right audience. Don’t           is vital. Spending time regularly comparing      support local businesses and can assist
    waste money marketing through channels           performance to goals affords the chance to       you with many of the items above. Call us
    not frequented by potential clients.             analyse the impact every activity undertaken     to speak to a Business Advisor or visit our
    Determine which publications, websites           has on the big picture for your business. If     website.
    and networking groups you should be              something is not taking you closer to your
    active in. Base your decision on where           goals, then ask yourself why you’re doing        For a Strategic Plan Template contact
    your potential clients hang out, not on price    it. Gather a small group of trusted advisors     Nicole Baines:
    of entry. Contact Ashleigh Murphy for a          together and meet monthly for a debrief          e |
    Business Promotion Kit to find out how the       and planning session.
    Chamber assists you to hit the mark.                                                              For a Business Promotion Kit contact
                                                     9. engage others. Sharing your vision            Ashleigh Murphy:
    6. Market through the right channels.            and plans offers an opportunity to gain          e |
    Don’t waste money marketing through              additional input, feedback and all-              w |
    channels not frequented by potential clients.    important encouragement. Share what you          p | 02 9659 3366
    Determine which publications, websites and       have planned with family members, staff,
    networking groups you should be active in.       suppliers, partners, and others in your
    Base your decision on where your potential       network. Consider asking them to hold you
    clients hang out, not on price of entry. Email   accountable to your plans. The Chamber’s for           Referral PLUS Team (RPT) Program is

32 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                           G 08, 29 -32 Lexington Drive, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

                                 02 9629 4700                                                          
                                                                                                                          O er Expires

                                                    Outdoor Vinyl Banner                 Budget Silver Roll Up Stand
     A4 Roll Up Stand
      • Available for $55              FREE           Size: 3000mm x 1300mm
                                                        • Water resistant
                                                                                            Size: 2000mm x 850mm
      • Free with any purchase                          • UV resistant                        • Aluminium Stand
                                                        • 2 Years Warranty on Colours         • High Res 720 dpi Print for Vivid
                                                                                                Colour with 2 Years Warranty
                                                                                                                                         Was   $299
                                                        • Heavy Duty

                                                        • Includes Eyelets                    • Padded Carry Bag
     A3 Roll Up Stand                                                                         • Light Weight and Portable
      • Available for $89                                                                     • Quick and Easy Setup
                                                                                              • Non Curl Upgrade available

      Value $55
                                                                       Was   $259
     Quick Snap A-Frame                                                                  Large Format Digital Printing
     Size: 600mm x 900mm                                                                  Size: 594mm x 841mm                     A1 Posters
       • Aluminium Frame
                                                                                                                              Qty Special $/Unit
                                                                                            • UV resistant
       • 2 Posters, one on each side                                                        • Printed on 150 GSM Stock         5    $119         $23.80
                                                                                            • Full Colour                      20   $399         $19.95
                                                                                            • Call for Double Sided Print      50   $949         $18.98
     Sturdy Build - Perfect for Outdoors
     Change Your Posters in Seconds!                                                                                          100  $1199         $11.99

                                       Was   $329
                                                       $179                                                                   500  $1995
                                                                                                                              1000 $2990
                                                                                                                                                  $2.99                         $2.99

     Outdoor Flags                                                                       Banner Systems and Displays
     Size: 2100mm x 720mm
     Bow Banners
     Size: 2000mm x 600mm
                                                Cross Feet $126
     • Bags and Poles
     • Stake for Outdoor Stability.
     • Reverse Image                                                         $275                     $325                $275                         $175                         $125
     Wind Resistant so your message gets
     delivered, whatever the weather!                                   Was   $399                                              Was   $440               Was   $299
                                                                                                                                                                                         Was   $199
 How we can help you

                                                                                        Luxurious Rollup Stand   Silver Rollup Stand       L Banner Stand             X Banner Stand
                                                                                        Size: 2000mm x 850mm     Size: 2000mm x 850mm      Size: 2000mm x 900mm       Size: 1600mm x 600mm

 Our range is used by many blue chip

 companies in their marketing
 communication throughout
 Australasia, including Red Cross,
 Kyocera, WWF, Fosters and Pepsico.            out                                             $199
 •   24 Hour Turnaround*– Reliability and convenience, with your image in mind.
 •   No hidden fees and charges – Our advertised price is the bottom line!                                $376
                                                                                                                  $579                $899
 •   In-house Printing Services – Our reputation is built on a passion for printing.
 •   8 Layer, 720dpi Print for all banners – We only cut prices, not corners.
 •   Printed on a Solvent Printer – 2 year warranty on print for peace of mind.         Literature Rack                    Promotional Table
                                                                                                                                               Was   $3780     3x3 Popup Stand
                                                                                                                                                               Size: 2310mm x 3370mm
                                                                                        + Aluminium Case
                                                                                                                                                                      Conditions Apply
We are dedicated to providing the best quality and value in the industry. If a competitor offers the same item and quality at a lower price,
                                                                                                                                                                                          NO SETUP
we’ll beat them by 10%. Head over to for even more savings. All Prices exclude GST.                                                        CHARGES EVER

