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                               Rancho Viejo Round-Up
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              A new song in RV: Happy trails to you

S    anta Fe Trails will begin serving
     Rancho Viejo on April 6. Vans rather
     than full-sized buses will loop through
Rancho Viejo hourly on Avenida del Sur,
Avan Nu Po Road and Richards Avenue
                                                                       Sur and Rancho Viejo Boulevard, Cañada
                                                                       del Rancho, IAIA and ATC, Saddleback
                                                                       Mesa, Dalton Pass and Chili Line Road.
                                                                       The van will stop at Santa Fe Community
                                                                       College and then follow what is the route
beginning about 7 a.m. and ending at 6:30                              taken by the 21 bus to Santa Fe Place. The
p.m. Monday through Friday, according to Mike Kelly, van will continue on to the outlet mall at Interstate 25 and
Santa Fe Trails’ director of operations and maintenance. return to Santa Fe Place and loop again. Service will be
   The tentative stops in Rancho Viejo are at: Avenida del              Continued on Page 7
                                                        North group makes plans for lot next to Plaza
                                                  North Board member Susy Moesch           adults.
                                                  has been heading up a committee to          Also on the committee are Mi-
                                                  develop the vacant lot next to the       chael Bird, Lucie Church, Gen Keller,
                                                  community plaza-- across from the        Patty Owens, Laurie St. Denis and
                                                  Lucky Bean commercial area.              Judy Reinhartz.
                                                      The group has been working for          The preliminary schematic draw-
                                                  several months and the initial design    ing will be posted in the HOA office
                                                  includes a memorial garden, game         with a suggestion box, said Moesch.
            jeSSica PfeifeR                       tables for outdoor chess or check-       “Anyone who has ideas, we are
                                                  ers, shaded tables, a rock climbing
Jessica Pfeifer new                               wall for children and fitness path for          Continued on Page 6

South manager
                                                          Santa Fe County spelling champ lives in RV
Jessica Pfeifer is the new community
                                                  The champion speller in Santa Fe
manager for the South Association.
                                                  County lives and learns in Rancho
She joins North manager Ed Lyons
in the associations’ office at 55 Can-
                                                     He is Rajat Singh, 12, the son
ada del Rancho in the Village Center.
                                                  of Ganesh and Monika Singh, a 7th
    A native of Denver and a gradu-
                                                  grade student at the Academy for
ate of the Barnes Business College,
                                                  Technology and the Classics across
Pfeifer came to Santa Fe through
                                                  from the Institute of American
Prescott, Arizona, where the family
                                                  Indian Arts on Avan Nu Po Road.
of five moved in 2005 when hus-
                                                     Rajat won the county competition
band Dave was offered a job there
       Continued on Page 11                       for the fourth straight year in
                                                  January, which made him eligible
         Hunt for eggs on April 11                to compete in the state finals being
All children in Rancho Viejo are invited to the
EGGstravaganza on April 11 at 11 a.m. at the
                                                  held in Albuquerque after the Round-
active park on Richards Avenue.
                                                         Continued on Page 2                          Rajat Singh

Dunk mosquitoes
before they bite you
Rain barrels can be a great nesting
area for mosquitoes. One way to kill
                        mosquito larvae
                        in rain barrels is
                        to put Mosquito
                        Dunks          or
                        similar in the
                        barrels.     The
                        poison, available
                        at local hardware
                        stores        and
nurseries, kills the larvae, but must be
replenished after 30 days.
   Follow the directions on the pack-
age. The manufacturer says the prod-
uct is not toxic for animals.
Stefanics' e-mail address
County Commissioner Liz Stefanics
can be reached via e-mail at                 although they had some roll-out drawers in their kitchen when they
lstefanics@co.santa-fe.nm.us. Her            moved into their house, Florence and Fred Wright (505.473.3665) realized
constituent services liaison, Julia          they wanted all of the drawers to function the same way. Thus began a
Valdez, is javaldez@co.santa-fe.             quest to find the right contractor to do the job. They succeeded with Carlos
nm.us. Stefanics’ personal e-mail            Bonnafoux (505.553.1143), who installed 14 drawers in 6 cabinets. If you
address is lstefanics@msn.com.               have done something unique and want to share it with our readers, contact
                                             our staff photographer, R.T. Berner, 505.603.1988 or JournProf@comcast.
 Champ: Continued from Page 1
                                                                                              Botanical fact
Up went to press.
                                                                                    The botanical name for a pinon
   Rajat has a sister, Rhea, born in December. His paternal grandmother,
                                                                                    pine is pinus edulis.
Kusumlata Singh, was visiting from India at the time of Rhea’s birth and
Rajat’s champion performance.

