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									Download WordPress Workshop Quickie - Platinum Level PDF, Ebooks And Softwares
Download WordPress Workshop Quickie - Platinum Level - PDF Ebooks And Software
Are You Technology Challenged
But You Still Want a Blog or Website?

    Do you want a blog to tell your story?

    Do you want a blog where you can build a Tribe of followers and monetize it?

    Do you want a business website to showcase your services or products?

    Do you want all three?
Do You Want Complete Control
of Your Blog or Website?
WordPress Workshop Quickie is a live, online training course, which teaches you how to take complete control of your site!? I¡¯ll show
you step-by-step how to install, set up, and maintain your WordPress site. You¡¯ll be able to make quick updates yourself in a matter
of minutes.
Free yourself from web designers and webmasters who hold you hostage while you wait for days or weeks for tiny tweaks and
changes to your site.
? This Training Will Help You Quickly and Easily Minimize Your Anxieties Over This Technology

?                                  My name is Celene Harrelson, aka, The Happypreneur.? I¡¯ve been online since 2007, and I must
admit that first year or so was really rough.? The problem was it seemed everyone knew how to get started but me. I was a complete
In the beginning, I used blog services that were easy to sign up for. Making my site look like I wanted and getting it to do the things I
needed were very limited.? There was only a small selection of ¡°looks¡± to choose from.? It was distressing to find so many other
blogs similar to mine on the internet.
I wanted my site to be taken seriously, but using the blog service with the name of my site tacked onto the end was very unprofessional
looking.? It made my audience question if I was in this for the long haul.
Worst of all, whole pieces of content on my blog just ceased to exist.? One day it was just gone.? No explanation¡ poof, it just vanished
into thin air. Through all of that,? I never once got to speak to a human being for support or assistance.? There was never anybody
there for me to ask to get my questions answered. Just vague canned support ticket responses with links to information that didn¡¯t
really answer my questions.?
The whole experience was extremely frustrating! Have you ever felt like this?
At that time, I had a mentor who suggested I take control over my blog and content.? She said I should self-host my site and install
WordPress.? I didn¡¯t even know what self-hosting meant, but she promised it was easy to use.? I shutter to think how much it actually
cost me in lost time and money. At my wits end, I finally hired someone to set my site anyway. That does not have to happen to you!
Because I tried to figure it out on my own, I struggled for months.? Without training there is a learning curve to WordPress. Because I
had no training, I eventually hired someone to set my site anyway.
Today, I¡¯m a WordPress Ninja, and I specialize in helping people learn the basics. Since then, I¡¯ve built dozens of WordPress
blogs, and I¡¯m looking forward to showing you how easy it is to do this yourself.

?I want you to be successful the first time!
PS: Here are a few of the sites I¡¯ve done.

?                               ?                               ?
                      ¡°Celene is a superb mentor.? She has helped me every step of the way and truly inspires and
      motivates me to move forward with my? internet business.? Her teachings are simple and easy to follow, which makes
      blogging and working online that much easier and fun.? If you have a chance to work with Celene, take it!¡±
      ~ Cat See, RelievePanicAttacksNow.com
?You¡¯ll May Be Shocked at How Quick and Easy
You Can Learn to Build You Own Blog or Website!
Why WordPress?
Because it¡¯s so darned simple. It¡¯s so easy that the only reason to use something else is because you enjoy working with
programmers who barely speak English, who live who knows where, and who charge tons of money for a little tweak!
WordPress is so easy that ANYONE can learn how to set up a blog or website.
? What Others Are Saying About
Why They Use WordPress
      ¡°WordPress¡ makes everything much easier.? Bottom line: there is no reason to use anything else because
      WordPress can pretty much do it all.¡± ~Jeff Starr
      ¡°I started blogging with Blogger but was curious about the idea about self-hosted blogs. I was planning to use WordPress
      temporarily just to try it, but I never looked back and WordPress is now my blog platform of choice¡ nothing matches the
      ease of use and flexibility of WordPress.¡±~Brian

Who Uses WordPress?
I¡¯m all for quick and easy.? The less complicated the better, don¡¯t you agree? Here are a few others who chose WordPress¡
eBay? ? Sony? ?? Pepsi?? ? Best Buy ?? CNN ???? Barack Obama ? ? Wall Street Journal

Why Do These Big Companies Use WordPress?
Because it¡¯s easy. It¡¯s simple to use and no ¡°hard coding¡± required! In these tough times of budget cuts and downsizing, it¡¯s no
longer necessary to employ a huge staff of programmers and designers anymore.
A single person can do in minutes what it once took programmers?weeks, sometimes even months to do. It¡¯s a snap to edit. There
is no need to pay a webmaster.
?What Connie Ragen Green Says
About Celene¡¯s Training

                         ¡°Celene takes a confusing and often misunderstood topic and breaks it down into simple
      steps that make sense. I only wish that she had been around when I was trying to make my first hundred dollars online to
      explain it all to me in such clear and concise steps. Having known Celene for over a year online, and finally meeting her in
      person recently, I can tell you she is one smart lady. Her students are fortunate to be in such capable and caring
      hands. You are destined for success, Celene, and I am proud to call you my friend and colleague.¡±
      ~Connie Ragen Green, HugeProfitsTinyList.com
?How Does Celene¡¯s Training Work?

It will be like looking over my shoulder as I teach.? I will show you step-by-step how to build a WordPress blog or website. I¡¯ll share
my screen live with you so you can see everything I am doing in real time.
This training is a live, simple to learn step-by-step course, broken down into easy to understand, straightforward, bite size lessons.
Each ¡°Quickie Class¡± will be 30 minutes long ¨C each with a live Q & A. This format ensures you will have all your questions
answered so that you will understand what you learn before moving on to the next lesson.? A video replay will be available after each
There will be two of these ¡°quickie¡± lessons per week over 4 consecutive weeks.

