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					            St. Benedict Church
                          2310 Bedford Street ▪ Johnstown, PA 15904-1127
                      Rectory and School Phone: 814-266-9718 and 814-266-3837
                                Mother’s Day - May 8, 2011
                   Rectory Fax: 814-269-4220              School Fax: 814-266-7718
 Parish Web Address:             School Web Address:

                                                    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY
                                                     TO ALL MOTHERS OF
                                                         OUR PARISH

                     Parish Staff:
                                                           Sacrament of Baptism: Parents are to be exam-
Rev. David S. Peles, Pastor …………………….…..Ext. 102           ples to their children by being registered, active                               members of the Parish. First time parents are re-
Rev. Derek Fairman, Parochial Vicar ………...... Ext. 106     quired to attend a Baptismal Preparation Class.
Rev. Michael A. Wolfe, Parochial Vicar…….…..Ext. 107
                                                           Please call the Rectory Office to make arrange-
Deacon Michael Russo …..……………………..288-3036
Rectory …………………………………………...Ext. 101
(Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-Noon/1-4:00pm)       Sacrament of Marriage: Couples planning to
School ………………………………………….…Ext. 201                          marry are to make arrangements at least nine
Mr. George Nace, Principal                                 months prior to their wedding date. Diocesan
Mrs. Judy Klaum, School Bookkeeper/Tuition ... Ext. 203    Guidelines regarding Marriage Preparation must
Sr. Cindy Burns, CCW, High School CCD, RCIA Ext.301        be followed. The Catholic party/parties is/are to                             be registered, active members in the parish.
Mrs. Michelle Robatin, Elementary CCD ……….Ext. 302         Parish Membership: New members are always                                 welcome! If you are moving into, within, or out
Mr. Joseph Gaunt, Office of Music & Liturgy …. Ext. 303    of the Parish, please call the Rectory Office and
                                                           let us know.
                                                           Mission Statement:
                      Mass Schedule
                                                           “To proclaim and live the message of Jesus
Monday - Friday 8:00am and 12:05 pm                        Christ; through the power of the Holy Spirit,
Saturday        9:00 am, (Vigil: 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm)         pray and work to build up His Church; and to do
Sunday          7:30, 9:30 and 11:30 am                    the will of the Father always and everywhere”

Reconciliation                                             Parish Motto: “Ora et Labora” - Latin for
Saturday at 3:00 pm. Other times as listed in the          “Pray and Work” - comes from the Benedictines
bulletin.                                                  who first staffed our Parish.
Page Two                                       Mother’s Day                                                                May 8, 2011

Masses Intentions This Week:                             Religious and Social Events This Week
Mon 8:00am       Anniv. John Yeager                      Today         HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY
                                                                     7:30am  Sunday Mass / K of C Food Drive / Scrip Weekend -
                 (Grandsons: Jacob & Lucas Polacek)                          Vestibule of Church
   12:05pm       Brooke Biesinger B-day (Family)                     9:30am  Sunday Mass sung by our Liturgical Choir / K of C Food
Tue 8:00am       Anniv. Helen Hands (Clara Gredesky)                         Drive / ARC Collection / Scrip Weekend - Vestibule of
   12:05pm       Sally Vitez (Michelle & John Vitez)                         Church
                                                                    11:30am  Sunday Mass / K of C Food Drive / Scrip Weekend -
Wed 8:00am       Sue Gredesky B-day (George Migas)                           Vestibule of Church
    12:05pm      Anniv. Joe Lopresti (Dick & Dot Ruth)               2:00pm  First Holy Communion sung by our Third Grade Choir
Thur 8:00am      Anniv. Robert G. Sakmar, Sr.
                 (Children)                              Mon          7:40am    Recitation of the Rosary / Church
                                                                      8:00am    Mass
    9:00am       Robert Nemcheck (Mr/s Greg Bellotti)               11:40am     Recitation of the Rosary / Church
   12:05pm       Anniv. 5/6 Alfred James                       Noon - 1:30pm    SCRIP CARD SALE / JPII - Room #1
                 (Wife, Son, & Family)                              12:05pm     Mass
Fri 8:00am       A. Evelyn Smoter B-day                               6:30pm    Oblates Meeting / JPII - Room #2
                 (Pat & Curt Costlow)
                                                         Tue                    Eucharistic Day
   12:05pm       Mary Grace Roccio B-day                             7:40am     Recitation of the Rosary / Church
                 (Jim, Mary Agnes & Patrick)                         8:00am     Mass followed by Confessions
Sat 9:00am       Mr/s Ross DiBuono (Erna Callihan)                  11:40am     Recitation of the Rosary / Church
    5:00pm       Nick Barbera, Jr. B-day                            12:05pm     Mass opens our Eucharistic Day followed by Confessions
                                                               12:30-7:00pm     Private Adoration Throughout the Day / Church
                 (Mom & Family)                                 6:30-9:00pm     Stephen Ministers / JPII - Upstairs
    7:00pm       Anniv. William Lear                            7:00-8:00pm     Pro-Life Holy Hour / Church
                 (Larry & Becky Lear)
Sun 7:30am       Frank Fabina (Don Nemcheck)             Wed          7:40am    Recitation of the Rosary / Church
                                                                      8:00am    Mass
    9:30am       Michael Prohonic Sr.                                11:40am    Recitation of the Rosary / Church
                 (Ed & Jean Priepo)                                  12: 05pm   Mass
   11:30am       Mass for the Parishioners                       6:15-7:15pm    Liturgical Ensemble / Rehearsal / Kiniry Hall
                                                                      7:30pm    Contemporary Choir Rehearsal / Church

