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					     Volume 86, Issue 14                                                                    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

                                                                                                                                   BRADY VS. MANNING

                                                                                                                                   New England strives for a perfect
                                                                                                                                   season while New York aims for a
                                                                                                                                   major upset. Find out how the two
                                                                                                                                   teams got to the big game.
The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938                                                                                           – Page 10

                                            Women’s Basketball Game to be
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                                            Nationally Broadcast by CSTV
                                      CHARGER PRESS RELEASE          Gymnasium at noon East-         current Chair of the NCAA     back-to-back conference
                                                                     ern Time, and the game can      Division II Management        championships and are
                           – Page 7   –––––––––––––––––––––
                                                                     also be seen worldwide via      Council, "UNH takes great     gunning for a third straight
                                                                     the NCAA's broadband in-        pride in the success of our   NCAA bid, while Bridge-
                                      WEST HAVEN— The                ternet streaming service.       student-athletes.     We're   port captured the confer-
                                      University of New Haven           The game is also being       looking forward to great      ence title in 2004-05. The
                                      vs. University of Bridge-      re-aired on a tape-delayed      crowd support and a posi-     Chargers lead the all-time
                                      port women's basketball        basis by New England            tive game environment         series, 32-28, including an
                                      game on Saturday, Feb. 2       Sports Network (NESN)           on February 2 to help us      87-78 win at Bridgeport
                                      has been chosen as one of      on Monday, Feb. 4 at 1:00       showcase the University of    earlier this season. UNH
                                      six games for the NCAA         p.m.                            New Haven and our wom-        has started 9-0 in the ECC
                                      Division II Game of the           "This is a tremendous        en's basketball program."     as of Jan. 16, while Bridge-
                                      Week national television       opportunity to expose a na-        The game features the      port is 4-4 at this point in
                                      broadcasting     package,      tional audience to the Uni-     last three East Coast Con-    the conference schedule
                                      the NCAA and CSTV              versity of New Haven and        ference champions, a pair     and hosted last season's
                                      announced. CSTV will           our student-athletes," said     of in-state rivals with a     ECC Championship tour-
Katherine Heigl stars in the latest   broadcast the game live        Deborah Chin, the Director      long history of competitive
romantic comedy, 27 Dresses.          from UNH's Charger             of Athletics at UNH and         match-ups. UNH has won                     See GAME page 4

                           – Page 8    UNH Names Head UNH Student Wins
                                      Coach for Returning Big on Live with Re-

President Kaplan discusses UNH’s
                                        Football Team         gis and Kelly
advancement in athletics.             CHARGER PRESS RELEASE          at University at Albany -                                     rectly answered the ques-
                                                                     a member of the Division                                      tion “How old did we say
                                                                     I Football Championship                                       Hulk Hogan is?” and will
                           – Page 4
                                                                     Subdivision (FCS, former-                                     be receiving a seven-day
                                      WEST HAVEN— Univer-            ly Division I-AA). Serv-        NEW YORK— Over break          cruise on the Norwegian
         INDEX                        sity of New Haven Presi-       ing under program founder       on Tuesday, Jan. 8, UNH       Gem to Florida and the
                                      dent Steven H. Kaplan          and 35-year head coach          sophomore Matt Nelson         Bahamas. The prize pack-
Arts & Entertainment                  and Director of Athletics      Bob Ford, Peter has served      won a seven-day cruise to     age includes a mini-suite
                        Page 8        Deborah Chin introduced        as associate head coach,        the Bahamas on Live with      stateroom, all meals, and is
                                      Peter Rossomando as the        offensive coordinator and       Regis and Kelly.              valued at over $5,800.
Bulletin Board
                                      university's next head foot-   offensive line coach for the       Nelson was the winner          “I was extremely excited
                      Page 15         ball coach at a press con-     last three campaigns. Ros-      in the show’s daily trav-     to find out that I was chosen
Word of the Week                      ference Thursday, Dec. 13      somando has 14 seasons of       el giveaway, “Live’s Yeti     to answer a question, and
                        Page 9        the Alumni Lounge. Ros-        highly-successful college       Trivia A-Sno-Go.” Regis       winning put me on Cloud
Editorials                            somando, 35, becomes the       coaching experience under       and Kelly producers have      Nine,” said Nelson, “If all
                        Page 6        ninth head coach in pro-       his belt, and kicked off his    built on the popular “Trav-   goes well, I will be taking
Fun & Games                           gram history and officially    career with a five-year stint   el Trivia” segment by add-    my best friend with me.”
                      Page 12         begins his duties at UNH       at the University of New        ing an exciting new twist:        Nelson entered the con-
National/World News                   on January 1, 2008. He         Haven from 1994 to 1998.        in addition to playing for    test by logging onto the
                                      will lead the Chargers back    The Chargers were 41-14-1       a top-notch travel experi-    Live with Regis and Kelly
                        Page 3                                       in Rossomando's first go-                                     website, but viewers can
                                      onto the field when football                                   ence, each player has the
New Haven News                                                       round with the Chargers,                                      also enter via mail if they
                                      resumes play as a member                                       chance to win an additional
                        Page 4        of the Northeast-10 Con-       when he was a member of         “Yeti Sno-Go” prize.          choose. Further details are
Sports                                ference in 2009.               head coach Tony Sparano's          In a statement from the    available by logging on to
                      Page 10            For the last seven sea-     staff that went to the 1997     show, it was announced        www.liveregisandkelly.
Celebrity Gossip                      sons, Rossomando has                                           that music major Nelson,      com.
                      Page 11         been on the coaching staff           See FOOTBALL page 4       19, of Oakville, Conn. cor-
Page 2
                   Campus Events, Etc.                                   The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

                                                                                                                                                                  Friday, February 1

                                                                         Welcome back!                                                                   Movie: Dan in Real Life
                                                                                                                                                            Alumni Lounge, 7pm
                                                                                                                                                         BSU Step Show
                                                                                                                                                            Dodds Theater, 7pm
                                                                                                                                                         Step Show After Party
                                                 The Charger Bulletin would like to wish                                                                    German Club, 9pm
                                                                                                                                                        Vermont Ski Trip leaves
                                                    everyone a great spring semester

         Saturday, February 2                            Sunday, February 3                              Monday, February 4                                      Tuesday, February 5

    Women’s Basketball vs.                       Open House                                       Soaring to New Heights                                 NSBE Bake Sale
                                                                                                                                                            Bartels Lobby, 11am-6pm
     Bridgeport University                                                                          Upper Student Lounge, 6pm
                                                                                                                                                            BSU Greek Forum
     North Campus, 12pm                            Movie: Dan in Real Life                      BSU Comedy Show                                       
                                                                                                                                                            Alumni Lounge, 7pm
    Men’s Basketball vs.                           Alumni Lounge, 7pm
                                                                                                    Dodds Theater, 7pm

     Bridgeport University                                                                                                                              Don’t forget to vote today in
     North Campus, 3pm                                                                                                                                  Connecticut primaries
   Groundhog Day

                                                                                                Number of U.S. Co-
                                                                                               caine Seizures Lowest
                                                                                                   in Four Years
                                                                                             By DAVID PADULA      the U.S. This number year later.
                                                                                             STAFF WRITER
                                                                                                                  clashes seriously with                     Stavridis did have
                                                                                                                  last year’s statistic in one governmentally
                                                                                                                  which only 210 met- optimistic thing to
                                                  By Dan Osipovitch               That’s right, John- ric tons was found and say. "In any given
                                                                               ny Depp and his suave confiscated by offi- contest of offense
       A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH

