HEUNG TO MIDDLE SCHOOL (TSW)
                                     English Enhancement Scheme (EES): Strategy and Implementation Plan

(A) Present State of Play

School Background

Heung To Middle School (TSW) aims to provide students a holistic and whole-person development so as to equip them for the ever-changing society.
To English which is regarded as an international communication tool, the school has been implementing different practices. To further enhance
teaching effectiveness, the school has come up with the following analysis and plan to utilise the language enhancement scheme fund.

School’s Current State in English Language and Needs Analysis ( = Good Practice,        = Practice need to be rectified or improved)

              Aspects                          Description                                               Needs & Objectives

                          Students understand English is important for the future .
                                                                                        To arouse students’ learning motivation by building up
                          Most of them are band 2-3, weak and being low
                                                                                         students’ ability through regular reading.. Higher
                           motivated to learn.
            Motivation                                                                   ability brings more success in learning, which in turn
                          Low motivation leads to little success in English
                                                                                         boosts motivation.
                           learning, which in turn reinforces low motivation. A
                           vicious cycle of poor learning is formed.

                          Students are generally from lower socio-economic
                          families. Some students are under Comprehensive Social
                                                                                        To provide a language rich environment with different
                          Security Assistance scheme.
                                                                                         authentic learning activities, e.g. English Club, School
            Exposure                                                                     Journalist Club (School English newspaper), Drama Club,
                          Their families cannot provide students with good
                                                                                         Debating Club …etc in which students can use the
                          exposure to English to enrich their learning experience.
                                                                                         language to develop different generic skills.
                          Only few families can afford students to join paid
                          Saturday Tutorials and study tours.

                Class Streaming: F 1 – 3 students are streamed into elite             To develop tailor- made curriculum for F1-3
                 and English- elite classes according to their overall                  classes and
                 academic performance and English learning                             To develop integrated skills training for F3
Learners’        performance respectively.                                              students to increase their ability and prepare them
Diversity       Mixed ability: The problem is serious in junior form                   for NSS
                 ordinary classes and also senior form classes as there is             To set up a Self-access          Online Interactive
                 no division of elite or ordinary classes.                              English learning program for senior form classes.

                Students of all forms are required to do regular
                 newspaper cutting assignments;                                   To develop a school-based comprehensive reading
News            Students lack regular exposure to different genres of             program and a corresponding rewarding system to build
Reading          reading materials                                                 reading culture.
                Lack a monitoring and rewarding system to inform
                 students of their reading progress.
                English club members hold different activities for the
                 whole school, e.g. street interview, English speaking day,
                 help issue school English Newspaper- Hercules
                No professional training for the editorial team of school
English Club     English Newspaper
                No training for debating which is an elective course in
                                                                                  To strengthen the language environment
                                                                                  Employ Professional Services to
                   English Movie Show to arouse students’ interest
                                                                          -            To help refine, coordinate and extend the existing
                   English writing competitions, e.g. horror comics
                                                                                   activities – English newspaper by setting up a School
                    creation for Halloween and proposal for improving the
English Week                                                                       Journalist’s Club & Debating Club to enrich the
                    school learning environment
Activities                                                                         language environment
                   English fun fair, English Interview and English
(once per
                    speaking ambassadors to develop the speaking culture
                   English board displays
                   Competitions across classes, forms and School Houses

                Students receive regular training and perform at the end of
               the school year to demonstrate their learning result.
Drama Club

                                                         School helps introduce study tours
                                        English study
                                                         Only few students can afford and benefit   from them.

                                                         Students have been encouraged to join inter- school
                                        Inter- school   activities. They include Writing Competitions by Leo Club,
                                        activities      Scrabble Competitions by Momentum, Joint-School Oral
                                                        Practice by JET… etc.

                                                         Teachers have developed some reading and speaking
                                                          materials for junior forms.
                                                         Lack of time, a holistic plan and experience to solve
Curriculum & Professional Development

                                                          problem of mixed- ability and bridge up junior form
                                                          curriculum with that of NSS core and selective topics.