                                                         Thur          7:40am   Recitation of the Rosary / Church
Altar Server Schedule:                                                8:00am
                                                                                Scrip Card Sale / JPII - Room #1
(Monday - Friday, May 9th - May 13th)                                 9:00am    School Mass sung by our Junior Choir
 8:00am Jerod Diamond and Gabe Cannizzaro                            11:40am    Recitation of the Rosary / Church
(Next Saturday, May 14th)                                            12: 05pm   Mass
                                                                 5:30-7:00pm    St. Benedict Art Show / School
 5:00pm Abby Szelong, Kassidy Orr, Cole Berkebile                     6:30pm    Liturgical Choir Rehearsal / Kiniry Hall
 7:00pm Joshua & Justin Way, Austin Rodman                            7:30pm    School Spring Program / Gym
(Next Sunday, May 15th)                                               8:00pm    Schola Choir Rehearsal / Kiniry Hall
 7:30am William & Matthew Trabold, Gregory Kutsick
                                                         Fri          7:40am    Recitation of the Rosary / Church
 9:30am Zachary Valkovci, Gabe Cannizzaro, Nathan                    8:00am     Mass
          Neissner                                                  11:40am     Recitation of the Rosary / Church
11:30am Adam Rager, Zane & Wyatt Price                              12:05pm     Mass
                                                               6:00-10:00pm     Sports Banquet / Gym

           Mark the calendar                             Sat          8:40am
                                                                                Recitation of the Rosary / Church
                May 21, 2011                                    9:30-11:30am
                                                                                Deacon Russo’s Bible Study / JPII - Room #2
                                                                                Confessions / Church
                                                                      5:00pm    Mass to Fulfill the Sunday Obligation / Sung by
  This is the actual date to celebrate 100 years                                the Third Grade Choir / ARC Collection
                                                                      7:00pm    Mass to Fulfill the Sunday Obligation / ARC Collection
here at St. Benedict Church. We are planning
a simple celebration at our 5:00 pm Saturday             Sun          7:30am    Sunday Mass / ARC Collection
                                                                      9:30am    Sunday Mass sung by our Schola Cantorum Choir /
Mass. Plan to join us as we bless our new bells                                 ARC Collection
after Mass. There will be no 7:00 pm Mass                           11:30am     Sunday Mass / ARC Collection

that evening so we may meet for fellowship in              A Special Thank You to everyone who participated and
our School Hall / Gym for cookies and punch.             assisted in any way with Bishop Mark L. Bartchak’s Mass
Mark your calendar and plan to join us in                last weekend. We are very grateful to all of you!
  Mother’s Day                                        May 8, 2011                                          Page Three