Curl Free Upgrade Available on all Roll Up Stands for $59 extra.
                                                                                                                                GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010              33
 POliTiCAl agENDa

                             Igor Palmer - Political Commentator / CEO TNC4L

    Think 1st:
    Beware of Clowns - Part I
       A common perception is that labor                 cash flow. If enacted, hundreds more small        state dependency paradigm. Moreover,
       governments are poor economic                     businesses will go bust.                          the socialist coalition of ALP, the Greens
       managers,      wasteful   and    fiscally                                                           and the unions have latched on to the
       irresponsible. Mr. Rudd in particular is          The list of bad economic policies is long;        private business like leeches for their main
       flagrant in pursuing populist agendas             top it up with the massive and growing            source of revenue to advance their “State
       at home and abroad, disregarding the              government and national debt burden,              Supremacy” ideology. A degree of political
       economic wreck he will leave behind.              coupled with the mindlessly costly ETS            maturity and astuteness is required to see
                                                         and Australia is sitting on a debt and            how the left is exploiting private business
                                                         deficit gun powder keg, ready to explode          to promote the “working class supremacy”
    A favourite pursuit of Mr. Rudd, his ministers       into private business’s face. Yet the PM is       and strengthening the hand of unions.
    and senior public servants is generation             still reasonably popular. Why? Evidently,
    of grand and popular slogans, including              economic ineptness is not a reason to             Recently, a group of politically seasoned
    slogans about the importance of the                  throw out a government, just as outstanding       individuals have formed The New Coalition
    Small Medium Enterprise (SME) sector. Yet            economic competence is no guarantee               for Liberty (TNCL). TNCL is a private
    when it comes to action, all that is merely          for re-election. Perceptions are powerful         organisation aiming to restore and defend
    a whitewash.                                         emotive stimuli which can be effectively          Australians’ right to be free from the
                                                         manipulated by skilled propagandists, and         state’s unconstitutional disciplinary and
    Insolvency statistics show an alarming
    trend. Granted, some SME’s go under due
    to management mistakes. However, it would                         The proposed minimum debt
    be a simpleton’s folly to lay all the blame for
    insolvencies at the feet of entrepreneurs.                     petition for small business is raised
    It would be a sheer stupidity to ignore the
    socialist minded government’s policies                               from $2,000 to $10,000
    which contribute directly to business’s high
    input cost, making many SMEs unprofitable            this is exactly what the left and the socialist   punitive behaviour, to curtail the state’s and
    and ultimately leading to increased rates            governments all over the world are doing,         unions’ powers to interfere with private
    of insolvencies. How can small business              including in Australia.                           enterprises’ business affairs, and to restore
    owners, most of whom are innovators,                                                                   the business operators’ right to pursue
    prudent financial risk takers, highly                I’ve read somewhere that the main role of         their commercial interests unhindered.
    productive, skilled and hard working go              a clown is not to entertain but to distract.      TNCL is a new organisation and needs
    bust, yet the unproductive fat cats unions           Clowns are called in between and during           help in several areas. You can support
    prosper and gain exceeding power?                    acts or whenever a mishap or a tragedy            financially, sponsor or facilitate some of
                                                         strikes in order to distract the audience.        its operations; e.g., provide a small office
    The tough going for SMEs is more to                  The modern day political clowns have              space or IT infrastructure or join TNCL in
    do with labour’s disastrous social and               gained importance and prominence. The             some capacity. Please, visit
    economic policies: the new IR laws favour            left craftily employs clowns to engineer acts     and lend us your support. G
    the unions against private enterprise.               that detract people from critical issues. The
    Mr. Swan forewarned that the new tax                 latest such clown act was performed by Mr.
    reform will deliver an even more complex             Garrett - the free home insulation act. Many
    tax compliance regime; again hurting the             decried the scheme as an awful wastage.           Please send me your comments
    SME’s bottom line. The proposed minimum              It escaped them, however, that as far as          e |
    debt petition for small business is raised           the left is concerned, they have diligently           and visit my blog online
    from $2,000 to $10,000 draining SMEs’                applied those monies to further the citizens’     w | www.

34 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
Simple Solutions in
a Complex World
  Computers, Networks, Servers, Databases
  Maintenance, Monitoring & Unlimited Support
  Services Available 24x7
  Multiple Sites
  On the road and work from home
  From any computer or PDA
  Applications, Desktops & Servers
  Data Backup
  Disaster Recovery & Co-location

 For a FREE consultation, evaluation and report on your current backup
 and disaster recovery system. Please call us now and quote this ad.

                            1300 788 739
  SYDNEY                   NORWEST                  PENRITH
 8090 5553                 8090 5877               4786 0607
              Open: Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 6.00pm
                GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   35

           gWP Media – The New
           Marketing Paradigm                                                                                         By Daniel Moisyeyev,
                                                                                               Business Development Executive - GWP Media

        GWP Media is the award winning media
        agency behind the GWP Magazines
        brand. Some of our flagship products
        include the Business Resource &
        Lifestyle  Magazine,    the Norwest
        Business Directory and Macquarie
        Business Directory. GWP Media is
        also behind industry innovations such
        as the GWP Magazines Floor Stands
        and the Norwest Advertising Business
        Information Kiosk (NABIK).

