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Tours & Fees:
                                                      Correction Institution Tours
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Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Hispanic Cultural Center           Santa Fe Tour
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                                               NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL CONFERENCE
                                         Tentative Schedule of Events
Monday                              April 24, 2006                      Tuesday                  April 25, 2006

10:00am-5:00pm                      Registration Opens                  7:30am-12:00pm            Registration 0pens
1:00pm-5:00pm                       Exhibits Open                       8:00am-5:00pm             Exhibits Open
2:00pm-4:30pm                       Opening Session                     8:00am-9:30am             General Session
4:30pm-7:00pm                       Opening Reception                   10:00am-12:00pm           Workshops
7:00pm-11:00pm                      Salsa Dancing at the Hyatt          12:00pm-1: 30pm           Conference Luncheon
                                                                        1:45pm-3:15pm             Workshops
                                                                        3:30pm-5:00pm             Workshops
                                                                        6:00pm -9:00pm            President’s Dinner t Route    C sino
                                                                         9:00pm-12am              DJ Dance at the Hyatt
Wednesday                           April 26, 2006                      Thursday                  April 27, 2006

7:30am-12:00pm                      Registration opens                  8:30am-10:30am            Closing Breakfast and General Session
8:00am-5:00pm                       Exhibits Open                       11:00am-12:30pm           Closing Business Meetings and
8:00am-9:30am                       Workshops                                                     Conference Planning Team closing
10am-12:00pm                        Workshops                                                     meeting
12:00pm-1:30pm                      Exhibitors and Sponsors                                       NOHCJ Board and Chairpersons
                                    Recognition Luncheon
1:45pm-3:15pm                       Workshops
3:30-5:00pm                         Workshops
6:30pm-12:00am                      Awards Banquet Dinner and

                                               Some Expected Workshop Topics
“L Vid de mi R z ” (The Life nd           ys of my Peop e) Spe er: P u ette Aten io, Profession Story Te er; New        exi o

“ or ing with n EAP”                            Speaker Rick Vinnay, Clinical Director Mesa Mental Health; New Mexico

“Addressing Domesti Vio en e          hen it omes to    or ” Spe er: Ann    t ins, n ger Tr ining Servi es         es   ent He th;
                                                                        New Mexico

“Dis rimin tion in the    or p   e”             Speaker: Sgt. Juan Espinal, Washington DC Police Department; Washington DC

“Adv n ed L ngu ge Progr m”                     Speaker: Police Officer Miguel Rodriguez Lexington Fayette Urban County Police Dept.;

“Effe tive y    n ging the   u ti-Gener tion         or for e”   Speaker: National Institute of Corrections, Colorado

“Prison R pe E imin tion A t”                   Speaker: National Institute of Corrections; Colorado

“Fin n ing your Edu tion”                       Speaker: Panel of Educational Institutions; New Mexico

“Retirement P nning”                            Speaker: TBD; New Mexico

“Offender Issues: Gender Spe ifi Issues”        Spe ers: Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, MSW, Ph.D, Dr. Laura Bedard, Kerensa Pate, M.S.;
“Presumed A i n e,
The onf i t etween L tinos nd B           s”    Spe er: TBD, C iforni

“Tr iner for Tr iners    or shop”               Spe er: TBD, C iforni

“The Crimin Addi t”                             Speaker: Ann Moore, MA, LPC, LADAC & Sandra Snyder, MA, LMSW; New Mexico

and many more……………..
                              NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE
                                  Welcomes our General Session Speaker
                                            Gorden E. Eden Jr.
                                              U.S. Marshal
                                         Tuesday, April 25, 2005
                                            8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
                             Marshal Eden has a combined 30 years of progressive law enforcement experience, ranging from field
                             duties to administrator, to past director of Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.
                             A national expert in law enforcement matters and training and a consummate professional, Marshal
                             Eden’s skills have been taped by the state Attorney General and the Governor of the state of New Mexico.
                             Nominated in April 2002 by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate, Mr. Eden is the
                             United States Marshal for the District of New Mexico. In this capacity, he is responsible for providing
                             direction to subordinate staff, overseeing and orchestrating all activities and operations within the District,
                             and providing support to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Recognized as the nations
Gorden E. Eden Jr.
                             oldest law enforcement agency, the United States Marshals Service traces its origination back to the
United States Marshal,       Judiciary Act of 1789. United States Marshals Service traces its origination back to the Judiciary Act of
District of New Mexico       1789. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the Marshals Service is dedicated to the effective operations
United States Marshals       of the federal judicial system by safeguarding the judiciary and endangered witnesses. Duties also include
                             the apprehension of federal fugitives, and the management of assets seized as a result of criminal
                            enterprise. Marshal Eden plans to complete his current term and serve the President in a future capacity.