                                                                                                                        To employ One full- time Qualified Teacher

                                                                                                               to take up teaching work so the teachers- in- charge of the
                                                                                                               proposal can coordinate, supervise and evaluate the
                                                         Teachers actively participate in trainings, e.g. SBA implementation of the EES Activities; and other teachers can
                                        Teacher           Seminars and New Senior Syllabus (NSS) Workshops.    have time to develop school- based curriculum
                                        Training         Teachers are in need of NSS curriculum design and
                                                           teaching skills.                                     To provide trainings for school teachers so they can
                                                                                                                    have room to develop and refine the school-based
                                                                                                                    curriculum and teaching materials; participate in
                                                                                                                    professional development for NSS.

  (B) School’s holistic plan

  With the EES support, we aim to achieve the following objectives:
  A. Students:                  -to enable students to become autonomous learners in the long- run
                              -to improve students’ motivation;
                              -to promote Reading to Learn;
                              -to address the learners’ diversity issue;
                              -to increase students’ exposure to English beyond classroom.

  B.   Teachers:          - teachers- in- charge of the proposal have their lessons take up by one full- time Associate Teachers so they can have
                                time to coordinate, supervise and evaluate the implementation of the EES Activities, other teachers have time to
                                develop school- based curriculum
                                - to be given trainings to acquire different skills for school- based teaching and NSS preparation;
                                - to be given chance to co-teach/ share with service providers to enrich their teaching experience.

  C.   School:            - to be built a language-rich environment

       Item                    Implementation                     Target    Benefici-ari Output        Sustainability      &      Capacity
                                                                  group           es     Targets     & Builder
                                                                                                        Such English Enhance measures
                                                                                                         will be carried out in the same
                                                                                                          way for consecutive six years
1.                 - service providers will be hired to provide students of students of    see (B.1)   - book coupons being given out;
Comprehensive      reading materials with graded tailor-made all levels     all levels                 certificates of merits will be given
Reading Scheme     materials including on-line materials                                               out as awards
                   - students to borrow the materials from the
                   -they get 1 bonus point for every material
                   -they get 5 bonus points when they return
                   any materials report or worksheets to the
                   - they get 10 bonus points for joining any
                   school or inter- school reading activities;
                   - A book coupon $50 and a certificate of
                   merit will be given to students who score
                   50 bonus points
               - library keeps a reading portfolio for
               every student to record their reading
*1a Read to -Service Providers will be hired to F.1 classes                F.1 classes see (B.1)     - students’ interest, ability and
learn- writing conduct ten 1- hour sessions during                         & subject                 motivation be improved in reading
               normal school time.                                         teachers                  and      writing     to    facilitate
               Students are to learn how to appreciate                                               autonomous English learning;
               reading materials in categories of                                                    -readers to be collected and passed
               Language Arts and Non-language arts                                                   to students of next year;
               to do different writings, e.g. book mark                                              - teaching materials to be used and
               design, slogan design, summary, character                                             adapted in the next year
               introduction, story ending rewriting &                                                - teaching experience to be shared
               journal writing.                                                                      and accumulated
               - subject teachers are to co-teach in class,
               design worksheets, coordinate, supervise
               and evaluate the project

*1b. Read to - Service providers will be hired to F.                    2 F.         2   see (B.1)     - students’ interest, ability and
learn- speaking conduct lessons. There will be ten 1- hour classes        classes    &                 motivation be improved in
                sessions during normal school time                        subject                      reading writing and speaking to
                Students are to learn how to appreciate                   teachers                     facilitate autonomous English
                books in categories of Language Arts                                                   learning;
                and Non-language arts to be engaged in                                               -readers to be collected and passed
                different     speaking     activities   e.g.                                         to students of the next year;
                read-aloud, individual/ group presentation,                                          - teaching materials to be used and
                discussion, speech, radio news report,                                               adapted in the next year
                story-telling.                                                                       - teaching experience to be
                - subject teachers are to co-teach in class,                                         accumulated
                design worksheets, coordinate, supervise
                and evaluate the project

*2.      Integrated - Service providers are to provide ten     F3 classes F3 classes see (B.1)       - students’ interest and ability be
skills training     1-hour sessons after school, in which      no.        of & subject               improved in English to facilitate
                    students are to be engaged in integrated   participants teachers                 autonomous English learning;
                    skills through fun-type activities (e.g.   = 80                                  - teaching materials to be used and
                    writing and speaking)                      *grouping:                            adapted in the next year
                    - after-school classes won’t affect        students will                         -students’ better performance in
                    already-packed curriculum; selection of    be streamed                           TSA and public examinations
                    students will be required                  into ability                          - English teachers are to observe
                    -subject teachers are to mark the writing groups                                    and learn from the experience for
                    assignments, coordinate, supervise and                                              the school’s future development.
                    evaluate the project.