                                                                          Rancho Viejo Round-Up
                    Management                                       The newsletter is a publication of the North
                 contact information                               and South homeowners’ associations of Rancho
                                                                       Viejo. If you have suggestions about the
         North                    South
                                                                     editorial content, please contact the editors,
         Ed Lyons                 Jessica Pfeifer                    R. Thomas Berner (JournProf@comcast.net)
                                                                    or Bruce Krasnow (bkrasnow@sfnewmexican.
         505.473.3516             505.473.3896                        com). For advertising information, please
                                                                   contact the associations’ office at 505.473.1042
                                                                                        (Ext. 1).

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                is just a short drive away.
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P059007 02/05

                                                     South ASSociAtion newS

Board approves monthly payment plan for assessment
   Residents who would rather pay            at the associations’ office for more         sides and back, within 6 months of
their assessment monthly instead             details.                                     closing on your property, weather
of quarterly may do that provided                                                         permitting. Homeowners are re-
they meet certain criteria including         Deadline on landscaping                      minded to assess maintenance issues
agreeing to sign up for automatic            Homeowners, please remember                  this spring on home and lot and do
debit payments.     Please contact           your lot must be landscaped, front,          touch ups on painting, landscaping,
community manager Jessica Pfeifer                                                         etc.

                                 Landscaping tips
(Heads-Up and the Landscape and Environmental                          May
Committee offer these season tips.)
                                                                       •Apply fertilizer to warm
April                                                                   season grasses such as Ber-
                                                                        muda (Bermuda is not per-
•Before bud break apply Horticultural Oil to sycamore
                                                                        mitted in Rancho Viejo),
 trees to reduce damage from leaf scale. Check link for
                                                                        Buffalo and Blue Gram-
 guidance http://cahedev.nmsu.edu/pubs/_circulars/
                                                                        ma toward the end of the
                                                                        month. These grasses are
•You can also use injection treatments.
                                                                        high nitrogen users.
•Fertilize trees and shrubs with Fertilome Tree and
                                                                       •Make second application of fertilizer to cool season
 Shrub Food or similar product.
•Water trees and shrubs less than three years old weekly
                                                                       •Prune spring flowering shrubs and plants after flowers
 to prepare for growing season. Deep water with a gar-
 den hose so the water gets to the root zone.
                                                                       •Water trees and shrubs less than three years old weekly
•Established xeric plants may not need any water this
                                                                        to prepare for growing season. Deep water with a gar-
 time of year, depending on the moisture from the win-
                                                                        den hose so the water gets to the root zone.
 ter. Check the ground for moisture content, purchase
                                                                       •Established xeric plants may not need any water this
 a moisture meter to be sure, and then, if water is re-
                                                                        time of year, depending on the moisture from the win-
 quired, they can be watered once or twice a month dur-
                                                                        ter. Check the ground for moisture content, purchase
 ing the summer. This time of year and until June, they
                                                                        a moisture meter to be sure, and then, if water is re-
 should not require water.
                                                                        quired, they can be watered once or twice a month dur-
•As tempting as it may be it is still a little early to start up
                                                                        ing the summer. This time of year and until June, they
 the automatic irrigation system as the nights in Santa Fe
                                                                        should not require water.
 can still dip well below the freezing mark.
                                                                       •Start up automatic irrigation system. Check for leaks
•Late April apply chemicals for grub control.
                                                                        in drip line, sprinkler heads, valve boxes and repair as
•Cut back ornamental grasses to promote new spring
                                                                        necessary. Heads Up Landscape Contractors has cer-
                                                                        tified, professional irrigation technicians to do system
•Inspect leafing out on trees. A yellow color to full
                                                                        start ups, controller setting and troubleshooting for
 grown leaves means there is an iron deficiency and they
                                                                        backflow systems or cisterns. Call for rates and other
 should be treated with iron Sulfate or Ironite around
                                                                        information – 505.438.3062 in Santa Fe.
 the base of the tree. Check link for guidance http://
                                                                       •The last average day for frost in Santa Fe is May 10th
                                                                        and any summer annual plantings should be done after
•Remove leaf mulch used over the winter around shrubs.
                                                                        that time unless they can be protected from freezing
 Add them to your compost pile.
                                                                        temperatures. Another rule of thumb would be when
•Any native grass seed can be sown from April into the
                                                                        evening temperatures are around 40 degrees at night.
 summer when the monsoons arrive.
                                                                        This is also an acceptable time to plant in patio pots.

