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NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

    Sustainability director’s view

                                                         “45 per cent of the UK’s CO2 is emitted from the
                                                         built environment - it’s our duty to act now
                                                         before the damage is irreversible.”
                                                         Cal Bailey.
                                                         Sustainability director.

                             NG Bailey is committed to tackling climate change and            number of our offices, retrofitted some of our buildings,
                             helping our customers to do the same. Although                   raised the awareness of our 3,300 people to be more
                             construction is not single handedly responsible for the          energy conscious, and reduced our energy bills as a
                             damage that’s been done to our planet, 45 per cent of            result. With many customers facing Government
                             the UK’s CO2 is emitted as a result of our built                 schemes such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme,
                             environment. It’s our duty to act now before the                 now’s the time to share our knowledge to help them
                             damage is irreversible.                                          achieve the same.

                             As building services professionals, we bring buildings to        The major challenge for our business and industry is the
                             life. We heat them, light them and install the ICT               gap between design and actual energy performance of
                             infrastructure necessary in today’s fast paced working           buildings.
                             environment. We need to provide our customers with
                             long-term energy efficient solutions, reducing carbon            This document gives an insight into our work during the
                             output, enhancing the occupiers’ environment and                 2009/10 financial year for us and our customers. It also
                             lowering running costs. To this end we continue on our           marks the re-launch of our sustainability programme
                             sustainability journey, learning every step of the way, to       with a new goal of reducing our own carbon output by
                             the benefit of the main contractors and clients we work          a further 20 per cent by the end of 2012.
                                                                                              I hope you enjoy reading about our endeavours in this
                             To meet our customers’ expectations we must practice             area and I would welcome any feedback you have via
                             what we preach. Over the last year our own             
                             sustainability programme achieved a carbon reduction
                             across our estate of 6.6 per cent, ahead of our targeted         Cal Bailey
                             five per cent. We’ve carried out energy audits on a              Sustainability Director.

                               “Solais House is no flashy showcase full of futuristic
                               gimmicks but a hard-nosed commercial enterprise. It is
                               heartening to see there are no faddish bolt-ons or
                               green jewellery. Everything is integral to the build,
                               showing how a firm that would normally be
                               introduced late on as a sub-contractor can add
                               enormously to a design if consulted early”.
                               BCO Awards Judge.

                             Cover image: Watermark Place, London, in which NG Bailey made extensive use of off-site manufacture.
NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010                                                     3


                              4    Chris Newton, acting chief executive’s

NG Bailey used its
Yorkshire based HQ
                              6    Sustainability across our business
                                   - the NG Bailey approach
as a test bed for the
carbon reduction
commitment process.
Joanne Pollard, chief
                               8   Delivering a sustainable end product

executive, CO2 Sense
                              10   Sustainability through delivery

                              12   Sustainable behind the scenes

                              14   Investing in the community and people

                              16   Our commitment to health, safety, quality
                                   and the environment

There is always an
honesty to
NG Bailey’s                   17   Industry experts’ view

Paul King, chief executive,
UK Green Building Council.
                              18   GRI and targets
NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

    Acting chief executive’s view

                                                 “Businesses investing in ‘greening’ their building stock
                                                 are likely to raise their balance sheet value.”
                                                 Chris Newton.
                                                 Acting chief executive officer.

                             Stay the course and reap
                             the business benefits
                             Why does sustainability make good business sense? It        Sustainable building also fits with our For Life in
                             means lower running costs with positive bottom line         Buildings strategy. When involved in building design, we
                             impact. Businesses investing in ‘greening’ their building   know that we can add significant value. We aim to
                             stock are likely to raise their balance sheet value. A      influence the energy usage, waste reduction and
                             company’s success relies on reputation so, along with       operational efficiency of a building’s design. During
                             green talk, we need green action. Businesses need to        construction we favour supply chain and workforce
                             demonstrate corporate social responsibility - owning        collaboration, reducing the number of interfaces on site
                             and operating buildings that employees want to work in      and therefore waste. We strive to recommend carbon
                             and customers want to use.                                  and resource efficient construction methods such as off-
Practising what we preach                                                                site manufacturing. We can also benefit the operational
with solar heating at our    UK businesses face Government legislation and schemes       life of the occupied building through our maintenance
management headquarters.     designed to shape a low carbon economy. The CRC             provision. That’s what For Life in Buildings is all about –
                             Energy Efficiency Scheme, for example, aims for the UK’s    improvement at every stage of a building’s life – an
                             largest carbon footprint businesses and public sector       essential approach for a built environment that’s fit for a
                             organisations to pay for their climate change               low carbon future.
                                                                                         Unfortunately, just as the green agenda was gathering
                             That’s why we’ve made sustainability core to NG Bailey.     momentum, the recession hit, which has had inevitable
                             As an installer of services with high impact on the level   impact on UK construction. Many companies are entirely
                             of a building’s CO2 output, it’s also a duty. Along with    focused on reducing capital expenditure, so some
                             green solutions for our customers we ‘walk the talk’        building projects are being completed to the lowest
                             across our own estate. Our own best practice experience     possible standard - only the here and now is being
                             of operating low carbon buildings benefits our              considered. It’s the companies that continue to take a
                             customers, now and in the future.                           longer-term view when constructing or retrofitting their
                                                                                         building stock that will reap the long-term business

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                                         Sustainability in action