2005 Assisted with the development of the Rio Grande Terrorism Early Warning Group which is a new partnership between the private
sector and government on sharing open source intelligence, creating special events plans, threat analysis and developing multi-agency
response plans to catastrophic incidents.

2003 Developed and implemented multi-agency law enforcement work group reporting to the Executive Committee of the U.S.
Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Task Force. Developed standardized protocol for community vulnerability assessments.

2002 Established United States Marshals Service multi-agency Fugitive Task Force. In its two years of operation, task force arrested
over 2,500 fugitives, ranking among the top ten Fugitive Task Forces in the United States.

2002 Nominated and inducted to the International Who’s Who.

                         NOHCJ Conference Confirmed & Tentative Keynote Speakers

                         U.S. Attorney General                         ACA President
                         Alberto Gonzales                              Gwendolyn Chunn

                         Emerald Companies                             Correction Corporation of America

                         Keefe Group                                   Florida Attorney General
                                                                       Charlie Christ

                         Albuquerque Mayor                             New Mexico Governor
                         Martin Chavez                                 Bill Richardson

                         New Mexico Corrections
                         Department Secretary
                         Joe Williams
                             NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE
                                        INSTITUTIONAL TOURS
              New Mexico Corrections Department Penitentiary and Training Academy
                        Tuesday, April 25, 2006 departing @ 7:30a.m. - returning by 3:00 p.m.
                                        Lunch will be provided
The Penitentiary of New Mexico (PNM) is located fifteen miles south of Santa Fe on Highway 14.
The complex consists of three separate facilities. The facilities are now referred to as Level V,
Level VI and Level II for the minimum restrict facility. The recent implementation of the Level
System within the New Mexico Corrections Department requires that inmates who cannot be
managed in general population, or cannot function in general population due to criteria established
by policy, will be separated from the general population. Management of such inmates will be
based upon behaviorally based step programs, in which increased privileges are granted for inmates who demonstrate appropriate
behavior for specified period of time
The Penitentiary of New Mexico is also home of one of the most barbaric, brutal riots in history. These words describe the rampage
murder, rape and torture that occurred February 1, 1980. This was one of the most violent prison uprisings in American history, it
lasted thirty-six hours, claiming thirty-three lives all at the hands of other inmates.

NMCD Training Academy is an ACA certified facility. The training academy
provides correctional officers basic training, crisis negotiator training, emergency
preparedness and use of force, MMPI training for psychologist ethical behavior in
the workplace and many other courses to help enhance the knowledge of New
Mexico employees.

                                                    New Mexico Women’s Correctional Facility (NMWCF) &
                                                           Cibola County Correctional Center (CCCC),
                                               Wednesday, April 26, 2006 Departing @ 7:30a.m. – return by 3:00 p.m.
                                                                      Lunch will be provided
On June 5, 1989, CCA-New Mexico Women’s Correctional Facility opened its doors to 149
female inmates who transferred from the New Mexico Corrections Department’s Western New
Mexico Correctional Facility, also in Grants. The designed capacity was 204 inmates. In
1994, the population had increased to over 250. To alleviate this situation, CCA submitted a
proposal and received approval from the New Mexico Corrections Department to construct
two additional minimum security housing units and an additional medium security unit
(bringing capacity to 322), as well as construction of a therapeutic unit for the treatment of
drug and alcohol abuse offenders. Construction began in May 1995 and was completed in
December 1995. In October 1999, a second expansion began and was completed in April
2000. With this expansion, approximately 57,303 square feet was added to the now existing 124,997 square footage. The 1999
expansion added a new Corrections Industries (standalone building); a new medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and medical
administration area; along with 274 dormitory style housing units.

