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									November 2008

College of
                                                                                       The College of DenTisTry
                                                                                           University of Saskatchewan
                                                                                                    Room 332
                                                                                             Dental Clinic Building
                                                                                               105 Wiggins Road
                                                                                            Saskatoon SK S7N 5E4
                                                                                                Dr. Gerry Uswak
                                                                                                Associate Dean:
                                                                                               Dr. Paul Teplitsky
                                                                                                Assistant Dean:
                                                                                                Dr. Alan Kilistoff
                                                                                             Recall Copy-editing and
                                                                                                 Wanda Drury

If you read something in this issue of Recall that you would like to respond to, please send your comments to Janet Sklarchuk
at the address above or janet.sklarchuk@usask.ca

           AppoiNtmeNt of deAN,
           college of deNtistry
On June 3, 2008, the College was informed that the
Board of Governors of the University of Saskatchewan
had approved the recommendation of the Search
Committee to appoint Dr. Gerry Uswak as Dean,
College of Dentistry, for a five-year renewable term
effective July 1, 2008.

Dr. Uswak earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a
DMD from the University of Manitoba, followed by a
Master’s degree in Public Health from the University
of North Carolina–Chapel Hill.

The College was most fortunate to attract Dr. Uswak
as a faculty member in 2005. Within only a year of
his arrival, the College was in need of an Acting Dean
and he was identified as the person who could lead
the College through a transition period. June 30,
2008, was the end of the second year of that acting

We are all looking forward to working with Dr. Uswak
over the next five years as he leads the College!

                                                Dean’s Message
                                                               Dr. Gerry Uswak

Where does the time go? Time itself is an interesting            denturists in order to develop policies and programs that
construct in that it generally elapses in direct opposition      could break down access-to-care barriers and thereby
to how we want it to. Want it to speed up? Good luck,            enable all of the province’s residents to enjoy sound oral
because it will move excruciatingly slowly. Want just a          health. We are all well acquainted with how successfully
little more time? No such luck—it will fly by in the blink       the team approach can work in private practice, but
of an eye. One moment it is early August and we at the           private practices alone cannot meet the needs of people
College are readying ourselves for the start of another          who are unable to make their way to our clinics. Dental
academic year: revising syllabi and lectures, finalizing         Public Health programs try to meet the needs of those
part-time faculty for clinical coverage, and doing a             facing access-to-care barriers; however, those programs
myriad of other preparatory functions. Then, before you          are limited by a lack of resources. But what if the
know it, it is already October: lectures and clinics are in      private and public sectors pooled their knowledge and
full swing, Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around           expertise? Then maybe we could make a difference.
the corner, then November and the looming prospect               The establishment of a Chief Dental Health Officer of
of exams coupled with the need to finalize holiday               Saskatchewan could be the first step in this process.
shopping. A short respite over the holiday break then            The idea has the support of the Chief Dental Officer of
right back at it come January, with the new year bringing        Canada. All we need is for the provincial government to
increased focus for some on completing requirements              buy into the idea. The position could even be embedded
while others try to figure out where they want to work           in the College of Dentistry, to ensure it remains a neutral
upon graduation. I guess we are just prisoners of time,          third party serving the needs of all of the oral health
aren’t we? But on occasion, we need to take pause and            professions and the people of Saskatchewan. I would
reflect on how the passage of time affects us.                   be very interested in your opinions on the need for such
                                                                 a position. This is one of the times that we need to be
Time is linked to change, and we can choose either to            active and be agents of change because if we do not act,
be passive and let change move us or to be active and            no one will take action on our behalves. We are a small
to be agents of change. One thing (among many) that I            province and there is no excuse to keep us from truly
would like to see changed soon is for people outside of          working together on the common goal of Oral Health
the oral health professions to recognize the importance          for All.
of oral health to systemic well-being. Do you realize that
we do not have a Provincial Chief Dental (Oral) Health           I mentioned before that time is linked to change;
Officer in this province? Almost every other provincial          unfortunately, sometimes that change is unexpected and
government ensures designation of someone to provide             unwanted. This is one of those times. Dr. Joel Kerry
strategic direction for safeguarding the oral health of          and Dr. Kelly Kudryk (Class of 1986) both have had long
the population. Now, if Saskatchewan did not have a              associations with this College which recently have come
Provincial Chief Medical Health Officer there would be a         to an end. On behalf of the students, staff, and faculty
huge uproar. But once again, since oral health is generally      I would like to thank both Kelly and Joel for their time
left out of the health care picture in this province, the        and commitment to our students’ education over the
absence of a chief dental officer is apparently ignored          years. Both of you will be missed, but this is your time
even at a time when the linkages between oral and                for change and we do wish you well.
systemic diseases are clearer than ever.
                                                                 And with that, I am out of time, and I thank you for
In my opinion, the establishment of a Chief Dental Health        yours!
Officer would be a significant achievement for oral
health in this province. Imagine for a moment that this          Dr. Gerry Uswak
position could be the link between all of the oral health
professionals across the province, whether engaged in
public or in private practice. The position could facilitate
the co-operation of dentists, dental hygienists, dental
assistants, dental therapists, dental technicians, and

                  coNvocAtioN 2008

                       2008 grAduAtes
Brett Bevans        Scott Harris           Kristi Lafontaine   Cherise Spies
Jess Chhokar        Jocelyne Hodgson       Krisa McCann        Amanda Uzelman
Caesar Chow         Waseem Hussain         Jennifer Park       Phuong Vu
Brad Cornish        Sherry Kahlon          Breanne Paseska     Jason Yen
Stephanie Craig     Ryan Kilistoff         Kathrina Robles     Thomas Yoon
Brent Davis         Sunghae Kim            Simran Sandhu
Atul Dhir           Mark Kramar            Jonida Seferi

                                                            Some of the Class of 2008

At the University of Saskatchewan Spring Convocation
held on May 28, 2008, twenty-six graduates from the
College of Dentistry became members of the dental

The ceremony was followed by a Graduation Banquet
and Dance at TCU Place that evening, with Dr. Dean
Kolbinson (Class of 1980) providing a very thoughtful
and inspiring address encompassing the graduates’
four-year journey through dental school. Congra-
tulations to Mark Kramar, who was awarded the Faculty
of Dentistry Gold Medal.

Good luck to all of our graduates as they begin their
new careers!

                      grAduAtioN breAkfAst
  It has been a tradition since 1977!                                  Dr. Bernie White (Class of 1972), Registrar of
  The College of Dental Surgeons                                       the CDSS, presented Amanda Uzelman with
  of Saskatchewan (CDSS) hosted a                                      the Western Canada Dental Society Fund –
  graduation breakfast on May 29, 2008,                                Dr. Cal Waddell Memorial Scholarship. Dr.
  at the Sheraton Cavalier to honour                                   Mitch Taillon (Class of 1984), President of
  and recognize the Class of 2008.                                     the CDSS, presented Mark Kramar with the
  Family, friends, faculty, staff, and fellow                          Canadian Dental Association President’s
  colleagues were in attendance to wish                                Award.
  our newest professionals a successful
  future. The guest speaker was Dr. Carol
  Lynn Nagle (Class of 1981), who once
  again provided a thought-provoking
  address to the graduates.                     Dr. Carol Lynn Nagle

(L-R) Dr. Mitch Taillon and Mark Kramar                                 Class of 2008 Graduation Breakfast