Off-Site construction
holds the key to
sustainable building
Off-site construction boasts many elements that mean it         challenge was achieving the appropriate level of buy-in
is a more sustainable way to build. At NG Bailey, over the      from everyone involved in the project on the
last year our off-site factory has taken energy efficiency      appropriate building services approach, due to the high
steps and as a result has lowered its own operational           complexity of services required by a hospital.
carbon footprint by 39 per cent. In addition to this the
technique provides an opportunity to reduce waste,              The Practice
reduce the packaging of products and the                        Following a recommendation from NG Bailey it was
transportation to site, meaning 40 per cent fewer miles         agreed that a large percentage of the project would be
compared to a traditional build. It is also safer, as it is a   completed through the use of off-site construction,
less labour intensive way to build. This case study             putting it at the centre of one of the UK’s biggest and     Off-site techniques were fully
demonstrates why off-site construction holds the key to         most exciting modular M&E installations.                    integrated at the outset of
sustainable building.                                                                                                       the project.
                                                                Following in-depth consultation at the design phase
The Theory                                                      with all parties, detailed data sheets were compiled for
St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is          each room covering lighting levels, air conditioning and
a busy Trust providing a full range of patient and              specialist extraction systems. An early design freeze was
emergency services to the local communities across the          put in place and NG Bailey used its 53,500sq ft factory
North West.                                                     to manufacture and store each part.

In 2006, the Trust, one of the top performing NHS Trusts        This careful planning allowed 90 per cent of the high
in the country, awarded a £350 million PFI scheme to            level engineering services to be prefabricated, with 65
NewHospitals (Innisfree/Taylor Woodrow - VINCI                  per cent of the installation completed on the first site
Construction UK) to rebuild St Helens and Whiston               visit. Each of the electrical and mechanical elements
hospitals as flagship, state-of-the-art, healthcare             brought their own challenges, including the sheer size
facilities.                                                     of the prefabricated ventilation plants that needed to
                                                                be transported to site.
The four-year Whiston redevelopment required a fresh
approach to partnership, collaboration and on-site              The project won the Off-Site Construction Award for the
sequence allowing the project team to stretch the               best project in the healthcare sector and during the
boundaries of off-site construction. Cue – NG Bailey.           build not a single clinic or operation was cancelled –
                                                                which is no mean feat. Most importantly, and unlike
Located just a few metres away from the existing ‘live’         many construction projects of this scale, the hospital
hospital, the challenge for NG Bailey was to deliver its        opened in April 2010, six months ahead of schedule
largest ever project, with little on-site storage, working      and within budget.
on the same site as the busy hospital. An additional

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

        The NG Bailey approach

                                                                                              Our buildings
Sustainability                                                                                 We aim to reduce the carbon
                                                                                               emissions, waste and water
                                                                                               generated in our offices. We invest

across our                                                                                     in energy efficiency and
                                                                                               renewable energy (see page 12)

business                                                Transport
                                                        We encourage staff to reduce CO2
                                                        emissions on business travel and
                                                        commuting to work through
Our approach to sustainability covers three
                                                        initiatives like video conferencing
primary areas, encompassing everything we do            and cycle to work schemes
both internally and for our customers.                  (page 13).

Our organisation
Firstly, we are conscious of our impact across our
own estate and business processes. How we                                                                  Sustainable construction
operate as a business and any effect we have on                                                             Excellence in planning and project
                                                                                                            management help to minimise the
the environment is important.                                                                               CO2 emissions and waste generated
                                                                                                            during the construction,
                                                                                                            maintenance or retrofit of our work
                                                                                                            (pages 10 & 11).

Our services

Secondly, our construction sites impact on the
environment through travel, electricity use and
material wastage. We are beginning to reduce our
impacts using off-site manufacture, logistics centres
and energy efficient site cabins.                                                                                                                    Energy
                                                                                                                                                     of our site
                                                                                                                                                     power mo
Our customers                                                                                                                                        practice m
                                                                                                                                                     savings (pa

Thirdly, we try to ensure that once the building is
occupied by our customers, it is run with optimum         Suppliers and                                                  Materials re-usage
environmental efficiency. Our capabilities mean we        deliveries                                                     We maximise use of materials.
                                                          We work with suppliers to reduce                               Waste or surplus materials are
can bring sustainable business benefits to our                                                                           returned to consolidation centres,
                                                          site delivery CO2 emissions. Using
clients enabling them to increase their asset value       consolidation centres reduces                                  maximising reuse and recycling
and occupier well being.                                  logistics by up to 40 per cent                                 rates (page 10).
                                                          (page 10).

              NG Bailey
              Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                                              Off-Site manufacture
                                                                                                              Prefabrication of materials off-site
                                                                                                              enables us to reduce travel and
                                                                                                              waste, make best use of our skilled
                                                                                                              site labour and enhance safety
                                                                                                              and efficiency (pages 5 & 11).

                                                                                                                              Renewable energy
                                                                                                                              NG Bailey is registered to the
                                                                                                                              NICEIC microgeneration scheme for
                                                                                                                              installers. We deliver a range of
                                                                                                                              renewable solutions including
                                                                                                                              biomass fuel supply (pages 8 & 13).

                                    Safety is a paramount concern. We
                                    work tirelessly to reduce any risk
                                    of injury (page 16).

                                                                                         For life in buildings
                                                                                         Our design, install and on-going
                                                                                         maintenance capabilities can help
                                                                                         our customers achieve very low
                                                                                         carbon buildings (pages 8 & 9).

                                                                                                                     Efficient maintenance
ergy efficient cabins                                                                                                Planned preventative
                                                                                                                     maintenance can help reduce the
 mising the energy efficiency                                                                                        CO2 emissions of our customers’
ur site cabins using insulation,                                                                                     buildings (page 8).
er monitoring and good
tice makes significant CO2
 gs (page 10).

                                                                         Specialist businesses
                                                                         Our diverse range of solutions
,                                                                        help to create sustainable
                                                                         environments for the end user. For
                                                                         example our rail services deliver
                                                                         long-term passenger benefits.

