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									     The Power of               the Medlite             Laser       Can Effectively

   Remove Age Spots, Frecklers, Brown Sports and Birthmarks
Preserve your skin’s natural beauty

Just about everyone has a few obvious brown spots on their skin.Age spots, freckles,and various
     birthmarks are just a few of the commonly known marks generally referred to as pigmented
lesions. Although some pigmented lesions.Although some pigmented lesions can be ignored,many
are quite conspicuous,and can easily detract from your skin’s natural beauty.

What causes these unwanted pigmented lesions?

Melanin is what gives our skin its color. The amount of melanin in your skin determines if you
have a light or dark complexion. Pigmented lesions are dark in color simply because the melanin
is abnormally concentrated in one area of the skin. High concentrations of melanin can be due to
various factors.Some types are present at birth,but most occur with age,or as a result of
overexposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

How does the MedLite laser remove unwanted pigments in the skin?

The MedLite laser is one of the most technologically advanced lasers for removing pigmented
lesions. The laser removes these pigments with the energy of light .The specialized light produced
by the MedLite laser is absorbed by the pigmented lesion.The unwanted pigment is then
destroyed ,thus removing or lightening the lesion.

What types of brown spots or pigmented lesions will the MedLite remove?

The MedLite is most commonly used for removing browm age spots,”liver spots”,freckles and
other brown birthmarks,such as café-au-lait spots and Nevus of Ota.Your physician will identify
your specific type of lesion and discuss the removal success rate associated with your condition.

Does the MedLite remove my normal skin pigmentation also?

No,the laser light of the MedLite was specifically designed to effectively target the dark
concentrations of melanin. After the abnormal amounts of melanin are removed,and treatment
continues on normal skin ,some whitening could occur.However ,your body’s natural regenerative
system would replace the normal melanin over a period of time,returning the skin to its natural

Is the process painful?

The MedLite laser emits light in very short pulses.The impact of the energy from the power pulse
of light is similar to the snap of a thin rubber band .After the treatment,the area will feel similar to
a light sunburn.Typically any discomfort will disappear within a day or so.After the redness
clears,the skin returns to its natural color and texture.

How many treatment sessions will it take to remove the pigmented lesion?

Most common pigmented lesions are removed within one to two treatments.Some deeper lesions
will require more treatments.

Can the excess pigmentation come back?

Common pigmented lesions do not return.Some birthmarks may return after a period of several
months to a year.However ,the procedure can be repeated.

What type of post-treatment care is necessary ?

Usually,an antibacterial ointment and a dress will be applied to the area immediately after
treatment.The treated area should be kept clean with a continued application of any ointment
given to you by your physician.A shower can be taken the next day,although the treated area
should not be scrubbed.

How do I get started?

Your physician will be happy to discuss this procedure with you.Please feel free to make an
appointment for a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

“Since my laser treatment I am no longer self-conscious about the spots on my hand…my skin is
now perfectly clear.”

                                                         -MedLite Patient

        The MedLite Laser-the ideal way to
             manage unwanted hair
A new dimension in hair management…
Shaving,tweezing,waxing and plucking are just some of the archaic tools that have been used to
combat unwanted hair.While temporarily effective,these methods are very time consuming and
can even result in pain,rashes,swelling,cuts and scarring.The MedLite laser for laser-assisted hair
removal is now offering a new dimension in managing unwanted hair.

How does the MedLite laser remove the unwanted hair?
The MedLite laser produces an extremely fast pulse of light that is passed through the skin and
absorbed in the hair bulge,hair shaft and follicle.The laser light is strong enough to damage the
hair bulge and hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin.The damage to the hair is
sufficient enough to delay growth for several months.

Is the procedure safe?
The MedLite laser used at this office for laser-assisted hair removal is one of the safest lasers
available today.While other lasers are available for this procedure,they all run the risk of side
effects because they use the heat from much longer laser pulses to destroy the hair.Because the
MedLite laser produces light in such short pulses,it destroys hair through a photo-mechanical
method (similar to hitting the hair follicle with a hammer )and does not heat the hair or
surrounding skin to the same degree as other lasers.The MedLite can easily and safely be used
with much less of a risk of blistering,burning,scarring or changing the pigmentation of the
skin.This is the only laser available that removes hair with this unique method.