          Where Are they NoW?
With interest we follow the professional lives of the       Mark Kramar – Private Practice, Victoria, BC
graduating Class of 2008:                                   Kristi Lafontaine – Private Practice, Medicine Hat,
Brett Bevans – Private Practice, Lethbridge, AB             Krisa McCann – Private Practice, Saskatoon, SK
Jess Chhokar – Private Practice, Calgary, AB                Jennifer Park – GPR in Pediatric Dentistry,
Caesar Chow – Private Practice, Vancouver, BC                  Halifax, NS
Brad Cornish – Private Practice, Lethbridge, AB             Breanne Paseska – Private Practice, Winnipeg, MB
Stephanie Craig – Private Practice, Saskatoon, SK           Kathrina Robles – GPR, Saskatoon, SK
Brent Davis – Private Practice, Cranbrook, BC               Simran Sandhu – Private Practice, Calgary, AB
Atul Dhir – GPR, Saskatoon, SK                              Jonida Seferi – Private Practice, Saskatoon, SK
Scott Harris – Private Practice, Cranbrook, BC              Cherise Spies – Private Practice, Saskatoon, SK
Jocelyne Hodgson – Private Practice, Saskatoon, SK          Amanda Uzelman – Private Practice, Saskatoon, SK
Waseem Hussain – Private Practice, Lethbridge, AB           Phuong Vu – Private Practice, North Battleford, SK
Sherry Kahlon – Private Practice, Calgary, AB               Jason Yen – Private Practice, Victoria, BC
Ryan Kilistoff – Private Practice, Vernon, BC               Thomas Yoon – Private Practice, Brampton, ON
Sunghae Kim – Private Practice, Surrey, BC

                                 thANk you
During May and June, Pauline Pontarollo, Pediatric          toothpaste, Microbrush bears, sunglasses, a
Clinic Administrator, attended the year-end                 backpack, and a jewelry box. Thank you to the
assemblies of the schools enrolled in the College’s         following donors for providing prizes: Sunstar,
Pediatric Dental Program. Prizes were available for         Proctor and Gamble, Diana Jones from Paramount
children who were involved in the program and               Optical, Microbrush, and an anonymous donor.
Pauline made draws for Pulsar toothbrushes,

                    Caswell School

                                                            Caroline Robins School                W P Bate School
                                                        7                                   Nautia Crier
                                                                       Class of 2009 - Fall Welcome

             fAll Welcome
This year’s Fall Welcome and Banquet, held at        caring attention to patients demonstrated by
TCU Place on Saturday, September 20, 2008,           the late Dr. Wilf Cotter during his professional
was a very enjoyable evening filled with good        career. The Dental Anatomy Award went to
humour and good will. Hats off to Krista             Srdjan Dautbegovic for achieving the highest
Maedel and her committee for the great job           average in the first-year anatomy classes.
they did in organizing this annual event.            Stefan Grener was presented with the Anthony
                                                     A. Blasko Memorial Scholarship.           Geoff
The banquet was followed by the awards               McIntosh earned the Paul Teplitsky Desire
ceremony. Clint Knudsen and Drew Krainyk             to Win Award, and Krista Maedel graciously
were the recipients of the Dr. Kirk Johnston         accepted the infamous Boot Play Award. The
Spirit of Dentistry Memorial Award. Clint            Challenge Cup was presented to the faculty
Knudsen received the W. A. Cotter Award, an          (emblematic of supremacy in the Students vs.
award presented to the fourth-year student who       Faculty/Alumni hockey war). Riley Young won
best exemplifies the empathy, courtesy, and          the Most Likely to Succeed Award.

   Anuja Patel and Angela Ash            Ashley Fidyk and                 Ben Wilson, Brian Phee,
                                        Meghan Goodman                        Adam Abdulla

  Dustin Wawryk, Geoff McIntosh,   Chris Walker and April Sinclair       Geoff McIntosh and Abigail
   Michael Paul, Graeme Lackie
                     messAge from the
                      AssociAte deAN
Janet Sklarchuk – who, by the way,                                                  endodontists in Saskatoon (David
does a sensational job of putting                                                   Stark and Blayne Thibodeau), but
together this magazine – insists that                                               I do continue to “administer,”
I, as Associate Dean, make a written                                                pushing paper at a feverish pitch.
contribution. She is oblivious to the                                               Believe it nor not, I accepted the
fact that most of you heard more                                                    Associate Dean position (second
than you needed or wanted to from                                                   time around) because I want to
me when you were students! So                                                       make a contribution to the welfare
for the very few of you who may be                                                  of this College. It is my opinion that
interested, I’ll take this opportunity                                              our College has been unfairly and
to bring you up-to-date on certain                                                  unjustly treated by central university
aspects of my mundane life.                                                         administration for a number of
                                                                                    years. And unfortunately, at times
I remain married to Susan and we                                                    we have been our own worst enemy.
just celebrated our 37th wedding                                                    The result was a college with
anniversary. This is a profound                                                     administrative, cultural, economic,
testimonial to Susan’s enduring                                                     and personnel problems. Certainly,
patience, flexibility, and tolerance. We have managed            I’d been around long enough to know that I carried
to raise three exceptional (I’m biased) children who             no wand that would bestow an instant cure, nor that
have left home physically but not in spirit, as we remain        I could solve these problems alone, but at that point I
close knit. My daughter, Liane, recently married, has a          came to two major conclusions: first, that I wanted to
Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering, capping off            be part of the solution and secondly, I felt our current
her Electrical Engineering and Physiology degrees. She           Dean was “on the same page” and willing to pursue a
lives in Santa Monica. My son, Ryan, has a Geological            dentistry-first agenda.
Engineering degree and works in Edmonton. More
importantly, he and his wife Christine have produced             I assumed this responsibility a year ago. Since Janet
our first grandson. It took the little genius until age 14       wanted only a biography in this addition of Recall, I
months to figure out how to open the “childproof” gate           will wait until next time to inform you of changes we
at the top of the stairs, subsequently doing a face plant        have made and what we are working on. Although the
and intruding his incisors! Our youngest, Tyson, has a           signs of creeping senility continue to surface, I still to
business degree and MBA which he obtained while on               take great pleasure in hearing from many of my former
a hockey scholarship and while playing professional              students, so please do not hesitate to drop me a note
hockey for three years. He currently is trying to make           or visit me at the College if the opportunity presents
an “elite” team in Europe, but if unsuccessful will              itself.
probably leave hockey and get a “real” job.
                                                                 Dr. Paul Teplitsky
As to me: I am semi-retired. I haven’t practiced for
about a year and I teach very little as I’ve downloaded
most of this responsibility to the two practicing

                        Welcome to the
                         clAss of 2012
Orientation for the Year 1 Class took place August               We extend a very warm welcome to the following 29
22, 2008. From having photos taken, to touring the               young women and men who have embarked on this
College, to meeting other students and making new                challenging journey and we wish them much success
friends – the day was the start of a new chapter in the          throughout the next four years.
lives of our newest dental students.

                  Taneil Barlow                   Robert Goth                          Sungbin Park
                  Trent Bevans                    Alexis Graham                        Cody Pollock
                  Dyar Bikey                      Jason Hoium                          Kevin Saganski
                  Joanne Bourgault                Jungwha (Jessie) Hong                James Tailfeathers
                  Poorvi Brahmania                Donald Hui                           Jenny Tran
                  Lauren Bull                     Ajit (Jay) Lalli                     Dan Truong
                  Russell Butler                  Megan Lamontagne                     Peter Watson
                  Alan Chernosky                  Gregory Little                       Brian Wiens
                  Kristopher Currie               Michael McKee                        Riley Young
                  Hristina Domuschieva            Ashley Neumeier

            White coAt ceremoNy
In the past, the College’s White Coat Ceremony has               this year our Year 2 students will be the first cohort to
occurred at the beginning of students’ Year 1, with              participate in our new format.
little fanfare and less notice. The “low profile” that
this ceremony has to this point held within our College          The ceremony will be held on Thursday, January 8,
has failed to reflect the very strong significance of the        2009, in Convocation Hall from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00
occasion that the event is intended to commemorate.              noon. We are inviting a number of representatives
                                                                 from the university and the dental profession, as well
White Coat Ceremonies are held by many health science            as family and friends of the students, to share in this
programs to mark the important transition of students            very important moment in the lives of our students.
from the classroom to clinical treatment and patient             Each Year 2 student will be presented with his or her
care. In our College, the ceremony provides a moment             white lab coat by a Year 4 student, then the group will
to reflect upon and reconfirm the values that Dentistry          recite the Code of Professional Conduct. A reception
aspires to, namely professionalism, ethical integrity,           will follow.
service to society, and respect for our patients. For our
students this transition occurs in the second term of            We feel that the new scheduling of our College’s White
Year 2, when they begin to treat patients in the clinic.         Coat Ceremony will allow the occasion to stand as a
Increasingly, we have been feeling that our College              more clear milestone for this very important transition
should move the ceremony to correctly coincide with              in our students’ education and lives.
when this transition actually happens, and as a result