    When you’re shopping this week, be sure to pick up       SCRIP SALES THIS WEEKEND!
some after Easter items for our Chinese Auction Booth.        Scrip will be available to purchase in the church vesti-
This is a great time to purchase something because a lot    bule following all Masses this weekend. Scrip sales this
of decorations, etc. are half price. We are also looking    week will be tomorrow / Monday from Noon to 1:30 pm
for Spring items, baby items, red-white-blue, Steelers/     and Thursday from 8:15-9:15 am in John Paul II - Room
Pirates/Penguins, boys-girls-ladies-men’s items, back-to-   #1.
school things too! Thanks to everyone who have already        You may drop your prepaid order forms in the collec-
donated wonderful things for our baskets!                   tion basket at any weekend Mass. You will be called
                                                            when your scrip is ready for pick up! Thank you for par-
 Our Vacation Bible School entitled “Son Surf, Beach        ticipating in our program.
Blast VBS” has been scheduled for the week of August
1st-5th, from 9 - 11:30 am. It promises to be a fun and     Knights of Columbus News
faith-filled week, so please mark your calendar now, so       Thank you Knights of Columbus for the repair of the
your children may attend.                                   defibrillation machine which is located in the priest’s
 Also, anyone interested in teaching a Bible School         sacristy.
Class, former or new teacher, please call Becky at 266-
3885 after 5 pm. Thank you!                                   Today is our monthly K of C Food Pantry collection.
                                                            On the first full weekend of each month we ask each
Congratulations!                                            family in our Parish to donate at least one item of non-
  Patti Plummer was the winner of the service for 12        perishable food, laundry or cleaning supplies, personal
gold-trimmed “Starlite” Lenox china. The winner was         care items or paper products. If you’d rather not carry
drawn at the April 15th fish fry. Also, thank you to the    them to Mass, you are welcome to drop them off at the
parishioner who kindly donated the china.                   Rectory Office anytime during regular business hours.
                                                            We are in from 7-Noon and 1-4:30pm Monday-Friday).
 The 2011 Annual Catholic Appeal continues in our           THANK YOU!
Parish and throughout the Diocese. If you have not yet
responded, please prayerfully consider what you can do        ARC Collection next weekend after all Masses.
to participate. We want your participation and need your    Please support our parish Knights of Columbus.
support. Your gift will make a difference! You may
drop your pledge envelopes in the collection basket this    Attention Gardeners
weekend and we will send them over to Altoona.                We are looking for perennial flowers
                                                            and plants to enhance the beauty of our
  The Saint Benedict Catholic School, Johnstown,            parish grounds.
PA invites proposals for IT management services              If you are doing spring gardening and
to be performed under an employment agree-                  have extra bulbs or plants you may want
ment or contract by an individual or consulting             to donate to this project or would like to
organization familiar with IT management ser-               contribute some time working on our parish grounds,
vices.                                                      contact Mary Ellen at 487-7058.
                                                               If you just want to make a cash donation, so we may
   To request an IT management services RFP,                purchase some “summer flowers” for the grounds, please
                 please contact:                            use a plain envelope and mark it “Summer Flowers” and
                                                            put it in the collection basket next weekend.
                 St. Benedict Rectory
              Attn. IT Management RFP                       Bereavement Group
                 2310 Bedford Street                           Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 18th at
                Johnstown, PA 15904                         1:00 pm in the John Paul II. All members should plan
               814-266-9718 Ext. 101                        to attend. Deacon Michael Russo will be speaking on
 All responses to this proposal must be submitted
                                                               This bulletin is totally subsidized by those companies
to the above address by no later than May 13th,
                                                            whose advertisement appears on the back page. If you
                                                            have the opportunity, you may thank them in the name
                                                            of St. Benedict Church by using their products/services.
Mother’s Day                                          May 8, 2011                                               Page Four