    Our most recent accomplishment has
    been the successful placement of 60
    GWP Magazines Floor Stands in business
    districts located in Sydney Metro Area.

    We focus on devising and implementing
    highly effective branding and PR campaigns
    with emphasis on maximising your return
    on investment (ROI). Our campaigns are
    designed to deliver genuine results with
    reasonable expenses.

    Our services
    We provide the complete range of corporate
    branding and marketing services.               delivery of your message to your target
    Corporate Branding: logo design and
    identity.                                      GWP      Media       employs     industry
                                                   experienced graphic designers with
    Corporate branding is easily the most vital    extensive qualifications. We are equipped
    part of your marketing campaign.               to handle all corporate graphic design
                                                   requirements including flyers, business
    Re-branding of an already established          cards, pamphlets, cover letters and printed
    company is a very costly exercise –            advertisements.
    therefore it is a wise idea to invest into
    producing the best possible image for          Web development
    your company from the start. Something         We prefer to approach the process of
    as simple as substandard logo design will      producing a working website as “Web
    have an effect on your reputation and will     Development” rather than “Web Design”.
    keep your business from maximising its         A visually attractive layout is merely one
    true potential.                                component of the website development              management system (CMS) are just
                                                   process – there are far more factors involved     some of the issues that need to be taken
    Graphic design                                 in delivering a website that is effective in      into consideration in order to produce a
    High quality graphic design is necessary       attracting new clients.                           functional website.
    in order to produce the best possible
    marketing materials for your new brand.        Search     engine  optimisation     (SEO),        e-Newsletters
    Our graphic designers produce material         implementation of an intuitive navigational       Email newsletters are a highly cost
    that is both engaging and effective for the    structure, and an easy-to-use content             effective method of marketing. Although an

36 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010

e-newsletter rarely generates fresh, high        brand. E-newsletters also require a slightly     engaging and effective publication for small
quality leads and does little to increase        different approach to traditional graphic        to medium-sized business enterprises and
the reputation of your business, it has the      design and web development – an email            larger corporations.
advantage of being virtually free.               message has just seconds to captivate the
                                                 viewer and a poorly developed e-newsletter       We have made a significant investment into
The only requirement to get started is the       will serve only to negatively affect the         upgrading the distribution model for our
initial investment into the development of a     reputation of your business.                     magazines. Our unique GWP Magazines
user-editable newsletter specifically tailored                                                    Floor Stands have proven to be a great
for your business. After this initial expense,   advertising in Printed Media                     success in a number of Sydney business
you will be able to dispatch e-newsletters       The focus is shifting from traditional printed   districts. The Business Resource &
                                                                                                  Lifestyle Magazine is currently available at
                                                                                                  60 locations in Sydney as well as the vast
                                                                                                  majority of Sydney Newsagent outlets.

                                                                                                  Our success has prompted us to release
                                                                                                  two new local publications: the Norwest
                                                                                                  Business Directory and the Macquarie
                                                                                                  Business Directory. These 2 local
                                                                                                  publications provide immediate coverage
                                                                                                  in the two respected Sydney Business
                                                                                                  Parks. Both the Business Directories and
                                                                                                  the Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine
                                                                                                  selectively target business owners and

                                                                                                  Fig.1 (*) shows the distribution breakdown
                                                                                                  of the Business Resource & Lifestyle
                                                                                                  Magazine. This chart shows a total
                                                                                                  percentage of magazines collected in a
                                                                                                  range of Sydney Business Parks over a
                                                                                                  one-month period.

                                                                                                  Our coverage is constantly increasing –
                                                                                                  stay tuned and be on the lookout for the
                                                                                                  GWP Magazines Floor Stands that may
                                                                                                  just pop up in your business district in the
                                                                                                  near future. GWP Magazines are a sure-fire
                                                                                                  way to captivate your target audience and
                                                                                                  deliver genuine results.

                                                                                                  How can we help you?
                                                                                                  Flexibility is the cornerstone of our
                                                                                                  success. Our marketing campaigns suit
                                                                                                  any type of business. GWP Media clients
                                                                                                  vary from micro businesses to multinational
                                                                                                  corporations. Call us today and we
                                                                                                  will cater a solution for your business
                                                                                                  designed to balance your budget with your
                                                                                                  expectations for results. G

                                                                                                  *Data collected for the Business Resource & Lifestyle
                                                                  The distribution breakdown      2010 Jan/Feb edition.
                                                                  of the Business Resource &
                                                                            Lifestyle Magazine    GWP Media
                                                                                                  p | 02 8090 1730
on a regular basis with virtually no running     media forms – that is why GWP Media has          e |
costs. An e-newsletter enables you to            devised a new class of printed media with        w |
maintain contact with your clientele and         a fresh approach to information delivery
serves as an additional branding exercise.       and a unique distribution model. We have
                                                 refined and grown our major publication,
We can deliver user-editable newsletters
that you can utilise for the lifetime of your
                                                 the Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine
                                                 over the past 5 years to ensure it is the most
                                                                                                   GWP MEDIA