                                                                               gang of thugs are cials. The 2007 figure and defense you've
     Positives                                                                 smuggling           cocaine was the lowest in four got to adjust your tac-
                                                                               into the United States- years.                                            tics.” Drug cartels are
    We waited. And we waited. And         Is it just me or did this semester and they’re getting                       When questioned finding new ways of
then we waited some more. We hit us completely off guard? It was away with it. Reports about the 52-ton shift, eluding potential cap-
were given this date for its release, like one day I was sitting at home, show the number of Admiral Jim Stavridis tors. Admirals Stavr-
then that date passed. Then out of relaxing, playing some old-lady
nowhere, we had a new website! card games on my computer and U.S.-directed disrup- stated blandly, “It’s idis and Mike Mullen
At least having the new website then *BAM* I’m sitting in foren- tions had dropped in- difficult to say why went on to explain air
gives our school a little bit more sics class. What happened to all tensely in 2007 from that is.” The largest routes from western
of a professional feel.               that free time? I guess it’s back to the year prior.                        discrepancy, however, Venezuela to the U.S.
                                      the real world.                             In 2006, 262 met- was on water. 160 tons and semi-submersible
      columbinus made it into the                                              ric tons of cocaine of cocaine was seized vessels were new tac-
Kennedy Center!! Congrats to              Random, but I wish girl scouts was seized on its way at sea in 2006; 60 tons
everyone who worked so hard at could sell cookies on campus. Thin from Latin America to less was snatched a                                                See COCAINE page 15
putting the play together and good Mints are to die for.
luck!! It’s well deserved and hope-
fully the play can go far!               From what I’ve heard, ORL did
                                      not let people know who their new
                                         roommates would be this semes-
    Did anyone                                        ter. It was more of a
notice that you                                           “Surprise! Nice
were automati-                                              to meet you!”
cally enrolled                                                type thing,
on blackboard                                                 which is great
into all of your                                              for security is-
classes? That’s                                               sues, figuring
a pretty nifty                                                out new living
new feature                                                   situations, etc.
which saves the                                               Thanks ORL,
time and hassle                                               for creating
of searching                                                  awkward situ-
for the correct                                               ations by not
class, section,                                               telling us who
and professor.                                                our roommates                                                                                        AN AP/ JEFF CHIU PHOTO
                                                               are.             More than 40,000 pounds of cocaine is looked over after being seized by the Coast Guard last
                                                                                              April. Despite this bust, which was the largest in U.S. history, cocaine seizures dropped in 2007.
Page 3
                National/World News                        The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

   UFO Sightings Bring Atten- NEWS
    tion to Small Texas Town
                         one of the most realis-
                         tic UFO’s to date. The
                                                    military aircraft as the
                                                    cause of the confu-
                                                                            that this UFO sight- By Associated Press Writers
                                                                            ing has made national
                         unidentified      flying   sion. When hit with     press. While Texas is Storms close many roadways across Califor-
                         object, reported to be     the proper lighting,    known for over 200 nia as wet weather begins moving out of the
TEXAS— Nestled in        about a mile long and      two normal airplanes    unidentified        flying region
the Bible Belt, Ste-     half a mile wide, ap-      can apparently cause    object sightings in the LOS ANGELES— Several major roadways
phenville, Texas has     pears in the sky right     the      configuration- last month, the Mutual across the state were closed early Monday af-
been known for oc-       after dark and flies       and color-changing      UFO Network (known ter the latest in a week's worth of storms, and
casionally boasting      low against the Texan      flying that has been    for its work in discov- experts warned that the risk of mudslides has
about strange sight-     horizon, at times being    reported throughout     ering the truth behind not eased even as wet weather begins moving
ings. Bucks, bass, and   chased by what locals      Stephenville. Howev-    alien lifeforms) has out of the region.
other typical hunting    believe to be military     er, Major Karl Lewis,   chosen Stephenville,          Snow forced the closure of the main artery
creatures are found to   jets. The lights that      a spokesman for the     Texas as one of its first  between Sacramento and Reno, Nev., Califor-
be many times larger     line the underside of      military base nearby,   stops in the area.         nia Department of Transportation said Sunday
than the usual catch.    the UFO are reported       said no aircraft were       So while the area night. Eastbound Interstate 80 was closed at
Crop circles common-     to change color, con-      in the area the night ofof Stephenville may Colfax about 50 miles northeast of Sacramen-
ly show up among the     figuration, and speed      Tuesday, Jan. 8, when   not be too interested to, and westbound traffic was being held at the
long rows of farm-       depending on its loca-     most people reported    in dealing with extra- Nevada state line.
ing grain. And, for      tion and, when looked      the sighting. Also, it  terrestial life, it seems     Officials also closed a nearly 130-mile
some reason, the area    at through a telescopic    seems as if many lo-    as if they will spend      stretch of Interstate 395, from just north of
is known for a large     lens, many locals say      cals are reporting the  the next few months Bishop to the Nevada line.
number of UFO sight-     that the aircraft is de-   same or very similar    trying to sort out the        Highway 92 was reopened Sunday after be-
ings.                    void of nuts, bolts, or    sightings, reports dis- unsual sightings that      ing shut down for a few hours between Skyline
   According          to welding seams.             tancing themselves to   covered the area this Boulevard and Half Moon Bay south of San
townspeople, which           Of course, federal     the neighboring town    winter. Look out for Francisco after the storms knocked down trees
includes a sheriff, a    officials have quickly     of Dublin.              more updates as the and power lines.
pilot, and many busi-    struck down the idea          With all the simil-  MUN works the case. Biotech industry group launches company
ness owners, have re-    of the existence of        iarites between the re-                            for low cost medications
cently reported seeing   this UFO, citing other     ports, it is no wonder                             NEW HAVEN, Conn.— A New Haven-based
                                                                                                       organization that represents Connecticut's bio-
                                                                                                       tech industry is turning its talents to develop-
             Zack’s Wacky Stack of News                                                                ing low-cost medications for poor countries.
                                                                                                          Connecticut United for Research Excellence,
                                                                                                       also known as CURE, has spun off a nonprofit
                      Your place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news.                        company, Developing World Cures Inc.
                                            By Zack Rosen                                                 It plans to develop low-cost pharmaceuticals
Mmm!           Steamed rodent. However, the could be dangerous,” point and stealing their for people in the world's poorest countries.
Mouse!                    health of the rodent said a spokesman for underpants.                           The president of CURE says the plan is to
   “Understandably, was compromised by the bus company. “All                    A group of eight produce drugs that for-profit companies have
he lost his appetite,” the sick patient.             we are saying is that 12- and 13-year-old found too risky as investments, while also de-
said Sakari Kela, chief “Pet” Thrown Off she is very welcome boys were playing veloping Connecticut's biotechnology indus-
administrator at the Bus                             to use the buses but during recess earlier try.
Northern Karelia Cen-        After throwing off not when she is on her this month when the                Modeled after California's Institute for One-
tral Hospital, after a a girl on a leash, a lead.”                          26-year-old teacher World Health, World Cures would focus on
patient in the Finland British bus company              Maltby said that approached              them. treatments for diseases such as malaria, river
hospital had a plate of has apologized to the although her lifestyle Two of the boys ran fever, heartworm, hookworm and tuberculo-
steam vegetables such girl.                          may be unusual, it is away but the other six sis.
as carrots, broccoli,        19-year-old gothic not dangerous. “I am were made to take off Greenwich election officials seeking poll
peppers, and mouse girl Tasha Maltby, a pet. I generally act their trousers and un- workers
head.                     self-declared “pet” of animal-like and I lead derpants.                      STAMFORD, Conn.— Greenwich election of-
   Most likely origi- her 25-year-old fian- a really easy life. I               According to po- ficials are having a problem for the upcoming
nating from a bag of cé Dani Graves, was don’t cook or clean lice, the knife touched presidential primary — not enough poll work-
Belgian      vegetables thrown off a bus, told and I don’t go any- one boy and caused ers.
(but of course!), the by the bus driver that where without Dani. minor injuries.                          The town's two registrars of voters say there's
severed mouse head’s “we don’t let freaks It might seem strange                 The principal of a shortage of people to greet voters, read bal-
body has not been and dogs like you but it makes us both the school where he lots and check IDs for the Feb. 5 primary.
found. According to on.”                             happy. It’s my culture taught was shown on           GOP Registrar Veronica Baron Musca says
Kela, since it was “a        “We have spoken and my choice. It isn’t television later that moving up the presidential primary by a month
Belgian mouse, the to the driver who has hurting anyone.”                   day saying that he was has created a hardship for her office, which
rest of it could be any-  talked about health Bye Bye Dickies               a dedicated teacher.       relies on many elderly residents to work the
where in Europe.”         and safety. Should she        A Tokyo teacher         Dedicated to what, polls.
   The health of the be attached to a chain was arrested Monday we don’t know. Un-                        The two registrars say Greenwich still needs
patient was not com- and something hap- for making a group of derwear?                                 at least 35 more poll workers for Super Tues-
promised by the dead pens on the bus, that boys undress at knife-                                      day.
Page 4
                    New Haven News                            The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

