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                                                           Fall 2009 • Volume 2, Issue 1

                                                                                                               estate gift
                                                                                                                            ccording to his children, the
                                                                                                                            late Vincent Galante (MD
                                                                                                                            ’43) became a physician by
                                                                                                                            following in the footsteps
                                                                                                               of his elder brother, Charles—who was
                                                                                                               an established physician. After a long
                                                                                                               and satisfying career as a respected and
                                                                                                               knowledgeable radiologist, Galante
                                                                                                               bequeathed an estate gift of $7.7 million
                                                                                                               to Loyola University Chicago Stritch School
                                                                                                               of Medicine, the largest such gift in the
                                                                                                               school’s history.
Philip H. Corboy and Mary A. Dempsey
                                                                                                                  “He loved being a radiologist, and until
                                                                                                               the day he died, he remained current on

Law building to carry Corboy name                                                                              procedures and developments in the field,”

                                                                                                               says daughter-in-law Angela.
                                                                                                                  Like many of his contemporaries,
           oyola University Chicago                            leadership in the legal community.”
                                                                                                               Galante, who was the son of an immigrant
           School of Law is pleased                               “phil Corboy has been the leading
                                                                                                               Italian newspaper vendor on Chicago’s
           to announce that philip                             personal injury lawyer in Chicago
                                                                                                               North Side, enlisted in the Naval Reserves
           H. Corboy and Mary A.                               for more than 50 years,” says David
                                                                                                               in 1944. He served as a medical officer and
Dempsey have made the largest                                  Yellen, dean of the School of Law.
                                                                                                               surgeon in Washington DC, China, Japan,
single gift in the law school’s history.                       “He has been a transformative
In recognition of Mr. Corboy’s                                 leader in his field and has influenced                                   Co N t I N U e D o N pAG e 4

inspiring career and longtime support 25 E. Pearson            generations of trial lawyers around
                   of the law school, the St. building,        the country. It is exciting and
School building that houses now the Philip appropriate that our building will
                                            H. Corboy
of Law             the School of Law at
                                            Law Center
                                                               bear his name, and we are deeply
                   25 e. pearson St. will                      grateful to phil and Mary for their
be renamed the philip H. Corboy Law                            support.”
Center.                                                 philip H. Corboy is a founding partner of
   “I am extremely grateful for phil and Mary’s the Chicago law firm Corboy & Demetrio and
historic gift to the School of Law,” says Loyola     a 1949 graduate of Loyola’s law school. He is
president Michael J. Garanzini, S.J. “this gift is   widely recognized as one of the greatest trial
an example of their commitment to the law            lawyers of his generation, as evidenced by
school’s national reputation for educating           The National Law Journal listing him among
lawyers who are persons for others. We               the top 100 most influential lawyers in the               Marion Galante, center, is surrounded by her
couldn’t be more proud that our facility will        country. Corboy was the first personal injury             family. From left are Vincent Jr., Diana Galante,
carry the Corboy name, which is synonymous                                                                     William Galante, Anne Galante Winkler, Angie
with excellence in the courtroom and                                            Co N t I N U e D o N pAG e 8   Galante, and Bill Winkler.


                                                                                                                     Bernard J. (LLB ’50)
        WILLIAM j. HANK                                                            NANCy W. KNOWLES                  and A. Kathleen Beazley
               Campaign co-chair                                                   Campaign co-chair                 Chicago, Ill.
        Loyola University Chicago                                                  Loyola University Health System
                                                                                                                     John F. Cuneo Jr.
                                                                                                                     and Herta Cuneo
                                                                                                                     Grayslake, Ill.

                                                                                                                     William J. and

                         From the co-chairs
                                                                                                                     Joan M. Hank (BS ’54)
                                                                                                                     Wheaton, Ill.

                                                                                                                     The Jesuit Community
                                                                                                                     Chicago, Ill.

                                                                                                                     Donald and Byrd Kelly
                                                                                                                     Burr Ridge, Ill.
                o r t H e pa S t f e w y e a r S ,        than the previous year. of that, 82 percent was            Patrick and Lisa Kelly
                 Loyola has been growing with             awarded to full-time undergraduate students for            Hinsdale, Ill.
                 unprecedented momentum. our              whom institutional resources were the principal            Richard J. and
           campuses are being transformed and our         source of financial aid.                                   Michelle Klarchek
                                                                                                                     Chicago, Ill.
    enrollment is at an historic high. we’re making          Due to the generous outpouring of support
                                                                                                                     Nancy W. Knowles
    improvements in every school, college, health         at Loyola University Health System, we were able
                                                                                                                     Hinsdale, Ill.
    sciences facility, and program. the wind is at our    to fund many critical initiatives, including staffing
                                                                                                                     Robert L. Parkinson Jr.
    backs, but success is far from assured.               a Heart attack rapid response team, providing              (BBA ’73, MBA ’75) and
      as we persevere through the current economic        more than $2 million in scholarship support to             Elizabeth Parkinson (BS ’75)
                                                                                                                     Northbrook, Ill.
    crisis, we believe that partner: the Campaign for     medical students, and making significant advances
    the future of Loyola is critical to maintaining our   in medical research such as a clinical trial to test a     Michael R. (PhB ’67, MBA ’70)
                                                                                                                     and Marilyn C. Quinlan
    momentum.                                             unique therapy to restore lost functions after spinal      Oak Brook, Ill.
      while we are committed to maintaining the           cord injury and stroke. we began planning on
                                                                                                                     William G. and Mary A. Ryan
    rigorous academic, research, and health-care          several important building projects, all supported         Hinsdale, Ill.
    standards for which we are known, we strive to        100 percent through philanthropy, including a new          John J. (BS ’59) and
    serve every segment of society. our tradition tells   nursing school building, an inpatient oncology             Terese M. Terry (BS ’59)
                                                                                                                     Philadelphia, Pa.
    us and our mission compels us: a Loyola education     suite, and a renovated emergency department.
    must remain within reach of every deserving              as a University and health system that engages          Jack Weinberg
                                                                                                                     Glencoe, Ill.
    student; Loyola medical care and research must        in research, community outreach, and a variety of
    strive to treat the whole person.                     other initiatives and programs, the demands for
      Last year, the University awarded scholarships      the services we provide and the need for research
    and grants totaling $110 million—$18 million more     breakthroughs are increasing. the drive and talent
                                                          of our faculty and staff members are not enough to
                                                          ensure success: these endeavors must be enabled
                                                          by financial support.