What does the treatment feel like?
One of the main benefits of the treatment with the MedLite laser is that it offers a very
comfortable treatment.This is due largely to the fact that the MedLite does not work by heating the
skin.The sensation can be described more as a”tingling”.Anesthesia is generally not necessary for
treatment with this laser.

How long will the treatment take?
Treatment with this laser is very fast.Large body areas,including the legs and back can generally
be treated in minutes.

What body areas can be treated?
Any skin area can be treated with this laser including the face,underarms,legs,back,chest and
bikini line.

How many treatments will I need?
Every hair on your body goes through three basic stages:growth,rest and hair loss.These phases
repeatedly cycle,and the length of each cycle varies according to the location and your own body
chemistry.The laser is most effective on hair when it is in the growth phase.Due to the fact that at
any given time only about one third of your hair is in the growth phase,you will need to have
several treatments to obtain maximum results.This is a factor for all laser hair removal methods.

Will the hair grow back?
Eventually some of the hair will grow back.Today there is no laser that will permanently remove
100% of unwanted hair.You should think of using the laser as a hair management technique.The
safety,effectiveness,speed and comfort of the MedLite make it the ideal laser for this procedure.

Am I a candidate for this treatment?
The MedLite laser can treat any skin type,even tanned skin,and works best on darker hair
colors.Because the laser light is absorbed by the pigment or color in the hair,it has minimal effect
on white or light blonde hair.
What can I expect after the treatment?
You may notice that some of your hair may have turned white after treatment.This will slough off
naturally 2-3 days later,but you may choose to manually remove it with a razor if you wish.Your
skin may be red for a brief period of time after the treatment.You may experience some minimal
itching for 12 hours.You can immediately return to your normal activities.

How do I get started?
Your physician will be happy to discuss this procedure with you.Please feel free to make an
appointment for a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

“I couldn’t believe it was so easy and so painless.”
                                                                        -MedLite Patient

The MedLite laser for tattoo removal-because
you are allowed to change your mind.
The MedLite laser-the choice for tattoo removal…
Decorative tattoos have a history dating back at least 5000 years.The desire to remove them has
probably existed for just as long.Early attempts to remove tattoos have had less than desirable
results.The use of dermabrasion,saltabrasion and Argon or CO2 lasers have left behind scars in
place of the tattoo.

The advent of Q-Switched lasers has permitted the removal of most tattoo inks with a very low
risk of scarring.The MedLite Q-Switched ND:YAG laser is the laser of choice in this class of laser.
The MedLite can significantly lighten or remove a wide variety of tattoo inks.

How does the MedLite laser remove the tattoo?
The MedLite laser removes tattoo ink with the energy of light.A laser is a device which is
designed to produce one or more specific wavelength of light which passes into the skin,but is
absorbed by the ink.The rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny
particles which can then be removed by the body’s natural filtering systems.The MedLite laser
provides maximum tattoo removal while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

What type of tattoos can be removed?
The MedLite laser can remove professional,amateur(homemade),traumatic and surgical tattoos.

How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo?
On the average,professional tattoos require 6-8 treatments, while amateur tattoos require4-5
treatments, all spaced approximately 6-8 weeks apart.The number of treatments depends on the
amount and type of ink used,and the depth of the ink in the skin.

Does the laser remove colored tattoos?
Dark(blue,black)and red inks will resolve the best.Oranges and purples usually fade as well.Green
and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove,and additional treatments are needed to produce
significant fading.

Will the tattoo completely disappear?
In many cases,yes.Greater than 95% fading of the tattoo may be accomplished.However,it is
important to know that there are many,many types of tattoo inks in use worldwide today,none of
which are regulated by the FDA.Not knowing which tattoo ink was used,or how deeply it was
applied,makes it impossible for the physician to predict the degree of removal on any given tattoo.