Rancho Viejo Listings
                                                    from Your Neighborhood Realtor®
                                                 cie                                                                    Ris
  www.191echiliLine.com                             Lo                    www.9crowsViewPlace.com                          tRa
                                                       Mo                                                                      Mo
                                                         de                                                                      de
                                                           L                                                                       L

191 e chiLi Line Road                              $514,900              9 cRoW’s VieW PLace                                $368,000
Popular “cielo” model in the quiet Windmill Ridge at Rancho              charming “Ristra” model in the desirable Windmill Ridge at
Viejo subdivision. This home is nestled on a .638 of acre                Rancho Viejo. 2232 sq.ft with great separation of space. 3 Bed,
conservation Lot. Views, views & more views of the sangre de             2 bath with formal living/dining expansive family room!!! tile,
cristos from the covered rear portal and master bedroom. Many            upgraded carpet, vigas, kiva fireplace. Fully landscaped with
tasteful upgrades including wood flooring, granite island and            great walled side patio for entertaining!!! This is absolutely the
counter tops, vigas, 12 Ft. ceilings and much more.                      Best value in Rancho Viejo!
                                                asP                                                                       Uq
  www.6shiprockPeak.com                            en                      www.12emoryPass.com                                Ue
                                                      Mo                                                                          Mo
                                                        de                                                                            de
                                                          L                                                                               L

6 shiPRock Peak                                    $299,000              12 eMoRy Pass                                      $294,500
Beautiful aspen Model home in the popular Windmill Ridge                 Beautiful tesuque model townhome in the Popular Windmill
at Rancho Viejo. 3Bd/2 Bath, 1600 sq.ft. with great separation           Ridge @Rancho Viejo. corner Lot with fabulous Views off the
of space. attention to detail with designer walls, kiva fireplace,       private deck from the Master Bedroom. Light and bright with
tile, large master with walk in closet. enclosed rear portal for         clerestory windows and a downstairs office. tile,carpet,gas fire
studio/office!                                                           place and more. Park across from front of townhome. Miles of
                                                                         walking paths with views everywhere!!! This is a great Value!of
                                                                         walking paths with views everywhere!!! This is a great Value!

                     Patrick Coe                                                         a PRUdentiaL santa Fe ReaL
                     RanchoViejo homeowner since 1999!                                   estate Leading edge aWaRd
                      Our Market                                                         WinneR FoR 2007!
                        Our Neighborhood
                          Your Neighborhood Realtor®