         Campaign update                                  w e b e L i e v e t H at i n S t i t U t i o n S L i k e
                                                          Loyola are part of the solution. while economic
                   $ 339 MiLLion raiSeD                   recovery will come from many quarters, we believe
                                                          that a comprehensive education and excellent
                                                                                                                     LOyOLA PARTNER
                                                          medical care with a foundation in ethics and a             is published twice a year by
                            goaL: $500 MiLLion            mission of service are certainly part of the solution.     University Marketing and
                                                                                                                     Communications for alumni
                                                          with your continued support, we know that Loyola
                                                                                                                     and friends of Loyola University
                                                          University Chicago and Loyola University Health            Chicago. Questions or comments
                                                          System will emerge from this economic storm                may be directed to
                                                          stronger than ever.                               or 312.915.6276.

                                                                                                  english, she graduated from Loyola in
                                                                                                  1939 and became a teacher. She taught for
                                                                                                  many years at William C. Goudy elementary
                                                                                                  School, just south of where she lived. She
                                                                                                  later became a school librarian for Chicago
                                                                                                  public Schools.
                                                                                                     “She was a no-nonsense, take-charge
                                                                                                  kind of person,” says her cousin Mildred
                                                                                                  “Millie” Hanson. “And she was extremely
                                                                                                  proud of becoming a librarian.” According
                                                                                                  to Hanson, Donovan was involved in
                                                                                                  numerous local organizations “and, at one
                                                                                                  time or another, was president of most of
                                                                                                  the societies she belonged to.”
                                                                                                     though Donovan and her husband had
                                                                                                  no children, they were active members
                                                                                                  of their community—giving freely of
                                                                                                  their time to numerous neighborhood
                                                                                                  associations and their church, St. Gertrude’s.
                                                                                                     As a child of the Great Depression,
                                                                                                  Donovan learned frugality. She also learned
                                                                                                  from her mother how to invest wisely. Much
                                                                                                  of her savings came from investing in the
                                                                                                  stock market—so much so that on a teacher
Family and friends gathered in June in the newly christened Donovan Reading Room to pay tribute   and librarian’s salary, she was able to leave
to its benefactor, the late Willouise “Willie” Donovan.                                           a legacy to institutions whose missions she
                                                                                                  believed in. “She was also very charitable to
                                                                                                  those in need and would help anyone who
                                                                                                  asked,” adds Hanson.

Fitting tribute honors                                                                               It was Donovan’s brother, tom Artingstall,
                                                                                                  who suggested she give her money to
                                                                                                  whomever she thought would use it best.

librarian’s life
                                                                                                  “She was a giving person—if something
                                                                                                  was worthy in her estimation, she’d
                                                                                                  support it. She was involved not only with
                                                                                                  Loyola but also with numerous Chicago
                                                                                                  organizations, including her local ward. She
             hen Willouise “Willie” Donovan was born a century ago,                               was the one person in her neighborhood
            America’s library system, too, was in its infancy. Andrew                             that people could count on for help. She
           Carnegie’s inspiration to allow readers to better themselves                           was very involved her whole life.”
by borrowing a book was embraced by Donovan, who spent her life as                                   the gift to Loyola is unrestricted, which
a teacher and librarian.                                                                          allows the University to use it where it
   Donovan’s devotion to the written word now benefits those Loyola                               is needed most. “She would have loved
students who study in the elegant, warm, and inviting reading room                                the idea of the reading room named in
                           of Cudahy Library. Upon her death in 2007,                             her honor,” says Hanson. “I think she’d be
University                 Donovan bequeathed a seven-figure sum to
                           Loyola that included her family home, and the
                                                                                                  extremely honored,” adds her niece, Joan
                                                                                                  Kruzel. “She was a nonstop supporter
Libraries                  library’s reading room now bears her name.                             of Loyola and to know that her gift was
                                                                            Willouise “Willie”
                              “the Donovan Reading Room is a most-          Donovan               recognized in this way would have made
fitting legacy to Mrs. Donovan,” says president Michael J. Garanzini,                             her proud.”
S.J. “We chose to honor her memory by naming the reading room for a                                  “the newly named Donovan Reading
woman who loved books and the power of education.”                                                Room will not only be a place where so
   Born in 1909, Donovan grew up in the edgewater neighborhood—                                   many of our students can do serious work,
a place she called home for her entire 98 years of life. She lived in the                         but it also will be a center of campus
house on thorndale as a child with her parents and five siblings. She                             activity that celebrates both the academic
and her husband, John James “Jim” Donovan, lived there after they                                 and community values of Loyola University
married. When it came time for Donovan to attend college, she only                                Chicago,” says Dean of Libraries Robert A. Seal.
had to look seven blocks to the north to find a university that would
                                                                                                                              —CARLA BeeCHeR
provide an education that matched her family values. Majoring in