     2009 college of deNtistry
            tAble cliNics
The College of Dentistry’s traditional Table Clinics Night     7. Austin Lee & Michelle Hone (Supervisor: Dr. F.
has been transformed into Table Clinics Day as part               Otero-Cagide)
of Activity Day #4 and is scheduled for Tuesday, April            The Relationship between Buccal Molar
14, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. It will be held at the Neatby-             Furcations and the Amount of Attached Gingiva
Timlin Theater (formerly Place Riel Theater) in the
U of S Arts Building, Room 241. In addition to location        8: Megan Meredith & Jennifer McIntosh
the mode of presentation also has been changed, from              (Supervisor: Dr. F. Otero-Cagide)
our traditional poster presentation to a 10-minute Power          A Clinical Study to Evaluate Root Coverage on
Point presentation/team format.                                   Lingual Recessions of Mandibular Anterior Teeth
                                                                  Following a Coronally Positioned Flap
Fourteen teams, each team consisting of two third-year
students, are competing for first prize. Our winning team     9: Ibrahim Muradi & Darya Bikey (Supervisor: Dr.
will be competing at the national competition, comprising        M. Etman)
teams from all ten Canadian dental schools, at the               Retrospective Study on the Clinical Performance
2009 Canadian Dental Association Annual Convention               of Removable Partial Dentures
in Vancouver in March. Following are the titles of our
College’s projects and names of presenters:                   10: Michael Paul & Dustin Wawryk (Supervisor: Dr. K.
1. Bradley Baker & Justin Jubber (Supervisors: Dr. D.             Infection Control Comparisons between
   Tyler & Dr. K. Komiyama)                                       Practitioners from the University of Saskatchewan
   Ozone Treatment in Dental Practice – Revolutionary             and the University of Okayama, Japan
   or Gimmick?
                                                              11: Alison Schubert & Geoff McIntosh (Supervisor:
 2. Jeremy Cooper & Richard Jahn (Supervisor:                     Dr. B. Ziola)
    Dr. A. Kilistoff )                                            The Antimicrobial Activity of Hops on Cariogenic
    Assessment of the Oral Health Status and                      Bacteria When Used in Conjunction with Fluoride
    Treatment Needs of Seniors Living in Long Term
                                                              12. Amanda Vols & Shane Mamer (Supervisor: Dr. K.
    Care (LTC) Facilities in Saskatchewan
 3. Ashley Fidyk & Marie Hawreluik (Supervisor:                   An Informative and Educational Look at Chairside
    Dr. A. Koneru)                                                Salivary-HIV Testing: Diagnosis, Responsibility
    Pre-clinical Evaluation of Resin Sealing on                   and Ethics
    Amalgam Microleakage in Primary Class I Molars
                                                              13: Chris Walter & April Sinclair (Supervisor: Dr.
4. Eric Granberg & Justin Bhullar (Supervisor: Dr. P.             G. Uswak)
   Teplitsky)                                                     Provincial Waiting Times in Urban and Rural Centres
   Academic Dishonesty: A Survey of the                           for Various Dental Procedures and the Ramifications
   Perspectives of North American Dental Students                 Regarding Access Barriers to Oral Health
   and Faculty                                                14: Ashley Wolfe & Drew Krainyk (Supervisor: Dr. M.
 5. Stefan Graner & Mohamed El Gamal (Supervisor:
                                                                  A Retrospective Study on the Clinical Performance of
    Dr. K. Komiyama)
                                                                  Single Crowns
    Acceptance of New AHA Guidelines for the
    Prevention of Infective Endocarditis                      The local Table Clinics competition is sponsored by the
                                                              Saskatoon and District Dental Society. Dentists, allied
 6. Graeme Lackie & Meghan Goodman (Supervisor:               dental personnel, faculty, staff, students, and the U of S
    Dr. A. Koneru)                                            community all are invited to attend.
    A Comparison of the Acid Resistance of
    Commonly Used Dental Cements                         11
       messAge from the
AssistANt deAN, cliNicAl AffAirs
This early fall has been very busy.                                                    have several great features
Besides orientation of the new Class                                                   including easy access to the latest
of 2012, we’ve been especially busy                                                    editions, ease of carrying (no more
due to the new clinic computer                                                         armfuls of hardcover books!),
system that is now being installed at                                                  availability of easy and powerful
our College. The system’s 40-week                                                      searching tools, and considerably
implementation program is now well                                                     less cost. In fact, the reduction
underway. Those who have been to                                                       in cost of textbooks should allow
the Dental Clinic building may have                                                    our students to purchase their
noticed a conduit running across the                                                   laptops without a large additional
ceiling in the waiting room. This is for                                               net cost.
the network lines that will eventually
be brought into the clinic. This                                                        We have just completed another
December, immediately following                                                         successful Summer Session. Each
the final clinic session, the clinic area                                               year we add more students, and
will become a construction zone as                                                      the number of patients seeking
several holes will be drilled through                                                   treatment continues to grow.
the floor in order to bring the network cables from the           These patients are not our regular patients that we see
main floor into the clinic. We have the database shell            in the clinic, but rather are emergencies and patients
constructed and at present a lot of our data is being             who are available only in the summer. Summer Session
converted for installation into this database. October            therefore has little effect on the treatment rendered in
14 to 17 are scheduled for four full days of on-site              our regular clinic but provides additional experience
training with axiUm, using our own database. These                for our students, treats emergencies, and generates
training sessions will involve many different people at           additional revenue.
different times according to their levels of expertise.
This four-day intensive training will be followed by              Our simulation clinic has two new units to help with
two-hour computer and telephone training sessions                 the overflow and to provide backup during examination
each week for the next many weeks, and there will be              situations should a unit fail. These units are equipped
homework that will keep us busy between sessions.                 with electric handpieces that will allow students to
The culmination of all this effort will be a live computer        gain some experience with these devices. All students
system by the summer of 2009.                                     will be required to perform at least some of their work
                                                                  on the electric handpieces.
We have decided that we will have laptop computers
that will be used in the clinic for the terminals at              This promises to be an exciting year, with all the
each workstation. The students will purchase these                changes and new ideas that will come with our new
laptops as part of their fees. With the addition of the           computer system!
laptop computers, we will be implementing electronic
textbooks for the majority of classes. These textbooks            Dr. Alan Kilistoff

                  30th ANNuAl
            sAskAtcheWAN mArAthoN
Dr. David Stark (Class of 1990), President of the         Paul Louie             marathon         5:01:22
Saskatoon Road Runners Association (SRRA), reports        James Stephenson       marathon         4:42:10
that the 30th annual Saskatchewan Marathon was            Wes Antosh             half-marathon    1:49:09
held on Sunday, May 25, 2008, in Saskatoon. A record      Mark Berscheid         half-marathon    1:24:11
number (1225) of athletes participated and among          Sujata Choubal         half-marathon    3:15:24
them was an impressive number of dental personnel,        Stacie Churchill       half-marathon    2:20:36
including a big group closely associated with the         Meghan Goodman         half-marathon    2:08:27
University of Saskatchewan’s College of Dentistry.        Trent Kolbe            half-marathon    2:00:25
                                                          Hilary Stevens         half-marathon    2:11:15
All those listed below should be very proud of their      Jay Stevens            half-marathon    1:59:06
accomplishments. As well, the participants will be        Ashley Wolfe           half-marathon    1:43:33
the first to acknowledge the support of those close to    Raju Bhargava          10 Km            53:43
them, who encouraged them in their training and on        Mary Hastings          10 Km            58:28
race day: families and friends.                           Loren MacLennan        10 Km            57:21
                                                          Cheri Sutherland       10 Km            1:00:42
Dr. Stark apologizes to anyone missed in this listing
and hopes to hear from them, to make amends.              Dr. Dave Stark,
                                                          SRRA President and Saskatchewan Marathon Race

                                                Dr. David Stark at 30th annual
                                                    Saskatchewan Marathon