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

    Sustainability through design

Delivering a
sustainable end
                                                             Watermark Place, London.

                             New buildings                                               physics engineers, who are able to provide airflow,
                             Despite economic recession and changes to the political     daylight and thermal analysis, as well as improving
                             landscape, NG Bailey recognises that the UK is still on a   commissioning and post-occupancy evaluation.
                             trajectory towards environmental change. Though it
                             may have been possible for some to sit back and turn        The company has invested in training a significant
                             down the volume on sustainability, the agenda has           number of its employees as low carbon consultants and
                             continued to grow in pace and scope.                        BREEAM assessors, furthering its sustainable building
                             The built environment is pivotal to reducing global
                             carbon emissions and that’s why significant pieces of       Existing buildings
                             legislation have been brought in that will change the       The introduction of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
                             way companies like NG Bailey and our customers and          will greatly influence how existing building stock is
                             clients build, operate and maintain property both now       refurbished. Now all major organisations, be they public
                             and in the future.                                          or private sector, will have to measure precisely the
                                                                                         carbon emissions from their built environments and will
                             The way we build new properties, will be affected by        be incentivised to increase their energy efficiency under
                             measures such as the major revisions to Part F and Part L   the carbon trading scheme.
                             of the Building Regulations. This is part of a continued
                             commitment to achieving zero carbon homes and non-          NG Bailey has already started sharing its expertise with
                             domestic buildings before the end of this decade. A new     clients and the industry at large, to help them prepare
                             target emissions rate will represent a 25 per cent          for greater monitoring and measurement of energy
                             improvement over the previous regulations and this will     consumption. The business is demonstrating how
                             be underpinned by key changes to building systems           improvements can be delivered through the
                             such as ventilation, aimed at conserving vital resources.   deployment of more efficient systems for heating and
                                                                                         cooling. NG Bailey has registered with the NICEIC’s
                             This applies to the design, installation and ongoing        Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) –
                             maintenance of the vital services that determine how a      enhancing the company’s knowledge and expertise in
                             building functions and consumes water and energy.           installing renewable energy generating technology. Its
                             That is why NG Bailey has continued to engage its           intelligent building management systems will ensure
                             clients in the use of new technologies such as low          that clients are better placed to control their
                             energy lighting, photovoltaic glass and solar thermal       environments and analyse consumption data.
                                                                                         Many clients’ commitment to the sustainability agenda
                             Equally important will be reducing the gap between          is strong and NG Bailey, through all these measures, is
                             how a building performs in practice against its designed    helping them align green thinking with common sense
                             energy performance. NG Bailey has undertaken a              cost reduction.
                             number of significant design projects and places an
                             increased reliance on its in-house team of building
NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                               Sustainability in action

When work began on Grace Academy in North East
Coventry the aspiration was to create a first-class
learning facility at the heart of the community.
Working in conjunction with main contractor BAM
Construction, NG Bailey set out to deliver a building that     Healthcare Campus     Looking at the future requirements of specific sectors
would operate at optimum levels for the students,              Initiative at BRE’s   has given NG Bailey a unique perspective on building
parents and community members who would spend                  Innovation Park.
time there.
                                                                                     The business recently partnered with Willmott Dixon on
Key to this approach was thermal and computational                                   its community Healthcare Campus Initiative at the
fluid dynamic modelling, performed in-house by                                       Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) Innovation Park
NG Bailey’s building physics engineers on the proposed                               in Watford.
variable refrigerant flow heating and cooling system.
Simulation techniques allowed the team to provide                                    The campus heralds a new age of healthcare where
comfortable and highly efficient air conditioned                                     individuals will be enabled to manage their health
teaching environments, within the tight cost constraints                             conditions independently at home and in the
of the project.                                                                      community through primary healthcare networks.

Focusing on how the building would perform also                                      Willmott Dixon and NG Bailey’s aim was to demonstrate
enabled NG Bailey to integrate management systems                                    how best to achieve zero carbon in line with the NHS
when the installation of mechanical and electrical                                   2018 target for low energy, sustainable buildings.
building services and cabling was taking place. Despite
limited renewable technologies, Grace Academy                                        Modern facilities are often highly serviced and the brief
achieved a ‘B’ rated Energy Performance Certificate, as                              to NG Bailey was to create a carbon neutral building
high as can be achieved for a building of this type.                                 without scrimping on equipment, comfort, lighting and
                                                                                     power. The company achieved this by installing and
                                                                                     combining specifically low or zero carbon technologies
                                                                                     and passively ventilating consulting rooms.

                                                                                     The campus has also been fully ICT enabled through a
                                                                                     combination of a structured cabling network, wireless
                                                                                     access points and a secure fibre optic link to a BT main
                                                                                     frame. NG Bailey’s specialist ICT arm, Bailey Teswaine,
                                                                                     ensured availability, access and security of networks,
                                                                                     interfaces and the safeguarding of personal data.

                                                                                     NG Bailey hopes that work such as this will assist in
                                                                                     providing for the health and well-being of an ageing
                                                             Grace Academy in        population, as close to their homes as possible in the
                                                             North East Coventry.    future.

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

   Sustainability through delivery

                                                                                             NG Bailey is undertaking a
                                                                                             major project aimed at
                                                                                             upgrading its standard cabins
                                                                                             with eco specifications.
                                                                                             An NG Bailey energy efficient
                                                                                             cabin ready for site.

