Hokies _7A and 7C_ Heelots _7A and 7C_ confusing_ gentle_ annoying

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					                 Hokies (7A and 7C)                                  Heelots (7A and 7C)
confusing, gentle, annoying, physical, friendly,   stuffy (uptight), shy, opposite, wild, unfriendly,
sexist, eager                                      annoying, aggressive
No interaction                                     No eye contact
Shook hands to begin and end conversation          Whispered in ear
Likes numbers                                      Made up own language
Touch shoulders to answer                          “Yes” and “No” were different words: “Heelo” and
Like gold                                          “Heelotia”
Have a lot of red tokens                           Spoke to you on your right side
Don’t ask questions                                Hissed when you tried to touch them
Likes zero and numbers
Tried to make eye contact
Trying to touch you
                     Hokies (7B)                                       Heelots (7B)
Friendly                                           Weird
Funny                                              Aggressive
Different                                          Intelligent
Nice                                               Rough
Weird                                              Scared
Touchy                                             Paranoid
Careful                                            Rude
Mean                                               Crazy
Simple                                             Curious
Quiet (less talking)                               Loud
Trade (like)                                       Alert
Annoying                                           Hissy
Happy                                              Picky
Shy                                                Sensitive
Violent                                            Disgusted

    1. Do you feel the other group gave an accurate description of your culture? Yes or no, and
       support your answer with a description of your own culture, its structure, and its rules.

        Give two more (2) examples of your own. Use the example below as a guide.

Example 1: The Heelots said that we (Hokies) were always trying to touch them. I don’t feel this was
accurate because our culture requires that we begin and end each conversation with a handshake. We
were only trying to shake hands to formally begin a conversation. Sometimes the Heelots began
speaking to us, asking us questions, but we couldn’t continue the conversation until we officially
“began” it with a handshake.

    2. What did you learn? Describe the process by which you learned about the other culture.
       Specifically, what factors influenced that process: secondhand information from previous
       visitors, direct observation, trial and error (trying things to solve your problem)?

    3. What barriers made communication and understanding between the Hokies and Heelots
       difficult? For example, language differences, non-verbal codes (body language),
       preconceptions (what you already thought you knew), anxiety.

    4. Do you think the kinds of things that you experienced in this simulation occur in the real
       world as well? Yes or no, why or why not?
   5. What effect do these personal communication problems have on international relations?

Please respond to these questions in your SIS blog—title the entry: Along the Silk Road – Culture
Simulation Reflection.

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