                                                                          (L-R) Dr. Anjani Koneru, Karl Martin,
                                                                          Dr. Francisco Otero, Daryn Bikey

                sWitch — WhAt’s thAt?
The Student Wellness Initiative          not only a service-based learning    Saturday mornings per month
Towards        Community       Health    opportunity but also insight into    (at present the dental clinic is
(SWITCH) began in 2005, the              the social determinants of health.   open one Wednesday evening
result of a vision put forth by health   The SWITCH clinic runs out of        and one Saturday morning per
science students to establish an         the Westside Community Clinic        month) and expanding services
interdisciplinary community-centered     on Wednesday evenings from 5:30      to include basic restorative
approach to primary health care          to 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays from      procedures. The SWITCH course is
delivery. SWITCH offers dental           10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., thereby     voluntary, established by students
students and students from other         providing extended healthcare-       for students, and has no grade
disciplines such as medicine,            access hours for the community.      requirements. Because the College
pharmacy, physiotherapy, psych-          The core neighborhoods served        of Dentistry has a vested interest
ology, nursing, and social work          are Riversdale, King George,         in graduating socially responsible
the opportunity to gain practical        Caswell, Westmount, and Pleasant     practitioners, it will continue to
interdisciplinary experience outside     Hill, areas that have community-     support the SWITCH experience.
the institutional environment of the     specific challenges in terms of
university. The SWITCH experience        poverty, food security, health,      SWITCH is currently in need of
                   is unique, offering   safety, and access to services.      dentist mentors to supervise
                                         SWITCH aims to provide links         students. We are also in need of
                                         between healthcare professionals,    equipment and dental supplies.
                                         community-based organizations,       If any member of the dental
                                         the University of Saskatchewan,      community is interested in
                                         and the community.                   mentoring or in donating funds,
                                                                              equipment, or supplies, please
                                         Participation in SWITCH by the       contact SWITCH Dental Student
                                         College of Dentistry is growing.     Representative Fahad Cadili at
                                         Current services available at the    966-5056 or Dr. Anjani Koneru at
                                         clinic include basic preventive      966-5130 (anjani.koneru@usask.ca).
                                         and emergency dental services.       Please note that SWITCH is able
                                         Future plans exist to increase the   to provide tax-deductible receipts
                                         presence of Dentistry there by       for donations.
                                         moving toward scheduling two
                                         Wednesday evenings and two           Dr. Anjani Koneru

                                   SWITCH Clinic
         coNtiNuiNg educAtioN course
               spoNsored by the
             college of deNtistry
        sterilizer moNitoriNg progrAm
The College of Dentistry’s Sterilizer Monitoring Program        There were over 150 participants, including dentists,
is again co-sponsoring a College of Dental Surgeons             dental hygienists/assistants, and dental students. I was
of Saskatchewan continuing education course, this               told by co-organizer Dr. Raj Bhargava that the event had
one entitled “Dental Implications of Medically or               been one of the most successful continuing education
Immunocompromised Patients,” scheduled for Friday,              courses ever provided by the College of Dental Surgeons
March 13, 2009, at the Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon.               of Saskatchewan.
The distinguished guest speakers will include Dr. Thomas        I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members
Wilson (Heart and Stroke), Dr. Vernon Hoeppner                  of the Sterilizer Monitoring Program for their continued
(Tuberculosis Control), Dr. Kurt Williams (Sexually             generous and loyal support of this program, from which
Transmitted Infections), Dr. Stephen Sanche (Infectious         the profits generated fund the “Bird Man” Scholarship
Diseases), and a physician (TBA) from the College of            Award program (see November 2006 Recall, page 25) for
Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.                     our students. I will add that since the program’s inception
In February 2007 the Sterilizer Monitoring Program co-          in 1999, the amount of scholarship monies distributed is
sponsored a similar continuing education course, this           now approaching nearly $60,000.00. Thank you so very
one addressing “New AHA Guidelines in the Prevention            much!
of Infective Endocarditis – Dental Implications,” with
                                                                Kunio Komiyama, DDS, PhD
five specialists from the University of Saskatchewan
                                                                Professor Emeritus
College of Medicine (cardiologists, infectious diseases
                                                                Director of Sterilizer Monitoring Program
specialists, and a surgeon) contributing to the program.
                                                                University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry

                                  summer iN AsiA
This summer, Mike Paul and I headed to Asia to                      and really catered to, particularly by Dr. Shimono,
unwind from an exhausting second year in the College                Dr. Matsumura, and Dr. Rodis. They told us that we
of Dentistry. We made it to five different countries:               were the first Canadian dental students to visit their
Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. It              College, were clearly excited to have us, and made sure
was an awesome experience to say the least. Some of our             we had a great time. If anyone is planning a trip to Asia,
activities included taking an elephant-training course,             set a few days aside to visit Okayama. You won’t be
playing with tigers, sitting on crocodiles, exploring caves,        disappointed!
hiking in the jungle, and eating the best food ever. While
in Japan, we had the opportunity to investigate our sister          Dustin Wawryk
university in Okayama. Through connections made                     Class of 2010
by Dr. Kunio Komiyama, we were warmly welcomed

                                                                                    (L-R) Jonida Seferi, (patient), Lindsay Woodhouse
                               cdA Welcome to
                             the professioN Night
        On Friday, October 3, the Canadian                                              and Dr. Kathrina Robles. Over forty
        Dental Association and the Sask-                                                door prizes were awarded this year
        atchewan Dental Students Society                                                and for these, special thanks go to
        hosted the 2008 Welcome to the                                                  Saskatoon Oral and Maxillofacial
        Profession night. This annual event                                             Surgery Associates, Septodont,
        is designed to officially welcome the                                           Sultan Dental Materials Limited,
        first-year dental class as registered                                           Jake Fehr of Surgitel, Callen Goebel
        members of the CDA. Over 80                                                     of Sinclair Dental, and Connie Larson
        attendees met at Louis’ on campus                                               of Scotiabank. That same evening
        to enjoy complimentary pizza and                                                this year’s attendees were also able
        drinks. This year’s guest speaker was Dr. Dave Tyler,        to enjoy a great Rider game on the TVs at Louis’, as
        who spoke about the many benefits of having such a           Saskatchewan beat the Calgary Stampeders to move
        well-organized national association—the CDA—to               into a three-way tie for first place!
        support practitioners throughout their careers. Dr.
        Tyler also encouraged students to get involved with          CDA student representatives Brian Phee, Shane Mamer,
        both the provincial and federal regulatory bodies            and Mike Gevalis would like to thank all attendees and
        upon graduation. The students greatly enjoyed                sponsors and recognize Megan Lamontagne for her
        and appreciated Dr. Tyler’s address, as well as the          contribution to the event in her capacity as the new
        attendance of other guests including Dr. Frank Hohn,         student representative to the CDA for the class of
        Dr. Craig Humber, Dr. Devon Anholt, Dr. Atul Dhir,           2012.

(L-R) Debbie Loehndorf, Leslie Irwin, Cheryl Fehr          (L-R) Anuja Patel, Angela Ash, Alysen Sopotyk, Krista Maedel