Televised Game Wins UNH                                                                    UNH Takes Steps to
   National Recognition                                                                   Rebuild Football Team
con’t from page 1          package. In addition        best match-ups and at-     con’t from page 1                 it became apparent to              for our program to be
nament.                    to the six regular-sea-     mospheres in Division      NCAA Division II                  our entire selection               successful."
   University        of    son basketball games        II basketball.             Championship game                 committee that Peter                  Sparano,    UNH's
Bridgeport Director        and national semifi-           Division II Vice        and the 1995 NCAA                 was a rising star and              head coach at the time
of Athletics Jay Mo-       nals, the package in-       President Mike Racy        playoffs.                         the perfect choice to              and the new head
ran stated, “We are ex-    cludes four regular-        praised the partner-          "I'm      extremely            re-start our program.”             coach for the NFL's
cited as an institution    season football games       ship with CSTV be-         happy with our deci-                 "I     was     lucky            Miami        Dolphins,
and as a conference        and several Division        cause it provides the      sion to hire Peter Ros-           enough to work at                  phoned in his remarks
to be able to show-        II championship finals      division with a na-        somando as the next               UAlbany under a head               during the press con-
case the University        in men’s and women’s        tional platform to help    head coach in UNH                 coach that has been at             ference. "Pete has an
of Bridgeport and the      soccer, women’s la-         tell the story about       football history," said           the same school for 35             impressive coaching
East Coast Confer-         crosse, softball, and       Division II member         President Steven H.               years," Rossomando                 background and he's
ence to the nation as a    baseball. Tim Pernetti,     institutions and con-      Kaplan.                           said during the press              a solid recruiter, and
whole. Bridgeport and      CSTV Executive Vice         ferences. “There are
New Haven have a           President, said the col-    many positive initia-
long-standing, intense     laboration with Divi-       tives in Division II
friendly rivalry, and it   sion II has exceeded        right now, all cen-
is an honor to show-       expectations.               tered on our division’s
case through CSTV              “It’s given Division    strategic-positioning
and the NCAA the           II a solid national plat-   platform,” Racy said,
quality of women’s         form to take advantage      “The broadcasts with
basketball played by       of that they haven’t had    CSTV are the perfect
these two Connecticut      in the past,” he said.      stage to shine the light
schools.”                  For basketball- as with     on Division II attri-
   This is the second      football- Pernetti said,    butes and success sto-
year of the Division       the NCAA worked             ries.”
II/CSTV regular-sea-       closely with CSTV to                                                                                               PHOTO COURTESY OF MATTHEW McCULLOUGH
                                                                                  UNH President Steven H. Kaplan, Peter Rossomando, and Director of Athletics Deborah Chin hold a
son and broadband          showcase some of the                                   jersey with the number 9 on it, signifying the 2009 UNH football team.

Don’t forget to go out and support                                                    Director of Ath-
                                                                                  letics Deborah Chin
                                                                                                                    conference. "And one
                                                                                                                    of the things that Tony
                                                                                                                                                       he's just the person to
                                                                                                                                                       lead our program back
 the women’s basketball team as it                                                noted during the press
                                                                                  conference, "We had a
                                                                                                                    Sparano taught me is
                                                                                                                    if you find the right
                                                                                                                                                       to where we want it to
faces off against the University of                                               number of well-qual-
                                                                                  ified candidates and
                                                                                                                    place, with the right
                                                                                                                    people, you can stay
                                                                                                                                                          A native of Staten
                                                                                                                                                       Island, N.Y., Rosso-
Bridgeport on Saturday, February 2                                                this was not an easy
                                                                                  decision. But as we
                                                                                                                    forever. Today I've
                                                                                                                    found the right place,
                                                                                                                                                       mando and his wife,
                                                                                                                                                       Jessica, have three
   at noon. There will be prizes!                                                 progressed through
                                                                                  the interview process,
                                                                                                                    and I think we've
                                                                                                                    found the right people
                                                                                                                                                       children, Reese, Gi-
                                                                                                                                                       anna and Nicholas.