Together we are better
It is widely recognised that the construction and             Contributing to change
operation of buildings not only consumes the most             As part of NG Bailey’s commitment to continuous
energy and emits the most CO2 of all sectors in the UK,       improvement, the company has been working in
it also creates the most waste, uses the most resources       conjunction with the Building Research Establishment
and is responsible for the most pollution.                    on the Construction Lean Improvement Programme
Practical actions to cut carbon                                                                                              NG Bailey’s internal
With many building projects requiring a team and heavy        CLIP is a route to improved business performance and           engagement campaign, Target
duty equipment on site for a number of years in some          the company believes that by taking this approach it is        2012, represents its
instances, it is important that NG Bailey thinks about a      making a significant contribution to positive change           commitment to sustainability.
sustainable approach to plant and equipment.                  within the construction industry. CLIP can also help to
                                                              reduce CO2 emissions through collaborative planning,
When it comes to housing its operatives on site the           making projects more efficient in every way.
company is currently undertaking a major project aimed
at upgrading its standard cabins to higher energy             The CLIP philosophy recognises that it is the operatives
efficiency specifications.                                    doing the work on site who are the real experts;
                                                              therefore they should be stakeholders within the
On test, the cabin is up to 40 per cent more energy           planning process.
efficient. It has higher insulation values and features
intelligent lighting and heating controls which react to      CLIP has engendered a desire within the business to do
occupancy and daylight levels. NG Bailey has already          things differently and NG Bailey is already in the process
started to upgrade its existing fleet and now uses door       of sharing its case studies with partners across the
closers as standard, applies draught excluders, changes       supply chain through an ongoing programme of
the type of heaters that are specified and has begun to       presentations and workshops.
fit metering facilities so it can monitor what power is
being used.                                                   Striving for standards
                                                              Since gaining registration to ISO14001 status in 2006 the
Another way the company is reducing its environmental         business has been committed to keeping standards
impact is through the introduction of materials               high both today and for tomorrow.
consolidation centres. NG Bailey has set up three
warehouses across the country, in which to capture any        Registration not only demonstrates our commitment to
surplus waste from its sites. A team then identifies if any   pollution prevention, waste management,
of the materials can be re-used. Remaining waste is then      environmental protection and energy conservation, but
recycled to avoid sending waste to landfill.                  gives NG Bailey a framework which embeds                       In 2010 we achieved an
                                                              sustainability within every aspect of its operation.           8 per cent reduction in
                                                                                                                             transport CO2 emissions.

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                             Sustainability in action

                                                                                       Innovation in water conservation
                                                                                       Both globally and on a national scale, water is in
                                                                                       short supply and has become a valuable

                                                                                       In the construction industry there is a tremendous
                                                                                       amount of waste, particularly in the essential
                                                                                       flushing and cleaning of pipe work installations in
                                                                                       accordance with BSRIA and CIBSE guidelines.

                                                                                       The purpose of these activities is to remove system
                                                                                       contaminates such as mill scale, building debris and
                                                                                       bacterial organisms.

                                                                                       Through NG Bailey’s post-graduate team a product
                                                                                       is being developed that fills a system once and
                                                                                       then, using a pump and a filtration system, recycles
                                                                                       the water for subsequent stages of the cleaning

                                                                                       The business plans to develop a prototype, working
                                                                                       with its suppliers, which can be taken to
                                                                                       commissioning companies and industry governing
                                                                                       bodies, to ensure the new system is meeting
NG Bailey’s extensive off-site
                                                                                       stringent standards.
manufacturing facility.

                                                                                       Water usage is a critical issue and NG Bailey hopes
Off-site assembly                                                                      that its research will help to reduce the use of this
NG Bailey continues to innovate in the off-site sector,                                valuable commodity.
developing new building services products for a variety
of clients. The benefits of off-site construction are vast.
The method is carried out in a controlled environment
resulting in the reduction of CO2 emissions;
transportation to site; packaging; waste and less labour
on site – meaning a safer working environment for

The company is committed to an ongoing industry
dialogue, sharing what has been learnt during its
projects and promoting the potential benefits of cost,
quality, safety and environmental impact.

As founder members of buildoffsite NG Bailey continues
to lead the debate and is bringing new solutions to the       Avoiding water wastage
table that will yield lower costs, fewer accidents, less      is core to NG Bailey’s
travel, faster delivery and higher quailty.                   sustainable approach.

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

   Sustainable behind the scenes

Bedding-in covers critical ground
Being in the position of owner and occupier of Solais House
has shown NG Bailey that teething problems are inevitable.

In August 2008 NG Bailey set out to prove that a              Now in 2010, NG Bailey has learnt that the bedding-in
speculative office design could be modified to operate        period can also deliver crucial insight in terms of the
in both a commercially viable and sustainable way.            disparity between expectations and the reality of how a
Solais House, the company’s Central Scotland                  property and occupants will respond to its environment
headquarters, proved that putting building services and       and location.
ICT at the front end of the design process could deliver
an Energy Performance Certificate Grade ‘A’ and BREEAM        Solais House has been faced with a number of
‘Excellent’ rating.                                           challenges since occupation, with 260 items identified
                                                              as needing attention over the last 18 months. 80 per
                                                              cent of these have been resolved and continuing to
“Teething problems are                                        work through the outstanding snags and incomplete
                                                                                                                        NG Bailey developed the
inevitable. It is how we resolve                              works is an extremely important process of self-
                                                                                                                        technology to enable
                                                                                                                        phones to control internal
them and learn from the                                                                                                 windows.
                                                              NG Bailey has had to develop new ways of working, for
process that is really                                        instance introducing a wireless protocol to switch
important”.                                                   machinery off at night. Its ICT team developed the
                                                              technology further to enable phones to open and shut
                                                              internal windows, a solution the company went on to
As the new office opened its doors to employees the           use at the Union Square shopping complex project in
company had learnt valuable lessons that it could apply       Aberdeen.
to future projects. The business put itself in the position
of both contractor and client giving it a clearer             On average a new building can take up to three years to
understanding of what owners and occupiers need from          reach its optimum performance. Being in the unique
sustainable buildings.                                        position of owner and occupier of Solais House has
                                                              shown NG Bailey that teething problems are inevitable.
                                                              It is how a company resolves them and learns from the
                                                              process that is really important.
NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                               Sustainable behind the scenes

