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DId you Know That The Robinson Engine Head Can Save Up To 30% of Your Fuel Consumption?

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									For People Who Want To Spend Less On Gas Take A Look At The Robinson Engine Head

The U.S. performed a study, but many of you haven't heard about the outcomes of that study. This
particular test dealt with something known as the the Robinson Engine Head, and it was shown that this
head could supply a car with up to 48% more miles for every gallon of gas that it consumes. This
particular head provided the cars with a few distinct advantages. Besides the 48% more mileage, and
reduction in emissions, it takes the 2 liter engine, and increases the horsepower to that of an engine
with 3 liters. While engines have been improved throughout the last 60 years not one of the
improvements have been able to improve gas mileage more than 1%.

The particular Robinson Engine Head takes a totally different approach inside their modification of the
standard engine head. Ordinarily to get additional horsepower, you have to have a larger motor, and
that of course results in more fuel being burned. The data indicated that out of 100 units of gas, only 23
units of fuel were utilized to power the wheels of the vehicle. This particular engine head provides a
reduction of 11 units of horsepower. This particular reduction raises the horsepower at the tires from 23
units to 34 units. Due to this you're going to realize that you'll be reducing the pollution your car
creates and you'll be getting better gas mileage.

Although the Robinson Engine Head has not been put into production yet, you will discover that this
same company produces a product known as the Platinum 22 Gas Saver, and they claim that this alone
can increase your mileage by 22%. You can actually obtain more than a 22% increase in your gas
mileage in accordance with research done by the government. This is really a very simple process of
adding platinum vapors to the air that's being employed by the engine in inclusion to the gas. This
product permits you to actually burn fuels that usually wouldn't get burned within the combustion
process. The fuel within the engine goes from burning 68% of each and every gallon, up to 90% due to
the platinum in Gas Saver.

Simply because you can wind up burning more of the fuel you use, you obtain better gas mileage and
you wind up creating less pollution. With 22% more of the fuel being utilized, that means the vehicle
goes 22% farther on the same volume of gas, or putting it an additional way, it takes 22% less gas to go
the same distance. The Gas Saver also cleans out the carbon from the motor, and raises the level of
octane, making premium gas pretty much unnecessary.

Far more than a half a million Gas Savers have been sold since the government completed its study.
This product has grown to be so popular because it not only cleans your engine but since your engine is
clean it will turn out lasting longer.

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