    Scholarship honors
    teacher, accountant
            enore and Keith DeLashmutt      came to Chicago as a young
            (JD ’51) shared two great       woman. “they were lovely people,”
            passions: traveling the world   says Helen Blomquist, Lenore
    and supporting their favorite           DeLashmutt’s sister-in-law. “they
    charities. By the end of their lives,   were very private people, they
    the couple had achieved both of         loved the world, loved to travel, and
    these goals: setting foot in a vast     were very dedicated to the arts,
    array of countries and establishing     education, and museums.”
    an endowed scholarship fund                the DeLashmutts spent most
    at Loyola’s Graduate School             of their lives in evanston and were
    of Business. even though the            active members of the community.
    DeLashmutts have passed away,           Among their favorite charities were
    they have ensured that their names      educational institutions, museums,
    and memories will live on.              Native American arts, and Loyola
        Born in Iowa, Keith DeLashmutt      University Chicago.
    was a CpA who also received a              After her husband passed away
    law degree from Loyola’s School         in 1989, Mrs. DeLashmutt created
    of Law in 1951. During the early        a trust for which she designated
    1960s, he was an instructor at          one-third of the remainder to
    Loyola’s School of Business and         pass to Loyola’s Graduate School
    taught accountancy. “He was             of Business. Nineteen years later,
    always extremely well-liked by his      when she passed away, Loyola also
    students,” says Charles Caufield, a     was named as a beneficiary of a
    colleague of DeLashmutt’s at the        charitable remainder unitrust she
                                                                                  Keith and Lenore DeLashmutt in Egypt, 1980
    SBA. “they really appreciated his       had established. through strategic
    knowledge and his dedication.           gift planning, the DeLashmutts
    I remember him being a strong           left Loyola a legacy close to         endowed Scholarship. Starting         students far into the foreseeable
    collaborator with a good attitude       $1.65 million, sufficient to make     next year, the scholarship will be    future,” says Abol Jalilvand,
    and a great sense of humor.”            a difference in the lives of many     awarded to a student earning a        phD, dean of the School of
        In addition to teaching, for        students.                             Master of Science in Accountancy      Business Administration. “Lenore
    years, DeLashmutt maintained               the funds are being used           and who demonstrates both high        DeLashmutt’s generosity has made
    a private practice in evanston,         to establish a new scholarship        academic merit and financial need. sure that her husband’s dedication
    Illinois. His wife, Lenore, hailed      at Loyola’s Graduate School of           “the DeLashmutt scholarship        to our students will continue.”
    from a small town in Illinois and       Business, the Keith I. DeLashmutt     will make a difference for our                        — B R e N D A N K e At I N G

    Largest Stritch estate gift                                                                                                         “He was able
    CoNtINUeD fRoM CoVeR
                                                                                                                                         to go to one
                                                                                                                                         of the best
    and California during World War II and was discharged in            “His greatest and most enduring passion was
    1946 with a rank of lieutenant. He interned at St. Mary’s        medicine,” says his son William. “My father said that he
                                                                                                                                         medical schools
    Mercy Hospital in Gary, Indiana, and completed his               was able to go to one of the best medical schools around.           around. That’s
    radiology residency at Nichols VA Hospital in Louisville,        that’s why helping Stritch was key for him—he thought               why helping
    Kentucky.                                                        the world of Stritch.”
        Galante and his wife, Marion, settled in Westchester,           Galante’s tremendous generosity comes at an exciting
                                                                                                                                         Stritch was key
    Illinois, and raised three children while he was on staff        time of growth and investment in the educational and                for him.”
    at Mother Cabrini and Holy Cross hospitals in Chicago.           research efforts for the medical school. Discussions are            —W i l l i a m G a l a n t e
    Later in his career, he earned a degree in and practiced         under way for how this tremendous gift can best benefit
    nuclear medicine, becoming chief radiologist at Holy             Stritch and the future of medicine at Loyola University
    Cross Hospital.                                                  Health System.