                                                                                                          GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   37

        australia – World Leader in Pearl
        Production and Design                                                                                                         By Robert Cliff

        Australia’s modern pearling industry         deterred by the downturn in the industry and     these waters are so pristine and isolated.
        began with a fleet of abandoned pearl        set about creating his own pearl farm in 1956,   The huge tides then serve to distribute
        luggers on a beach in Darwin!                some 420 km north of Broome.                     the nutrient-rich material for the oysters
                                                                                                      to consume!
                                                     Pearls form naturally when a foreign object
    In the early 1950’s the invention of plastic     such as a grain of sand or parasite finds its    Farming procedures have not changed
    was crippling the booming trade of mother-       way into the pearl oyster, causing the oyster    too greatly since the 1970s; however,
    of-pearl fishing for the production of           to react by coating the irritant with layers     technology has improved. Cultivators know
    buttons, buckles and cutler. Back then the       of mother-of-pearl or nacre. Paspaley’s          that the best way to achieve high quantities
    pearl, itself, or the lustrous orb so rarely     team intended to simulate this by retrieving     of large, luminous cultured pearls is to
    found inside the shells of oysters harvested     the indigenous south Sea oyster from the         implant each oyster shell with a round
    from the wild, was considered a bonus and        seabed and manually inserting an irritant        nucleus drawn from fresh water mussel,
    not the main focus of the industry.              to promote pearl growth. But they couldn’t       since it is least likely to be rejected from
                                                     find a way to keep the South Sea Oyster          the oyster. It is also important to give each
    The Japanese had been successful in              alive until harvest. By 1970 the venture                        oyster time to recover from the
    growing substantial quantities of their native   had failed!                                                                         s u r g e r y,
    Akoya pearl within controlled environments.
    With the help of Japanese scientists, Nicholas   Paspaley and his son needed a new
    Paspaley, a Greek migrant who fell in love       direction and over time the two
                            with the industry as     introduced radical farming methods
                                     a teenager,     that were successful in keeping the
                                          was not    oysters alive and nurturing the growth
                                            to be    of cultured pearls. Thus began the
                                                     extraordinary rise of the Australian
                                                     Pearling industry as a whole.

                                                     Fifty years after Paspaley’s first
                                                     farm opened for operation,
                                                     Australia is the main producer
                                                     of South Sea cultured pearls
                                                        generating exports valued at
                                                          approx. $180 million annually. Several
                                                           pearl farms dot the tropical coastline     to      regularly
                                                            from Broome to the Northern               clean the shells themselves, and
                                                              Territory border, across the Arnhem     to turn each shell in order to ensure even
                                                                Land coast and down to Cairns.        coverage of nacre around the nucleus.
                                                                                                      Boats used now are equipped with
                                                                     The gold and silver lipped       surgically clean laboratory and operating
                                                                       oysters that produce           facilities for technicians to implant the
                                                                         white south sea pearls       oysters at the collecting grounds.
                                                                          with silvery, cram,
                                                                           pink and golden            Australian South Sea pearl is regarded
                                                                            undertones thrive in      around the world as the most beautiful of
                                                                            Australia’s northern      all varieties, consistently the largest and
                                                                           waters       because       most luminous, and possesses the most

38 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010

2009 Winner - Hills Excellence in Business Award of Distinction
2009 Winner - Hills Shire Best Small Business
2009 Winner - Castle Towers Excellence in Marketing
2009 Winner - Hills Shire Small Business Award
2008 Winner - True Local Awards
2008 Winner - Hills Shire Small Business Awards
2007 Winner - Castle Towers Marketer of the Year
2007 Winner - Hills Excellence in Business Awards
2007 Winner - True Local Awards
                                                                               a r E            F O r E V E r
2006 Winner - Castle Towers Retailer of the Year