Cibola County Correctional Center (CCCC) located in Milan, New Mexico is privately
 owned by CCA and was built in 1994. The property sits on more than twenty-eight acres.
The institution houses an average of 1140 male federal inmates and employs three hundred
and eighty-four security and support staff. CCCC offers the incarcerated offender an
opportunity to access facility programs in the areas of religious services, mental health
counseling, substance abuse therapy, education, vocational training and work assignments.
A multitude of services including health, legal access, recreation and leisure
activities are offered to enhance the quality of life within CCCC and, along with
the programs available, assist the inmates in preparation for a lawful life once
released back into the community.
                                 NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE
                                           SITE SEEING TOURS
                                   Transportation by Follow the Sun Tours
The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and The National Hispanic Cultural
Center Tour. Lunch is available for purchase at either location.
($30.00 per person)
Tuesday, April 25, 2006 departing @ 9:30 a.m. return by 3:00p.m.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is owned and operated by the 19 Pueblo Tribes of New Mexico. Visit the
museums, galleries and gift shops where more than 305,000 visitors annually experience the culture, art and history of
pueblo life. Children are welcome to join hands-on experiences in the Pueblo House Children's Museum. Art and craft
workshops, various Indian Rites and many special celebrations and events are planned throughout the year. Traces Pueblo Indian
culture and history dating from the pre-Columbian era. A contemporary exhibit showcases artisans from the 19 Pueblos.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) is dedicated to the study, advancement, and presentation of Hispanic culture, arts,
and humanities. Since its grand opening in 2000, the NHCC has staged over 20 art exhibitions and 400 programs in the visual,
performing, and literary arts. Programs have featured local, national and international artists, scholars and entertainers. The NHCC
provides venues for visitors to learn about Hispanic culture throughout the world. In 1998, a sixteen-acre site was chosen for the $34
million project along the east side of the Rio Grande River in the heart of the historic Barelas neighborhood in Albuquerque. Since
then the project has grown to encompass over 50 acres with an estimated cost of over $50 million. Barelas, a traditionally Hispanic
neighborhood, has historically been a crossroads for New Mexico’s people. The community was settled for its proximity to a natural
ford in the Rio Grande River and the Camino Real, the Spanish colonial era Royal Road used primarily for trade between Mexico and
northern New Mexico. Admission included.

Santa Fe Tour ($40.00 per person)
Wednesday, April 26, 2006 Departing @ 8:30 a.m.
returning by 4:00. Lunch is on your own
Santa Fe embraces its natural environment unlike any other city in the United
States. This is a city whose beautiful, brown adobe architecture blends with
the high desert landscape. This city is one of America’s great art and
culinary capitals. Visit San Miguel Mission, the oldest church in America
and the Loretto Chapel, home of the miracle staircase. Admissions included.
Other attractions include the Palace of the Governors – the oldest public building in the United States (circa 1610). It is currently
home to the Museum of New Mexico, The Fine Art’s Museum, Saint Frances Cathedral, Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA),
Georgia O’Keefe Museum, as wells as hundreds of shops, galleries and restaurants. Guide included.

       Follow the Sun Tours is much more than a transportation and touring company, we believe that half
the fun should be getting you to your ultimate destination. Our service is our trademark.


         10131 Coors Rd. I-2 NW                                                    Phone: 505-897-2886
         Suite 825                                                                Toll Free: 1-866-HAVE-SUN
         Albuquerque, NM 87114                                                    Email:
                                 NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE

                                                                          Celebrating Cultural Diversity
                                                                              Reception and Dance
                                                                          Monday, April 24, 2006
                                                                           4:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
                                                                          Hyatt Regency Ballroom

Experience the energy and spirit of the various cultures through music,
entertainment and dance
4:30 – 7:00 P.M.