First Cooney
& Conway Chair
in Advocacy
      n July, Barry Sullivan, a renowned
      litigator, scholar, and teacher and a
      former partner in the Chicago office of
Jenner & Block, became the School of Law’s
first Cooney & Conway Chair in Advocacy.
    A litigator specializing in appellate and
supreme court cases, Sullivan is equally
at home with public law and business
litigation, and his practice has taken him to
the United States Supreme Court, numerous
state supreme courts, and state and federal
appellate courts.
    “Advocacy is one of the cornerstones of
                                                    Attending the awards ceremony are Donald and Margaret Sujack, Julie (Sujack) Rosenberger, and
the law school,” says Dean David Yellen. “It’s
                                                    Stephen and Maureen Sujack. Not pictured are Greg and Kathleen Sujack and Jim Rosenberger.
an enormous accomplishment for us to add
such a nationally prominent litigator and
legal scholar to our faculty.”                      College of Arts & Sciences
    “I could not be more pleased about
joining Loyola’s prestigious law school,”
Sullivan says. “the faculty and students
are outstanding, and I look forward to
                                                    Supporting faculty research
working closely with them. My own
                                                         n April, Loyola students, faculty, and        us want to continue contributing. It’s nice
academic interests are in constitutional
                                                         administrators gathered on the Lake           to give to an institution that has been and
argument and advocacy, and Loyola has
                                                         Shore Campus as the 2009 edwin                continues to be so important to our family.”
                            extraordinary depth
                                                    t. and Vivijeanne f. Sujack Awards for                the teaching awards, established in
                            in both areas. I’m
                                                    teaching excellence were presented. At             1994, recognize two outstanding CAS
                            particularly grateful
                                                    the ceremony, Dean frank fennell also              teachers each year. the 2009 awards were
                            to the donors of the
                                                    announced an exciting new gift from the            given to Harveen Mann, phD, associate
                            Cooney & Conway
                                                    Sujack family to support faculty research.         professor of english, and George K.
                            chair for making all
                                                    Brothers Donald, Greg, and Stephen Sujack,         thiruvathukal, phD, associate professor
                            this possible.”
                                                    and sister Julie (Sujack) Rosenberger, and their   of computer science. So far, 32 members
                               the Cooney
                                                    spouses, endowed the Sujack family faculty         from 13 academic disciplines have
                            & Conway Chair
                                                    Research fund with a $100,000 pledge.              been recognized.
                            in Advocacy was
                                                       “the Sujack family believes in the
established by alumni John D. Cooney (JD
                                                    growth, development, and success of
’79), Robert J. Cooney Jr. (JD ’78), and Kevin
                                                    our professors,” says fennell, dean of             Loyola ties run deep
J. Conway (JD ’76). Cooney & Conway, one                                                               Loyola senior Megan Sujack, daughter of
                                                    the College of Arts and Sciences. “their
of the country’s leading plaintiffs, personal                                                          Donald and Margaret Sujack, represents the
                                                    commitment to faculty has been and
injury law firms, is a national leader in                                                              fourth generation of Sujacks to attend Loyola.
                                                    continues to be a highly esteemed honor
catastrophic injury and mass tort litigation.
                                                    by all who teach in the college.” funds
    “Bob, Kevin, and I are honored that Barry                                                            Frank Sujack (BA, JD ’25)
                                                    from this endowment will help alleviate
Sullivan, a nationally recognized advocate,
                                                    the expenses incurred by faculty members
fulbright professor, and former dean of                                                                  Vivijeanne F. and Edwin T. Sujack
                                                    while they conduct the research that will
Washington and Lee University Law School,                                                                (PhB ’48)
                                                    enhance their own individual scholarship as
has been named the Cooney & Conway
                                                    well as the greater Loyola community.
Chair in Advocacy,” says John Cooney.                                                                    Margaret (BS ‘78) and Donald Sujack
                                                       “My dad started the Sujack awards 15              (BBA ’78, MBA ’85)
“We proudly support the scholarship and
                                                    years ago,” says Donald Sujack. “We saw
teaching of legal advocacy in the great
                                                    how important it was to both my mom and              Greg Sujack (JD ’84)
tradition of Loyola’s School of Law.”
                                                    dad. Seeing the effect the Sujack awards
                                                    have had on the Loyola community makes               Megan Sujack (BBA ’10)
                      —eLISABetH BRooKoVeR

                                                                                                       Senior class gift:
                                                                                                       spirit of giving
                                                                                                                 ecent graduate Daniel patton
                                                                                                                 (BS ’09) is passionate about Loyola
                                                                                                                 and about supporting the school
                                                                                                       that gave him his education.
                                                                                                           “I’ve reaped the benefits of a Loyola
                                                                                                       education and wanted to ensure future
                                                                                                       students can do the same,” says the
                                                                                                       international studies and economics major
                                                                                                       who also was the phonathon supervisor.
                                                                                                       “I think it’s important to support the
                                                                                                       school because the benefits of a private
                                                                                                       Jesuit university do not come without
                                                                                                       a cost. tuition only covers 62 percent of
                                                                                                       what it costs to educate one student; the
                                                                                                       rest comes from the generosity of those
                                                                                                       who have come before us.”
                                                                                                           In 2009 as Senior Class Gift coordinator,
                                                                                                       patton encouraged his classmates to
    Joan (BS ‘54) and Bill Hank with Hank scholar Kourtni Marshall                                     support Loyola, too. for the first time,
                                                                                                       donations to the Senior Class Gift could
                                                                                                       be designated to specific programs or