prized natural colour.                                                                          from freshwater molluscs and less lustrous
                                                                                                than salt water cultured pearls, their low
Initially,  Japan      has                                                                      price and unique colours and shapes have
absorbed       the     vast                                                                     made them popular in recent years.
majority of Australia’s
South       Sea        pearl                                                                    Kasuminga pearls – a new type of pearl
production, due to the                                                                          that comes from a lake northeast of Tokyo.
considerable demand for                                                                         The mussels are a crossbreed between
large, white pearls to be set                                                    The range in   Japanese and Chinese freshwater mussels,
as engagement rings. Now                                   size from 8mm right up to 20mm,      implanted with round or flat seeds.
Europe, the US and the rest of Asia are         come in various shapes, and don’t require       Kasuminga pearls come in rosy hues of
vying for hefty slices of the product.          bleaching, tinting, or dying. The black ones    light to dark pink.
                                                are found over a wider area stretching from
Australian pearl farms are currently            the Cook Islands, eastward through Tahiti       With Australian pearling companies
producing just under three tonnes of            and beyond.                                     experiencing steady growth, even though
white South Sea pearls per year – a 260%                                                        a young market, it has already established
increase in production compared with six        Tahitian Pearls – Cultured in the atoll and     itself as one of the country’s most lucrative.
years ago. While Indonesia is the biggest       lagoons of the south Pacific, these tend to
producer of South Sea pearls, Australia is      be more “drop” in shape. Their size varies      I believe there is a slight pearl renaissance
the leader in value with a market share of      from 7mm-15mm. They vary from light grey        at the moment. The most sought after pearl
almost 50 per cent. Of the total produced       to black with shades of green and purple.       is still the round pearl with high lustre and
in Australia, just 2 to 4 percent remain in     They’re more expensive than Akoya Pearls,       a pink hue.
the country for local use. The vast majority    but cheaper than South Sea varieties. The
are exported to the US, Japan, Hong Kong        rarest colour is peacock green.                 From a man’s perspective, pearls are a safe
and Europe. Globally, the global pearl                                                          gift because pearls are a staple part of a
farming market is estimated at $US1.5           Akoya Pearls – Farmed mainly in Japan           wardrobe just like a good pair of jeans! G
billion, a figure tipped to double by the end   and China, primarily round or oval in shape,
of 2010.                                        measure a relatively small 2mm-10mm, and        Robert Cliff Master Jewellers
                                                range in colour from pinkish white to cream     Shop 380A Castle Towers
Here are a few facts of interest:               and silvery blue. They are the pearls most      Castle Hill, NSW 2154
South Sea Pearls – Come in white and            used internationally in necklace strands.       p | 02 8850 5400
black and are primarily cultured in the                                                             02 8850 7999
northern waters of Australia, the Philippines   Freshwater Pearls – Found in bays and           e |
and Indonesia.                                  rivers in Japan, China and the US. Cultivated   w |

                                                                                                       GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   39

                            Victor Prasad, Managing Director – Clark Rubber - Blacktown

    Solutions to Improve Safety and
    Efficiency in Your Workplace
       Clark Rubber Blacktown means business             Dedicated Commercial Trade Representative,        This approach to managing commercial
       when it comes to providing industry               Katy Zuber, has 6 years experience with the       solutions is relevant for a whole range of
       and trade with solutions to improve the           extensive product range at Clark Rubber           businesses – either via product ranges
       safety and efficiency of workplaces in the        Blacktown, providing solutions for hundreds of    from Clark Rubber Blacktown or sourced
       local area. With the significant growth in        customers every year through the retail store     via specially manufactured product.
       the area, Clark Rubber Blacktown sees             and, more recently, with local businesses.        The extensive range of rubber types
       enormous opportunity to service and               Katy’s challenge involves listening to and        includes natural rubbers that provide
       expand their extensive product range by           understanding her client’s needs, then            abrasion resistance and low temperature
       becoming an invaluable supplier to all            providing practical and relevant solutions        flexibility, insertion rubbers which are
       commercial, industrial and manufacturing          from the range of products available for any      reinforced with cotton to improve tensile
       businesses.                                       and all types of commercial business.             strength and neoprene rubber which has
                                                                                                           some resistance to fuels and chemicals.
                                                         Most recently, Katy’s visit to a local            Products don’t stop there as the extensive
    No matter what the workplace, whether                construction steel manufacturer highlighted       rubber range can be used in the transport
    you need a product from our variety of               an issue with a steel hoist machine. The          industry, manufacturing, food supply and
    matting and flooring, anti-slip flooring or          existing strapping on the machine that            preparation, hospitality and farming. G
    anti-fatigue matting, rubber strips or seals         carries heavy steel loads was fraying
    or even foam, the dedicated team at Clark            shortly after replacement. This was cause
    Rubber Blacktown are ready to extend                 for concern in terms of safety for the staff
    their high standards of personal service             and management overseeing the operation
    and expert advice to your business with              of the machine. In addition to the safety         For more information on how Clark Rubber
                 the aim of improving efficiency         issue, time and cost to the company               Blacktown is able to assist you, or to receive
                        and safety.                      constantly replacing the strapping was also       a free copy of the Clark Rubber Commercial
                                                         a significant problem.                            Product Guide, please contact the team on
                                                                                                           9831 3000 or come in for a visit.
                                                         Using her knowledge and experience, Katy
                                                         researched the product range to provide a         Clark Rubber – Blacktown
                                                                    solution to this tricky problem.       127 Main Street
                                                                     Samples of a special Kevlar           Blacktown NSW 2148
                                                                     sleeve were created to simply         p | 02 9831 3000
                                                                   slide into place. With some weeks       f | 02 9831 3211
                                                                 of testing on the machinery, the          e |
                                                                 Kevlar solution worked well with
                                                                 little or no sign of fraying, providing   Contact:
                                                                 the perfect solution to the many          Simone Cleary (Store Manager)
                                                                problems presented. The product            Katy Zuber (Commercial Trade Rep)
                                                               improved the safety of the machinery        Chris Cruse (Pool Service Manager)
                                                                  and with fewer replacements
                                                                       needed, including machinery
                                                                          downtime, Clark Rubber
                                                                          Blacktown also created a
                                                                          significant cost saving for
                                                                        their client. This is peace of
                                                                      mind on several levels.

