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July 15, 2007 - July 31, 2007   •   Volume 4, Issue 15                                                                                                                                          

Slow Progress on DC’s Homeless Plan District
                                                                                                                                                                                      $2.8M for
                                                                                                                                                                                      Legal Aid
                                                                                                                                                                                         By Sean P O’Connor

                                                                                                                                                                                         The ability to afford a lawyer can
                                                                                                                                                                                      mean the difference between keep-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ing a roof over your head and becom-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ing homeless. Thanks to new funding
                                                                                                                                                                                      from the city, more low-income Dis-
                                                                                                                                                                                      trict residents, especially those east
                                                                                                                                                                                      of the Anacostia River, can access
                                                                                                                                                                                      legal services for housing.
                                                                                                                                                                                         The D.C. Bar Foundation recent-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ly awarded 15 grants totaling $2.89
                                                                                                                                                                                      million to support civil legal ser-
                                                                                                                                                                                      vices for D.C.’s poor. At least half of
                                                                                                                                                                                      these grants were awarded to legal
                                                                                                                                                                                      aid and service organizations that
                                                                                                                                                                                      work directly with housing issues

                                                                                                                                                                      DaviD Benassi
                                                                                                                                                                                      See   Legal Aid, page 5

The change in administration has led the District government to put its long-term plan to end homelessness “on the back burner,” advocates said.
                                                                                                                                                                                      STREET VOICE
                                                                                                                                                                                       Keep Drug
  By Daniel Johnson and Kaukab                     up in 2004 by Williams, aimed to end   Ohio, have dramatically reduced their      Tasked by the mayor to create
Jhumra Smith                                       chronic homelessness by adding         numbers of homeless as a result of strategies across agencies to end
                                                   6,000 new units of affordable hous-    long-term strategic partnerships be- chronic homelessness, the Inter-
   Three years into the District’s 10-
year strategy to end homelessness,
interviews with public representa-
                                                   ing, increasing preventative efforts
                                                   and providing support services to
                                                   people on the streets.
                                                                                          tween public agencies, businesses agency Council on Homelessness
                                                                                          and nonprofits. (See sidebar on Port- held no meetings during the transi-
                                                                                          land’s success on page 5.)              tion between the Williams and Fenty
tives and local advocates revealed
that the plan has made little prog-
                                                      More than 90 communities across
                                                   the country have drawn up 10-year
                                                                                             However, the plan in Washington, administrations earlier this year and
                                                                                          D.C., has not seen much progress in met under the Fenty administration                       Away From
ress in its goal of adding 6,000 units             strategies to eradicate homelessness   part because of the change in ad- for the first time in June.
of permanent housing with support
services for the homeless.
                                                   in their communities, encouraged
                                                   by a blueprint released by the Na-
                                                                                          ministrations from Williams to new         “We need to be meeting every
                                                                                          Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, advocates month,” Barnes said. The city’s 2014
   “Right now [the plan’s] in limbo                tional Alliance to End Homelessness    said. Overwhelming concerns such as deadline to end homelessness may                                     By David Pirtle
because we just haven’t had time to                in 2000 that focused on preventative   improving the city’s public education not be realistic, Barnes said. “I think