    Scholarship brings together                                                                        departments, allowing students to give
                                                                                                       directly to those areas that have been
                                                                                                       beneficial to them. “It’s more personal
    students, benefactors                                                                              because we were able to decide where the
                                                                                                       money will go and to whom.”

               ore than 250 people attended the         their scholarships meant to them.                  A Damen Award nominee, patton
               first annual scholarship brunch in          “None of this would have been possible      designated his gift to programs that he
               April to recognize the important         without the generous contributions             valued most: student scholarships and
    role donors play in the lives of Loyola             of donors like you, Mr. and Mrs. Hank,”        Mission & Ministry. “I am a product of
    students.                                           said Marshall as he formally thanked his       donors’ generosity,” says the general merit
       Students and their families were very            benefactors at the podium. “I am profoundly    scholarship recipient.
    excited to meet many of those alumni and            grateful. Because of your generosity, my           “I have enjoyed Loyola because its
    friends who have given current deserving            dream was not deferred.”                       foundation is built on many things. Its
    students an educational opportunity                    the brunch in Mundelein Auditorium was      Catholic identity emphasizes the
    through scholarship support.                        a great opportunity for students to thank      importanceof service and justice, as well
       Kourtni Marshall (BS ’09), recipient of          the donors who had contributed to their        as an appreciation of diversity of thought
    the Hank family Scholarship, and Whitney            education, as well as for donors to meet the   and people.”
    Akhtar (MSW ’10), recipient of the Charlotte        students their generosity had supported.
    McClelland Scholarship, spoke about what

    Thanking staff and students

            ast spring, president Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., and Jonathan Heintzelman, vice
            president of advancement, welcomed faculty, staff, and student donors to a
            luncheon to recognize their support of partner: the Campaign for the future of
    Loyola. More than 300 faculty and staff members are supporting the partner campaign
    through payroll deductions or annual gifts. Since 2004 employee participation has grown
    188 percent and student participation has grown 54 percent.                                        Fr. Richard Salmi accepts the Senior Class Gift
                                                                                                       from Daniel Patton.

    The vocation
    of nursing
      A student pilgrimage
      to Lourdes, France

        n May, 11 junior and senior Loyola                                                                                        Above: Members of
        nursing students journeyed to Lourdes,                                                                                    the military and their
        france, as part of an eVoKe, School                                                                                       families, representing
        of Nursing, and Ministry-organized                                                                                        more than 30 countries,
        10-day service immersion experience.                                                                                      wait along the
the students volunteered during the 51st                                                                                          River Gave before a
                                                                                                                                  Eucharistic procession
International Military pilgrimage of peace
                                                                                                                                  as a part of the
in which 32 countries, including the United
                                                                                                                                  International Military
States, participated.                                                                                                             Pilgrimage.
   the trip focused on the vocation of nursing
and was both a pilgrimage and an opportunity                                                                                      Left: Loyola students
                       to serve the sick and                                                                                      working in the
Marcella               suffering. “Students                                                                                       piscines, or baths.
                       served by assisting the
Niehoff                malades, or sick, who
School                 came in stretchers and      countries, and included able-bodied soldiers,       pat Covey. “I encourage all students to travel,”
of Nursing wheelchairs to seek                     and injured and disabled veterans.                  says frank Covey (BS ‘54, JD ‘57). “My wife and
                       spiritual, emotional, and      As a volunteer, senior Katie Morton and          I have been fortunate enough to have traveled
physical healing, as well as companioning          other Loyolans assisted American veterans and       significantly, and I think it formed us and how
wounded American soldiers and their families       their families. “I met some of the strongest and    we view the world. It is so important to see
during their pilgrimage to Lourdes,” says Dawn     most amazing people I could ever imagine. I         what the rest of the world is like. It equips you
overstreet, director of evoke, who, along with     came to realize that injury or disability is what   for the future.”
Chris Murphy (BA ‘80, MDiv ‘01), director of       you make of it. these people had eternally              “this immersion experience was a powerful
ministry, and p. Ann Solari-twadell (BSN ‘68,      positive attitudes in the face of tremendous        one, as a significant connection was made
phD ‘02), professor of nursing, accompanied        difficulty.”                                        to the vocation of nursing and how to attend
the students. the town was filled with                the trip was funded in part by members of        to the spiritual care of patients,” says
members of the military from more than 30          the board of trustees, including frank and          Solari-twadell.

    Inner compass
    shapes community

             ean Jack Wall welcomed more than
             100 guests to the 2009 philanthropy
             for All Seasons event in June that was
    hosted by the school’s Nonprofit Management
    and philanthropy Sector program. this is the
    sixth year Loyola provided attendees with a
    unique opportunity to meet key leaders in
                                Chicago’s nonprofit
    EVEnT SponSorS              and philanthropic
    Kraft Foods LeAD SpoNSoR
                                communities and
                                engage in dialogue    From left are Jack Wall, dean of the School of Social Work; Ngoan Le, vice president of programs for The
    McCormick Foundation
                                with them about the   Chicago Community Trust and 2009 Louis T. Delgado Social Justice in Philanthropy Award recipient; and
    The Chicago                 challenges facing     Frank Hogan III, Loyola University Chicago trustee.
    Community Trust
    polk Bros. Foundation         the evening
    ShoreBank                   provided an           of the trust’s Basic Human Needs program.              appointed by president Bill Clinton to serve on
                                opportunity to        Her work focuses on grant making and policy            the president’s Advisory Commission for Asian
    recognize Ngoan Le with the 2009 Louis            development regarding access to housing,               Americans and pacific Islanders.
    t. Delgado Social Justice in philanthropy         food, and other basic human needs; immigrant              the evening’s keynote speaker was Amina
    Award. Le is vice president of programs for       integration; and homelessness. Le served as            J. Dickerson, outgoing senior director of
    the Chicago Community trust, where she            the first executive director of the Vietnamese         corporate community involvement for
    also has served as the senior program officer     Association of Illinois. In 2000, she was              Kraft foods.