40 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
 ‘If it’s made of
rubber or foam,
  we’ve got it!’
 Clark Rubber Blacktown are solution specialists                                                   Katy Zuber
     in flooring and matting, foam, rubber,                                                  Commercial Trade Representative

           DIY and custom products                                                              0410 694 946
                     Matting & Flooring
                     • Rubber and                          • Ute Matting and
                       Anti-fatigue Mats                     Automotive Flooring
                     • Safety and                          • Entry Matting (Commercial)
                       Specialised Matting                 • Light Commercial and
                     • Rubber Flooring                       Domestic Matting
                     • Safety, Playground Tiles            • Carpet (Indoor / Outdoor)
                       and Interlocking Flooring             and Floor Protectors

                     The Filtrite Pump
                      Special offer on presentation of this ad!                                     Chris Cruse
                                                                                                     Pool Service Manager
                     Purchase a Filtrite 1.0hp pump for only $399 and we will
                     install it at no charge. PLUS while we are there we’ll give you             0414 267 780
                     a FREE pool health check.                                   

                     Terms and Conditions: Available on purchases made from Clark Rubber
                     Blacktown before 31/3/10.

                     Rubber Sheeting & Accessories
                     • O rings & Gaskets                  • Gum Rubber
                     • Seals, Strips & Mouldings          • Natural & Insertion Rubber
                     • Custom made to                     • Nitrile Rubber
                       Specifications                      • Neoprene Rubber
                     • Buffers & Grommets                 • White Hygienic Rubber
                     • Silicone Rubber                    • EPDM Rubber
                                                                                              Simone Cleary
                                                                                                           Store Manager
 For detailed information, on our commercial,                                                        9831 3000
  retail or pool service offering please call.....                                 

                  OPEN 7 DAYS
Blacktown•9831 3000
          127 Main Street
             Pictures for illustration purpose only. FSO5755                                  GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   41

    Engage One of australia’s Fastest
    growing regions                                                         Shannon Donato, Marketing Manager - Penrith District Rugby League Club

       Western Sydney is a rugby league
       stronghold, as our game day crowd
       averages and Junior League attest
       (the largest in the World with over
       8000 registered players). This rapidly
       expanding region has a genuine passion
       for its rugby league team, the Penrith
       Panthers and season 2010 promises to
       be one of the most exciting on record,
       both on and off the field.

    With over 1 million people living in our
    catchment area, Western Sydney is one of
    Australia’s fastest growing regions.

    A partnership with the Panthers provides a
    strong base for your company to engage
    with this enormous supporter base and
    promote your business in one of this
    Country’s most lucrative markets.

    With the $5 million upgrade to our Corporate
                                                                 Engage your brand with a vast captive audience at Panthers home games
    Box facilities and the wonderful corporate
    events on our sponsors’ social calendar,
    we will continue to ensure that we exceed         crowds; and super sites which dominate            Stadium, 100 general admission passes
    the expectations of you and your clients.         the ground with prominent exposure from           and reserved VIP parking.
                                                      every vantage point.
    What better way to entertain your important                                                         If you’d like further information, make an
    clients than in a private box? With room for 18   If branding and exposure is a priority for        enquiry today with the Sponsorship Team
    guests, your box seats offer everything you       your business, becoming an exclusive              to tailor a package to suit your specific
    need to ensure a fantastic match experience       Game Day Sponsor is the ideal way to              marketing and budgetary objectives. G
    – including delicious appetisers, attractive      showcase your business to thousands of
    beverage packages, signage opportunities          potential customers.
    and your own private wait staff.
                                                      In the lead-up to the game – and on the
    So you can be sure your guests feel right         day itself – your brand will be an important      Our Corporate Partnership Team of Scott
    at home with a sophisticated environment,         part of all Penrith Panthers’ advertising and     Hudson     (
    warm service and state-of-the-art amenities.      promotional activity. Plus, you and your          or 0418 797 637) and Shane Skeen (shane.
                                                      guests will be able to watch it all from a or 0437 970 341)
    You’ll also get the exposure your business        pre-reserved table for 10 in the Chairman’s       can meet with you personally to show you
    is after, with company signage displayed          Club Lounge.                                      how you can gain that competitive edge.
    above your corporate box.
                                                      This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a        A partnership with us will align your business
    There are numerous marketing platforms in         wide range of promotional benefits. This          and brand with one of this region’s most
    which to promote your business – one of           includes complimentary distribution of your       supported icons….the Penrith Panthers.
    which is ground signage.                          company’s marketing collateral at the entry
                                                      and exit gates and reference to your business
    Perimeter signage provides a tremendous           in ground announcements throughout
    branding opportunity with great exposure          the day – with the half-time entertainment
    not only to the massive TV audience, but          used to promote your business and the all-
    also to our live game day patrons.                important ‘Man of the Match’.