                               A Word with President Kaplan
   Sports:    students     say. We have hired a        West Haven. For those      tutions such as Bentley           attending a school that            also helps us to attract
like to read about         coach, Peter Rosso-         of you who might be        College, St. Anselm               is highly recognized               even more students
them, cheer their in-      mando, who was on           interested, he grew up     College,       Stonehill          both academically and              who have a competi-
dividual teams on          UNH's coaching staff        a die-hard New York        College,       Southern           athletically increases             tive edge. Playing in
and, most of all, see      during the team's huge-     Giants fan. His win-       New Hampshire Uni-                the value of your ex-              a more competitive
their school win on        ly successful years of      ning legacy will live      versity, and a cross-             perience here.                     conference also draws
the field. Winning,        1994-1998. His work         on at the University in    town rival, Southern                 More than that, we              student interest, which
though, is hard when       here coincided with         the presence of Coach      Connecticut        State          wanted a conference                increases school spir-
there's no one to play     that of head coach          Rossomando. Sparano        University. We made               that could offer us a              it. Who among us
against, and that was      Tony Sparano's stay at      and Rossomando took        the move because we               competitive football               doesn't enjoy compet-
the case with UNH's        UNH. Tony's work at         UNH's 1995 football        wanted a conference               schedule. The North-               ing against an equally
football team earlier      UNH has been men-           team to the NCAA           that was academi-                 east-10 does just that.            gifted competitor?
this decade. No foot-      tioned repeatedly in        playoffs and the 1997      cally and athletically            It also, conveniently,                With every move
ball-playing confer-       news reports through-       team to the NCAA           appropriate for us.               gives us a cross-town              we make, we are work-
ence was available to      out the country after       Division II champion-      We wanted a confer-               rivalry that allows                ing to increase the
the University at that     he was hired in Janu-       ship game.                 ence that would spon-             UNH greater visibil-               value of your diploma
time, so football was      ary as head coach of           Football also fig-      sor a variety of sports           ity in the area. And               and your experience at
abandoned.                 the Miami Dolphins.         ured in our decision to    that would push us to             being in the North-                the University of New
   But football is            Sparano is a UNH         join the Northeast-10,     reach a little deeper,            east-10 lets people                Haven. Welcome to
back- even before we       alum who graduated          which is considered        run a little faster, hit          know that we are a                 the Northeast-10, wel-
have actually fielded      with a B.S. in Crimi-       the best Division II       a little harder. We also          university that values             come to Coach Rosso-
a team- with a ven-        nal Justice in 1984,        conference in the na-      made the move be-                 both academic and                  mando, and welcome
geance, some would         and who was born in         tion and includes insti-   cause we believe that             athletic prowess. It               back football!
    “Father” of Black                                                                 USGA President’s Corner
    Hawk Helicopter to                                                                   USGA This Semester
     Lecture at UNH                                                               Hello       everyone
                                                                               and welcome back!
                                                                                                                                      as soon as possible.
                                                                                                                                      Senator applications
By JULIE WINKEL           coveted award for the     the Black Hawk heli-       I hope you enjoyed                                     stay on file until the
TIONS                     prototype of the Black    copter.                    your five weeks of                                     end of the fiscal year.
–––––––––––––––––         Hawk, during a period        Leoni was appoint-      vacation time now                                         The USGA execu-
                          when Sikorsky Air-        ed program engineer-       that it's time to hit the                              tive board will soon
WEST        HAVEN—        craft – which won the     ing manager responsi-      books again.                                           start to plan an event
Ray Leoni, patent         contract – was near-      ble for all Black Hawk        This      semester's                                called Last Man
holder for design of      ing the bottom of its     engineering      design    USGA meetings will                                     Standing. This com-
the legendary Black       worst business decline    and test activities, and   be held on Mondays                                     petition     combines
Hawk helicopter, will     and its survival was at   was later awarded a        at 1:45 p.m. in the                                    mental and physical
lecture on design and     stake.                    patent for the Black       Alumni Lounge. The           Louis Eswood III          challenges that weed
innovation      during        He will also dis-     Hawk and nine other        USGA is also ex-             USGA President            out the weak and
National Engineers        cuss the technologies     designs.                   tremely excited to be       semester-long trial so     leave one person left
Week at the Univer-       and ballistic and crash      Leoni was ap-           operating on our new        we are very excited to     standing. The winner
sity of New Haven on      survivability design      pointed vice presi-        voting       procedure.     see how it goes. The       is then handsomely
Wednesday, Feb. 20        features that formed      dent for research and      This new procedure          USGA also has sever-       rewarded. Last year's
at 5:00 p.m. Leoni’s      the basis of Sikorsky’s   engineering shortly        separates the House         al open senate seats. If   winner walked away
lecture is one of sev-    proposed design, the      after his Black Hawk       of      Representatives     you are interested in      with a trip to either
eral events offered       strategies used by        assignments and later      from the Senate and         being a senator please     Las Vegas or the Ba-
by the Tagliatela Col-    the company to win        became senior vice         requires a motion to        fill out an application    hamas. Keep an eye
lege of Engineering at    the contract, and the     president, of engi-        pass in both houses         and drop them off to       out for more details!
UNH during the week       daunting      technical   neering and advanced       to be approved. This        my office on the third
of Feb.17 – 23.           problems encountered      programs.                  new system is only a        floor of Bartels Hall
   Leoni’s book, Black    soon after the first         He received his
Hawk: The Story of a      flight in 1974.           bachelor’s       degree
World Class Helicop-          Leoni’s     profes-   in engineering from         Want To Write for The Charger Bulletin?
ter, was published in     sional career with        Brown        University
2007. A book signing      Sikorsky Aircraft last-   and a master’s in en-
will follow the lecture   ed through 41 years       gineering from Yale          Come to our meetings every Monday at 1:30 pm in
and the entire event is   of service and three      University. A long-          the Charger Bulletin office on the third floor of Bar-
free and open to the      years of advance de-      time member of the                                 tels Hall
public.                   sign consulting work      American Helicopter
   Leoni will discuss     until his retirement.     Society, he received
how the Black Hawk        He started as a design    an AHS Fellow Award
came into being and       engineer of helicopter    in 1990. He is also a
how its design require-   transmission and rotor    member of the Ameri-
ments were shaped by      systems, and conduct-     can Institute of Aero-
helicopter operations     ed concept formula-       nautics and Astronau-
during the Vietnam        tion studies for the      tics and serves as a
War. He will outline      Army UTTAS pro-           trustee of the Igor I.
the intense competi-      gram and led the team     Sikorsky Historical
tion among the largest    whose design was          Archives, Inc.
American helicopter       proposed to the Army
companies to win the      for what later became

The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008                                                                                                     Page 5
Page 6
                 Editorials                                   The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

         Southern Hospitality vs. Northern Anxiety
    Over winter break,     seems that everyone         2:00 in the afternoon,    na 500 of course), mo-     been able to live with     uses that phrase when
I had the opportu-         from the north is too       you can easily find a     torcycles (they host a     ease, while northerners    flying out of JFK or
nity to go to Daytona      focused on stressing        bustling city street      yearly Bike Week that      struggle to live with-     Logan. The whole
Beach, Florida to vis-     out about something         because no one seems      welcomes thousands         out stress ruining their   plane will probably
it my grandparents,        (work, germs, their         to work. If there are     of Harleys), and the       lives. As my plane         react like I did, or
who were staying at a      self image, etc.) to        three-foot swells at      beach (just like many      was leaving Daytona        maybe more violent-
friend’s second home.      be pleasant to any          the beach on a Mon-       Floridian cities). It      International Airport,     ly. I can hear the awe
It was during this trip    stranger.                   day, people will be       is difficult to meet                                  now.
that I really noticed         In the south, I ex-      there bright and early    someone in Daytona                                        After spending a
the distinct difference    perienced a whole dif-      with their surfboards.    that does not have a                                  week in the south, I
between northerners        ferent kind of people.      The people that do        faint interest in one or                              realize that Daytona
and southerners.           Every stranger I met        work don’t seem to        more of these areas.                                  truly has it right. I’m
    Up here in New         during my week-long         let it bother them.       Every New England                                     sure it doesn’t hurt to
England, I noticed,        stay was in some way        This care-free envi-      city has just as many,                                be polite to strangers.
we are so impersonal.      interested in getting       ronment sharply con-      if not more, things to                                I’m sure we would
We go around carry-        to know me person-          trasts the north’s aura   do as Daytona Beach.                                  still live if we didn’t
ing our “personal bub-     ally; every waiter, ev-     of constant stress and    However, the most                                     try to stay as far away
bles” close to us at all   ery person at the next      anxiety.                  time people spend for          Celina Natola          from strangers as
times, keeping to our-     barstool, and even the         This in no way         themselves is often a         Editor-in-Chief         possible (we survive
selves as much as pos-     guy sitting next to me      means that southern-      yoga class squeezed                                   subways don’t we?).
sible around strangers.    on the plane. I won’t       ers have less work to     into a lunch hour.                                    I’m also sure that if
Very few of us would       lie I had no idea how       do. Somehow they             When did we stop        my pilot bragged that      we took a day or two
say “Hi” to someone        to respond to this kind     seem to have careers      relaxing? Why do we        he was going to “fly it    off from work to do
sitting next to us on      of obvious kindness.        and a wealth of hob-      seem to worry about        like he stole it” in or-   something fun, we
an airplane and very          I soon developed         bies at the same time     everything? I admit        der to get us to Atlanta   would be much hap-
few of us would offer      a theory to explain         (a feat that many New     that I am guilty of be-    as fast as possible. Be-   pier. We just need to
up directions to some-     why southerners are         Englanders        can’t   ing just as stressed out   sides me, most of the      relax and race some
where familiar to us       more likely to simply       seem to overcome).        and uptight as the next    passengers responded       cars.
when we overheard a        say “hello” or start a      Daytona Beach is fa-      guy, but it doesn’t        with cheers. I was left
stranger asking some-      simple conversation.        mous for three things:    mean it’s right. Some-     speechless. Good luck
one else for them. It      They are relaxed. At        NASCAR (the Dayto-        how, southerners have      to that man if he ever