    Corboy thanks Law School with historic gift
                                                                                                             maintaining Loyola’s reputation for excellence
    CoNtINUeD fRoM CoVeR                              “My continued involvement                              in trial advocacy. In 1995, Corboy created the
    lawyer to be elected Chicago Bar Association       with Loyola is a result of my                         philip H. Corboy fellowship in trial Advocacy
    president, and among the first personal injury     tremendous admiration for                             program to support and train students who
                                                                                                             aspire to careers as trial lawyers. As a result of
    lawyers in the country to win a million-dollar
    jury verdict. He has served as general counsel
                                                       its commitment to teaching                            this exceptional program, more than 100 law
    to the Illinois Democratic party, president of     lawyers how to seek justice                           students have received scholarship assistance,
    the Illinois trial Lawyers Association, chair      and how to help others.”                              in addition to some of the best advocacy
    of the ABA Section on Litigation, and chair                                                              training in the nation.
                                                                             —ph i l i p h. cor boy
    and lifetime board member of the National                                                                   Corboy is also donating his papers to
    Institute for trial Advocacy. He also was                                                                Loyola, which will be housed in the School of
    appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court as        of Chicago’s finest lawyers. My continued              Law’s library. “phil’s papers will be important
    a member of the first committee on Illinois       involvement with Loyola is a result of my              to scholars for many years,” says Yellen. “His
    pattern Jury Instruction.                         tremendous admiration for its commitment to            career has already been the subject of a
        “I received a magnificent education at        teaching lawyers how to seek justice and how           book-length study through the American Bar
    Loyola’s law school that prepared me for a        to help others. My wife and I are privileged to        foundation.”
    career representing brave and injured people      support the law school’s mission to educate               A dedication of the philip H. Corboy Law
    and their families,” says Corboy. “thanks to      future generations of great lawyers for Chicago        Center will take place later this fall. Corboy’s
    Loyola, I formed lifelong friendships with        and for our nation.”                                   naming gift will be used to support ongoing
    respected faculty members and many talented          philip H. Corboy’s leadership and generosity        renovations of the building, new faculty hiring,
    students who went on to become some               over the years has been instrumental in                and student scholarships.

Scholarship assistance goes a long way
                                        isual communications senior
                                       Ashley Kaneko feels fortunate to be
                                     the recipient of two scholarships at
                              Loyola—the Louise Gonska Art Scholarship
                              and a general merit scholarship.
                                  “the most meaningful part about receiving
                              these scholarships is that I now expect more
                              from myself,” says Kaneko, a native of Hawaii.
                              “I can definitely say that the scholarships have
                              helped me become more confident in my
Senior Ashley Kaneko          abilities.”
received the $7,500               Kaneko has received the $7,500 Loyola
Loyola scholarship            scholarship for tuition each of her four years.
for tuition in each           It is given to several hundred high-achieving
of her four years.            undergraduates each year upon admission to
                              the university and is part of the nearly $110
                              million in scholarship and grant assistance
                              the University awards to deserving students.
                              this year Kaneko also received the Louise
                              Gonska Art Scholarship, which is given to
                              one sophomore, junior, or senior student           prepared me to enter the workforce. Since                  Kaneko spent
                              who is nominated for the award by his or her       my classes were small, my professors were                  last semester at
                              professors.                                        able to help me find meaningful internships.”              the John Felice
                                  In 1990 Helene Gonska established the             Kaneko, who has minors in painting                      Rome Center in
                              Louise Gonska scholarship in honor of her          and drawing, art history, psychology, and                  Italy. She took this
                              sister. “the Gonska scholarship helped me          business marketing, is currently interning                 photograph, one of
                              realize my potential and motivated me to           in Loyola’s Marketing and Communication                    her favorites, in the
                              work harder,” Kaneko says.                         office. She plans to work in graphic design in             Vatican Museums.
                                  “All my professors have been helpful,”         Chicago when she graduates next year.
                              Kaneko adds. “the art curriculum has really                                       —K AR AN ALMeIDA

      Back                                                                        A R t L o V e R S A N D H I S t o R I A N S A L I K e will have a rare
                                                                                  opportunity to learn more about spiritual themes of the 1940s
    to the                                                                        through the 1980s in the Back to the future exhibition at Loyola’s

   Future                                                                         Museum of Art September 12–November 15. the exhibition and a
                                                                                  companion catalog are supported by a $25,000 gift from the terra
  at LUMA                                                                         foundation for American Art, a Chicago-based foundation dedicated
                                                                                  to fostering exploration, understanding, and enjoyment of American
  Charmion von Wiegand,                                                           art for national and international audiences. “We are thrilled that the
      The Kundalini Lotus,                                                        terra foundation continues to partner with LUMA in bringing great
   1968–69, oil on canvas.
                                                                                  American art to Chicago,” says Lisa torgerson, director of major gifts.
      Courtesy of Michael
                                                                                  “We are very grateful to elizabeth Glassman and the rest of the terra
    Rosenfeld Gallery, LLC,
             New York, NY                                                         foundation board and staff for continuing to support the American
                                                                                  art initiatives at LUMA.”