(505) 470-0044 Mobile | (505) 988-3700 Office

                                              North AssociAtioN News

               Board considering speed bump mitigation
The North Board has considered    ports that the Reserve Fund for HOA               California.
a petition brought by residents   is at $724,000 and that all the money
to eliminate the speed bumps on   is in FDIC-insured accounts. Wen-                 Mailbox lighting
West Chili Line Road. Many driverszel is also working with the finance                  Manager Ed Lyons reports that
who use the road have complained  committee on getting bids for an up-              he has chosen a location for the pilot
about the steep bumps, saying theydated reserve study. The analysis of              project on solar mailbox lighting for
are dangerous and cause damage to all HOA assets and replacement and                $1,800. Lyons said a cluster of boxes
                                  maintenance costs will help guide the
vehicles. The bumps were installed by                                               at Grasslands Trail and Brilliant Sky
the developer SunCor New Mexico,  board as it sets fees for the coming              is very dark and would benefit from
after a cul-de-sac was extended   few years.                                        lights. Once installed, the board will
to a through street and residents     Wenzel and the finance commit-                assess the lights and, if appropriate,
complained about traffic.         tee also proposed—and the board                   consider requests from other areas
    The board decided to keep the adopted—a policy on when projects                 of the community.
speed bumps, but to try to find   and services get bid. The policy es-
                                                                                    Community Day
money in the 2010 budget to smoothtablished different procedures on
them out and make them safer. The spending under $500; under $2,500                    The board is looking for volun-
                                  and over $2,500, which will require
cost for the work is estimated to be                                                teers who are interested in taking an
$3,000.The compromise is an ef-   a formal bid process with publica-                active role in this year’s Community
fort to honor those who purchased tion of RFPs. Finally, on the issue of            Day. The event has been held the last
homes on that street, yet considerdelinquencies, Hoamco, our manage-                several years at the active park, but
others in Rancho Viejo who are en-ment company, reports that Rancho                 the board is looking for more volun-
titled to safe roadways.          Viejo is still fairly low—below 10                teers and participation. Contact Ed
                                  percent—as the community has not                  Lyons to get involved.
Finances                          seen a large increase in foreclosures
   North Treasurer Bob Wenzel re- as has been the case in Arizona and
Lot plans: Continued from Page 1
interested,” she said. The committee understands any               There will be no grass in the new area, just gravel,
design will go through several revisions and the North          mulch and drought-tolerant landscaping and trees.
Board has final approval before development begins.                Moesch said just a few hundred dollars are in the 2009
   Some ideas such as the memorial garden were includ-          North budget for design work. Other money may come
ed to encourage community participation. Home owners            through fundraisers, but those details are still being re-
would be able to donate a plant to the new plaza to honor       searched. The final project may not be completed for
a deceased loved one.                                           years.
  Santa Fe Trails: Continued from Page 1
adjusted as needed, Kelly said.
                                                                           Volunteers hold down costs
                                                                   A recent item in the Eldorado HOA newsletter reported
   Standard fares apply and riders may request one free
                                                                   that Eldorado’s newsletter cost $36,000, which covers
transfer. The van and the Route 21 bus will not overlap
                                                                   professional editing and layout, printing and mailing.
                                                                   That comes down to $12 mail subscriber per year. The
   Service will eventually expand to include the Rail
                                                                   Rancho Viejo Round-Up is written, edited and laid out by
Runner stop now under construction at New Mexico 599
                                                                   volunteers, and printing and mailing costs are covered by
and I25.
                                                                   our advertisers.
   A six-month $100,000 grant from the North Central
                                                                                                                 Thank you.
Regional Transit District provided the seed money for the
new service after which it will be funded by the transit tax
approved by voters last fall.

    Graphic Design
 For those with modest needs and modest means
        Contact R. Thomas Berner

                   Ground broken for buildings at SFCC, IAIA
Two of the three educational units     Sciences. The school offers programs        and sculpture building and a science
within the boundaries of Rancho        in nursing, respiratory therapy, dental     and technology building that will
Viejo—Santa Fe Community College       health and assisting, emergency             revolutionize course offerings and
and the Institute of American Indian   medical training, and biology. The          the way in which they can be taught.
Arts--have broken ground for new       building will consist of laboratories          New Mexico state severance tax
buildings.                             and classrooms. The building is the         revenues have provided $500,000 for
   SFCC’s 50,000-square-foot build-    college’s first LEED-certified green        construction with another $500,000
ing will become the centerpiece of     facility and will cost $17.7 million.
the college’s School of Health and        IAIA is constructing a foundry                    Continued on Page 9

                                                                          Eco-man Services*

                                                              Introducing earth friendly, sustainable
                                                               services allowing you to add value to
                                                              your home while helping save our planet
                                                                                 and your $$ as well

                                                               Handyman Services, Energy Savings Upgrades,
                                                                 Design and Installation of Solar Water and/
                                                                or Photovoltaic Systems, Home Maintenance
                                                               Programs, Sustainable Design and Consultation