                    Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama
    One of the most        are a few that I do not.    which he said:            these issues? I trust      eral and conservative,     not     inexperienced)
significant rights we      But something has              “I believe in Ba-      Barack Obama.              Democrat and Repub-        are just a few of the
as Americans have is       come over me– and           rack Obama's mes-            “2-Changes in the       lican. Obama treats        reasons I will be vot-
the right to vote– the     I’m not exactly sure        sage and in his ability   way we are perceived       everyone in the same       ing for Barack Obama
right to choose who        what– that has made         to get the job done. I    in the world. Any-         category: American.        on Feb. 5, and plan to
will lead our cam-         me actually realize         believe that we need      one who has traveled          His ability to bring    again in November.
puses, our cities, our                                 change and I believe      abroad (and many of        together what undoubt-        Hopefully       you,
states, and our coun-                                  in the kind of change     those who haven't had      edly will be record        reading this, have
try. There is a large                                  Senator Obama es-         the chance) know that      numbers of younger         already      registered
selection of individu-                                 pouses,     and    the    the rest of the world      voters this year, his      to vote and plan on
als, however, who                                      changes are:              has an unprecedent-        amazing       speaking     voting in the prima-
feel that their one                                       “1-Changes in pol-     ed level of distrust       ability (did you know      ries next Tuesday. If
vote doesn’t matter.                                   icy. For many years,      and anger toward the       he was nominated for       you’re unregistered,
Perhaps you, reading                                   we have either ne-        U.S. They despise our      a Grammy for Best          hopefully you will
this, may be one of                                    glected or willfully      President and they         Spoken Work Album          register in time for
those people.                                          ignored our biggest       are baffled as to why      in 2006?), his blatant     the general elections.
    For those of you                                   problems: more than       the American people        sincerity and trust-       You don’t think that
who know me, you                                       40 million Americans      would re-elect George      worthiness, and his        one vote can make a
know that I am strong-        Zack Rosen               without health care,      W. Bush. How do we         uncorrupted persona        difference? Prove me
ly against George W.         Assistant Editor          rising health care        change the perception      (yes–     uncorrupted,     wrong.
Bush. I pretty much                                    costs, global warm-       of the United States?
always have been.          you cannot effortless-      ing, the mortgage cri-    I believe it is Barack
And it wasn’t un-          ly please everybody.        sis, an education sys-    Obama who will help          Get your voice heard
til a few months ago       But if everyone were        tem that once was the     the U.S. regain the
that I honestly began      to try a little, then you   envy of the world and     world's trust, which
feeling like I was for     can sure come awful-        is now falling behind     will make us a stron-       voice your opinions in the
someone in politics        ly close.                   at the same time the      ger, safer nation.”             charGer bulletin
instead of against:           I was recently read-     world is becoming            Barack Obama is           send your editorials to
Barack Obama. Al-          ing popular online          more competitive and      the only candidate
though the majority of     columnist Matt Litt-        education is becom-       that seems to think
his views I agree on, I    man’s endorsement           ing more important.       vertically as opposed                  edu
will admit that there      of Barack Obama, in         Who will best address     to left and right, lib-
                                             The Escargot
             reviews of restaurants in the New Haven area for your dining pleasure
                                        By Kaitlyn Glatt
                                                                                      El Torero- Milford, CT
                                                       •        Type of food: Mexican                      •       Average sit-down meal cost: $30
                                                       •        Bar: 21+                                   •       My favorite thing: The atmosphere
   While walking into      in a suburban Con-          garitas on the rocks Ranchero ($15.95) and          sauce, and a piece of the University of New
El Torero in Milford, I    necticut city. Although     for $19.95, which the Steak Burrito Su-             cheesecake      topped Haven to dine here.
noticed that this place    I went at night, you        equaled about five preme ($11.00) for our           with whipped cream. On February 3, for the
was a lot larger and a     can tell that during        margaritas and was main courses. Filled             The only word that Super Bowl, El Torero
lot more comfortable       the day it is lit up with   definitely worth the with many different            I can use to describe is hosting a party to
than I would have ex-      beautiful colors from       money. The appetizers ingredients, these two        the fried ice cream is honor the big event.
pected. In New Jersey,     all the stained glass       all looked amazing, so main courses are prob-       “wow.” This is prob- There are going to be
where I’m from, I walk     windows. It is a very       my guest and I decid- ably a great hit with         ably one of the most plenty of televisions,
into a Mexican restau-     soothing atmosphere,        ed to get the sampler college students like         amazing desserts I’ve girls in jerseys and hot
rant and seat myself       and the tequila vases       plate, which included us. It includes many          ever tried in my life, pants, and $20 buckets
then eat fried junk that   and oil candles defi-       jalapeño       poppers, vegetables, beans, and      and I highly recom- of Coronas for anyone
I could have easily        nitely helped set the       chicken and beef em- steak with an amaz-            mended it to anyone who is interested. In
made in my kitchen         mood.                       panadas, and chalu- ing Mexican flavor              who steps foot into El my opinion, it sounds
at home. A great relief        The best thing          pitas. For $8.50, this that the average per-        Torero. The cheese- like a great Super
came upon me when          about the beginning         was a deal and a half. son would not be able        cake was extremely Bowl party and I’m
I was seated by the        of this meal was the        I could not believe to easily duplicate in          decadent, and is a hoping to taste some of
host, and greeted by       endless tortilla chips      how fast it came out their home kitchen. So         wonderful      alterna- their hot wings while
fellow University of       with a mild to me-          and it was definitely a far, I definitely did not   tive dessert for some- catching a glimpse of
New Haven undergrad        dium smooth salsa.          relief to know that this have any complaints.       one who is not an ice the game! All in all, El
Ainsley.                   You do not even real-       restaurant took great       After I got the         cream fan.               Torero was a great ex-
   I couldn’t believe      ize how many you’ve         care in making sure leftovers of my meal               After meeting the perience for me, and
how homelike this          eaten until they ask        your food was excel- bagged, I moved on             manager and getting they can expect to see
restaurant was, and        you if you would like       lent and came out in a and tried two differ-        a short tour of this me back there in the
I was glad to experi-      another serving! The        timely fashion.          ent desserts. We or-       lovely restaurant, I near future.
ence a more authentic      first thing we ordered          My guest and I dered the fried ice              would highly recom-
Mexican atmosphere         was a pitcher of mar-       decided on the Steak cream with caramel             mend any student at

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                   Arts & Entertainment                                   The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

         Wedding Flick Enjoyably for All Crowds
By SARA MCGUIRE             bride.” With her clos-              the courage to set her                  that things are starting   Wedding      Crashers.    in seven weddings
                            et full of bridesmaid               life in a direction that                to change in her life.     At one of these wed-      alone that year.
                            dresses (twenty-seven               would get her wearing                   Unfortunately for her,     dings, Heigl meets           Marsden         truly
                            of them, hence the                  a dress of a different                  George is unaware          Kevin Doyle (James        makes the role of Kev-
    It is a rare occur-                                                                                 of her feelings as the     Marsden), who helps       in his own and was the
rence that one comes                                                                                    goofily ignorant own-      her when she is           perfect choice for the
across a movie that                                                                                     er of an eco-friendly      knocked unconscious       lead character, but the
can be deemed a chick                                                                                   business, yet Burns        in a frenzy of hope-      one flaw his character
flick that is perfect for                                                                               shines as a hopelessly     ful bouquet-catchers.     has is a lack of flaws.
everyone, including                                                                                     loveable character.        The two share a cab       A peek into his past
guys.                                                                                                      The movie opens         at the close of the re-   reveals why Kevin is
    The title of the                                                                                    with Heigl’s charac-       ception, when Jane        the way he is, but the
move itself, 27 Dress-                                                                                  ter as a young girl at     discovers Kevin is not    segment isn’t given
es, leads one to expect                                                                                 one of her cousin’s        only a cynic, but one     the proper drama and
full-on wedding ma-                                                                                     weddings. Young Jane       who hates weddings.       time it deserves to
nia. And the movie                                                                                      helps the bride in a       In a deeply cliché        provide the viewer
doesn’t quite disap-                                                                                    time of need, and dis-     move, Jane forgets        with adequate insight
point there, but the                                                                                    covers that she was        her planner behind        into the character.
plot and the charac-                                                                                    meant to help make         in the cab and Kevin,        As the movie pro-
ters carry the film to                                                                                  people happy on their      who is revealed to be     gresses, more of
a totally unexpected                                                      AN AP/ CHRIS PIZZELLO PHOTO   most important day.        a wedding announce-       Kevin’s character is
level.                      Katherine Heigl stars in the latest romantic comedy, 27 Dresses.            We flash forward           ments columnist at a      revealed, especially
    Katherine      Heigl    title of the film) from             kind.                                   about fifteen years        mainstream New York       after Jane’s younger
plays Jane, a quint-        all of the weddings                    Secretly in love                     and meet Jane again,       newspaper, retrieves it   sister, Tess, blows into
essential example of        she’s been in over the              with her boss, George                   running between two        and decides to write an   town and falls in love
the cliché “always a        years, Jane is just be-             (played by Edward                       weddings in a chaos        article on the woman
bridesmaid, never a         ginning to muster up                Burns), Jane believes                   that is reminiscent of     he discovers has been          See CHICK page 11