                         Ballet Folklorico Dancers
                         Los Reyes de Albuquerque – Mariachi group
                         Grants High School JR. ROTC
                         National Champions
                         Native American Dancers and much, much more
                                                                                    Los Reyes de Albuquerque

                                          SPECIAL THANKS TO EMERALD COMPANIES FOR THEIR SUPPORT
                                                       IN MAKING THIS EVENT SPECIAL

Emerald Correctional Management, established in
1989, currently manages correctional facilities with
more than 3,000 beds. It is dedicated to meeting the
collective needs of governmental public safety and
criminal justice agencies (US Marshal, ICE, BOP,
state and county) in their endeavors to deliver
competent, cost-effective and secure correctional
facilities management and financing. The
management team is dedicated to providing the latest
solutions in criminal justice field of corrections.
Emerald Correctional Healthcare was created
because of unique challenges to healthcare providers
and corrections management teams working at
Emerald Correctional Management facilities. The              Emerald Companies is a proud sponsor of NOHCJ since 2004
goal of the Emerald Correctional Healthcare
management team was not to sacrifice quality care
because of increasing costs but to improve detainee medical care and upgrade the communications between the onsite medical team
and the Medical staff with a more effective and efficient plan of operations. With over 80 years experience, the professional staff of
Emerald Drug Screening delivers proven solutions. We serve a very diverse government, criminal justice, oil and gas, manufacturing,
construction and transportation industries. Emerald Drug Screening provides our clients with the latest technological advances for
testing in the drug screening industry, policy development and implementation, program design and management, data management
and various collection alternatives. We deliver a full range of services that address the needs of any program.

For information contact Emerald at:
Phone: 337-264-9777
                             NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE

                                                         Celebrating Cultural Diversity
                                                        Reception and Dance continued
                                                            Monday, April 24, 2006
                                                             4:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
                                                           Hyatt Regency Ballroom

                                                                  Learn the beauty of Latin Dancing with
                                                                        Maple Street Dance Space
                                                                           Instructor Pilar Leto
                                                                      Monday April 24, 2006
                                                                       7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Afro-Cuban & Brazillian Dance. Pilar was born and raised in San Francisco, where she was influenced and immersed in not only her
Filipino cultural dances, but also the dances of Brazil, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Becoming a member of Batucaje (one of the founding
groups of San Francisco’s CARNAVAL over twenty years ago) was the catalyst that inspired Pilar’s performance desires. Pilar has
toured Japan twice performing with her group The Caribbean Festival Dancers. She has traveled to Cuba three times to further her
knowledge of Afro-Cuban folkloric dances. While in Cuba, Pilar studied at the Escuela Nacional de Arte with members of Conjunto
Folklorico National and Raices Profundas. Pilar sums up her endeavors as this: “The dance I perform and teach is a collective
contribution to the evolution of an ancient, expressive, and timeless African-based cultural art form. As is customary in this great
evolution, the dance and music reflect my concerns, my aspirations, and the passionate celebration of life”.

     Latin Dancing at the Hyatt Ballroom
                performed by
              “Son Como Son”
              Monday April 24, 2006
              8:00p.m. – 10:00 p.m.


Mix them up, turn up the heat and there you have it – SALSA – that irresistible music that has found its way from the Caribbean to all
parts of the world including the Southwest of the United States. In 1992, Cuban musician Cesar Bauvallet also found his way to the
Southwest, bringing his own vast musical experience. One year later he formed Son Como Son, an eight-piece salsa band performing
original and classic salsa music, all with a Cuban flair. Though a relatively small salsa ensemble, Son Como Son makes full use of its’
instrumentation to create a rich and dynamic sound .
                            NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE

                                                                          President’s Dinner @
                                                                            Route 66 Casino
                                                                         Tuesday, April 25, 2006
                                                                               6:00 – 9:00
                                                                       $15.00 per registered person
                                                                           Buses leave @ 5:30


