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					                                                              Alex Li

                                                    Tel: +65 9710 7265

          Graphics Portfolio Website:

Full Name: Alex Li (Ali Rahmat)                    NRIC: 7738148A
Marital Status: Single                             Citizenship: Singaporean
Last Drawn Salary: $2950

Goal and Design Philosophy
I want to lead and be a member of a creative and innovative team to share ideas that will produce outstanding solutions in the area of Graphics,
Print & Web Design. I want to advance the boundaries of graphic, web, print and video technologies.

My design philosophy is that a design, whether simple or sophisticated should deliver the message across to the user audience.
The design should also enhance the company or product Marketing & Branding experience.

Work Experience
  Website Design & FLASH Design & Animation & Marketing

         Designed websites, front pages, company logos, contact form, identities, annual reports, investor pages.
         Designed websites using the best Content Management & eCommerce software including Word Press, Joomla, Oscommerce & more.
         Designed HTML Landing pages to increase the ranking and traffic of websites on internet search engines.
         Structured full web sites & schemas from small company sites to very large corporate websites including MySQL/SQL Server/Oracle
          database driven websites and web portals.
         HTML, Dynamic HTML, Javascript, VBScript, raw level to Dreamweaver, Adobe Golive, etc.
         Use latest web technologies of CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, AJAX, ASP & .NET
         Integrated dynamic multi-media in page design: Macromedia FLASH, LIVE REAL-TIME STREAMING AUDIO & VIDEO Productions.
         Designed Web forum & Social Media websites & content portals like Facebook / MySpace.
         Collaborated with programmers, coders, writers, editors, designers, photographers and other professionals & ensure smooth production.
         Administered traffic and server information (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Internet Information Server IIS,
          SQL Server, MySQL Database Servers).
         Integrating Social Media Widgets like Twitter & Facebook Marketing Pages into websites to attract more traffic for Marketing.

  Print Design & Publishing Design

         Designed projects in Print, including company logos, identities, collateral, newsletters, annual reports, newspaper,
          magazine ads, brochures, flyers, posters, big wall posters.
         Designed marketing materials for Big & Small Retail Shops, Computer Shops, Fashion Shop, Restaurants and many other shops.
         Collaborated efficiently with copywriters, artists, photographers and Marketing team professionals.
         Designed Corporate Identity Branding Manuals (CI) & adhere to company Branding design standards.
         Work with newspapers & magazine to get good rates & advertising spots & do effective marketing using this medium.
         Produced quality typography with high standards on type face selection, kerning, leading and readability.
         Work with printers to produce high quality print & marketing materials.
         Work with CMYK & Process Colors to produce print quality design works.
         Use Adobe Illustrator, In Design & Photoshop to design print & Marketing Collaterals.

*NOTE: I am competent in both Print & Web Designs and able to make the maximum use of both design mediums.

                                                            Alex Li

                                                   Tel: +65 9710 7265

         Graphics Portfolio Website:
  Multimedia / Digital Video / Motion Graphics

        Produced and directed video clips and training videos.
        Collaborated with actors, writers, artists, directors, camera staff and other professionals.
        Conceptualized and drafted storyboards for CD-ROM, kiosks, documentaries and marketing videos.
        Edited and composed digital audio and digital video: Adobe Premiere, Flash Video.
        Prepared multimedia presentations for small and big audiences using PowerPoint, Flash, Acrobat PDF.
        Gained knowledge of audio and video compression for the web and multimedia.

  Specialise in Website User Interface Design, Human Interface Interaction & E-Commerce

        Designed user interface experiences based on target audiences.
        Designed USER INTERFACE DESIGN to make websites look amazingly attractive & user friendly.
        Collaborated with programmers, coders, and other professionals.
        Designed interface models, menu systems and navigational schemas.
        Developed B2B (Business to Business) & B2C (Business to Consumer) user interfaces & effective E-Commerce systems.
        Provided Electronic Payment Gateway Solutions.

  Content Management Systems & Corporate Portals

        Setup content management systems to deliver information across the enterprise.
        Manange teams to setup content management systems on time & within budget
        Familiar with many different content management software systems
        Develop content management processes & documentation to better & productively manage content assets for the business.
        Train people on content management systems.

Marketing & Corporate Branding

        Directed CORPORATE IMAGE BRANDING Productions & Marketing campaigns.
        Monitor & Track the Success of Corporate Branding Exercise & Marketing campaigns.
        Directed MARKETING CAMPAIGN (OFFLINE & ONLINE) to promote company’s corporate image.
        Setup ONLINE POLL & OFFLINE POLL SYSTEMS to gather market research information & customer feedback
         to improve the company’s business.
        Conducted MARKET RESEARCH in consumer behaviour & market trends.

  Art Direction & Production

        Oversaw development of image appropriate to the company & website.
        Created and directed artwork to suit CORPORATE IMAGE BRANDING.
        Directed PHOTO shoots, VIDEO shoots, CD-ROMs and edited video and materials for final selection.
        Directed design staff in producing CONCEPTS for targeted audiences.