             Celene ¨C I love your approach to teaching folks how to build an online presence. Professional AND fun at the
     same time. Great!
     ~Patti Winker, RemarkableWrinkles.com
?What Will You Learn in the ¡°Quickie Classes¡±?

Lesson #1
?Introduction to WordPress
?How to choose a keyword rich domain name
?How to buy a domain name
?Choosing a web hosting service
?Changing your Domain Name Servers
?Installing WordPress
Lesson #3
?Getting acquainted with the dashboard
?Changing your password
?Changing the appearance of your blog site
Lesson #4
?Personalizing the ¡°Settings¡±
¨CSEO and General settings
Lesson #5
?What are plugins
?How to install them
?Which plugins should you use
Lesson #6
?Set up your social media buttons in a widget in your sidebar.
?Set up your opt in form in a widget in your sidebar.
Lesson #7
?Your first blog post
?SEO for blog posts
Lesson #8
?Creating pages
¨CAbout me page
¨CAdding a privacy policy page
¨CAdding a ¡°contact¡± page
I¡¯m just getting started, there¡¯s a lot more!
                   ¡°Technology intimidates me, but Celene makes it simple. I don¡¯t know how she does it, but when she
     show¡¯s me how, I ¡°get it¡±! I¡¯ve learned so much about WordPress and marketing from her. I admire and appreciate
     the down to earth way she shares her knowledge and expertise and you will too.¡±
     ~Pattie Pilling, FastHolidayWeightLoss.com
? ______________
     ?You¡¯ll be shocked at how fast you can install and build your site in WordPress with Celene¡¯s straightforward way of
     presenting things. I couldn¡¯t believe it!
     ~Joe Knizely
You have 2 options to choose:
Gold Level or Platinum Level

Gold Level?

   You get the 8 live webinar ¡°Quickie classes¡± ¨C 2 per week for 4 weeks

   Video replays of each class

   One FREE month in WordPress Workshop Quickie membership site after your ¡°Quickie classes¡± are over ($47 value)
    ? You get a PDF study guide including slides you can download and print out
    ? You get access to ¡°Keyword Research Made Easy¡± ¨C my step-by-step video on this often overlooked all-important first step!
   ? You get access to ¡°How To Make Easy Headers for Your Website and for Profit¡±- my tutorial using a secret tool you¡¯re going to
  ? You get a huge Ping List for your blog.? What this means is that you will be able to automatically ¡°ping¡± an alert to over 150
search engines and websites each time that you post or make changes!
    ? You get my extensive ¡°Ideas for Blog Posts¡± List so you never run out of ideas for content
    You¡¯ll also get my video ¡°Ideas for Blog Posts and Turning Your Posts Into Articles¡±
Starting After Your ¡°Quickie Classes¡± Are Over
Your Monthly Membership to the WordPress Workshop Quickie Membership Site Includes¡

     A minimum of 2 live training webinars and 2 teleseminars each month

     Access to my webinars and calls past, present and future

     A robust, information packed membership site

     A private community Facebook group where you can have your questions answered quickly

     Marketing strategies to help you to build an online brand for your blog or business
        Celene, first I have to say that you have provided some of the best,down to earth, information on building a web site that
        I¡¯ve seen. You spoke to my problems as though I was sitting across the room from you. Thanks so much and
        thanks for being Honest and True!
Your 100% Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied simply,
contact us within 30 days for a prompt refund.
When Do The Classes Start?
Quickie Classes begin Tuesday, October 25, 2011
8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific)
Remember, you will always have replays if you are unable to attend any class.
Space is Limited
Only $197
Yes, Sign Me Up For The Gold Level!

Platinum Level
The Whole Shebang!

You get the 8 live webinar ¡°Quickie classes¡± ¨C 2 per week for 4 weeks

   Video replays of each class

   A total of 3 FREE months in WordPress Workshop Quickie membership site after your quickie classes are over ($141?
In Addition to All of the Bonuses From the Gold Level
You Will Also Get¡

   One 60-minute private laser coaching call with me ($220.00 value)

   I will research themes to help you select the one that¡¯s just right for you ($110 value)

   Premium Website Design Package which includes: blog? banner header/Facebook banner/Twitter banner ($225.00 value)

   A hands-on personal evaluation of your site and recommendations on how to bring more traffic to you ($100 value)

   A live webinar on how to get the most out of social media in just a few minutes a day. I will show you how to set up all your social
media so you can manage it from one place. This will enable you to have a huge online presence in a short amount of time. ($100

   6-part audio course ¨C ¡°Making Your First $100 Online¡± will give you a overview of the process of setting up and building a
successful online business. ($67 value)
But Wait¡
There¡¯s More!
Please understand¡ your additional 3 FREE months membership starts after your Quickie Classes are over! That way you¡¯ll
receive continued WordPress training and learn how to market your blog site to drive FREE traffic to build an online presence! ($141
This All Inclusive Training & Coaching Program Will Get Results!
?Total $1,140.00 Value

You Get the Whole Shebang for Only $497
When Do The Classes Start?
Quickie Classes begin Tuesday, October 25, 2011
8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific)
Remember, you will always have replays if you are unable to attend any class.
This Platinum Level includes 3 full months membership in WordPress Workshop Quickie site.
Space is Limited
Only $497
Yes,? I Want the Whole Shebang!
Sign Me Up For the Platinum Level

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