college of deNtistry implANt progrAm
The College of Dentistry has offered                                                applications and multiple implant
the course “An Introduction to                                                      restorations. Daniel Nowak of Nobel
Implant Supported Prosthodontics”                                                   Biocare tells me we have highly
for some years now. It was, as the                                                  comprehensive implant kits, better in
title suggests, a basic introduction                                                fact than his own demo models!
to implant prosthodontics, with a                                                   This greatly enhanced program would
half-year of lectures and a few hands-                                              not have been possible without the
on experiences with components.                                                     support of many people. Sincere
Access to few prosthodontists                                                       thanks are extended to Daniel Nowak,
dictated that this was all we could          (L-R) Daniel Nowak and Jeff Scheirer
                                                                                    our local Nobel Biocare representative;
provide, but this situation changed                                                 Darren Morrison, our regional Nobel
a year ago. Although currently no          but none of these beats the best         Biocare representative; and Dan
requirement exists for compulsory          learning experience:      providing      Mielko and Derek Martin, our past
undergraduate implant education            a hands-on clinical simulation           and present national Nobel Biocare
and no clinical implant requirement        of a treatment sequence. Model           representatives; to Jeff Scheirer,
exists for accreditation, logic suggests   demonstrations that simulate clinical    Dennis Brown, Robin Shillington, and
it won’t be long before this training      treatment are extremely beneficial       Jason Fournier of Carlton Labs for their
component is mandatory.                    from an understanding and retention      models and prostheses fabrications;
                                           standpoint.                              to Riley Nick, our Strauman
For the 2007–2008 academic year, the
College approved a plan to expand                                                   representative (see December 2007
                                           We are very fortunate to have generous   Recall, page 19); to Scott Mullaly of
the Implant Course lecture content         sponsors for our Implant Course.
and initiate a clinical component.                                                  Zest Anchors for their implant
                                           Nobel Biocare has provided implant       component contribution; to Dr. Frank
Third-year students now will receive       components for our preclinical kits
one implant-related lecture a week                                                  Hohn and Dr. Myles MacLennan,
                                           and models, and provides clinical        who provide surgical support, fixture
for the entire year, and will treatment    components and kits for our clinic.
plan patients for implant restoration                                               placement, and student observation
                                           Last year Nobel Biocare and the          of patient fixture placement; to Dr.
in their fourth years. Dr. Frank Hohn      College of Dentistry co-sponsored two
and Dr. Myles MacLennan place                                                       Tracey Clark and Dr. Myles MacLennan
                                           CE implant courses: Nobel Biocare        for their lecture contributions; to Dr.
the implant fixtures for our Implant       provided the speakers and honoraria
Program. This current 2008–2009                                                     Gerry Uswak, Dr. Paul Teplitsky, and Dr.
                                           while the College of Dentistry           Alan Kilistoff for their administrative
academic year will see every fourth-       Implant Course benefited from the
year student restoring a posterior                                                  support; and to Cheryl Redekopp,
                                           net proceeds. Our appreciation is        our Implant Co-ordinator, for keeping
single tooth site. Our College may         extended to those practitioners who
be the “Small School on the Prairies,”                                              the students and me on top of the
                                           attended.                                patients, paperwork, appointments,
but those of us who have graduated
from here recognize our history of         Carlton Labs is another of our           stents, models, kits, and components.
providing an above-average clinical        sponsors.      They fabricated the       Thank you all!
experience. We now can add implant         preclinical implant models and
                                           restorations that demonstrate single     Patient referrals to the College of
experience to that list.                                                            Dentistry Student Clinic for one or
                                           tooth prefabricated components
The expanded third-year Implant            and single tooth and multiple tooth      two posterior single tooth implants
Course has allowed more hands-             custom procera zirconia abutments,       would be appreciated. All treatment
on experience for our students. We         as well as an anterior zirconia bridge   is at reduced cost.
can explain a treatment sequence,          framework and a posterior titanium       Dr. Brent Moulding,
we can show sequenced images of a          bridge framework.       Carlton Labs     Director of Third-year and Fourth-year
treatment sequence, and we can             also provides us with demonstration      Implant Courses
demonstrate a treatment sequence,          models of various overdenture

                            royAl college of
                           deNtists of cANAdA
The Annual General Meeting                                                                    Two other alumni of the
and Convocation of the                                                                        College of Dentistry received
Royal College of Dentists of                                                                  RCDC Fellowships at the
Canada (RCDC) were held                                                                       Convocation that weekend:
on September 5–7, 2008, at                                                                    Dr. Gina Ball (Class of 1997)
the Bessborough Hotel in                                                                      in Orthodontics and Dr. Brett
Saskatoon. This was the first                                                                 Owatz (Class of 1997) in Endo-
time for this event to have                                                                   dontics. Congratulations are
taken place in Saskatchewan.                                                                  extended to Drs. Koneru, Ball,
                                                                                              and Owatz for obtaining their
The      RCDC      administers                                                                Fellowships. One of the people
national dental specialty                                                                     in attendance celebrating with
examinations for all dental                                                                   Dr. Ball was her uncle, Dr. Paul
specialties in Canada. Passing (L - R) Dr. Gina Ball, Dr. Anjani Koneru, Dr. Blayne Thibodeau Teplitsky (Class of 1972), a
this examination is a require-                                                                long-time faculty member of
ment for individuals who have successfully completed the College of Dentistry and our current Associate Dean.
dental specialty training programs to become registered as
specialists in Canada. Passing the examination is also one One of the highlights of the Convocation ceremony was
requirement for becoming a Fellow of the RCDC.                    a musical interlude played by one of the world’s most
                                                                  talented young pianists, Saskatoon’s own Dr. Thomas Yu
At the Convocation ceremony on September 6, Dr. George (Class of 2003). Dr. Yu is also a University of Saskatchewan
Peacock, former Secretary-Registrar-Treasurer of the dental alumnus, and a RCDC Fellow in Periodontics.
College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CDSS), was
admitted as an Honourary Fellow of the RCDC.                      At the Convocation ceremony and dinner, the College of
                                                                  Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan was represented by its
One of our newest U of S College faculty members current President, Dr. Mitch Taillon (Class of 1984). Dr.
and an alumna of our College of Dentistry, Dr. Anjani Gord Johnson (Class of 1977) was in attendance on behalf
Koneru (Class of 2001), received her RCDC Fellowship in of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA); Dr. Johnson is
           Paediatric Dentistry on the same occasion. Dr. the Saskatchewan representative on the Board of Governors
                  Koneru is married to another University of the CDA. Drs. Taillon and Johnson are also University of
                      of Saskatchewan dental alumnus, Saskatchewan alumni.
                        Dr. Blayne Thibodeau (Class of
                          1997), who is an RCDC Fellow in Several Saskatchewan dental specialists who are RCDC
                            Endodontics.                          Fellows, including some who are Saskatchewan alumni,
                                                                  were also in attendance.

                                Dr. George Peacock

                                    fAculty focus
The College is pleased to welcome three new faculty              the University of Toronto. Her current interests include
members:                                                         improving the health of children in Saskatoon’s inner city,
                                                                 improving access to care for persons with developmental
                    Devon Anholt graduated from the              disabilities, and basic science research in the area of
                    College of Dentistry in 2007 and             dental materials.
                    has accepted a position as Assistant
                    Professor. Dr. Anholt is providing                                Petrus Gomes graduated in 1998 with
                    lectures in Orthodontics and much-                                a DDS degree from the University of
                    needed support in clinical teaching                               Sao Paulo in Ribeirae Preto, Brazil.
                    in various disciplines.                                           He then worked in private practice
                                                                                      for two years in Ribeirae Preto. Dr.
                    Anjani Koneru graduated from the                                  Gomes did his training in Oral and
                    College of Dentistry in 2001. She                                 Maxillofacial Surgery from 2001 to
                    spent one year in private practice                                2004, receiving a Master of Science
                    in Lethbridge and Maple Creek                                     in 2002 and a PhD in 2004 from the
                    and then completed her hospital              State University of Campinas, Brazil. In 2005, Dr. Gomes
                    residency at Royal University                did a post-doctoral fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial
                    Hospital in Saskatoon in 2003. She           Surgery at the University of Toronto. He then returned
                    returned to private practice in North        to Brazil to private practice in Oral and Maxillofacial
                    Battleford and then relocated to             Surgery combined with academic activities at Amazonas
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she worked for a non-         Federal University and Amazonas State University. His
profit health organization. Her interest in providing and        interests are in undergraduate and graduate teaching
advocating for dental services for children and persons          along with clinical and basic applied research in Oral and
with special health care needs led her to complete her           Maxillofacial Surgery.
Master of Science/Specialty in Pediatric Dentistry at

                 Mark Your Calendars
     White Coat Ceremony                                       19 Please RSVP to Janet Sklarchuk no later than
     Thursday, January 8, 2009                                      February 25, 2009, at (306) 966-5121 or
     Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan                   janet.sklarchuk@usask.ca
     Keep your morning open!
                                                                    Kent McLeod Memorial Classic Golf Tournament
     College of Dentistry Alumni Reception                          Moonlake Golf and Country Club
     Thursday, March 5, 2009                                        Saturday, September 12, 2009
     Vancouver, BC
     College of Dentistry alumni, along with a guest, are
     cordially invited to join us for a reception to be held
     in conjunction with the Pacific Dental Conference.