  Department Operations Management

        Managed programmers, artists, photographers, video producers & freelancers (hiring, discipline, mentoring, performance reviews.)
        Oversaw ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, PROJECT BUDGETS and bidding, art direction, VENDOR CONTACT,
         Contracts Management and CLIENT SALES CONSULTATION.

                                                              Alex Li

                                                    Tel: +65 9710 7265

         Graphics Portfolio Website:
  Project & Production Management

        Produce Project Schedules & Timelines.
        Produce Project budgets.
        Gather Information & research on tools and resources needed for the projects.
        Manage the efficient use of Project Resources to save time and money.
        Check that projects (Website, Print, Marketing, Video) are delivered on time and within budget.
        Write effective & easy to understand project proposals.
        Handled all phases of production, including electronic preparation of files, proofing, color keys and press matches, and conducting press

  Instruction Training / Education & E-Learning

        Designed and developed syllabi and courseware.
        Designed courseware brochures and marketing collaterals.
        Improved instructional methods and develop training materials.
        Trained students in the areas of: web design, multimedia, animation, digital video, photography, graphic design & content management.

Technical Design Expertise & Skills

Graphic Design & Web Design Software (2D, 3D and vector graphics)

        Adobe PhotoShop - Adobe Fire Works
        Adobe Illustrator - Freehand
        3D Studio Max - Maya - Bryce 3D – Corel Draw
        Dreamweaver - Frontpage

Multimedia, Animation and Digital Video Software

        Adobe Flash
        Adobe Premiere
        Final Cut Pro
        Ulead Video

Desktop Publishing & Book Publishing

        Adobe InDesign - Pagemaker


        Support and troubleshoot of Computers & Pheripherals including Printers, Scanners, Web Cameras.
        Install & troubleshoot various operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux.
        Install & maintenance of various software including Microsoft Office, Star Office & various multimedia applications.
        Install & support of internet video conferencing systems.
        Support and troubleshoot of Wireless Local Area Network & Wi-Fi setups.
        Administered traffic and File server information (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and Macintosh).
        Administered traffic and Web server information (Internet Information Server - IIS).
        Administerd Database Servers (MS SQL & MySQL Server)

                                                            Alex Li

                                                   Tel: +65 9710 7265

          Graphics Portfolio Website:
Apple Mac Skills

        Knowledge of Mac OS.
        Knowledge of iPod & iTunes.
        Know how to use Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto
        Final Cut Pro Video Editing.
        Use Apple Motion to produce Video Special Effects.
        Know how to browse the internet using Safari browser.
        Know how to use Mac versions of Microsoft Office,
        Know how to use Mac versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks.

Employment History
GRAHIC/WEB DESIGNER : Jul 2007 - Current
NCS Pte Ltd (Premier No.1 Media Systems Integrator in Singapore) - Singapore
       Involved in the implementation & design of big government citizen services websites & portals.
       Managing the design & operation of giant Ministry of Defence website NS.SG, which consists of more than 80,000 members
        & having web traffic of 15,000 visitors daily.
       Managing websites worth in the range of $3 to $11 million.
       Designed eNewsletters & eDM Email Marketing blasts to 70,000 website members monthly
       Print Brochures for Corporate Marketing, Posters & T-Shirts, Corporate Image Branding.
       Designed effective web banners with high click through rates, resulting in increased sales conversion.
       Managing the design of the NS Portal Forum, consisting of 70,000 forum members.
       Developed design for online contests & interactive quizzes, supporting major news, entertainment and government web sites.
       Aided management in standardizing Web applications by preparing GUI standards and recommending alternatives for incorporation in
        phased, iterative manner.
       Helped with design walkthroughs with big corporate clients & stakeholders for web portals.
       Help to develop process improvements in the process of designing & developing the portal application.
       Involved in the daily operations of the portal & develop ways to improve the operations & processes & make the team more productive.
       Worked closely with sales, marketing & technical teams & customer care on Portal service program.
       Implemented advanced SEO & Search Engine Optimisation techniques to attract internet traffic to the websites.
       Design software used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign

Highlights: Designed a huge internet portal. And doing SEO to attract more users & customers to the portal. Commemded by high-level
management on a creative and good design job. Last Drawn Salary: $2950

Adval Brand Group (Singapore Tourist & Property Attraction Marketing) - Singapore
        Print Brochures, Posters, Website User Interface Design, CD-ROM, Advertising, Flash, Graphic Design,
         Database Development
        Designed, produced & print all client’s marketing collaterals.
        Managed/Lead the design & implementation of Business Product Websites to enable the client’s company to sell its
         products online & generate new revenue.
        Build & designed all websites on time & within budget.
        Designed Email Marketing Newsletters to blast to members monthly, resulting in increased repeated sales.
        Designed product web banners for websites & blogs.
        Make use of Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla / Wordpress / OS Commerce to design the websites.
        Trained agents & employees on the use of the websites.
        Database enhancements, code reviews and user interface design changes resulted in 100 percent increase in online sales.
        Identified customer issues & develop new service opportunities & revenue generating opportunities.
        Gained extensive knowledge of marketing Tourist products.
        Using Search Engine Optimisation SEO techniques to attract traffic to the websites.
        Worked under the Operations Director.
        Design software used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign

Highlights: Identified new revenue opportunities & designed the website to attract more online customers. Last Drawn Salary: $2800

                                                             Alex Li

                                                   Tel: +65 9710 7265

          Graphics Portfolio Website:
GRAPHIC & WEBSITE DESIGNER (Executive) : Jul 2004 – Aug 2005
Apple Centre Orchard (Authorised Apple Computer Reseller) – Singapore
       Web Design, Web Development, Web User Interface Design, CD-ROM, Print, Advertising, Flash, Graphic Design,
        Database Development
       Designed website from concept to delivery.
       Produced hundreds of price tags every week.
       Decorated the Apple Centre Orchard store with stunning visuals & collaterals.
       Worked closely with marketing, sales & in store teams.
       Implemented website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Internet marketing programs.
       Implemented the E-Commerce system website & operations plan.

Highlights: Help store become more productive in issuing new & updated price tags by integrating layout templates with inventory database.
Efficiently manage staff to decorate the store. Manage flyer distribution to market promotions.
Last Drawn Salary: $2000

Integra Branding & Design Consulting - Singapore
        Managed web development projects to ensure project is delivered on time and within budget.
        Web Design, Web Development,
        Involved in User Interface Design and Research.
        WEB PROJECT MANAGEMENT managing a Team of designers and developers.
Last Drawn Salary: $2500 ($3000 with bonus)

SENIOR WEB DESIGNER : Dec 2002 – Jul 2003
Integra Branding & Design Consulting - Singapore
        Web Design, Web Development, USER INTERFACE DESIGN, Video Menus, Project Management & Planning
        Advising junior designers on design matters and guidelines.
        Coming up with interesting & CREATIVE design concepts
Last Drawn Salary: $2000

GRAPHIC DESIGNER : Mar 2002 - Dec 2002
Integra Branding & Design Consulting - Singapore
        Web Design, Web Development, USER INTERFACE DESIGN, Presentations, Print, Advertising, Flash, Graphic Design, Publications
        Worked in a Studio production environment.
        Working with many a variety of clients.
        Logo designs for corporate branding
        Brochure designs
Last Drawn Salary: $1800

Infini Media Pte Ltd – Singapore
         Web Design, USER INTERFACE DESIGN, CD-ROM, Interactive Kiosks, Flash, Graphics, Web Development, Management, Operations
         Doing Flash and content management based websites.
         Flash marketing campaign websites, Event registration websites
         Editing videos and convert into flash to upload onto websites.
         Conceptualising web videos to use in internet marketing campaigns.
         Taking photographs to use on websites.
         Create training & e-Learning based websites and learning CD-ROMS
Last Drawn Salary: $1800

Creativa Studios Corporation - Perth, Australia

        Web Design, USER INTERFACE DESIGN, CD-ROM, Interactive Kiosks, Flash, Graphics, Web Development, Database Integration,
         Operations, Management
        Working in a studio environment, designing mock-ups and layouts for various different clients.

                                                          Alex Li

                                                        Tel: +65 9710 7265

          Graphics Portfolio Website:


Diploma in Business Information Technology
SEMC TAFE College - Perth, Australia
1995 - 1997

Certificate of Secondary Studies (A Level)
Thornlie Senior High School - Perth, Australia
1990 – 1994

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                                                 For Help Call me at +65 9710 7265

                                              Alex Li

                                     Tel: +65 9710 7265

     Graphics Portfolio Website:

                                        Website Design Work         NS Lifestyle Portal        Mesh Mobile Portal

  MyeCitizen Services     Ministry of Foreign Affairs   Singapore Infocomm

 Overseas Singaporean        Contact Singapore                Safra          Mobihunt Contest Events

F1 Singapore Race Event       YOG 2010 Event              CQ University

 Dominion Electronics         Samrani Property             Talon Group             Optic Vision

     Accountants               Kickstart Events          Luxman Fashion        Dolman Recruitment

                          Alex Li

                       Tel: +65 9710 7265

Graphics Portfolio Website:

          Samples of Print Design & Brochure Design Work

                             Alex Li

                        Tel: +65 9710 7265

Graphics Portfolio Website:

        Sample of Marketing Campaigns Design Work

                    New Products Marketing Campaigns

          Seasonal Marketing Campaigns: Christmas design samples

                           Alex Li

                        Tel: +65 9710 7265

Graphics Portfolio Website:

                 Sample of Logo Design Work

          More Design Works are available on my website at

                 For Help Call me at +65 9710 7265

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