Keefe Group is a proud sponsor of NOHCJ since 2004
Keefe Group, through its affiliates, Keefe Supply Company, Keefe
Commissary Network, and Access Catalog Company, is the
nation’s leading supplier of food, personal care, electronics,
clothing and shoes to the correctional commissary market. The
industry leader since 1975, Keefe serves the correctional market
exclusively and has pioneered the evolution of products and
packaging to fit the needs of commissaries nationwide. We
currently offer more than 5,000 name brand and private label
products, ranging from snack food items to personal care
products, tennis shoes, radios and TV’s.
        Keefe Commissary Network (KCN) provides automated
commissary services to correctional facilities nationwide. KCN
software systems enable your facility to set up accounts, journals,
and reports that are custom made to fit your needs. KCN has
become the leading and largest commissary management
provider in the nation.
        Access Catalog Company offers customized packaging programs for correctional facilities through the
Securepak Program. It is centered on security, flexibility, and convenience. As an affiliate of the Keefe Group,
you will benefit from our market and product expertise.
                Keefe Group continues its dedication to quality products and high customer satisfaction with
locations nationwide, including: Atlanta, GA; Chesapeake, VA; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO;
Edison, NJ; Fontana, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Reno, NV; and St. Louis, MO offering next day service to most of
the United States. For more information, call 1.800.325.8998 or fax 1.800.848.5545. Also please visit our new
website at
                                      Join us for Dinner,
                                        Drinks, Prizes,
                                      Gambling & a whole
                                         lot of Fun!!!
                                 NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE
                                                 Awards Banquet
                                            Semi formal - formal event
                                             Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                               6:30pm – 12:00 am

  Come join us for dinner, dancing, laughs and a special awards presentation to some of our
                           outstanding NOHCJ members.
                                 Awards to be presented:
                                             NOHCJ Medal of Valor
                                      NOHCJ Outstanding and Dedicated Member
                                        NOHCJ Cultural Enhancement Award
                                        NOHCJ Superior Achievement Award

                                    SPECIAL THANKS TO CCA FOR THEIR
                                   SUPPORT IN MAKING THIS EVENT SPECIAL

                                      CCA is a proud sponsor of NOHCJ since 2004
CCA specializes in the design, building and management of prisons, jails and detention facilities and providing inmate resident and
prisoner transportation services in partnership with government. The company is the sixth largest corrections system in the nation,
behind only the federal government and four states. CCA is the founder of the private corrections industry and is the nation’s largest
provider of jail, detention and corrections services to governmental agencies. CCA has approximately 69,000 beds in 63 facilities,
including 38 owned facilities, under contract for management in 19 states and the District of Columbia. The company manages more
than 62,000 inmates including males, females and juveniles at all security levels and does business with all three federal corrections
agencies, almost half of all states, and more than a dozen locals municipalities. CCA continues its market leadership position in the
corrections industry managing over 50% of all beds under contract with private operations in the United States. Founded in 1983, the
company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and employs more than 15,000 professionals nationwide. CCA maintains a 95%
contract renewal rate. CCA offers a variety of rehabilitation and educational programs, including basic education, life skills and
employment training and substance abuse treatment. The company also provides health care (including medical, dental and
psychiatric services), food services and work and recreational programs. Through CCA’s ownership of correctional facilities, the
company provides valuable economic benefits to its local community partners by paying property, sales and other taxes and providing
a stable employment base. CCA is a strong contributor in the communities in which our facilities are located, with a dedication to
charitable giving and volunteerism.
For information about CCA call: 1-800-624-2931