The annual Kent McLeod Memorial Classic Golf Tourna-
ment was held on Saturday, September 6, at the Moonlake
Golf and Country Club. Due to overwhelming support
from students, faculty, and the dental community, there
were 140 golfers in attendance and over 180 guests
for dinner.

                             Thanks to the generosity of            Men’s Long Drive:            Herb McLeod
                             new as well as continuing              Women’s Long Drive:          Krista Maedel
                             sponsors, funds were raised to         Men’s Close Approach:        Ron Hallam
                             support the three Kent McLeod          Women’s Close Approach:      Sharon Scott
                             Memorial Scholarships that             Men’s Short Drive:           Mike Paul
                             are awarded on an annual               Women’s Short Drive:         Ashley Neumier
                             basis. There were also many            Men’s and Women’s
                             great prizes handed out to the           Close Approach:            Dr. Brian Kilduff
                             golfers including bikes and            Men’s and Women’s
                             signed NHL Jerseys. While the            Long Putt:                 Phil Heinzelman
                             day was quite cool and windy,
                             the rain held off, allowing the        . . . and the losers . . .
round to be completed without interruption on a course              Highest Score:               Jenna Gogolinski,
that was in great condition. The winning score of 17 under                                       Brett Langill, Nicole Povey,
par was shot by Drs. Dan Crooks, Cody Bowtell, Bobby                                             Chelsea Price
Hubbard, and Randy Gilewich.
                                                                    . . . and the major door prizes and winners . . .
On behalf of the students, I would like to thank all of the         Four bikes donated by Dr. Frank Hohn: David Baker,
sponsors for their support of this event and the scholar-           Tyson Allred, Geoff McIntosh, Jenny Tran
ship proceeds that stem from it. All of your donations as
                                                                    Boston Bruins NHL replica jersey autographed by Peter
well as your participation in the tournament are greatly
                                                                    Schaefer: Leemai Lafontaine
appreciated and clearly show your strong committment to
the students at the U of S College of Dentistry. I would            Edmonton Oilers NHL replica jersey autographed by
also like to recognize Janet Sklarchuk for her tireless work        Jarret Stoll: Jim Tailfeathers
in helping to organize the tournament.
                                                                    Digital Camera: Eric Granberg
Thanks once again for your support and I hope to see you            Ipod Nano: Eric Nelson
out in 2009 — we hope to sell out the event again next
year, so get your registrations in early!                           Special thanks and acknowledgement to the following
Drew Krainyk                                                        Title Sponsor:            Hallam Dental Aesthetics Inc.
2008 Co-ordinator, Kent McLeod Memorial Classic Golf                Platinum Sponsor:         A-Dec Inc
  Tournament                                                        Gold Sponsors:            Dr. Frank Hohn
                                                                                              Dr. Parm Lalli
And the winners were . . .                                                                    Dr. James Stephenson
1st Place:                 Dan Crooks, Cody Botwell,                                          Carlton Dental Laboratory
                           Bobby Hubbard,                                                     Heraeus Kulzer
                           Randy Gilewich                                                     Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
Hole Sponsors:            Drs. Devon Anholt &             Dinner Sponsors:        Bonn Dental Laboratory
                            Matt Soroski                                            U of S College of Medicine
                          Dr. Wes Antosh                                          Jake Fehr, Surgitel
                          Dr. Bob Cram                                              Magnification
                          Dr. Bobby Hubbard                                         Representative
                          Mr. & Mrs. Jack McLeod                                  Dr. Chad Fletcher
                          Dr. Garnet Packota                                      Kilgore International, Inc.
                          Dr. Stephen Phen                                        Legault Dental Lab
                          Dr. Kurt Popowich                                       Ocean Pacific Med Tec Ltd.
                          Dr. David Stark                                         Scotiabank
                          Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk                                Ultra-Tech Dental Laboratory
                          Dr. Ken Sutherland                                        Inc.
                          Dr. Ed Underwood                                        Western Dental Laboratory
                          Chromaster Dental                                         Ltd.
                             Laboratories Ltd.
                          Praxair Canada Inc.             Donations were gratefully received from:
                          RBC Royal Bank                                           Mr. & Mrs. Pat Carey
                          Rock Dental Lab Ltd.                                     Dr. Todd Jarotski
                          Sunstar Americas, Inc.                                   Ms. Ghislaine McLeod
                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jack McLeod
Hole-in-One Sponsor:      Vaughn Wyant                                             Ortho-Tec Lab. Inc.
                            Automotive Group                                       Regina Dental Laboratory
                                                                                   Sinclair Dental Co. Ltd.
                                                                                   Waters Dental Arts Lab

                  “I hate golf . . . I hate golf . . . I hate golf . . .”
                          “Nice shot!” . . . “I love golf!”

 (L-R) Dustin Wawryk, Graeme Lackie,
     Michael Paul, Goeff McIntosh

                       (L-R) Dr. Bobby Hubbard,
                           Dr. Cody Bowtell,         21
                      Ron Hallam, Dr. Dan Crooks
               scholArships & AWArds

Year 1                                                      Year 3

University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship        University of Saskatchewan Scholarship
    Srdjan Dautbegovic                                          Emily Bull
Bank of Nova Scotia Scholarship                             College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan
    Chelsea Price                                           Scholarship
Kent McLeod Memorial Scholarship                                Terran Strang and Adam Abdulla
    Michael Gavelis                                         Elsevier Canada Book Award
College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan                      Erin Ellis
Scholarship                                                 Dr. A. F. Muirhead Memorial Scholarship
    Allison Atchison                                            Adam Abdulla
Dr. Komiyama Bird Man Award in Infection Control            American Academy of Implant Dentistry Student Award
    Michael Gavelis, Jenna Gogolinski, and Mark                 Clint Knudsen
    Berscheid                                               Academy of Operative Dentistry
Dr. Steve Yaholnitsky Memorial Scholarship                      Philip Heinzelman
    Meghan Betnar                                           American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial
                                                            Surgeons Dental Implant
                                                                Philip Heinzelman
Year 2                                                      Dr. Arthur Singer Memorial Award
                                                                Nekky Jamal
University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship        Dr. Komiyama Bird Man Award in Infection Control
    Amanda Vols                                                 Nicole Adams, Angela Ash, and Emily Bull
College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan                  Scholarship in Endodontics
Scholarship                                                     Krista Maedel
    Mohamed El Gamal and Bradley Baker                      Dr. V. M. Jackman Scholarship
Joseph Vickar Prize in Dentistry                                Angela Ash
    Jennifer McIntosh                                       W. A. Cotter Award
Western Canada Dental Society Fund—Walter F.                    Clint Knudsen
Hancock Scholarship                                         International College of Dentists Scholarship
    Ashley Wolfe                                            (Canadian Section)
Anthony A. Blasko Memorial Scholarship                          Nekky Jamal
    Stefan Graner                                           Kent McLeod Memorial Scholarship
Dr. V. M. Jackman Scholarship                                   Ben Wilson
    Stefan Graner                                           Dr. Kirk Johnston Spirit of Dentistry Memorial Award
Dr. Komiyama Bird Man Award in Infection Control                Clint Knudsen
    Amanda Vols, Ashley Wolfe, and Meghan Goodman           Bisco Canada Peer Award
Professor’s Prize in Pharmacology                               Nekky Jamal
    Drew Krainyk
Septodont Louis Nief Award                                  Year 4
    Drew Krainyk
Kent McLeod Memorial Scholarship                            Faculty of Dentistry Gold Medal
    Drew Krainyk                                                Mark Kramar
Dr. Kirk Johnston Spirit of Dentistry Memorial Award        3M Canada Scholarship in Restorative Dentistry
    Drew Krainyk                                                Jonida Seferi