 Founders’ Dinner 2009

 A night to

               icking off the eighth annual
               founders’ Dinner in June was
               an old-fashioned nun wearing a
               full-length habit who kindly, but
 sternly, ordered the nearly 900 guests to take
 their seats.
     “You in the red shawl there. Yes, you.
 Sit down. Now, please,” instructed award-
 winning actress Maripat Donovan dressed
 as “Sister”—the role she created for her one-
 woman comedy Late Nite Catechism. Donovan
 was back on campus to receive an honorary
 Bachelor of fine and performing Arts degree
 as part of the evening’s festivities.                Maripat Donovan accepts her honorary degree from Father Garanzini with a flourish.
     prior to dinner, 10 Damen Award recipients
 were feted in the newly christened Donovan           Scholarship, said that upon graduation he           Damen Awards
 Reading Room in Cudahy Library. Janet W.             plans to use his medical education to help
                                                      the underserved populations of the world.              School of            Dr. Joseph A. Walsh
 Sisler (BA ’74, MA ’82) was also honored with                                                               Social Work          (BA ’67, MSW ’69)
 the Coffey Award for her leadership in the           Second-year law student frances Mendieta
 community and service to others. Guests              also spoke. She received the Jenner & Block            Institute of         Rich f. Clark
                              then had a chance       Minority Scholarship and thanked the                   pastoral Studies     (MRE ’78)

                              to mingle with the      audience on behalf of all scholarship students         Marcella niehoff     Dr. Judith Kosloskus Scully
                              awardees during         for their support. More than $4.4 million              School of nursing    (BSN ’62)
                              the cocktail hour       has been raised in the last school year for
                                                                                                             Stritch School       Dr. James R. Baker (MD ’78)
                              at the Klarchek         scholarship support.                                   of Medicine

                              Information                 A first for founders’ Dinner was the
                                                                                                             The Graduate         Rev. Brian G. paulson, S.J.
                              Commons                 awarding of an honorary degree. In full                School               (MA ’85)
                              before entering         regalia, father Garanzini, theater professor
                                                      Jonathan Wilson, and College of Arts and               School of Law        Dr. Randy Lamm Berlin (JD ’91)
                              the beautifully
                              decorated Gentile       Sciences Dean frank fennell awarded the
                                                      degree to Maripat Donovan, who tossed her
                                                                                                             School of            Dr. Blondean Y. Davis
 Sister Jean Delores          Center.                                                                        Education            (BA ’70, MEd ’75, EdD ’85)
                                Sister Jean Delores   mortar board into the air and gave a speech
 Schmidt received the
                             Schmidt, who has         that was funny, touching, and apropos.                 School of            Christopher G. Atchison
 Dux Mirabilis Award.
                             been a fixture of the        “I can’t believe that this is happening to         Continuing &         (BA ’71)
                                                                                                             professional Studies
 Loyola community since arriving on campus            me,” she began. “I was not a good student.
 in 1961, received the Dux Mirabilis Award from       I got bad grades. I hated school. It was as            School of Business   John e. “Jack” Rooney
 president Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., for her        if I was lost in a dark hallway and someone            Administration       (MBA ’69)

 extraordinary leadership. As the Ramblers’           opened a door and said, ‘Come in here. this
                                                      is where you belong.’ that was the theater             College of Arts      Ronald A. Grzywinski
 team chaplain and No. 1 fan, she remains an                                                                 & Sciences           (A&S ’58)
 inspiration as she cheers the men’s basketball       department at Loyola and it became my life.”
 team at home games and helps players                     Donovan went on to say, “My sister helped
 balance academics with their commitment to           me find a quote from someone who also
                                                      received a degree later in life—the Scarecrow        think deep thoughts—and with no more brains
                                                      from The Wizard of Oz.                               than you have … But! they have one thing you
     As part of the evening, several
                                                          “the Wizard told the Scarecrow, ‘Back            haven’t got! A diploma!’
 students were invited to speak about the
                                                      where I come from we have universities, seats           “And so I thank you now by quoting the
 transformative effect scholarship has had
                                                      of great learning—where men go to become             Scarecrow: ‘oh joy, rapture! I have a brain! How
 on their lives. Medical student eli Horn, who
                                                      great thinkers. And when they come out, they         can I ever thank you enough?’ ”
 is receiving a four-year Anthony Barbato
                                                                                                                                              —CARLA BeeCHeR

