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					                          University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Degree Names

Degree   Degree Name
AMUSD    Doctor of Musical Arts
AUD      Doctor of Audiology
BA       Bachelor of Arts
BALAS    Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences
BARCH    Bachelor of Architecture
BAUP     Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning
BFA      Bachelor of Fine Arts
BLA      Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
BME      Bachelor of Music Education
BMUS     Bachelor of Music
BS       Bachelor of Science
BSAG     Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
BSJ      Bachelor of Science in Journalism
BSLAS    Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences
BSW      Bachelor of Social Work
BUP      Bachelor of Urban Planning
CAS      Certificate of Advanced Study
DVM      Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
EDD      Doctor of Education
EDM      Master of Education
JD       Juris Doctor
JSD      Doctor of the Science of Law
LLB      Bachelor of Laws
LLM      Master of Laws
MA       Master of Arts
MARCH    Master of Architecture
MAS      Master of Accounting Science
MBA      Master of Business Administration
MCL      Master of Comparative Law
MCS      Master of Computer Science
MEXED    Master of Extension Education
MFA      Master of Fine Arts
MHRIR    Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
MLA      Master of Landscape Architecture
MME      Master of Music Education
MMUS     Master of Music
MS       Master of Science
MSPH     Master of Science in Public Health
MSW      Master of Social Work
MUP      Master of Urban Planning
PHD      Doctor of Philosophy

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