   Revamped Miss America Pageant                                                                                                   Marlon Brando’s
          Aired on TLC                                                                                                              Son Dies at 49
By KATHLEEN HENNESSEY       ies music at the Uni-               Planet Hollywood Re-                    tempts to find an audi-    By ROBERT JABLON            ing 1968's I Love You,
ASSOCIATED PRESS                                                                                                                   ASSOCIATED PRESS
                            versity of Cincinnati,              sort & Casino on the                    ence with a younger                                    Alice B. Toklas! but he
–––––––––––––––––                                                                                                                       –––––––––––––––––
                            grew up in a pageant                Las Vegas Strip was                     demographic        after                               was better known for
                            family. Her mother is               aired for the first time                more than a decade of                                  his brushes with the
LAS VEGAS— Miss             an active volunteer,                on TLC. It capped                       declining ratings.             LOS ANGELES— law.
Michigan Kirsten Ha-        and her grandmother                 a four-week reality                        The 52 newly                Christian Brando, the      He spent five years
glund, a 19-year-old        Iora Hunt, competed                 series, "Miss Amer-                     made-over aspiring             troubled eldest son of in prison after pleading
aspiring Broadway           for the crown as Miss               ica: Reality Check,"                    beauty queens who              the late actor Marlon guilty to manslaughter
star, was crowned           Michigan 1944. Hunt                 which followed the                      sought the top tiara           Brando, has died from in 1990 for killing his
Miss America 2008           joined Haglund at a                 contestants as they                     sported updated hair-          pneumonia at a Los sister's boyfriend, Dag
on Saturday, Jan. 26        news conference.                    were pushed to shed                     dos, sassy attitudes           Angeles hospital, an Drollet, at the Brando
in a live show billed          "The only words                                                                                         attorney said Satur- family's hilltop estate.
as the unveiling of the     that come to my mind                                                                                       day, Jan. 26. He was       Brando said he ac-
87-year-old pageant's       is that this is a dream                                                                                    49.                     cidentally shot Drollet
new, hipper look.           come true, not just for                                                                                       Brando died Satur- as they struggled for
    Haglund, of Farm-       me but for my family                                                                                       day morning at Hol- a gun during an ar-
ington Hills, Mich.,        as well," Haglund said.                                                                                    lywood Presbyterian gument over whether
sang "Over the Rain-        "I'm not just standing                                                                                     Medical Center, said Drollet, 26, had beat-
bow" and walked a           up here alone."                                                                                            David Seeley, an at- en Brando's pregnant
crowd-pleasing strut           Haglund, a cheery,                                                                                      torney representing half-sister, Cheyenne.
in a black and gold         classic blond, wore                                                                                        Marlon Brando's es-        Cheyenne,       who
bikini to clinch the        a revealing silver                                                                                         tate. Seeley said Bran- later gave birth to
title. She beat Miss        sequined dress and                                                                                         do was taken to the Drollet's son but lost
Indiana Nicole Eliza-       black bikini during                                                                                        hospital on Jan. 11.    custody of the child,
beth Rash, the first        the evening gown and                                                                                          "This is a sad and committed         suicide
runner up, and Miss         swimsuit portions of                                                                                       difficult time for the in 1995. She was 25.
Washington       Elyse      the pageant. As her                                                               AN AP/ JAE C. HONG PHOTO
                                                                                                                                       family," Seeley said.   Family       associates
Umemoto, the sec-           platform issue, she                 Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund is crowned Miss America 2008.               Born on May 11, said she had been dis-
ond runner up for the       promised to advocate                the dated look of Miss and red carpet-worthy 1958, Brando was a traught since her boy-
$50,000 scholarship         for awareness of eat-               Americas past and fashion throughout the high school dropout friend's death.
and year of travel          ing disorders, an ill-              adopt a more updated competition.                                      and never had much         In a 1991 interview
that comes with the         ness from which she                 style.                                Usually tame by of a career. He had with the Los Angeles
crown.                      has recovered.                         The show was the                                                    small roles in a hand-
    Haglund, who stud-         The crowning at the              latest in a series of at-            See MODERN page 14 ful of movies, includ-                    See BRANDO page 11
Page 9
         Community             The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

                     Want to get involved? Like to write?
                        Join The Charger Bulletin!

E-mail chargerbulletin@newhaven.edu or come to our meetings on Mondays at 1:45 in
                      the Charger Bulletin office in Bartels Hall
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                   Sports                                            The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

    Patriots and Giants Prepare for Showdown
By JOHN OKO                   lines and was unable             Turner, the Chargers        per Bowl. However, field goal in overtime underdogs entering
                              to help the Chargers.            punted the ball away        this time around the to send the Giants to into the big game, but
                                 Unlike the Patriots’          to the Patriots with        stakes are higher since their first Super Bowl Giants fans have to
                              record, Tom Brady                about five minutes          they have the chance since 2000. With the feel a little confident
   The New England            had a far from perfect           left in the game think-     of becoming                                                            with the way
Patriots and the New          game. Brady threw                ing they would hold         the first team                                                         the     Giants
York Giants are head-         three    interceptions,          the Patriots offense        to ever have a                                                         have played,
ed to Super Bowl XLII         but the Chargers could           and get the ball back.      19-0 record.                                                           and more im-
in Glendale, Ariz.            not capitalize on all            Unfortunately for the          In the third                                                        portantly Eli
Both teams advanced           three by scoring a               Chargers, the Patriots      coldest game                                                           Manning.
to the big game on            touchdown. Instead,              were able to move the       in NFL his-                                                               The Patri-
Sunday, Jan. 20 when          the Chargers offense             ball down the field         tory, the New                                                          ots’ fate lies
the Patriots defeated         could only manage to             and run out the clock       York Giants                                                            in Tom Bra-
the San Di-                                                                without giv-    knocked off                                                            dy’s ankle and
ego Chargers                                                               ing the ball    the Green Bay                                                          Pats fans ev-
20-12 and the                                                              back to the     Packers      in                                                        erywhere are
New York Gi-                                                               Chargers.       overtime at a                                                          praying it will
ants shocked                                                                  Patriots     frigged Lam-                                                           be ready to go
the      Green                                                             fans     cel-   beau     Field.                                                        when he steps
Bay Packers                                                                ebrated dur-    The       game                                                         on the field.
in     overtime                                                            ing the final   got as cold as                                                         Te a m m a t e s
23-20.                                                                     minutes of      minus      four                                                        have down-
   The Patriots                                                            the    game     degrees with                                                           played the in-
                                                                                                                                       AN AP/ SCOTT AUDETTE PHOTO
were the first                                                             knowing that    a wind chill Eli Manning throws a pass in the wildcard playoff game. jury and have
to advance to                                                              the Chargers    of minus 23 degrees. win, the Giants also said that Brady will be
the Super Bowl                                                             were out of     This however did not set a record becoming ready to go.
taking out the                                                             time    outs    stop Eli Manning and the first team to ever                       The Patriots and
Chargers Sun-                                                              and could       the Giants from upset- win 10 road games in the Giants hooked up
day afternoon.                                                             not     stop    ting the Packers.        a row.                                in the last week of the
The Patriots                                                               the clock.         Giants field goal         With both the Gi- season with the Patri-
continued their                                                            The Patri-      kicker       Lawrence ants and Patriots win- ots squeaking out a
undefeated                                                                 ots mobbed      Tynes, who missed ning in their respective victory at Giants Sta-
season rising to                                                           H e a d         two previous field league championship dium. It will be very
                                               AN AP/ STEPHAN SAVIOA PHOTO
an impressive Tom Brady runs the ball against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coach Bill         goals (one that would games they are set up interesting to see how
18-0. LaDainian Tom- score four field goals Belichick as the game                          have ended the game to meet each other on things play out on a
linson was reduced to in the entire game. In a ended, knowing that                         in regulation) con- Sunday, February 3. natural field for Super
watching most of the controversial move by he was once again tak-                          nected with a dramatic The Giants will most Bowl XLII.
game from the side- Chargers coach Norv ing his team to the Su-                            game-winning 47-yard likely be double-digit