                                                                  For more information call Jay at 505-780-0021

                                                                   *Just a little division of something larger than us all.
 Ground: Continued from Page 8      teaching techniques for the three                       also in the science and technology
                                    dimensional arts program, providing                     building, will contain IAIA’s National
secured through New Mexico’s
                                    space in which to teach woodworking,                    Collection of Contemporary Native
general obligation bond. Additional
                                    welding, forging, casting, ceramics and                 American art, along with teaching
funds were provided by the U.S.
                                    large-scale metal and stone sculpture.                  laboratories to provide students with
Department of Education with a
                                    The science and technology building                     hands-on training in collections care
$1.65 million grant for the foundry
                                    will be the only building in Santa                      and conservation
and sculpture building and a $6
                                    Fe, and the second in New Mexico,                                   Botanical fact
million award to underwrite the new
                                    to house a digital dome studio and                      The three-leaf sumac is known as the
science and technology building.
                                    classroom that will strengthen IAIA’s                   rhus trilobata.
   The foundry and sculpture
                                    New Media Arts curriculum.
building will support advanced
                                        A museum conservation center,

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              call Jose M Franco 505-412-2875
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Volunteers always                                      duty, which provides support services
needed in county                                       on the fireground.
                                                          The auxiliary volunteer provides
fire department                                        administrative or other support
The department has four types of                       services and may serve at any
volunteers: active duty, limited duty,                 emergency limited to an area
auxiliary and cadet. Active duty                       designated as a safe zone. Cadet
volunteers perform firefighting and                    volunteers are between the ages of 14
or/emergency medical services                          and 18 and are paired with an active who can be reached at mjaffa@
and must meet a physical fitness                       or limited duty member.               co.santa-fe.nm.us or 1.800.894.2110,
requirement. Those who cannot,                            The recruiting and retention 505.992.3087, 505.699.6783.
but otherwise meet active duty                         coordinator is Captain Mike Jaffa,

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PFEIFER: Continued from Page 1                                  ing vacations at Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Pointe), Mexico.
with SunCor. Jessica found part-time work with Hoamco,          We play tennis, go bowling, skiing, or just go see a movie
which she was able to parlay into a job as an assistant         together. We encourage our children to be active just like
association manager in Hoamco’s Santa Fe office when            we are. I enjoy walking the trails with our dog, Sookie (a
Dave became the home building manager in Rancho                 Siberian Husky) and doing my Pilates to stay in shape”
Viejo in 2007. She assisted in the management of eight             Jessica says managing an HOA is challenging because
communities.                                                    of the many aspects of the position, from dealing with
   Early this year she was named manager for the South.         landscaping to CC&Rs to resolving homeowner issues.
   The Pfeifers have two sons and a daughter and live in           “I encourage all homeowners to be involved with their
Rancho Viejo. “I enjoy spending time with my children           community, whether that’s volunteering to serve on a
and husband,” Jessica says. “We especially enjoy spend-         committee or volunteering their time,” Jessica says.

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                                                                             Water infiltration Detection & Repair 
                                                                             Three‐Point Locking Mechanism on Patio Doors 
                                                                             Remodel ∙ New Construction ∙ Replacement 
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   North Board members
President: Doyle Preheim, dcpreheim@aol.com,                 Rancho Viejo Community Associations
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Vice President: Bruce Krasnow, brucek@sfnewmexican.
 com, 424.3932, home; 986.3034, work
Secretary: Susy Moesch, Gurten36@yahoo.com,
Treasurer: Bob Wenzel, bobwenzel@msn.com, 474.5753
Bruno Keller, brunokeller@gwest.net, 473.3860,
 603.4005 cell
Brent Wohlberg, bwohlberg@gmail.com, 471.2522
Evelyn Spiker, evelyn@nmlandandhomes.com, cell 930-
South Board members
President: R Thomas Berner, JournProf@comcast.net,
Vice President: John Holt, John.holt05@comcast.net,
Treasurer: Bruce Thompson, bcthompson@zianet.com,
Secretary: Carol Thompson, carolath@msn.com,
 471.9044, home; 603.0833, cell
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