*3. Self-access     - an interactive English learning program -classes   of - classes of see (B.1)       -   on-line materials and system
Online              with scoring and monitoring system will F1- 7           F1 – 7                           can be used in the following
Interactive         be launched online                                      -help tackle                     years
English learning    - each student has to access it to reach a              problem of                   -   Students             improved
                      score level as stated out by their form               learner                          performance in 4 skills can
                      teacher;                                              diversity                        lead to their better results in
                    - 3 students with the highest score of each                                              public examinations
                      class can get coupons and certificates of                                          -   Students be fostered self-
                      merits                                                                                 access learning skills for
                                                                                                             autonomous learning

4. Recruitment of    -to take up teaching 25-28 lessons (per Whole-         Whole-          see (B.1)    -   School- based materials can
One full- time       week), so three teachers- in- charge of school         school                           be developed and recycled
Qualified            the proposal can be released from 7-8                  -    English                 - Good foundation for all
Teacher              lessons each to coordinate, supervise and              teachers                         programs can be laid;
                     evaluate the implementation of the                                                  - Teachers      can     use   the
                     EES Activities;                                                                         experience to teach in NSS
                     - other teachers can be released from                                                - Students’ knowledge be useful
                     non-teaching duties so that they have                                                   to NSS syllabus
                     more time to develop school- based
                     curriculum,      co-teach/ share with
                     service providers
*5.1                 - service providers will be hired to -F4-7             -F4-7          see (B.1)     -   School Journalist club set up
School Journalist    provide ten 1-hour training sessions in students        students                    -   Debating club set up
Club                 interviewing, writing and publishing -no. of club      -whole                       -   teaching materials for school
                     after school                               member       school                          journalist club are to be
                     -student editorial team be formed to trained=30                                         revised and retained for the
                     accept professional trainings after school each year                                    following years
                     - 2 school newspapers be issued yearly                                              -   school      magazines        or
                     - school teachers to coordinate, supervise                                              newsletters published in the
                     and evaluate                                                                            following years
                                                                                                         -   students’ skills, confidence be
*5.2                 - service providers will be hired to - F4- 7 -F4-7                    see (B.1)         built    for their further
Debating Club        provide ten 1-hour training sessions in students      students                          learning;
                     debating skills after school            -no.     of -      whole                    -   a      stronger        language
                     - student debating team be formed to           students      school                                       environment be built to
                     accept professional trainings in speaking,     trained=20                                                 facilitate English learning of
                     writing scripts and discussion skills;         each year                                                  the whole school;
                     - attend public competitions to gain real                                                           -     teaching     experience     be
                     experience                                                                                                accumulated and passed on
                     - school teachers to coordinate, supervise
                     and evaluate

6.       Teacher    - teachers to be given trainings related to -All English -All English see (B.1)                     -school-based          tailor-made
training      &     school-based tailor-made materials, NSS teachers         teachers                                   materials will be designed for all
material            and monitor implementation of EES                                                                   forms (starting from F.1 for
development         activities                                                                                          2007-2008/F2 for 2008-2009. F.3
                    -Each year’s focus:                                                                                 2009-2010 and so on);
                     1st year – Short Stories, Poem & Song                                                              - teachers gain experiences in
                     2nd year – Social Issues, Films                                                                    managing an online reading
                     3rd year – Popular Culture, Technology                                                             programme and a huge amount of
                     4th year – Environment & Conservation                                                              material
                     5th year – Education and Career                                                                    - teachers gain experience and
                     6th year – Workplace English                                                                       skills in training journalist club
                                                                                                                        and debating team
                                                                                                                        - teachers can have more time to
                                                                                                                        deal with NSS and facilitate
                                                                                                                        English teaching

   * Programs to be organized by external providers, with school teachers’ coordination,                 supervision        and evaluation
   Y – programs to be implemented
   (Y) – programs may be implemented depending on funding

  (B. 1) Output Targets and Measurements
  It is expected that the activities to be implemented can achieve the objectives as set out in part B.