 UNH Athletics Sponsor “Think Pink” Day to
       Fight Against Breast Cancer
CHARGER PRESS RELEASE         campus Saturday, Feb.         make a difference in           aways for fans in at-         lobby from Feb. 4-8           joined the WBCA's
–––––––––––––––––             16 and a "Be Bold, Go         the fight against breast       tendance. At the game,        and make a donation           "Think Pink" initiative
                              Bald!"      competition       cancer."                       UNH will promote              to sign either pink rib-      by implementing the
                              among fraternities and           Charger fans are            a visit to campus by          bons, to be displayed         "Calling for a Cure"
WEST       HAVEN—             sororities.                   encouraged to support          the Yale-New Haven            in Charger Gymna-             campaign where all
The University of                "The WBCA is               the effort by wear-            Hospital mobile mam-          sium on Feb. 9, or            NCAA women's bas-
New Haven Depart-             very excited to pro-          ing pink to the UNH            mography van, which           pink t-shirts that will       ketball officials will
ment of Athletics             mote an initiative that       women's basketball             will provide breast           be worn by the UNH's          be blowing a pink
is joining over 600           touches all levels of         game against Molloy            cancer screenings on          women's basketball            whistle Feb. 8-17. Ad-
other schools in the          our membership and            College on Saturday,           Saturday, Feb. 16.            team during warm-             ditionally, officials are
fight against breast          unifies them for such         Feb. 9 at 2:00 p.m. All           The "Think Pink"           ups that day.                 encouraged to make
cancer by participat-         a great cause," said          fundraising proceeds           efforts to fight breast          A d d i t i o n a l l y,   a donation to the Kay
ing in the Women's            WBCA CEO Beth                 will go to the Hospi-          cancer aren't limited to      UNH's fraternities and        Yow/WBCA Cancer
Basketball Coaches            Bass. "It has been re-        tal of Saint Raphael's         just those two events,        sororities are chal-          Fund.
Association (WBCA)            markable to watch the         Father Michael J.              however. A full week          lenging one another in           For more infor-
"Think Pink" initia-          support of this initia-       McGivney         Center        of awareness will take        a "Be Bold, Go Bald!"         mation about UNH's
tive. UNH's week-             tive grow from 120            for Cancer Care. The           place in Bartels Hall         fundraising        initia-    "Think Pink" Day on
long efforts center           schools last year to          UNH women's team               on the main UNH               tive, where students          Feb. 9 please con-
around the women's            over 600 schools for          will wear pink shoe-           campus leading up to          can support the fight         tact Associate Di-
basketball game on            2008. With the help of        laces during the game          the game. Students,           against breast cancer         rector of Athletics
Saturday, Feb. 9, and         each of our members,          to show their support,         faculty and staff are         by shaving their heads        Susan Zawacki at
also include a mobile         the women's basket-           and UNH will have              encouraged to stop            to help raise money.          szawacki@newhaven.
mammography van on            ball community can            pink-themed        give-       by the student center            The NCAA has also          edu.
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                    A&E Continued                                   The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

      Chick Flick Appeals to                                                                  Troubled Brando Dies in
      More Than Just Chicks
con’t from page 8             to see in theaters. The       so-called Wrong and con’t from page 8
                                                                                                   Los Angeles                 The lawsuits were               suggested Brando was
with George. This not         chemistry between             Right guys in an over- Times, Brando said he                    settled last year on un-           the killer, although po-
only disrupts Jane’s          the two main charac-          used dilemma, the never intended to kill                        disclosed terms.                   lice never implicated
world, but nearly                                                                            Drollet, but wanted               Brando           was            him. Brando denied
destroys her as she                                                                          to scare him. "I just          charged January 2005               any involvement.
can’t let her sister                                                                         sat there and watched          with two counts of                    Seeley said Brando
down when George                                                                             the life go out of this        spousal abuse and he               was not married at the
and Tess become en-                                                                          guy," Brando said.             later pleaded no con-              time of his death and
gaged and ask Jane                                                                              At his son's trial,         test. He was placed on             did not leave any chil-
to be the maid of                                                                            Marlon Brando plead-           three years' probation             dren.
honor. Throughout                                                                            ed for leniency, telling       and ordered to drug                   Brando was the el-
her sister’s engage-                                                                         the court: "I think that       and alcohol rehabilita-            dest of the actor's nine
ment, Kevin is there                                                                         perhaps I failed as a          tion as well as a spou-            children, according to
to provide the pro-                                                                          father."                       sal-abuse prevention               a will the Oscar-win-
verbial “shoulder to                                                                            Brando's ex-wife,           program.                           ner left following his
cry on,” even when                                                                           Deborah Brando, sued              Brando also was                 death in 2004. Bran-
the crying consists                                                                          him for domestic vio-          the one-time lover of              do's mother was ac-
mostly of Jane’s an-                                                                         lence in 2005. She             Bonnie Lee Bakley,                 tress Anna Kashfi. She
noyance with him                                                                             claimed that shortly           who was shot to death              and Marlon Brando
and her explaining                                                                           after their 2004 mar-          in 2001. At one time,              divorced after a year.
how she’s perfectly                                                                          riage, Brando repeat-          Bakley claimed Bran-                  "I found him to be
happy helping out                                                                            edly beat her and              do had fathered her                an extremely person-
her sister. Kevin                                                                            threatened to kill her         child but tests showed             able, bright gentle-
points out to Jane                                                                           in the presence of her         it belonged to actor               man," said Bruce Mar-
                                                                   AN AP/ RICHARD DREW PHOTO
that there comes a James Marsden plays a cynical love interest in 27 Dresses.                teenage daughter.              Robert Blake, whom                 golin, an attorney who
time when one has ters is undeniable, and way the movie is writ-                                Brando      counter-        she later married.                 represented Brando.
to say no, something the movie is genuinely ten makes it a differ- sued, alleging that his                                     Blake was tried for             "He was very well-
Jane has difficulty funny with each char- ent kind of chick flick ex-wife broke into his                                    her murder and acquit-             loved in his family. I
doing when it comes acter having at least that guys just might home and beat him                                            ted but later ordered              think his life was too
to helping her friends some         well-written drag their girlfriends because he wanted to                                to pay $30 million in              short."
and family.            quips. While the mov- to, regardless of the annul their marriage                                     a wrongful death law-                 There are no funer-
   All in all, this ie itself is completely suggestive title.                                only 10 weeks after            suit. During that civil            al plans yet scheduled,
movie is worth going predictable with the                                                    exchanging vows.               case, Blake's lawyer               he added.

