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CURRICULUM VITAE - University of Nairobi


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									                                                   CURRICULUM VITAE

                                            OKECH SEBASTIAN ONYANGO
                                           Games Tutor, University of Nairobi
                                            E-mail: sookech2003@yahoo.com
                                     Cell Phone: +254 722 705965
                                                 +254 733 741 788


Citizenship                     :         Kenyan
Current Position         :      Games Tutor, Kenya Science Campus,U.O.N.
Work Address             :      University of Nairobi, P.O. Box 30197 Nairobi, 00100
Personal Address         :      Box 28143, Nairobi, 00200
Marital Status           :      Married with 2 Children
Date of Birth        :       16/04/1960

Languages            :       English, Kiswahili, French (elementary), Dholuo


2005                            :         Master of Business Administration,
                                          MBA (Strategy and Human Resource Management),
                                          University of Nairobi.

1984                            :         Bachelor of Education, (Hons)
                                          B.Ed (Physical Education)
                                          Kenyatta University

Currently, I am pursuing higher studies in the following stated areas:

1- A PhD in Business management at the school of business of the University of Nairobi

2- An MSc degree in Recreation and Sports Science at Kenyatta University


       1.   Governance issues and principles in sports
       2.   Psycho-social issues in sports coaching
       3.   Effectiveness of sports federations
       4.   Corporate social responsibility
       5.   Management and marketing of sport facilities
       6.   Sponsorship relationships in sport


My duties include;
         Coordinating student sports activities
         Fiscal planning and control for sports activities
         Teaching and coaching of sports teams
         Supervision of student sports leaders
         Organizing sports tournaments and fixtures
         Supervision of ancillary staff
         Planning for and procurement of sports equipment
         Maintenance planning for the sports facilities
         Marketing and hiring sports services and facilities
         Preparation and revision of strategic plans
         Liaising with National sports federations
         Departmental environmental audit
         Coordinator of staff and student improvement seminars and courses


2001 – To date           :      Games Tutor, U.O.N.

1990-2000                :   Assistant games tutor, U.O.N.

1987 – 1990                     :         Lecturer in Kenya Science Teachers College.
                                          I worked as a lecturer in Physical education and
                                       as a sports manager.
1984-1987           :     Lecturer in Mosoriot Teachers College


I consider the following to be the skills that make me most suitable for the job of Director of sports and games at the
University of Nairobi

My experience as a Trainer

         Mosoriot Teachers Training College (1984 – 1987)
         Kenya Science Teachers’ College (1987 – 1990)
         Outward Bound Mountain School Trainer (1991)
         Teaching/Training National Sports Referees and Umpires.
         Teaching Life Skills to teenagers at church Sunday school
         Conducting management and administration courses for sports managers.

My experience in Planning and Competition Operation Skills

         I have contributed in drawing strategic plans for schools and universities for the purpose of sports development
          and competition planning.
         Extensive financial planning experience as the current National treasurer of Kenya Netball Federation and
          Kenya stocksport Federation
         Fixtures and event planning at university and National levels
         Organizing Volunteers in pools to manage Netball in Kenya
         I have promoted strategic values such as peace building, sponsorship, change management and
          institutionalizing of sports tournaments
         Extensive experience in competition planning regarding venues, resources, security, government links,
          contracts, permits, health, safety, staff committees and finance.
         I have promoted Record keeping and succession planning together with partnership formation as ways of
          initiating and sustaining netball clubs in Kenya

My Organizational and Consultancy Skills
       I am particularly keen on time management, resource monitoring, innovation, teamwork and Key result areas
        which are critical in Sports management
       I believe in prompt and accurate communication both written and oral including networking and applying
        communication skills which influence people at all levels
       I am able to work under pressure while maintaining strategic perspective and meeting set targets within
        specified time frames
       I posses business planning training and skills, analytical skills and change management experience which are
        all useful in a consulting environment
       I am proficient in MS word and PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Internet explorer which do contribute to my skills
        in consultancy.

My Interpersonal Relationships

         My attributes include honesty, confidence, a team player, diligent, self-motivated and a hard worker who is able
          to influence and build relationships
         Able to exercise independent judgment and work with little supervision
         Able to communicate information clearly both orally and in written in English, Swahili and French(basic)
         I am sensitive to diverse cultures having widely traveled and interacted with people from Bosnia, Switzerland,
          Croatia, Germany, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Austria, Egypt and U.S.A.
         I believe in workplace diversity based on culture, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, age or disability challenges as
          a means of promoting synergy.
         I work with over 50 senior netball umpires,over100 school coaches and administrators in netball, hence I am
          able to provide leadership and see things from other people’s point of view
         I do provide support and empowerment to netball volunteer staff through capacity building and strengthened
          volunteer networks


(a)       Refereeing and judging
                  International/East Africa Umpire – Netball
                  National Judge – Athletics, Field Hockey
                  National Stock sport Championship
                  National timekeeper – Athletics, Swimming
                  National referee – Football
                  National Judge – School Gymnastics

(b)   Sports Leadership Roles
              Chairman, Kenya Netball Federation, Nairobi Province
              Treasurer, Kenya Colleges Sports, Kenya Stocksport federation and Kenya Netball Federation
              Secretary, Kenya Universities Sports
              Vice Chairman, Kenya Hockey federation

(c)   Facilitation Experiences
                Trainer in short courses for sports managers on tournament organization
                Training of sports associations on design and construction of sports facilities.
                Sports emergency first Aid and massage practice
                Training National Umpires in Netball, Hockey, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball and Football.

(d)   Other Management Experiences
             Managing University Sports teams and ensuring strategies are developed, targets achieved through
              proper planning and regular appraisal.
             Planning and executing training and development for student sport leaders.
             Participated in designing a long term strategic plan for the University sports department.
             Participated in initiating and implementing sports entrepreneurship projects.
             Sports counseling for students in competitive university sport



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