Taking steps
to a big
2010 saw new steps taken towards dealing with climate       The company took the decision to invest in processing       NG Bailey reduction in
change as a government scheme to cut carbon                 equipment which is currently chipping up to 5,000           CO2 emissions
emissions came into effect. The Carbon Reduction            tonnes of wood a year. There are now 14 clients in place
                                                                                                                         Emissions 08/09 9,582
Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) requires          based across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Lancashire. The
                                                                                                                         Emissions 09/10 8,843
large firms and public sector bodies to buy allowances      largest is Bradford University which uses the woodchip
to cover their energy use.                                  to fuel its main campus boilers.                             Percentage        7.71%
                                                                                                                         annual reduction*

NG Bailey has concluded a trial of the CRC in action, at    One of the company’s largest environmental impacts is
                                                                                                                        * Total corporate emissions
its headquarters, Denton Hall, West Yorkshire. The          its business mileage, so NG Bailey has spent time           based on comparable scope.
company engaged with CO2 Sense Yorkshire in a 12-           encouraging employees to adopt video and audio              See page 18 for further
month carbon trading trial scheme. Denton Hall has also     conferencing systems. There is now the opportunity to       details.
been recognised for its energy efficiency in the Green      link remotely from different locations and share files or
Guide for Historic Buildings, a publication produced by     presentations. The BT Meetme audio and video
the Prince’s Regeneration Trust.                            conferencing systems have been rolled out across the
                                                            business avoiding travelling long distances for internal
At NG Bailey introducing carbon reduction measures has      meetings.
made sound environmental and business sense. The
business has found that thinking green results in a         Further to this the business offers a cycle-to-work
leaner, more efficient and productive company.              scheme to all employees, which has more than doubled
                                                            its membership since 2009.
NG Bailey’s in-house energy management team has                                                                           6.6% CO2 reduction in our
continued to be active, designing new ways of reducing      NG Bailey is taking steps and making good progress            offices through our (E-5)
energy consumption. Part of this commitment has been        towards reducing its carbon footprint.                        campaign.

the installation of a biomass boiler at Denton Hall. Fed
by Forest Stewardship Council certified woodchip the
biomass boiler provides heat and hot water for Denton

Not only is the biomass boiler saving money and
helping the environment, it also provides the business
with a working case study for clients to understand the
associated benefits and specify the solution for their                                                                  Biomass boiler provides
projects.                                                                                                               heat and hot water for
                                                                                                                        Denton Hall.

The current high cost of oil and anticipated future
increases in fuel prices has led NG Bailey to think about
greater self-sufficiency and the easy access to wood
from its estate has given rise to a new business venture.

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

      Investing in the community

                                                                “Leading the Way encourages employees to feel
                                                                motivated and engaged with the business and
                                                                our values”.
                                                                Sally McGuire.
                                                                Head of NG Bailey’s leadership academy.

Staff attending a course
at the Bailey Leadership

                               Passion for the future
                               At NG Bailey it is recognised that the company’s                standards. NG Bailey also sits at the heart of an ongoing
                               strategic objectives will only be delivered through the         debate into the skills needed by the industry for
                               development of the capabilities, behaviours and skills of       tomorrow. The company is looking at which skills will
                               its own people.                                                 need to be taught across the breadth of building
                                                                                               services. This means driving a green agenda which
                               Sally McGuire and the leadership, learning and                  incorporates innovations in technology, future
                               development team are tasked with forging a strong and           qualifications and predicted changes to job roles.
                               ongoing engagement with NG Bailey employees and
                               the wider learning and skills community, through the
                               company’s Leadership and Engineering Academies.                 Charitable giving
                                                                                               NG Bailey is committed to making sure that every
                               The principal aims of the team are to understand and            pound, or staff hour, that it donates makes a real
Energy efficient lithium       fully utilise the skills that NG Bailey has in place today as   difference, both to the good causes supported and the
ion battery drills in use at
                               well as planning ahead for the requirements of the              business. That is why the company brings together and
the NG Bailey Engineering
Academy.                       future. During the 2009/10 financial year 963 NG Bailey         manages its charitable donations under the guidance of
                               employees attended at least one training course.                its Charitable Giving Committee. This is an independent
                                                                                               panel, made up of Bailey family members and NG Bailey
                               Leading the Way encourages employees to feel                    employees, that has the power, in line with the
                               motivated and engaged with the business and our                 company’s Charitable Policy, to offer funding to a wide
                               values. With modules based around NG Bailey’s core              range of worthy causes. This year donations amounted
                               business priorities such as customer service,                   to £43K.
                               collaborative working and sustainability, the programme
                               is aimed at all employees and facilitated by managers.          NG Bailey’s Charitable Policy supports the company’s
                               The philosophy is that by working together, NG Bailey’s         values of passion, integrity and excellence. It
                               vision can be delivered in real terms, daily, across every      encourages charitable activities amongst employees
                               project. Dedicated Leading the Way sessions specifically        and offers funding in four key areas:
                               focused on sustainability, raising awareness across the
                               whole business.                                                 • To employees in support of their chosen charity
                                                                                               • To educational initiatives that inspire young people
                               In terms of succession planning, key NG Bailey                    to work in the construction industry
                               personnel, such as Alison Ashworth-Brown, head of the           • To initiatives in support of the company’s
                               Bailey Engineering Academy, take part in industry                 sustainability commitment
                               forums and think tanks. Playing an integral role in             • To charities supported by business partners of
                               organisations such as Summit Skills Electrical Strategic          NG Bailey.
                               Advisory Group, means that NG Bailey can help shape

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                                    Investing in our people

                                                                                           Imperative Health initiative
                                                                                           Following a successful pilot scheme, conducted by NG

Investing in people                                                                        Bailey post graduate students, the company now offers
                                                                                           all employees the opportunity to tap into a long term,
                                                                                           weight loss and behaviour change coaching system,
                                                                                           known as Imperative Health.