                         Celina’s Salacious Celebrity Gossip
                                                             The latest in celebrity news and gossip
                                                                        By Celina Natola
Hot young star dies           remains.                      love, it was more of
    I know everyone               Really, like many         admiration towards a
already knows about           other people, I find this     talented actor.
it, but it is important       so tragic. Ledger had             I am especially
to mention nonethe-           a lot going for him:          heartbroken because I
less. Last week, actor        a successful past, a          was eagerly awaiting
Heath Ledger died at          promising future, and         to see his portrayal of
the age of 28.                a 2-year-old daugh-           the Joker in Batman
    Ledger was found          ter. Although he has          Begins: The Dark
in the Soho apartment         been hanging around           Knight, due out this
he had been staying           with Mary Kate Olsen          summer. Now, there is
at by his housekeeper         lately, which I highly        talk about re-shooting
around 3:00 p.m. on           disapprove of, I have         the whole film after
Tuesday, Jan. 22. Al-         never been critical of        recasting the Joker.
though he was sur-            anything he’s done.           Not only do I feel like                                                                                 AN AP/ MARK J. TERRILL PHOTO
rounded by sleeping               Like many other           this would be a loss          Hollywood pays tribute to Heath Ledger during the 2008 SAG Awards on Sunday, Jan. 27.
pills, reports so far         teenage girls, I fell         to the entire movie-          stand that if his scenes ready been scratched.                       art of film, a loss to
claim that there seems        in love with Ledger           going audience of             are too rough-around- It would be a shame to                         the acting communi-
to be no evidence of          the moment I saw 10           America, but I feel it        the-edges to make a have such a talented                             ty, a loss to admiring
suicide. The toxicol-         Things I Hate About           is disrespectful to just      substantial film that it actor’s last works both                     fans, a loss to family,
ogy reports are sup-          You (still one of my          re-do his last work.          makes no sense. Pro- just thrown in the gar-                         and a loss to a culture
posed to be turned in         most quotable mov-            Let’s remember- after         duction of his most bage.                                            in need of such posi-
this week, but so far         ies). However, the            Aaliyah died, Queen           current movie, The          Ledger’s death is                        tive role models.
no illegal substances         love for Ledger wasn’t        of the Damned was             Imaginarium of Doc- truly a loss on many
have been found in his        your typical heartthrob       still released. I under-      tor Parnassas, has al- accounts: a loss to the
Page 12
          Fun & Games
                The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008
              Look for the answers to
             this week’s puzzles online
            at www.chargerbulletin.com
Page 13   The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008
                                                                                  TLC Airs Modern Version
                                                                                    of Classic Pageant
                                                                               con’t from page 8                 Choice."                          battle. "Entertainment
                                                                               modern TV standards,                 Stevens did not                Tonight"        reporter
                                                                               the swimwear com-                 make to the final 10,             Mark Steines was the
                                                                               petition kicked it up             but she took the disap-           master of ceremonies
                                                                               a notch. Most contes-             pointment with pluck.             of the show. Clinton
                                                                               tants wore black biki-            She dropped and gave              Kelly of TLC's hit
                                                                               nis, and some struck              the audience push ups             "What Not to Wear"
                                                                               provocative poses and             before joining the oth-           also helped with the
                                                                               twirled as the audience           er losers on a riser on           hosting duties.
                                                                               howled. Contestants               the side.                            The pageant sound-
                                                                               also wore blue jeans                 Producers added a              ed different, too. A
                                                                               and added a bit of hu-            twist to the interview            deejay spun dance
                                                                               mor to the traditional            portion, as well. They            music from turntables
                                                                               opening number, the               asked people on the               set up on stage. Con-
                                                                               parade of states.                 street to pose ques-              testants danced and
                                                                                   Haglund's moves               tions, and the results            waved to the audience
                                                                               won howls from the                were edgier than usu-             during commercials
                                                                               audience. "I think                al. Contestents were              breaks.
                                                                               for the audience, the             asked about binge                    The show was the
                                                                               swimwear and eve-                 drinking, HIV and                 latest in a series of at-
                                                                               ning wear was much                Britney Spears' preg-             tempts to find a new
                                                                               more entertaining, am             nant younger sister,              audience after more
                                                                               I right?" Haglund said            Jamie Lynn.                       than a decade of de-
                                                                               when asked about the                 "No I don't think              clining ratings. The
                                                                               show's new look.                  she should be fired,"             fading institution was
                                                                                   The changes in-               Miss Indiana Nicole               dropped from network
                                                                               cluded a chance for               Elizabeth Rash said.              television in 2004.
                                                                               "Reality Check" view-             "They're still people,            It spent a two-year
                                                                               ers to text message               they're still human be-           stint on Country Mu-
                                                                               votes for their favorite          ings. We all deserve              sic Television before
                                                                               contestant. Miss Utah,            second chances."                  being picked up last
                                                                               Jill Stevens, an Army                The       long-strug-          summer by TLC, a
                                                                               medic who served                  gling pageant had                 cable channel reach-
                                                                               in Afghanistan, was               promised a new look               ing 93 million homes
                                                                               named       "America's            for this year's beauty            in the U.S.

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              electronic billing and payment system.
With epay, you are able to view and pay your bill online from the convenience of your own home, or authorize someone else to pay on your be-
half. epay is part of UNH’s “path to paperless” initiative, aimed at creating greater efficiencies through the use of technology, while at the same
                                                 time reducing expenses on paper and postage.

 You will receive notification through your UNH e-mail account that an e-bill has been posted. You may also authorize someone else, such as a
     parent, to view and pay your bill. Students may log in to epay through Matrix self service at http://matrix-sws.newhaven.edu/student

                                                                              Frequently Asked Questions
                                                                                             Do I really need a UNH email account?
                                                              Yes! From now on, important university related information and notification of e-bill postings will be sent
                                                              directly to your UNH e-mail account. If you do not have an account, or can’t remember your username or
                                                             password, please visit the Campus Card Office in Echlin Hall or call (203) 932-7054. You should check your
                                                                                                  UNH e-mail account regularly.

                                                                                                    What is an e-bill notification?
                                                            An e-bill notification comes in the form of an e-mail to your UNH account, alerting you that your billing state-
                                                                ment is available for viewing. Your e-bill will display the same information as a traditional paper bill.

                                                                                              Is this online payment system secure?
                                                             Yes it is. UNH has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions which ensures all transactions are handled in a
                                                                                                  completely secure environment.

                                                                                                      Can I get a paper bill instead?
                                                             Yes. The university is planning to transition from paper bills to electronic bills in the fall semester. As a part
                                                              of this transition, you will receive paper and electronic bills in the fall. Starting in December, you will only
                                                             receive electronic bills. If you wish to continue to receive paper bills, you must submit an Electronic Billing
                                                             Exemption Appeal Form for approval (available in the Bursar s Office). To receive an appeal form by mail or
                                                            electronically, please send a written request to bursar@newhaven.edu or UNH Bursars Office, 300 Boston Post
                                                                                                      Road, West Haven, CT 06516.

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Page 15
                    Charger Bulletin Board                 The Charger Bulletin | January 30, 2008

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                                                                                                        Charger Bulletin staff. The Charger Bulletin has the
                                                                                                        right to refuse to print any letter or submission. Final

    U.S. Cocaine Statistics Drop, Gov-
                                                                                                        decisions are made by the editors.

      ernment Blames New Tactics                                                                        Students are strongly encouraged to write for The
con’t from page 2          because the counter-      jad visited Bolivia,     Pentagon, C.I.A. and Charger Bulletin. Visit us on the third floor of Bartels
tics being used by the     drug mission was of       subsequently pledging    other government-led Hall for more info.
drug’s distributors that   lesser national prior-    $1 billion in invest-    organizations are look-
are tougher to stop.       ity than the wars in      ments. Ahmadinejad       ing into new ways of      —————MEETINGS—————
Mullen said simply,        Iraq and Afghanistan.     later met with Venezu-   studying the cocaine
“The bad guy is mov-       Mullen also emit-         elan President Hugo      smugglers. They have    Mondays at 1:30pm in the Charger Bulletin
ing faster than we’re      ted worries over Iran     Chavez, a man whom       constructed a model      Office on the third floor of Bartels Hall.
moving.”                   pushing to strengthen     the Bush administra-     of a semi-submersible
   A chairman for the      its ties to Latin Amer-   tion has accused of      vessel like the ones
Joint Chiefs noted that    ica. Iranian President    being a threat.          they suspect are being
he was a little worried    Mahmoud Ahmadine-            The U.S. Navy,        used by drug cartels.
               Don’t forget to look for the Word of the Week!
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