 Have you submitted your favorite recipe for our cook-
                                                                 Notes from MUSIC MINISTRY
book? If you forgot it today...bring it next weekend and
put it in the collection basket. We already have over               The Contemporary Choir will rehearse on Wednesday,
200 recipes submitted - you may submit more than one                May 11th.
of your favorite dishes or desserts. Let’s see if we can            The Liturgical Ensemble will rehearse on Wednesday,
                                                                    May 11th, from 6:15 to 7:15.
Reach 500!                                                          The Liturgical Choir will rehearse on Thursday, May
                                                                    12th. We do not sing next Sunday, May 15th.
Stephen Ministry                                                    The Schola Cantorum will rehearse on Thursday, May
Danger versus Opportunity Did you realize that the                  11th, and sing the 9:30 Mass on Sunday, May 15th.
                                                                    The Junior Choir will sing the 9:00 am School Mass on
average crisis lasts for about six weeks? By the end of a           Thursday, May 12th.
month and a half, people usually come to some solution.
Sometimes the solutions are good, but sometimes they              SCRIPTURAL READINGS FOR THE WEEK
just cause more painful problems. Stephen Ministers
can help people find positive resolutions to crises. If          Monday:       Acts 6:8-15; Jn 6:22-29
you would like a Stephen Minister or would like addi-            Tuesday:      Acts 7:51 — 8:1a; Jn 6:30-35
tional information about Stephen Ministry, please call           Wednesday:    Acts 8:1b-8; Jn 6:35-40
Threse at 535-2517 or Dolores at 266-2055.                       Thursday:     Acts 8:26-40; Jn 6:44-51
                                                                 Friday:       Acts 9:1-20; Jn 6:52-59
Please Pray For…                                                 Saturday:     Acts 1:15-17, 20-26; Jn 15:9-17
...for the repose of the souls who have entered eternal          Sunday:       Acts 2:14a, 36-41; Ps 23;
   life. May they rest in God’s peace and may the                              1 Pt 2:20b-25; Jn 10:1-10
   comfort of the Lord be with their families.
...Remember in your charity the homebound, elderly,              Deacon Russo’s Bible Study group will meet on Satur-
   sick and hospitalized members of our Parish Family,        day from 9:30-11:30 am in the John Paul II Center. Eve-
   especially Tom Murphy, Jan Patcher, Ed Gregorich,          ryone is welcome to stop in and see what they are all about.
   Alan Klaum, Lucy Shiley, Patrick Higgins, Lester             If you need to contact Deacon Russo please call
   Reitz, Ardith Hasse, Vern Campigotto, Pearl Sedle          288-3036.
   meyer, Jim Heilmann, Ted Bishof, John Jaskula,
   Harold Roberts, Daniel Prohonic, David Smith,               The monthly meeting of the Oblates of St. Benedict’s
   Marian Bunja, Robert James, Elizabeth Straw, Fred          will meet tomorrow / Monday evening in the John Paul II
   Riggs, Larry Putorek, Anthony Crisifuli, Sandy Kloo.       Education Center in Room 2 at 6:30pm.
   May they be united in a special way with the suffering
   Christ.                                                      Our Eucharistic Day will open with our 12:05 Mass on
...Also, Lord, please watch over the men and women            Tuesday followed by private adoration in Church until
   serving in our armed forces, and also those civilians      6:30pm when the Blessed Sacrament will be reposed.
   whose work puts them in harms way. Bless them and          There will be a Pro-Life Holy Hour from 7:00-8:00pm.
   their families for the selfless acts they perform for us
   in our time of need.                                         Did you lose keys or a retired Air Force hat? If so,
                                                              you can claim them at the Rectory office.
Bonanza Tickets
Week 6 Bonanza Ticket Winners:                                  Our St. Benedict Legion of Mary is sponsoring a
Sunday # 257, Monday # 941, Tuesday # 891, Wednes-            “Spring Adult Education” session next Sunday, May 15th
day #362, Thursday #085, Friday # 129, Saturday #773.         at 3:00 pm in our JPII Center, room #2. The topic is
GOOD LUCK!                                                    “PEACE”. Our presenter is Fr. Derek Fairman. Light
                                                              refreshments will be served. We cordially invite you to
 All winners will be notified next week about claiming        attend.
your prize. We still have tickets available if you are
interested in purchasing another. If you received one in       The Knights of Columbus wish to thank Jared Howard,
the mail, and are not interested in purchasing it, please     Kurt Walker and Karch Helsel, 8th Graders in our school
return it via the collection basket.                          who helped with the heavy lifting portion of our Easter
                                                              Food Basket distribution.
                                                               Your hard work was very much appreciated. Thank You!
Page Five                     Mother’s Day                      May 8, 2011

            Congratulations to our First Holy Communion
                           Class of 2011

   We would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere
   blessings to each of our Communicants, and we ask that you keep
  them in your prayers. Also our thanks to the parents, the teachers
   in our Parochial School and our CCD School of Religion for their
               guidance and support of these youngsters.

        Benjamin Berkebile                   Aiden Marshall
        Jack Bifano                          Nathaniel Martin
        Austin Birus                         Jude Martyak
        Cierra Cashaw                        Shannon Mikulsky
        Rachel Cooper                        Cole Milne
        Courtney Deshner                     Jill Montag
        Sophia Devan                         Jacob Mowery
        Ally Diamond                         Serena Nyanko
        Tony DiPaola                         Cullen O’Dowd
        Dominick Donate                      Priscilla Ortiz
        Zane Dudinack                        Spencer Pfarr
        Coty Grasser                         Savanna Popma
        Bethany Grove                        Alexander Querry
        D’Naysia Herring                     Valyn Robison
        Ryan Horner                          Gabriel Shaffer-
        Julia Horwath                        Merriman
        Ashley Kolar                         Madison Sloan
        Aaron Koval                          Joshua Stem
        Amy Kralik                           Braiden Stroba
        Dominick Kutsick                     Andrew Tomak
        Reilly Malcolm                       Ian Verovsek
St. Benedict Church
2310 Bedford Street
Johnstown, PA 15904-1127
814-266-9718 ext 101

Contact: Mary Beth Pudliner

P.S. Mary Ann has retired as of Feb 1, 2010

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