                                                                 Young people on an        The Imperative Health system proved so successful in
                                                                 Engineering Development   trials last year that it was adopted by the business and
                                                                 Trust scheme.             officially launched recently. The automated and highly
                                                                                           personalised system, forms part of a commitment to
                                                                                           strike a positive work-life balance and enable
                                                                                           employees to take an active role in boosting their own
                                                                                           health and wellbeing.

                                                                                           The system uses an innovative technology platform to
                                                                                           automatically accumulate, measure and track personal
                                                                                           data, via biometric devices. Employees taking part wear
                                                                                           a wireless wristband that continuously measures
                                                                                           physical activity and gathers weight recordings. All data
                                                                                           is automatically reported back to an online resource
Community engagement                                                                       where coaching and advice is given to underpin
At NG Bailey CSR is not just a ‘tick box’ exercise; it’s about                             positive changes to lifestyle.
a feeling of real involvement and the achievement of a
total connection with the community.                                                       Following the test scheme, the participants lost a
                                                                                           significant amount of weight and moved down a body
This year the company is continuing to support the                                         mass index classification. It is hoped that employees
Engineering Development Trust (EDT), a national charity                                    signing up to take part in the Imperative Health
that runs schemes to inspire and motivate young                                                                      initiative will lessen their
people to choose a career in science, technology,                                                                       chances of developing
engineering and mathematics.                                                                                              illnesses such as stress,
                                                                                                                              depression and even the
Over the past year the business has played a key role in                                                                               common cold.
the EDT’s Engineering Education Scheme which links a
team of year 12 students and their teacher with local
companies to work on real scientific, engineering and
technological problems.

In 2010 NG Bailey will continue to support the EDT,
through its new Go4SET initiative. This time the
company will work with teams of year eight and nine
students, providing a live engineering project which it is
hoped will empower young people to make informed
decisions about exciting future career opportunities in
science, engineering and technology.                                                                                         The innovative Imperative
                                                                                                                             Health wireless wristband.

        NG Bailey
        Sustainability Report 2010

                       Investing in safety

        “Maintaining improvements in health and safety
        is part of a mindset that cascades down from
        director level at NG Bailey”.
        Stuart Mortimer.
        Director of safety, health, environment and quality.

        Maintaining the
        safety curve                                                         Best practice is engrained
                                                                             into our business from
                                                                             director level down.

                                         A highly focused and innovative health and safety                Produced by the NG Bailey SHEQ team, a site induction
                                         campaign at NG Bailey has helped to reduce overall               DVD further enhanced safety awareness across the
                                         RIDDOR accidents by an impressive 28 per cent,                   Group.
                                         compared to last year, a continuation of the downward
                                         trend experienced across the business over the last six          A sub-contractor engagement programme has also
                                         years.                                                           allowed NG Bailey to share its health and safety strategy
                                                                                                          with key personnel from across the supply chain.
                                         Moreover, the SHEQ team, led by director Stuart                  Workshops and bespoke 1-2-1 sessions, aimed at
Safety awareness is rigorously           Mortimer - responsible for safety, health, environment           encouraging buy in from key suppliers, have helped to
upheld across our entire                 and quality matters - has contributed to a 56 per cent           maintain standards, encourage consistency and drive
business.                                reduction in reportable accidents for our sub-                   innovation.
                                                                                                          It is widely recognised that poor health can often lead to
                                         Central to this success has been a five-pronged strategy,        more days lost for a business than accidents. A unique
                                         covering leading by example, advanced training,                  approach to occupational health has allowed NG Bailey
                                         behavioural safety, in-house occupational health delivery        to focus its provision in this area through the training of
                                         and a sub-contractor engagement programme.                       in-house specialists. Toolbox talks and self surveillance
                                                                                                          questionnaires are helping to filter out issues such as
                                         To date 560 managers and supervisors have been taken             noise induced hearing loss, muscular and skeletal
                                         through a five-day Institute of Occupational Safety and          problems, dermatitis and hand-arm vibration symptoms.
                                         Health training course, into which NG Bailey has built its       Pinpointing operatives with health issues rather than
                                         own safety management systems.                                   taking a mass approach to screening has allowed
                                                                                                          NG Bailey to focus its efforts and investment on the right
                                         In addition to this a Safety First and Foremost campaign         areas of its workforce.
                                         has been successfully delivered. This initiative represents
                                         a cause-and-effect process, designed to ensure that              Maintaining improvements in health and safety is part of
                                         behavioural golden rules are followed at all times. The          a mindset that cascades down from director level at
                                         scheme shares best practice through a behavioural                NG Bailey. Whilst the programme continues to reward
                                         matrix and encourages immediate intervention from                the company with exemplary results, hard work in this
                                         supervisors. The programme also reinforces good                  area remains a priority, to ensure that best practice is
                                         behaviours and focuses on rehabilitation and planned             engrained into every area of the business.
                                         improvement for on site operatives.