                                       DA M E N S O C I E T Y U p d a t e

The Pillar Society
College of Arts and Sciences
                             S I N C e 2 0 0 8 , J o H N D e U t S C H ( B A ’ 6 9 ) has served as chair of the pillar                        CAS GIFTS IN ACTION
                             Society—the leadership annual giving society for the College of Arts and                                         partner with our students
                             Sciences. A lifelong South Sider, Deutsch grew up in South Holland and spent                                     Your support allows us to
                                                                                                                                              enhance the education we
                             his entire professional career at LaSalle Bank, which was acquired by Bank of
                                                                                                                                              provide to our students. Gifts
                             America in 2007. He began working from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. in the bank’s mail                                      to the College of Arts and
                             room the summer between his freshman and sophomore years at Loyola—a                                             Sciences provide funding
                             job he found by looking through a box of index cards in Loyola’s office of                                       for collaborative faculty-
                                                                                                                                              student research, equipment,
                             employment Services (now the Career Development Center). Upon graduation,
                                                                                                                                              instruments, and other
John Deutsch                 LaSalle hired him full time. He retired in 2006 as a senior vice president. Deutsch                              materials for laboratories and
                             reflects on his involvement with Loyola, the college, and the pillar Society.                                    studios, and allow for resources
                                                                                                                                              to bring visiting scholars and
                                                                                                                                              business professionals to
Why are you such a strong supporter of CAS?                          Why did you choose to attend Loyola?                                     campus.
• I received a superb education and was blessed                      • I wanted to live on campus at a Catholic
                                                                                                                                              partner with our faculty
with excellent professors. I thought the college                     university in the Chicago area. At that time, Depaul
                                                                                                                                              Gifts from our alumni and
prepared me well for whatever adventure I would                      did not have dorms, so I applied to Loyola. I was                        friends allow the college to
embark upon in life and now feel a responsibility                    impressed with the curriculum and the core values.                       recruit and retain the most
to repay the University.                                             It also didn’t hurt that the basketball team won the                     talented professors. Your
                                                                     national championship when I began my college                            support allows Dean Frank
Can you tell me about your involvement as                            search. I’ve never regretted my decision to                              Fennell to provide faculty with
an alumnus? • I always kept in touch with the                        attend Loyola.                                                           the resources to share their
Alumni Association. As I became more financially                                                                                              expertise and research with
successful, I contributed more. But I took an                        Why do you think others should become pillar                             national audiences.
even greater interest in Loyola when my son was                      Society members? • These are tough economic
                                                                                                                                              partner with our community
researching colleges [his son, Alex, graduated                       times. I believe that those who have the ability
                                                                                                                                              Not all of the education we
from CAS in 2009]. A series of happy events led to                   to donate have the responsibility to do so. our                          provide occurs in the classroom.
my joining the Dean’s Advisory Board in 2004.                        University is challenged like many others; our                           The Loyola Community Literacy
   In 2004, I pledged $30,000 to the Quinlan                         gifts help it to meet the academic rigors of the                         Center is supported by the
Life Sciences Building because I believe the life                    21st century and prepare our students to become                          College of Arts and Sciences.
sciences are a cornerstone of our curriculum.                        leaders. our gifts help fund scholarships and                            Students from the college
It was an important step forward for our                             recruit and retain quality, talented faculty. our                        help 80 to 100 members of
University’s undergraduate program, and I am                         support enables Dean fennell’s vision to grow                            our community improve their
proud to be a part of it. I was honored when a                       and improve CAS. the pillar Society, like the                            reading, writing, and speaking
                                                                                                                                              skills in English.
study room on the second floor was named in                          architectural structure from which it takes its
my honor.                                                            name, supports the edifice, in this instance, CAS.
                                                                     the ediface falls if the pillars collapse.
                                                                                                                                              Membership in the pillar Society—
                                                                                                                                              or one of the other 10 school- or
                                                                                                                                              program-based giving societies—
                                                                                                                                              also constitutes as membership in
                                                                                                                                              the Damen Society.
                ArnoLD DAMEn, S.J. (1815–1890), for whom the Damen Society is named, helped establish Holy family Church,
                Chicago’s first Jesuit parish. His vision of a church, school, and college on the city’s near west Side led to St. ignatius   to learn more about the Damen
                College, the predecessor of Loyola University Chicago. the college opened in 1870 and narrowly escaped the great              Society or the pillar Society, please
                fire of 1871, which started just blocks away. father Damen was also an active missionary who conducted more than              contact Stephanie günter at
                200 missions across the United States.                                                                               or 312.915.7292.

                                                                         What two words mean
                                                                         “You’ve changed my life”?
                                                                         If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the student-
                                                                         produced “thank you” video that was e-mailed
                                                                         in late June. A fun, high-energy snapshot of a
                                                                         beautiful summer’s day on campus, the video
                                                                         features students, faculty, and staff members
                                                                         expressing their gratitude for everyone who
                                                                         supports Loyola.
            Two Loyola students filmed and edited the video: sophomore
            Dustin McQuary and graduate student Aaron Torres. You
                                                                         Give the “thank you” video a look at the
            can see more of their work at, Loyola’s
                                                                         campaign Web site:
            multimedia hub.

LOyOLA UNIVERSITy CHICAGO                                                                                                     Non-profit Org.
                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
820 N. Michigan Avenue                                                                                                            PAID
Chicago, IL 60611                                                                                                             permit No. 5539
                                                                                                                                Chicago, IL


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