work on it,” said Cheryl Barnes, the               measures and an increase in perma-     system have led the city to put eradi- it might take another 10 years.”                            n January, the Downtown
only formerly homeless member                      nent affordable housing with mental    cating homelessness “on the back           The D.C. Department of Hous-                            Service Center closed its
of the D.C. Interagency Council on                 health, medical and other support      burner,” Barnes said. And the city is ing and Community Development                                doors for the last time after
Homelessness, a council established                services for the chronically home-     losing affordable housing units every funded the rehabilitation and con-                    the church where it was located
by Mayor Anthony A. Williams in 2005               less.                                  year to high-priced developers, push- struction of more than 4,000 afford-                  sold its air rights – the right to use
to implement the plan.                                Areas like Portland and Mult-       ing the goal of 6,000 net additional                                                        and develop the airspace above the
   The District’s 10-year plan, drawn              nomah County, Ore., and Columbus,      units farther out of reach.            See Plan, page 5                                     property – to a condo developer.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Now I could write an entire op-ed
                                                                                                                                                                                      about what kind of church would
                                                               INTERNATIONAL                                        EDITORIAL
Inside This Issue                                              Scots Unshaken by Attacks                            Counting the Homeless
                                                                                                                                                                                      do such a thing, but that’s another
                                                                                                                                                                                      topic entirely.
                                                               The street paper in Scotland takes a unique          Maurice King explains what homeless numbers                          Known affectionately as the 9:30
                                                               look at the Glasgow terrorist attacks, page 7        show – and what they don’t, page 13                               Club, the breakfast program at the
PROFILE                                                                                                                                                                               DSC was moved to Fourth and E
Street Church at Epiphany                                      MOVIE REVIEW                                         EDITOR NOTE                                                       streets, NW. It didn’t take long for the
D.C. office workers and the homeless share                     Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO’                              Do I Contradict Myself?                                           homeless to find it. Unfortunately, it
food and prayer every Tuesday at Franklin                      Formerly homeless David Pirtle on Moore’s            New editor Koki Smith finds Street Sense in a
Square Park, page 3                                            take on health care in America, page 11              Walt Whitman poem, page 14                                        See Dealers, page 13
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Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007                                                                                                                                                                  PROFILE 


Street Church Unites District’s Homeless Downtown
  By Daniel Johnson

   In between bites of lunch, downtown workers hear “Amaz-
ing Grace” ring out across Franklin Square Park every Tuesday
at 1 p.m.
   The singers are a group of homeless worshipers and the
song is the opening hymn of Street Church, an outdoor church
service and lunch program at 14th and K streets NW spon-
sored by the Church of the Epiphany.
   “We want to provide an environment where downtown
workers and the poor can get together,” Rev. Randolph C.
Charles said. “All we’re trying to do is say everybody is worthy
in God’s eyes and everyone is loved by God.”
   The combination of worship, communion, food and fellow-
ship is open to everyone and was created to eliminate the gap
between the homeless and workers of downtown D.C.
   “We go out to people, because they can’t necessarily come [to
Epiphany,]” said Rev. Anne-Marie Jeffery, Urban Missioner of
Epiphany. “We hand out food, but some people need more than
food sometimes. Sometimes, they need a place to pray.”
   Street Church has met at Franklin Square Park every Tues-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    DanieL JoHnson
day, weather permitting, since February 2006. About 25 people
attend the service every week, occasionally as many as 80,
Charles said.
   The worship service lasts up to one hour, and immediately
after the service, volunteers hand out sack lunches filled with      Rev. Randolph C. Charles holds a weekly church service at Franklin square Park. “Things like this are a blessing,” a homeless attendee said.
a sandwich, a bag of chips and dessert.
   “Things like this are a blessing because not everyone has a       Street Sense vendor.                                                       Street Church is also an outgrowth of the Welcome Table,
dollar in their pocket,” Joe Nibes, a Street Church regular, said.      Street Church was inspired by the original outdoor Episcopa-         a 40-year-old Sunday morning service at Epiphany that pro-
“The street is no joke.”                                             lian service for the homeless: Boston’s Common Cathedral.               vides breakfast and a place to worship for the first 200 home-
   The songs and prayers of the service are taken directly from         Rev. Deborah W. Little, the creator of Common Cathedral,             less men and women that sign up.
the Episcopal prayer book and include “Psalm 23,” “The Lord’s        contacted Charles and pushed him to start a street service that            Many homeless people consistently attend Street Church,
Prayer” and “The Serenity Prayer.” Like any other Episcopa-          was geared for the District’s homeless. Franklin Square Park            and Jeffery said she wished to see more non-homeless people
lian service, the Eucharist, a remembrance of the Last Supper,       was chosen as the location because it is already filled with            actively involved but understands the conflict of time.
plays a central role in Street Church and participants can take      homeless people and downtown workers.                                      “We know it’s hard for business people to get away,” Jeffery
communion.                                                              The church renews a permit from the U.S. Department of               said.
   “When you cannot attend church on a Sunday, it gives you          the Interior every four months in order to hold its service at             For more information on how to volunteer for Street Church,
a second chance to attend church,” said Patricia Jefferson, a        Franklin, Charles said.                                                 contact Rev. Anne-Marie Jeffery at (202) 347-2635.

