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Classified_Staff_Performance_Appraisal_Form by gegeshandong


									                            University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
                                              Classified Staff Performance Appraisal Form
                           Employee Name                                              Evaluation Period

                           Employee ID                                                Review Date

                           Position                                                   Department

                           Supervisor Name                                            Business Unit

Performance Rating Scale
Rating Definitions
                           Performance far exceeded expectations due to exceptionally high quality of work performed in all essential areas of
                           responsibility, resulting in an overall quality of work that was superior; and either 1) included the completion of a major goal or
 5    Exceptional          project, or 2) made an exceptional or unique contribution in support of unit, department, or University objectives. This rating is
                           achievable by any employee though given infrequently.

      Exceeds              Performance consistently exceeded expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, and the quality of work overall was
 4                         excellent. Annual goals were met.
                           Performance consistently met expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, at times possibly exceeding expectations,
 3    Meets Expectations   and the quality of work overall was very good. The most critical annual goals were met.

      Improvement          Performance did not consistently meet expectations – performance failed to meet expectations in one or more essential areas
      Needed               of responsibility, and/or one or more of the most critical goals were not met.

                           Performance was consistently below expectations in most essential areas of responsibility, and/or reasonable progress toward
 1    Unsatisfactory       critical goals was not made. Significant improvement is needed in one or more important areas. A plan to correct performance,
                           including timelines, must be outlined and monitored to measure progress.
N/A   N/A                  The employee has been in the position less than six months or out on leave of absence for 75% of the performance period.

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Section I – Performance Goals & Objectives
               List each of the employee’s performance goals established for the performance period below. Using the scale above, select the appropriate
Instructions   level of attainment and enter the rating in the Goal Rating field. Enter key accomplishments and the justification for the rating in the
               Accomplishments & Comments field.

Performance Goals                                             Results & Comments                                                                 Rating








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Section II – Performance Standards
                    Rate the employee on each of the skills and competencies below using the rating scale above. For ratings of Exceptional (5) or Unsatisfactory
Instructions        (1), use the comments field to enter the justification. Add other comments as appropriate.

Performance Standard                                                                                          Comments                                    Rating

Accountability, Dependability, Responsibility
Accepts accountability for own actions and performs assignments in a timely manner. Makes effective
use of resources. Meets deadlines and standards for quality and quantity of work. Takes responsibility
for the results of decisions made.

Personal Integrity
Builds trust. Model of principled, ethical, and values-orientated behavior.

Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Flexibility
Interacts with others in open, objective ways which show respect and interest. Listens attentively to the
ideas and concerns of others and gives them genuine consideration. Communicates orally and in writing
in clear, succinct, and understandable ways. Passes information on to others as appropriate. Focuses
on issues and not personalities. Is sensitive to impact on others. Willingly alters plans and personal work
style to fit circumstances.

Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Judgment
Identifies problems and opportunities. Gathers and organizes facts. Makes effective decisions using
sound judgment.

Organizational and Planning Skills
Sets goals, establishes priorities, utilizes available resources, and organizes work to meet deadlines,
schedules, or commitments through effective planning and prioritizing. Makes effective use of time.

Demonstrates willingness to assist colleagues with various projects/tasks (assigned projects as well as
unassigned where help is needed).

Initiative and Resourcefulness
Offers suggestions. Anticipates needs. Seeks additional tasks as time permits. Contributes, develops,
and/or carries out new ideas or methods.

Attendance and Punctuality
Reports to work on time. Gives prompt notice of absence due to illness. Adheres to department policies
regarding leave requests. Adheres to all applicable university and departmental policies.

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Professional Self-Improvement
Keeps abreast of current developments in field. Attends internal and external classes, workshops,
seminars, and training programs. Participates and maintains memberships in professional organizations
if applicable. Seeks assignments to support professional growth.

Safety and Compliance
Completes all mandatory basic safety and compliance training by required deadlines. Completes EHS
safety training required by job function, e.g. completes required training if they will have exposure on the
job to biological, chemicals or radiation hazards. Adheres to safety rules, and compliance/HOOP
standards and policies.

Customer, Client, Patient Relations
Maintains good customer relations. Returns calls promptly. Works with customers in problem
resolution. Provides timely follow-up with clients. Acts in a courteous and professional manner.

Responds well to supervision, coaching and feedback.

Job Specific Functional/Technical Skills
Please list and rate job specific functional/technical skills required for this position.

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Section IV – Summary of Overall Performance
To be completed by employee’s manager.

Overall Rating
       Exceptional              Exceeds Expectations             Meets Expectations           Improvement Needed   Unsatisfactory
           5                             4                               3                            2                  1

Summary of Overall Performance

Employee Strengths

Employee Development Opportunities

Employee Comments
The space below is reserved for the employee’s comments concerning this performance review.

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                               University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
                                                                        Performance Plan
                              Employee Name                                               Performance Period
                              Position                                                    Supervisor

Key Responsibilities
Enter the employee’s key responsibilities for the new performance period.





Performance Goals
Enter the employee’s performance goals below along with the criteria that will be used to measure success.

Goal                                             Action Plan                                       Metrics
                                                 What will you do to achieve this goal?            Measures for success, Target Dates or Milestones

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Development Goals
Enter the employee’s goals to help the employee grow and increase their skills and capabilities.

Goal                                                 Action Plan                                           Metrics
                                                     What will you do to achieve this goal?                Measures for success, Target Dates or Milestones

We certify by our signatures below that this performance evaluation and this performance plan have been discussed and agreement finalized. The goals in the
performance plan above support and align with the strategic plan of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the operating plan of our
school/business unit. The goals above are to be achieved by the employee during the new evaluation period.

Employee                                                                                                                        Date

Manager/Supervisor                                                                                                              Date

Senior Manager/Supervisor                                                                                                       Date

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