  The output targets are to be measured in these ways.

   -   Quantitative evaluation by referring to the number of books borrowed, coupons and certificates of merits given, the number of activities and
       trainings arranged and their respective attendance rate, the results (pass rates) from both internal and external assessments (in particular, 5%
       increase in HKCEE Writing, Speaking and Oral each year; 5% increase in UE Writing, Speaking and Oral each year) , difference of ratings on
       the “before- and- after- the -program” questionnaires. It is expected that there is an increase in the number after 6 years.

   -   Qualitative measurement by the report of the service provider and the teachers who supervise and participate in the program, formal/ informal
   Interviews, and evaluation meetings, and students’ works, e.g. complexity of content and sentence structures. It is expected that there will be more
   positive responses after programs are implemented, evaluated and improved.
 * Programs to be organized by external providers, with school teachers’ coordination, supervision and evaluation.

(C) Budget and Cash Flow

                                                                                              Funding by School Year (HK$)                             Total
      English Enhancement Measures
                                                                              2007/08    2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14              (HK$)
                                                                              (Jan 08-   (Sep 08- (Sep 09- (Sep 10- (Sep 11- (Sep 12- (Sep 13-
                                                                              Aug 08)    Aug 09) Aug 10) Aug 11) Aug 12) Aug 13) Dec 14)
Professional development of English teachers:
 (a) Recruitment of One Full-time Qualified teacher                           $136,998   $274,000 $274,000 $274,000 $274,000 $274,000 $136,998 $1,643,996
     (replacing 3 English teachers, 25-29 periods)
 (b) Teacher Training (*three 1.5 hours sessions each year)
 1st year – Short Stories, Poem & Song                                        $10,000
 2nd year – Social Issues, Films                                                                   $20,000
 3rd year – Popular Culture, Technology                                                                      $20,000
 4th year – Environment & Conservation                                                                                 $20,000
 5th year – Education and Career                                                                                                 $20,000
 6th year – Workplace English                                                                                                              $10,000.   $120,000
School-based Programme and Curriculum Development:
 (c) Comprehensive Reading Scheme (*school-based material
design service)
 1st year – Short Stories, Poem & Song                                        $15,000
 2nd year – Social Issues, Films
 3rd year – Popular Culture, Technology                                                                      $30,000
 4th year – Environment & Conservation                                                                                 $30,000
 5th year – Education and Career                                                                                                 $30,000
 6th year – Workplace English                                                                                                              $15,000    $180,000

 (d) Reading to Learn Programme (*$950 per student; 10 sessions)
      F.1-writing;                                                            $17,500    $35,000   $35,000   $35,000   $35,000   $35,000   $17,500    $210,000
      F.2-Speaking                                                            $17,500    $35,000   $35,000   $35,000   $35,000   $35,000   $17,500    $210,000
 (e) Integrated Skills Lessons for Form 3 ($950 per head; 10 hrs)             $15,000    $30,000   $30,000   $30,000   $30,000   $30,000   $15,000    $180,000
 (f) Self-access Online Interactive English Learning (F.1-F.7)                $24,000    $48,000   $48,000   $48,000   $48,000   $48,000   $24,000    $288,000
           (HK$48 per students)
Building up an English-rich language environment:
 (g) School Journalists’ Club ($800-$900 per hour, 10 sessions plus visits)    $7,500    $15,000   $15,000   $15,000   $15,000   $15,000   $7,500     $90,000
 (h) Debating Club ($800-$900 per hour, 10 sessions plus visits                $7,500    $15,000   $15,000   $15,000   $15,000   $15,000   $7,500`    $90,000

                                                      Total (HK$):            $250,998   $502,000 $502,000 $502,000 $502,000 $502,000 $250,998 $3,011,996


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