NG Bailey
Sustainability Report 2010

                                                                                                           What others think

Industry experts’ view

                                Joanne Pollard.                                               Paul King.
                                Chief executive,                                              Chief executive,
                                CO2 Sense                                                     UK Green
                                Yorkshire.                                                    Building

“As an organisation, CO2 Sense has been helping             “It has been another tough year for the construction and
businesses and organisations in the Yorkshire and           property sector. But while some in the industry may
Humber region to prosper and grow in the new low            have been tempted to question whether sustainability
carbon economy.                                             should remain a priority, others have recognised that the
                                                            challenge remains as great, if not greater, than ever.
“We believe there is currently a poor understanding,
amongst some businesses, of the UK’s mandatory              “NG Bailey clearly falls into this latter category and
climate change and energy saving scheme and how it          understands that those companies taking a long-term
will affect their operations.                               view when constructing or retrofitting buildings will
                                                            reap the benefits. They understand that the challenge is
“We have been working with partner organisations such       how to demonstrate the business case for sustainability.
as NG Bailey to pilot how emissions management and
trading strategies could work within their businesses.      “As building services professionals, NG Bailey is ideally
NG Bailey used its Yorkshire based HQ as a test bed for     placed to drive this agenda forward and to have a real
the carbon reduction commitment process. The lessons        influence on the sustainability of our built environment.
learnt and substantial data gathered will be used to help   It recognises the role it has to play through its own
benchmark and support other businesses in the region,       organisation, its services and the impact on its
as they prepare themselves for the impact of the            customers. This is an impressive, all-encompassing
scheme.                                                     approach.

“The Yorkshire and Humber region is already leading the     “There is always an honesty to NG Bailey’s sustainability
way as the UK’s first low carbon economic area for          reporting. This is a journey we’re all on together and it is
carbon capture and storage. We have been grateful that      as important to learn lessons as well as celebrate
a handful of forward thinking organisations, such as        successes. I think this, together with the comprehensive
NG Bailey, have been able to work with us. Our vision is    use of GRI reporting, shows real commitment and I look
that these businesses will act as mentors and scheme        forward to continuing to work with NG Bailey on that
ambassadors for the wider business community, as they       journey.”
learn how to trade, plan ahead and make the most of
the new legislation in the future.”

Joanne Pollard, chief executive, CO2 Sense Yorkshire.       Paul King, chief executive, UK Green Building Council.

  NG Bailey
  Sustainability Report 2010

                                      Targets Table
                                      Completed            Achieved and renewed for 2010/11                         In progress               Not achieved

                                      To reduce NG Bailey’s CO2 emissions by 20% by 2012
CO2 Emissions                                                             To incorporate energy efficiency into all existing accommodation cabins                                       NEW
Breakdown 2009/10                                                         To introduce 30 new highly energy efficient standard cabins                                                   NEW
Total GHG                                                                 To reduce office building CO2 emissions by 20% by end of 2012
(tonnes CO2e)                                                             To reduce transport CO2 emissions by 20% by end of 2012
                                                                          To reduce our fleet profile below 137g/CO2/km by Feb 2011
                                                                          To meet our 10:10 campaign reductions target                                                                  NEW
Natural Gas                582.8
                                                                          Audit Main Energy consuming properties annually
Fuel Oil                   124.0                                          Biomass boiler installed at Denton Hall
                                                                          Introduce five green travel plans
Electricity              2,286.1
                                      To halve Waste to Landfill by 2012
Renewables                    9.2                                            To establish a baseline for waste and resource use by volume/weight
Business Travel - Road   5,676.0                                             To sign up to the WRAP Halving Waste to Landfill commitment                                                NEW
                                                                             To extend use of consolidation centres by 50%                                                              NEW
Business Travel - Rail     102.7
Business Travel - Air       82.5      To reduce water use by 20% by 2012
                                                                             Reduce Office Water consumption by 20% by 2012                                                             NEW
Group Freight               62.5                                             Conclude commissioning water reuse trial                                                                   NEW
                                                                             Implement water use review
Site Plant emissions     8,924.3
Site Temporary                        To integrate sustainability throughout the business
Accommodation              376.7                                           To maintain ISO14001, OHSAS18001 accreditations in 2010/11
                                                                           To maintain zero major non conformances during external audits of BSI standards in 2010/11
Total emissions          18,227                                            To maintain zero unplanned environmental incidences in 2011
                                                                           Introduce integrated site sustainability plans in 2010                                                       NEW
We have performed a high level
                                      To increase use of responsibly sourced materials and suppliers
audit of the figures relating to
                                                                           To develop strategic relationships with sustainable solutions providers
carbon emissions in this report.                                           Meet goals outlined in social and environmental procurement strategy
In our opinion, these figures have                                         Review electricity supply for our offices for ‘green supply tariff’                                          NEW
been calculated in accordance                                              Extend site packaging waste minimisation agreements with suppliers                                           NEW
                                                                           Extend site logistics reviews to reduce deliveries                                                           NEW
with the relevant guidelines
                                                                           To review material selection for recycled content and sustainability credentials                             NEW
published by Defra and The                                                 To ensure 100% of timber procured is FSC certified.                                                          NEW
Environment Agency, using
appropriate source data and           To create opportunity for our people
                                                                             To achieve a continuous 10% improvement in staff perceptions of NG Bailey as an employer
                                                                             To achieve a 10% improvement in sickness and absence rate
Nick Carney,
Head of Internal Audit.               To ensure a safe working environment
                                                                         Introduce the behavioural safety initiative (safety first and foremost) and extend in 2010/11
                                                                         Reduce RIDDOR injuries by 10% year on year

                                      To engage positively with the community
                                                                        To implement Give as You Earn scheme and double contributions
                                                                        Develop and extend educational engagement programme
                                                                        Support Robot Wars
                                                                        Establish baseline for time and gift in kind

                                      This is our fourth sustainability report, published in July 2010, and relates to our performance in the year ending in February 2010. Previous reports
                                      for 2007, 2008 and 2009 are available at Targets relating to CO2 emissions, waste to landfill and water use are to be
                                      assessed against a baseline year of 2008.