  Academy of General Dentistry Senior Student Award             Canadian Dental Association President’s Award
      Simran Sandhu                                                 Mark Kramar
  Alpha Omega Scholarship Award                                 Certificate of Merit American Academy of Pediatric
      Mark Kramar                                               Dentistry (AAPD) Predoctoral Student Award
  American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology               Amanda Uzelman
  Dental Student Award                                          Dental Student Recognition for Achievement in
      Amanda Uzelman                                            Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health
  American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology,             Scott Harris
  Radiology Achievement Award                                   Oral Biology Award
      Mark Kramar                                                   Sunghae Kim
  American Academy of Oral Medicine Certificate of Merit        Pierre Fauchard Annual Scholarship Award
  and Award in Oral Medicine                                        Ryan Kilistoff
      Amanda Uzelman                                            Pierre Fauchard Foundation Scholarship Award
  American Academy of Orofacial Pain Outstanding                    Scott Harris and Brent Davis
  Senior Award                                                  Pierre Fauchard Senior Student Undergraduate Award of
      Stephanie Craig                                           Recognition
  American Academy of Periodontology Student Award in               Brent Davis
  Periodontology                                                Quintessence Book Awards
      Mark Kramar                                                   Periodontics – Amanda Uzelman
  American Association of Endodontists Student                      Restorative – Jonida Seferi
  Achievement Award in Endodontics                                  Research – Jocelyne Hodgson
      Kristi Lafontaine                                         Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Society of
  American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial                Dentistry for Children Book Award
  Surgeons Dental Student Award                                     Jonida Seferi
      Jonida Seferi                                             Western Canada Dental Society Fund—Dr. Cal Waddell
  American Association of Orthodontists Award                   Memorial Scholarship
      Jennifer Park                                                 Amanda Uzelman
  Canadian Academy of Periodontology Award
      Jonida Seferi

     studeNt life

                                With    the      2008/2009      Thank you to the SDSS Executive for planning all of these
                                academic year now in            events, and please stay tuned for more exciting news
                                full swing, the SDSS is         regarding student activities.
                                back planning a variety of
                                student activities including    2008/2009 Executive:
                                class parties for the “first-   President:            Nekky Jamal
                                years,” the Kent McLeod         Vice President:       Adam Abdulla
                                Memorial Golf Classic,          Treasurer:            Drew Krainyk
                                the annual tradition of         Sr. Social Directors: Krista Maedel and Terran Strang
Initiation, the Fall Welcome formal event, and CDA Night.       Jr. Social Director: Alan Chernosky
Other upcoming events include the Halloween Pub Crawl           Secretary:            Meghan Betnar
and an excursion to Edmonton to see an Oilers game, with        Yearbook Editor:      Anuja Patel
curling and Beer Nights wedged somewhere in between!            Year 4 Rep:           Karl Martin
                                                                Year 3 Rep:           Ashley Wolfe
Lastly, the G. V. Blackhawks (our College student hockey        Year 2 Rep:           Allison Atchison
team) are new and improved this year, with a bold new           Year 1 Rep:           Jay Lalli
intent on winning. Our captain, Terran Strang, guarantees23
that we will beat the profs/alumni this year!
                                    Engagements &
Alysen Sopotyk (Class of 2006) and Brian Phee            Emily Bull (Class of 2009) married her high school
(Class of 2009) were married on June 7, 2008, in         sweetheart, Trevor Oleniuk, on August 2, 2008,
Saskatoon. The newlywed couple honeymooned in            in Saskatoon. The happy couple are planning a
Europe.                                                  honeymoon to Europe in the spring.

Matt Soroski (Class of 2007) married Stephanie           Congratulations to Cyrille Gaudet (Class of 2009)
Craig (Class of 2008) on July 12, 2008, in Moose Jaw,    and Meagan Desjardins on their July 5, 2008,
Saskatchewan. The two honeymooned in Niagara             marriage in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The
Falls, Canada.                                           newlyweds enjoyed picturesque Waskesiu for their
Phil Heinzelman (Class of 2009) married Wendy
Hallum in Prince George, BC, on June 27, 2008, and       Jin Hwa Lee (Class of 2011) married Jung Hoon
they honeymooned around British Columbia.                Kim on June 15, 2008, in Busan, Korea, and they
                                                         honeymooned in the surrounding area.
Eric Granberg (Class of 2010) and Andrea Early
married on August 9, 2008, in Saskatoon and spent
their honeymoon in Victoria, BC.

              Brian Phee &         Stephanie Craig &          Wendy Hallum &           Eric Granberg &
             Alysen Sopotyk          Matt Soroski             Phil Heinzelman           Andrea Early

           Trevor Oleniuk &                        Megan Desjardins &
              Emily Bull                             Cyrille Gaudet
                                                        24                            Jung Hoon Kim &
                                                                                         Jin Hwa Lee
studeNts vs. professors/AlumNi
      hockey gAme 2008

This year’s students vs. professors/alumni hockey             an entertaining night of hockey. Congratulations to
game, held on Saturday, April 12, 2008, was once again        Geoff McIntosh, the student goalie, for winning the
a huge success! Many students, staff, faculty, alumni,        “Teplitsky’s Desire to Win” award. Dr. Teplitsky’s prize
and family members packed into the ACT arena in               is regarded as the Con Smythe trophy of this annual
Sutherland to cheer on their teams.                           competition and is awarded to the player who displays
                                                              heart, desire, and superior skill in an effort to win.
Although the alumni eventually came out victorious,           Through his calm, cool, and collected presence, this
the game was extremely close, with the lead changing          year’s award-winner motivated his entire team by his
multiple times. Unfortunately, the student players’           silent confidence. In fact, it has been debated that the
association was unable to afford flying in key player         true reason Geoff was accepted into our fine College
additions. However, they made up for some of their            was on the basis of his athletic ability, but we all
lack of skill by laying down strict rules regarding the       recognize that he brings a lot more than mere physical
effort they expected from themselves. Everyone had            prowess to the College of Dentistry. For two straight
to be proud of the fact that all students left “everything    students vs. professors/alumni games in a row, he has
they had in the tank” on the ice! But despite a very          persisted in giving his teammates ample opportunity
evidently aging group of alumni and the fact that Dr.         to win, and has displayed this desire despite some
Paul Teplitsky came out of retirement to really skew          of the really terrible play that has gone on in front
that stat, the students were unable to wear down their        of him.
opponents. Regretfully, this resulted in the student
team’s losing the game, thereby leaving the players in        Expect the 2009 hockey game to be just as exciting as
sorrow for another year while they wait for a chance to       those of past years! There have even been rumours
avenge the loss.                                              floating around that under the encouraging leadership
                                                              of their award-winning goalie, and with some key new
This epic annual event would not happen without               player additions, many senior students see themselves
organizers and sponsors. Many thanks go out to Dr.            rising up from their slump and are anticipating near-
Myles MacLennan for organizing the venue and post-            certain victory.
game festivities, and a special thank you goes out to
all the sponsors who have continued to support this           Terran Strang
College event financially.                                    Captain of the Student Team
                                                              Class of 2009
This annual game seems to flush out the true
sportsmanship and competitive spirit essential in


Congratulations to Dr. Heather Conrad (Class of                                  Nekky Jamal (Class of 2009) is the
1997) on being honoured as a Fellow by the American                              recipient of the 2007-2008 International
College of Prosthodontists at their annual meeting                               College of Dentists (ICD) award. The
held November 2, 2008. Dr. Conrad is currently an                                award comprises a monetary gift in the
Assistant Professor in the Division of Prosthodontics                            amount of a $1,000 scholarship and a
at the School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota.                             personalized certificate.

                           The College of Dentistry                Nolan Paul stepped into the position
                           recently arranged a “Field              of Admissions Secretary in the Dean’s
                           Trip” to the Canadian Light             Office in May 2008. His pleasant
                           Source. The CLS is a world-             disposition is a breath of fresh air for
                           class, state-of-the-art facility        everyone who has had the opportunity
                           that is advancing Canadian              to work with him including students,
                           science, enhancing the                  faculty, and staff. Nolan is a valued
                           competitiveness of Can-                 addition to our College.
adian industry, and contributing to the quality of life of
people around the world. Built at an initial capital cost                         The College welcomes Tracey Huber to
of $173 million, the synchrotron is one of the largest                            the staff. Tracey will be working in the
science projects in Canadian history.                                             Dental Clinic office on a casual basis.