Is the process painful?
The MedLite laser emits light in very short pulses.The impact of the energy from the powerful
pulse of light is similar to the snap of a small rubber band on the skin.The majority of patients do
not require anesthesia,depending on the size and location of the tattoo.Anesthesia creams are
available if needed.

What type of post-treatment care is necessary?
An antibacterial ointment and a dressing will be applied to the area immediately after
treatment.Occasionally,there will be pinpoint bleeding associated with the treatment.The treated
area should be kept clean.Follow your physician’s instructions exactly as to what to do during the
days following the procedure.A shower can be taken the next day,although the treated area should
never be scrubbed.If a scab forms it is vital that you do not pick it or scratch it.

How do I get started?
Your physician will be happy to discuss this procedure with you.Please feel free to make an
appointment for a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

“I loved my tattoo when I got it,but I’m at a point in my life now where I no longer care to have
it.The MedLite laser was the solution for me.”

                                                                       -MedLite Patient

MedLite laser skin rejuvenation for beautiful
skin and no one has to know how you got it!
You deserve to look your best…
Laser skin rejuvenation is one of the latest and most exciting cosmetic procedures available.This
treatment is perfect for those looking for a safe,quick procedure to rejuvenate and revitalize the
skin.Laser skin rejuvenation has become the procedure of choice among top celebrities,as well as
the”working”population who cannot afford time away from work to recover from more intense
procedures,or who want a better solution to sun-damaged,aging or acne-scarred skin.

How does laser skin rejuvenation work?
Collagen provides the support network to our skin.As we age,the collagen breaks down causing
lines and wrinkles.The laser works by stimulating collagen production.As the new collagen is
generated,lines and wrinkles are decreased.Additionally,years of sun exposure can cause
discoloration,large pores,and pigmented or red areas on the skin.Patients report,and studies have
confirmed,that this procedure results in a refreshed appearance,smoother skin texture,an even skin
tone,and a decrease in pore size.Those with difficult acne scarring will also notice a marked

Why should I choose this procedure?
Because the action of laser skin rejuvenation is non-ablative(does not remove any skin)there are
many benefits over other traditional laser procedures.The laser treatment is quick and offers no
downtime-you can immediately return to your normal activities.There is minimal discomfort,and a
very low risk of any complications.Patients will experience progressive improvement over several
months for a fresh,natural look.Laser skin rejuvenation is compatible with a whole host of other
cosmetic procedures so that maximum results can be achieved.

Is the procedure safe?
The MedLite laser used for skin rejuvenation is one of the safest lasers on the market today.In the
hands of trained medical professionals,the MedLite laser offers a safe and effective treatment with
very little risk of complications.Patients of all skin types can be safely treated-including tanned

What body areas can be treated?
The laser can be used to rejuvenate many body areas including the face, hands neck and chest.

How many treatments will I need?
Laser skin rejuvenation is a gradual process.Usually patients need 4-6 treatments spaced at 3-5
weeks apart.Many patients choose to return for touch-up treatments after the initial treatment
session ends.
What does the procedure feel like?
Laser skin rejuvenation is not painful.Many describe the feeling as a tingling sensation.Anesthesia
is usually not necessary,but you may request a topical cream depending on your own experience.

What can I expect after the treatment?
This procedure eliminates the recovery associated with other ablative laser skin resurfacing
treatments.Laser skin rejuvenation does not remove any surface skin or cause any visible effect
beyond a mild to moderate redness,which usually fades within an hour after treatment.No specific
care is needed after treatment,although you may be asked to avoid sun and some skin products for
a period of time after the treatment.It’s important to follow your physician’s instructions exactly.

How do I get started?
Your physician will be happy to discuss this procedure with you.Please feel free to make an
appointment for a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

“This is the first treatment that I have had that makes me feel natural.My skin feels tighter and
smoother. ”

              -MedLite Patient

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