  Emissions by scope

  Scope 1 - Direct
  Greenhouse gas emissions from sources NG Bailey owns or controls
  Scope 2 - Indirect
  Emissions from the generation of purchased electricity
  Scope 3 - Other
  Other indirect emissions

     Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Index
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Index
This report has been evaluated internally against the internationally-recognised GRI G3 guidelines. If you have any
questions about this report or our sustainability work email or call 01943 601933.

Section                       Indicator                 Description                                                        Response
Vision and Strategy           1.1                       CEO's Statement                                                    See Page 4
                              1.2                       Key Impacts                                              
Organisations Profile         2.1                       Name of the Organisation                                           Front Cover
                              2.2                       Primary Brands, products and services                    
                                                        Operational Structure including main divisions, operating
                              2.3                       companies, subsidiaries, and joint ventures              
                              2.4                       Location of Organisations Headquarters                   
                              2.5                       Number of Countries where the Organisation Operates                NG Bailey operates solely in the UK
                                                                                                                           NG Bailey is a family owned private business see
                              2.6                       Nature of ownership and legal form                       
                              2.7                       Markets Served                                           
                              2.8                       Scale of the reporting organisation                      

                                                        Significant changes during the reporting period regarding size,
                              2.9                       structure, or ownership including                        
                              2.10                      Awards received in the reporting period                            See Page 2
Report Parameters             3.1                       Reporting period                                                   This report relates to our performance in the year March 2009 to February 2010
                              3.2                       Date of Report                                                     This report was published in July 2010

                                                                                                                           This is an annual report - previous reports for 2007, 2008, and 2009 are available at
                              3.3                       Reporting Cycle                                          
                              3.4                       Feedback/Contact for queries                                       Page 19
                              3.5                       Defining content                                         
                                                                                                                           This report is a summary of NG Baileys activities through the UK and incorporating all
                              3.6                       Boundary of the report                                             Group businesses
                              3.7                       Exclusions from boundary                                           The report does not specifically exclude any business activity
                                                                                                                           We have no subsidiaries, joint ventures or outsourced operations that would have
                              3.8                       Joint ventures and subsidiaries                                    significantly affect comparability form period to period.
                              3.9                       Data measurement techniques                              
                              3.10                      Explanation of restatements                                        We have made no restatements in this report
                                                        Significant changes from previous reporting scope, boundary or
                              3.11                      measurement methods                                                We have made no significant changes to previous reporting periods
                              3.12                      GRI table                                                          See page 19
                              3.13                      Assurance                                                          This report is not externally assured
Governance, Commitments and
Engagement                    4.1                       Governance Structure                                     
                              4.2                       Chair of senior committee                                
                              4.3                       Board Structure                                          
                              4.4                       Stakeholder engagement with board                        
                              4.5 to 4.17                                                                                  Not Reporting
Economic Indicators           EC1                       Economic Profile                                         
                              EC2                       Financial Implications of Climate Change                           See pages 2, 4, 12, 13, 17
                              EC3, EC4                                                                                     not reporting
Environmental Indicators      EN3                       Direct Energy Consumption by primary source                        73.2 Terajoules
                              EN4                       Indirect Energy consumption by primary source                      15.1 Terajoules
                              EN5                       Energy saved due to conservation and efficiency improvements       2.6 Terajoules saved through our E-5 campaign and energy improvements schedule
                              EN7                       Initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption                  8.7 Terajoules saved through use of Voice and video conferencing intiatives
                                                                                                                           9.802m3 (Data drawn from utility bills, meter readings, and estimations (where no other
                              EN8                       Total Water withdrawal by source                                   source data exists), for water usage within our own estate
                              EN16                      Total direct and indirect Greehouse Gas emissions by weight        see page 18
                              EN17                      Total indirect greenhouse gas ommissions by weight                 see page 18
                                                                                                                           228.86 tonnes CO2 saved through E-5 campaign, introduction of renewable energy, and
                              EN18                      Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions                     energy auditing
                                                                                                                           N2O - 72.18 tCO2e, CH4 - 8.73 tCO2e, Not measured VOCs, POP, HAP, PM or stack and
                              EN20                      Nox, Sox, and other significant air emissions by type and weight   fugitive emissions
                              EN23                      Total Number and Volume of Significant spills                      Zero recorded spills in 2009/10
                              EN28                      Monetary Value of significant fines                                We received no fines for non-compliance with laws in 2009/10
                              EN1 - 2, EN6, EN9-15, EN19, EN21-22, EN24-27, EN29 - 30                                      Not reporting
                                                                                                                           3,311 total Employees (1749 Management, engineering, sales and administrative and
Social Indicators             LA1                      Total Workforce                                                     1562 Operatives)
                              LA2                      Employee Turnover                                         
                                                       Rates of injury (by RIDDOR, occupational disease, lost days,        RIDDOR - 18 NG Bailey, 7 Sub contractors.
                              LA7                      absenteeism, and fatalities                                         Fatalities - Zero. Not reporting lost days, absenteeism, and occupational disease
                              LA11                     Programmes for skills management                          
                                                       Total value of financial and in-kind contributions to political
                              SO6                      parties, politicians and related institutions             
                              SO1-5, SO7, SO8, LA3-6, LA 8, LA12-14, HR1-9, PR1-9                                          Not Reporting

NG Bailey - For Life in Buildings

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