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                                  Anne Schultz
Austin, TX 78704

Intentio n
Seeking part-time, contract, or freelance employment in graphic design, web design, or video

Please see for examples of work.

Graphic Design
   Print and web design: creating graphics, illustrations, logos, and cross-media
    campaigns, for web, print, product packaging, video, and online gaming.
   Photography: taking photos for use in web, print, and video applications; work with
    event and PR-oriented photography. Have worked with studio lighting, light table, and
    product photography. Own a Canon XSI DSLR with an 28-135mm and an 18-55mm
   Experience obtaining and working with stock photography and illustration.
   Use Adobe Suite (CS4 and earlier versions) with strengths in Photoshop, Illustrator,
    Flash with basic Actionscripting, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.
   MS Powerpoint: can design themes and presentations; some experience with Keynote.
   Fine arts: creative work periodically in galleries/ shows.

Web Design & Digital Marketing
  Web Building: Write HTML & CSS (mainly using Dreamweaver), have worked
   extensively with Joomla, installing & skinning Wordpress, building webpages &
   webmastering, Flash elements, web video, etc.
  Digital Marketing: Familiar with social media and its use in marketing (blogs, Facebook,
   Twitter), have set-up and managed pay-per-click digital advertising campaigns, familiar
   with SEO and page rank building strategies, have set-up, designed, and managed several
   enewsletter campaigns.
  Experience: Webmaster and manage/oversee online marketing campaigns for several
   clients, have designed sites, redesigned sites, and skinned add-on elements to match sites.

   Editing: Final Cut Pro Suite, to capture, edit, sound correct, create graphics/ titles and
     optimize finished video for web or DVD. Strong Motion graphics and Final Cut
     experience; good knowledge of Soundtrack and signal chain processing theory.
   Production: lead a 2-woman crew for a webTV/ DVD healthiness show.
         o Gaff/ Grip: lighting design for webTV show, assistant gaff & grip experience on
            short film, dolly grip experience. Have worked with Kino Flos, fresnel ARRIs &
            HMIs, softbox, bounce cards/ diffusion/ flags, knowledge of gels, safety training.
         o Camera: shoot webTV show using Cannon XL-2 miniDV cameras.
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          o Art: set design and props for webTV show.
          o Direction, continuity, etc: design shots, give minor direction, and check
      Talent: have extra-ed in a short film, for webTV show, and have photography modeling

General Computer
   MS Office Suite: use PowerPoint to create company presentations with consistent
    branding; data entry and database maintenance on Access; familiar with Outlook; have
    created extensive spreadsheets and tracked billing data on Excel with a smidgen of VBA;
    use Word everyday for editing text content.
   General Tech: have an understanding of software and hardware that allows me to
    quickly learn new programs, and often gets me playing the tech support role.
   Platforms: comfortable using Mac or PC.
   Audio: some experience recording, mixing and mastering audio in Digidesign Pro Tools.

   Writing / Proofing: proof all content for healthiness site & newsletter, as well as write
    some web content and text for graphics/PR materials; wrote so many essays and study
    write-ups in college, taught English grammar & composition as part of EFL classes.
   Speaking: have given various work-related presentations to groups; worked as an EFL
    teacher; MCd college events; giving business spiel at networking events.
   Foreign language: very basic Spanish, intermediate Japanese, one word in Bulgarian.

Wo rk Hig hlights
Various Freelance Clients
Small businesses located around the USA | March 2009 - Current
Graphic design, illustration, web maintenance, web design, web redesign, videography and
editing, email marketing campaigns, social media outreach, customized Powerpoint presentation
design, are among the services I have been providing for clients.

Design & PR Consultant
Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams, Austin, TX | June 2008 - Current
Graphic design for print and web; product photography; website maintenance, updates, and
design changes; assistance with PR and social media campaigns; assistance with product
production (making cookies), packaging and shipping, product photography.

Creativity Alchemist
Smart Foods Healthy Kids, Austin, TX | January 2007 - Current
One member of a two-woman start-up. Production of videos for web and DVD; audio for web
and CD; product photography (general stock and food); website maintenance, updates, design
changes; creating mass newsletter mailings and handling subscribers; creating graphics for web,
video, & print; marketing & PR focusing on social web networking; handling DVD & CD
replication, sales & consignment; helping put together a cookbook.

Billing Clerk & Technology Operations
                                                                                    Anne Schultz     3
Merz Consulting, Adairsville, GA | October 2005 - November 2006
Admin support and billing for this Department of Family & Children’s Services (GA) contractor.
Gathered billing information from workers providing services to create invoices; resolved billing
issues and overdue accounts with customers; dealt with confidential and sensitive client
information/ case notes as administrative support to field workers & executive staff. Additional
duties included: performing drug screens on clients, creating procedure manuals, troubleshooting
technology problems, managing database and phone system, keeping inter- and intra-net running,
filing, mailing, and other general office duties.

Head of Children’s Classes, Foreign Teacher Division
Aeon East Japan Corp., Tokyo, Japan | January 2003 - January 2004
Started out as general staff, but quickly became a leader in children’s teaching methodology.
Responsible for curriculum and content development, creating teaching materials (games, flash
cards, props), teaching EFL classes in both children’s and adult’s divisions, and training other
teachers in children’s teaching technique. During my time, the school added four additional
children's classes, and gained a reputation with our customers and within the company as a
school that could successfully teach younger children.

Yearbook Photography Editor
Vassar College Yearbook, Poughkeepsie, NY | September 2001 - April 2002
On staff since 2000, worked my way up to Sr. Photography Editor, in charge of photography
staff and responsible for shooting and processing all photos requested by section editors on

Vassar College College Relations Photographer
Vassar College Public Relations Office, Poughkeepsie, NY | Sept. 1999 - April 2001
Was assigned photo shoots of lectures, events, concerts, festivals, student productions as well as
landscape/ architecture projects on and off campus.

Educa tio n
Permaculture Workshops: various
Several weekend intensive workshops and various other lectures and events covering sustainable
living. Most notable are the Sequatchie Valley Institute’s (TN, 2006) Food for Life, and
Rhizome Collective’s (TX, 2008) Radical Urban Sustainability Training workshops.

Educational Information Institute: Saitama City, Japan
Japanese Language Placement Test Level II Course, 2003

Vassar College: Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts 2002: Psychology, Correlate: Japanese language
High course-load in studio arts (school did not offer studio arts correlate).

Kansai Foreign Language University: Osaka, Japan
Japanese Language & Culture Program 2001

Rome High School: Rome, GA
Graduated with AP Honors 1998: National Spanish Honor Society, National German Honor
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Society, National Honor Society, SAT 1500 Club, Top 5 in Class.

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