    Other options include grandstand signage          Plus, you’ll receive references in all relevant
    – a vantage point for your signage to a           promotional       television   commercials,
    charged Live audience – our game day              signage opportunities throughout the

42 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   43
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - ISSuE 28
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          |   JANuARY
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44 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
   Pro m       o t e Yo u r
  B u s i n e ss E  ve ry d a y!
   Prom ot ion al Pe ns!!        From only
                                                         YOUR LOGO HERE

                                                                                    We will ty pe set your print
         F R EE
                                                                                     deta ils Fre e Of Ch arge !!

        Try Be fore You
       Bu y - As k us for
                                                                                               F ERIVER Y
                                                                                                  L E

      your F REE sa mp le.                                                                       D
                                                                                                          ID E
     Product Code P19 Ka
                                                                                                NAT IO NW
                                                                                                     Please de SS0110
                                                       TIME ONLY
                                                                                    O ve r 5000 It e m s
                                            F R EE Set- u p         Go On lin e -
                                                                    ww w. Ra ve On .co m. au
                                              W OR TH    $100                                            HERE

                                                   In c lu d e s               YOUR
                                                       one                     HERE

From only
                                                     c o lo u r
                                                      p ri n t
                                                     in o n e
                                                    p o s it io n
                                                                                                      *Prices are excluding
                                                                                                                            t colours only.

                                                                                                      *Using standards prin

                                                                                                      *Prices quoted for qty

                                                       Of      /10
                                                                                          O r O rd e r On .cn e .au
                                        Grip Pen
                 Product Code P16 Ice
                                                      Ca ll R a ve On N O W                www.RaveOn

                                                      1800 433 888
                                                                                        GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010         45
                                  Fr e e O p a l L e s s o n

                                            O PA L S
                        S e e o p a l a n d p e a r l j e we l l e r y b e i n g m a d e o n t h e p r e m i s e s !

                           I f yo u f i n d a ch e a p e r p r i c e o n a n y c o m p a r a b l e
                                          i t e m t h at we h ave i n s t o ck ,
                            We ’ l l b e at t h at
                            price by a fur ther                                      50%
                                w w w. a u s t r a l i a n o p a l c u t t e r s . c o m
                                                   We a r e d i r e c t l y a b ove
                                                   cl o t h i n g s t o r e .
                                                   (Enter from Pitt St between
                                                   clothing store and Arcade)
                                                   3 r d F l o o r, 2 9 5 - 3 0 1 P i t t S t
                                                   Ph: (+612) 9261 2442

                                                                                            Tr a d i n g H o u r s : M o n - F r i 9 a m - 6 p m
                                                                                            Sat 9am-5pm, Sunday closed

                      Fr e e p e a r l e a r r i n g s w i t h eve r y p u r ch a s e ! *
                   *Free pearl earrings with every purchase over $100 and limit 1
                                s e t o f e a r r i n g s p e r c u s t o m e r p e r d a y.

46 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
                         Dural anD
                             Your Car Service Specialist

 15%                         Manufacturers
 OFF                           Services
                             Without voiding dealer statutory warranty

    Did you know we also offer :
• Services on all makes and models • Blue and pink slip inspections
• A/C re-gas and servicing          • Tyres and wheel balancing
• LPG conversions and servicing     • All services are covered by
  including LPG liquid injection      6 month nation wide warranty
• All brake servicing                 and receive 6 month free road
                                      side assistance
• Steering and suspension

  Give us a call today to make an appointment
    at Dural or Blacktown on numbers below.
 Just present this ad when booking your car in
     to take advantage of this Great Special.
Office Hours: Mon/Fri 7.30am - 5pm Sat - 8am - 12pm

Dural Business Centre                         Blacktown
 Behind McDonalds and KFC                 You’ll find us located at
  2/827 Old Northern Rd                    54 Sunnyholt Road

   9653 9295                             9622 2641   GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   47
                                                                                 Leave all the organising to us and
                                                                                 sit back, relax and enjoy yourself....

                                                                                � We can chauffeur you around
                                                                                  the historic Hawkesbury.
                                                                                � Visit Historic buildings of the
                                                                                � Do a patchwork and quilting
                                                                                � Visit local artists.
                                                                                � Enjoy the local drop and
                                                                                  ne food.