The College is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael
Lypka (Class of 2000) completed his Oral Surgery
Residency in Los Angeles and is currently a plastic
surgery resident in Houston, Texas. After completion               We are also happy to welcome Heidi Baier
of this program in June 2009, Dr. Lypka plans on doing             (in photo) as the new part-time dental
a one-year craniofacial surgery fellowship.                        assistant in Oral Surgery and Renee
                                                                   Muench as a casual dental assistant in
Dr. Alysen Sopotyk (Class of 2006) is excited to                   the Main Clinic.
announce that she has been accepted to the M.Sc.
(Endodontics) degree program at the University of
Toronto effective August 1, 2009.                                  Kelly Delainey-Shelley,
                                                                   a valuable member of
Congratulations to Dr. Mark Kramar (Class of 2008) on              the Dental Clinic office,
receiving the CDA President’s Award. Dr. Kramar was                is pleased to report that
presented with a cheque in the amount of $1,000 and                the “Super Cities Walk
a personalized certificate at the Grad Breakfast held on           for MS” held on April
May 29, 2008.                                                      27, 2008, was once
                                                                   again a huge success.
In celebration of Aboriginal                                       There were over 1,100 participants who together raised
Achievement at the University                                      a record-breaking $240,000 in Saskatoon alone! Kelly’s
of Saskatchewan, an Aboriginal                                     team, the Shell-niski Walkers, comprised five members
Graduation Banquet was held                                        and raised over $8,348 (average per team member
May 31, 2008, at the Saskatoon                                     raised, which included Kelly’s total of $3,960, was the
Inn. Jocelyne Hodgson (Class                                       highest of all teams entered). Kelly acknowledged that
of 2008) was one of many                                           although assembling her sponsors had been a lot of
honourees at this significant event. Of special interest,          hard work, this event would not have been a success
the keynote speaker at the banquet was Dr. Glenda Orr              without everyone’s help and support.
(Class of 2003).
                   Dental Family

         DEVYN LORI                         CONNOR DAVID                 MEILEA XUAN UYEN LAVANIA

MEGAN JANICE              ADAM DENNIS WALTER                 OZZIE HARTMUT                  GRACE LEELYNN

Big brothers Rueger and Briggs, along with their         Congratulations to Bobby Hubbard (Class of 2007)
parents Armes Perrett (Class of 2009) and wife Becky,    and wife Heather on the birth of Megan Janice on
welcomed Devyn Lori on September 17, 2008. She           April 3, 2008, weighing 7 lb. 6 oz.
was a bouncing 8 lbs. 13 oz.
                                                         Christian Len (Class of 1999) and wife Sasha are
Tracey Clark (Class of 1996), husband Chris, and         pleased to announce the birth of their son, Adam
daughter Alyssa are happy to introduce Connor David      Dennis Walter, who was welcomed into the world on
to the family. Connor was born April 13, 2008, and       March 19, 2008.
weighed a healthy 7 lbs. 8 oz.
                                                         Ozzie Hartmut, son to Richard Jahn (Class of 2010) and
Proud parents Thu Uyen Huynh (Class of 2006) and         wife Krystyn, was born September 10, 2008, weighing
husband Alika Lafontaine are excited to announce the     a healthy 9 lb. 1 oz. – baby brother to Greta.
birth of their daughter, Meilea Xuan Uyen Lavania, on
July 9, 2008. Meilea was a healthy 6 lbs. 15 oz.         Tyson Allred (Class of 2011) and wife Marion
                                                         were blessed with a new addition to their family,
                                                         Grace Leelynn, on August 26, 2008, weighing in at
                                                         6 lb. 15 oz.

                           WesterN mixer
This year, the College decided to try to upgrade the          drinking (water, of course)?
“Year Start Mixer” that traditionally has been held at
Marquis Hall on campus. Although it was a daunting            Clearly, many aspects of this mixer went well, and
task trying to improve on the previous three-cheese-          this was largely due to the work of the committee of
trays-and-one-beer-within-a-3:00-4:00 p.m.-timeframe          volunteers who arranged the event. I’m going to single
event, we took the risk. The result was the Western-          out only two, as they deserve special recognition:
themed mixer.                                                 Nolan Paul for his “registration” work and Leslie Irwin,
                                                              who did pretty much EVERYTHING else. Thank you.
On Monday, August 25, faculty, staff, students, and           And while it was a great day in many ways, we were
guests, all dressed in Western attire, were bused out to      trying something new so it offered a “learning curve”
“Champêtre County Wild West Resort” located in the            for improvements at a future similar event. Following
foothills near St. Denis, Saskatchewan. Just like in the      are my reflections regarding some of these.
opening line to many Western novels, a hot, dry wind

swept across the prairies that cloudless day. Gophers         Regarding the date: Monday, and especially one falling
rioted across barren hillocks and the sun scorched the        on the first day of classes, was not ideal. It was chosen,
              parched crops as the crowd tumbled from         however, because we didn’t want to interfere with “Fall
                   the buses and made a beeline for           Welcome” and this year we also had the CDSS annual
                        the sanctuary of the saloon.          convention and Kent McLeod tournament all in close
                                                              chronological proximity. All these factors affected
                            Activities and games              attendance at the mixer.
                             included       horseshoes,
                               a Wild West relay, a           Regarding attendance: I had hoped this type of event
                                scramble through a            would attract our part-time faculty and, as such, would
                                  maze, volleyball, Fris-     make them feel more a part of the College. Certainly,
                                   bee golf, bocce balls,     we failed miserably on that front. One part-timer out
                                    football, wagon rides,    of a potential 50 or 60 attended! An analysis of why
                                     a barbeque, square       is required. As to full-time faculty attendance, we had
                                     dancing, knife toss-     9 of 22 faculty sign up to come and 5 actually showed
                                     ing, and modern          up. In my recollection of faculty attendance at mixers
                                     dancing. Oh, and         over the past 20 years or so, I would consider this
                                     did I mention            participation to have been about normal. Whether

it be a get-acquainted mixer, a Fall Welcome, a             Regarding “running on empty”: I think the day was too
Graduation Banquet, or a Convocation ceremony—my            long, especially for a Monday. We should have quit at
guess is that 20% of full-time faculty show up. The         8:30 or 9:00 p.m. By 10:30, when the last pickup buses
fact that our students apparently continue to respect       came, only Leslie, Melonie, myself, and three horses
us and speak highly of us when we show almost no            were left. (Not really—we actually had about 40 people
personal interest in them by gestures such as turning       ’til the end.) We have to tighten up the timing.
up at planned social events designed to include and
welcome faculty is remarkable to me.                        So we now have a good base to work on. If we can
                                                            maintain student and staff attendance, plus improve
On a more optimistic note—attendance at the mixer by        participation of part-time faculty numbers (possible)
staff and students was great. Overall we had about 160      and faculty numbers (impossible?), we should consider
people there, which was enough to keep the activities       trying a similar event again next year. In conclusion,
going. The square dancing went well, and the maze           the Western-themed mixer was different and it was fun.

and volleyball seemed to be the “sporting highlights.”      I’m optimistic that it can be
I was told by many that the wagon ride was enjoyable,       even better in the future,
even if longer than most of my lectures.                    and I am eager to receive
                                                            feedback on my comments
There is the issue of charging people to attend. Some       here as well as constructive
feel a mixer should be free if we really are sincere in     criticism and suggestions
wanting everyone there. This year we charged $20/           for improvement of this
person which basically covered food costs. There was        event.
a cash bar. The College subsidized everything else
(buses, entertainment, site rental, etc.). The numbers      Dr. Paul Teplitsky
aren’t in, but the overall cost will have been around
$7,000 this year, with the College subsidizing about
$4,000. If the crowd was to be larger and there was
no admission charge, the cost to the College would
probably be too prohibitive. The questions thus
remain: Should we charge and, if so, how much?
Apparently $20 is not a deterrent to students and staff,
but perhaps was a factor for dentists?!

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                                           As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.
                                                                                           —Victor Hugo

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