NOHCJ is proud to bring to the stage Russ Rivas, Comedian
Russ Rivas brings to the stage a non-stop high-energy performance! Well-prepared material
blended with improvisational versatility proves to delight audiences across the country. With
command of the stage, an irresistible boyish charm, Russ appeals to the masses. Russ Rivas –
crystal clear high energy!
A comic was gestating, after being honorably discharged from the United States Army in Fort
Carson Colorado as a Sergeant. Russ became certified automobile mechanic. While employed at
a Chevrolet dealership and as a fly fishing guide on the weekends, Russ started comedy in
Colorado Springs, Colorado. To supplement his comedy income he would tie fly’s for a fishing
shop during the day. Since beginning his comedy career things have “taken off” for him. Russ
now owns Laffs Comedy Club in Albuquerque, NM. He always winds up out of his
element but has fun being there. He tries to be “politically correct,” sometimes he even succeeds!
                                               NOHCJ 1st NATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE
                                                         Thursday Morning Closing Breakfast
                                                               Featuring Guest Speakers
                                              New Mexicos’ Attorney General Patricia Madrid (tentative) and
                                                           Chief Justice Petra Jimenez Maes
                                                                  8:30am – 10:30am
                             Native New Mexican Patricia Madrid is a graduate of the University of New Mexico Law School, and New
                             Mexico’s first woman Attorney General. She was elected to her first term in 1998 and her second term in
                             2002. She was also the first woman elected to the district court bench in New Mexico.
The Hispanic National Bar Association awarded Attorney General Madrid the National Latina Lawyer of the Year in 2001. In 1999
she received the Trailblazer Award from the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women. She received the Governor’s Award for
Outstanding New Mexico Women in 1993. During the same year the New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association honored her for her
dedication to the preservation of civil rights. In 1993, she received the New Mexico Hispanic Quincentennial Award for Political
         The Government of Mexico recently presented Attorney General Madrid with the prestigious el Premio Ohtli at the NALEO
Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The award is in recognition of her work on behalf of Mexicans living abroad, in particular, she was
able to place victims’ advocate in southern New Mexico to work exclusively with immigrant women and children. She was also
recognized for establishing a bilingual advocacy program in her Consumer Protection Division.
         As the top law enforcement officer in the state, Attorney General Madrid has placed priority on violent crime prosecution.
She established the first state-level Crime Victim’s Services Unit to better serve New Mexico’s victims of crime. She also established a
Capital Litigation Unit to provide assistance to district attorneys statewide in the prosecution of violent crimes, particularly death
penalty cases.
         Attorney General Madrid is heading the Crimes Against Children Task Force. The intent of this task force is to improve the
investigation and prosecution of crimes against New Mexico’s children. She has also established an Internet Crimes Against Children
Task Force that is working with law enforcement statewide to develop techniques needed to investigate and prosecute such crimes. In
addition, this task force strives to increase awareness of the public about the darker side of the internet and provide self protection
advice. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving honored her for her work on behalf of victims of crime, receiving the 2001 first Annual
Award for Elected Officials presented by MADD. She is now in the process of running for U.S. Congress.

                          Petra Jimenez Maes is a native of New Mexico. She worked her way through UNM undergraduate and UNM
                          Law School. When she graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1973, she was one of
                          the first two Hispanic Women to graduate from UNM Law School. She was admitted to the New Mexico Bar
                          that same year. She was in private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico until 1975 when she went to work
                          for Northern New Mexico Legal Services.

                            In 1981, Governor Bruce King appointed her to the First Judicial District Court. Her Judicial assignments in
                            the District Court included: four years in the Criminal Division; six years in the Family Division; and seven
                            years in the Civil Division. In addition to her other case assignments, Judge Maes served as the Children's
                            Court Judge for twelve years.
                                  The Judges of the First Judicial District Court as Chief Judge elected Judge Maes for two terms. As
Chief Judge she also had the administrative responsibilities for the District Court. In addition, Judge Maes served as president of the
New Mexico District Judges' Association in 1992. She also served on the Chief Judges' Council, the Code of Judicial Conduct
Committee, and the National Center on Women & Family Law.
       During her seventeen years as district judge, Judge Maes was innovative, implementing procedures and programs needed to
improve the quality of justice for the litigants, attorneys and the public in her District. In 1984 she established the Family Court and
served as the Family Court Judge for 6 years. She implemented mediation in divorce cases helping parents resolve custody issues in the
best interest of the children.
       Justice Maes understands the complex issues raised by juvenile crime. Justice Maes has worked on positive programs for young
people. She also served on the Governor's Task Force on Children, Youth and Families, the North Central Juvenile Services
Committee, the Tri-County Gang Task Force, the Santa Fe County Jail Advisory Committee, and the Character Counts in Santa Fe
Leadership Council. With her children, she has participated in the boy and girl scout programs.

Justice Maes was elected to the Supreme Court in November 1998 and assumed her position on December 11, 1998.

Justice Maes was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 5, 1947.

Justice Maes' life experience includes raising four children as a single parent after her husband's death in 1983. Her children are now
ages 19 to 26. She is also a proud grandmother. Her granddaughter is eight-years-old.
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