                                                                                Phone 02 4575 1421

                                                              Offices . Clubs . Factories                           Backup

                        Choose your cleaning service                                We guarantee

                            Contract office cleaning                                   Free carpet cleaning
      GLOBAL Window & carpet cleaning                                                  Regular inspection report
               High pressure cleaning                                    +             Eco friendly & biodegradable
                            Outside building cleaning                                  Superior cleaning
                            Warehouse floor cleaning                                   Fast results
                            Floor strip & polish                                       Affordable

                                                   Free Call 1800 626 659 or Mobile 0413 942 939
                                                         Visit us at

48 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   49

              AdVERTISINg                                     CATERINg                             INdUSTRIAL RELATIONS                                    OffICE SERVICES
                                                 Caterez                           02 8884 2486
                                                                                                  John F. Law & Associates 02 8850 4477
                                                 Corporate Catering Solutions, Internal Staff
                                                                                                  Specialists in Discrimination Matters,
                                                 Cafes, Office parties
                                                                                                  Employment Agreements, Unfair Dismissals

                                                                                                                                                         Serviced and Virtual Offices
                                                                                                  Jones Partners                      02 9894 9966
                                                                                                  Level 3, Nexus Building                                      Meeting Facilities
                                                                                                  4 Columbia Circuit, Norwest
                                                                                                                      T: (02) 8831 8300
                                                                                                                                                        Suite 206, 10 Norwest Central,
                                                                                                                                                        Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills 2153
                                                                                                  Chegwyn Insurance                   02 9604 6166
                                                                                                  Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance,
                                                                                                  Small Business Insurance, Sole Traders,                    PhOTOgRAPhY
                                                                                                  Family Owned Businesses
                                                                                                                Stilz Fotografika            02 9680 9823
                                                                                                                                                     Corporate Events, Head Shots, Products
                                                                                                             IT SERVICES                             Shoots, Location Shoots

                                                     CORPORATE EVENTS                                   Your IT                                        PROmOTIONAL PROdUCTS

                                                 Hitting Targets                   0418 417 943
                                                                                                    support partner                                  Australian Corporate Diaries
                                                                                                                                                     Customised Diaries, Promotional Products
                                                 Introductory Clay Target Shooting                                                                   and Other Printed Matter
                                                 Team Building, Corporate Activity                                                                  02 9654 2999

                                                 Loxley On Bellbird Hill           02 4567 7711
                                                                                                          1300 792 225                               Rave On                      1800 433 888
                                                                                                                             Over 5000 Items Online
                                                 993 Bells Line of Road                                                                    
                  BANKINg                        Kurragong Hills NSW 2758
                                                                                                               RETAIL/POOL SERVICE
    CBA                           02 8282 0729                                                                   computer solutions
    Your CBA team has the local expertise and    Penrith Panthers                  02 4725 6413                                                      Clark Rubber - Blacktown 02 9831 3000
    knowledge to help your business succeed      Call For More Opportunities On How We                                                               127 Main Street,                          Can Significantly Grow Your Customer Base                                                           Blacktown NSW 2148
           BUSINESS SUPPORT                                                                          mIgRATION SERVICES
                                                           dRY CLEANERS                                                                                  SOURCINg SERVICES
    Action Coach Business Coaching                                                                OZ Migration                        02 9407 8788
    Our Powerful Coaching & Mentoring            Lindus Dry Cleaners               02 8824 8385
                                                                                                  Suite 203 Level 2, Norwest Central                 Medustar Sourcing Solutions
    Programs will Help You Grow Your Business    Shop B44, 24-32 Lexington Dr                                                                        Want to save 50% on your costs by sourcing
                                                                                                  12 Century Cct, Baulkham Hills 2153
                                                 Baulkham Hills 2153       02 9879 7822                                                                       from Asia? MMS can help you!
                                                                                                                          02 8850 1681
                                                     EqUIPmENT fINANCE                                    ORgANISATIONS
    IIBE                          1300 309 171                                                                                                                  WEB dESIgN
    Business Optimisation, Organisational
                                                 Mike Hughes & Partners Northwest                 Sydney Hills Business Chamber
    Effectiveness, Marketing & Sales
                                                 108/1 Burbank Place                              02 9659 3366                                       GWP Media                    02 8090 1730                              Baulkham Hills NSW 2153                                     Web development, Updatable Newsletters
                                                         02 8824 9666                                            
    Telstra Business Centre       1300 721 400
    H137, Ground Floor, 24 Lexington Drive
                                                                                                  Ryde Business Forum
    Bella Vista NSW 2153
                                                                    gIfTS                         02 9807 4999                                             List Your Business in                      Robert Cliff Master Jewellers
                                                                                                                      Classifieds for $297 per year
                                                 Shop 380A Castle Towers
                                                 Castle Hill 2154                 02 8850 5400
                                                                                                                                                               02 8090 1730

50 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
     Servicing Sydney’s
        * Northwest
           * West
        * Southwest
 Providing General Insurance Solutions
              Since 1949

          CALL Now
for a review of your existing Insurances

PH:   9604 6166

                                           GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010   51
          LAND A BETTER
             DEAL AT

       Comprehensive range of
       new Toyota vehicles on site.

       Huge selection of quality used
       vehicles including commercials & AWDs.

       Competitive finance available through Toyota Finance.

       Massive service department, supporting Toyota Service
       Advantage with fixed price servicing on most used vehicles.

       Spare parts with huge range of factory accessories.

 155 - 161 Main St Blacktown
                                                        888 44 888
     52 GWP Magazines | Issue 29 | March / April 2010
MD20304. LNT0018.

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