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 LOCAL NEWS                                                                                                                                                      Street Sense . July 15 -31, 2007

Federal Bill Could Create 1.5 Million Affordable Homes
  By Mia Boyd                                      fiscal realities, we are today doing the best     to enable the success of housing trust fund         Crowley, president of the National Low In-
                                                   we can to address this — creating a low in-       campaigns.                                          come Housing Coalition. “Assuring a secure
   The nation’s supply of affordable hous-         come housing trust fund that will be paid            The issue of affordable housing remains a        home for all its members is fundamental for
ing could expand by 1.5 million units under        for in ways that do not draw from federal         large challenge. According to a 2007 Harvard        a healthy society.”
a bill introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-         tax revenues.”                                    University Joint Center for Housing Studies            The National Low Income Housing Coali-
Mass.), chairman of a congressional com-              The bill has received bipartisan support       report, one out of seven U.S. households            tion has joined with over 5,600 local and na-
mittee that addresses housing issues.              in Congress as well as praise from national       pays more than half its income for housing.         tional organizations in the National Housing
   Introduced in late June, the bill, H.R.         organizations such as the National Low In-           Seventy-five percent of the funds autho-         Trust Fund Campaign. Though such bills
2895, would establish a national affordable        come Housing Coalition. It’s been referred to     rized in the legislation would be allocated         have been introduced in past congressional
housing trust fund to “produce, preserve           the House Committee on Financial Services,        for households that earn less than 30% of           sessions, the coalition is pushing hard for
and rehabilitate” 1.5 million housing units        where Frank serves as chairman.                   an area’s median income.                            the legislation to pass this time.
for low-income citizens over the next 10              “The issue of affordable housing has been         Most funds would be targeted directly               On July 10, during a keynote address at
years.                                             ongoing for many years. It reflects a move-       to cities, although states and local jurisdic-      a national conference on ending homeless-
   “The growing shortage of affordable             ment almost,” said Mary Brooks, Director          tions would be required to serve rural areas        ness, Frank said he hoped the bill would
housing is one of the most serious social          of the Housing Trust Fund Project of the          in proportion to their need.                        pass by this fall.
and economic problems facing our country,”         Center for Community Change, which pro-               “A secure home is fundamental to fam-              “I believe we’re going to make some real
Frank said. “Given our severely constrained        vides information and technical assistance        ily and personal well-being,” said Sheila           progress this year,” Frank said.

YWCA Protest Forces Building Inspections
  By Ted Henson                                    ing The Washington Post.
                                                      Soon afterward, in the first week of July,
    City inspections are underway at the Phyl-     federal and local agencies inspected the
lis Wheatley YWCA in northwest Washington          building. They included the Department of
after residents held a widely-publicized dem-      Housing and Urban Development, the D.C.
onstration on June 26 to protest poor living       Department of Consumer and Regulatory
conditions and demand city action.                 Affairs, and the D.C. Department of Housing
    Last April, Street Sense reported that ten-    and Community Development.
ants of the women’s low-priced housing unit on        Although results of the July inspections had
901 Rhode Island Ave., NW, were complaining        not been released by the time Street Sense went
of bedbugs, leaky plumbing, mold and dilapi-       to press, a representative from the Department
dated bathrooms. The building is not affiliated    of Housing and Community Development told
with the national YWCA network.                    Street Sense it is helping YWCA management
    In addition, 54 residents had received legal   find a new exterminator for bedbugs.
notices demanding back rent, although most            Some dispute remains over the timing and
of the cases were later dismissed. With the        motivation of the city’s inspection process.
help of community organizations, outraged          Tenants and their supporters maintain that
residents launched the Phyllis Wheatley Cares      the first building-wide inspections didn’t oc-
Tenants’ Association to voice concerns to          cur until after their demonstration and the
building management.                               subsequent unflattering media coverage.
    “We’re trying to educate women about           Residents sent their first formal request for
their rights at the YWCA,” said Sharon Rohner,     building inspections to the city’s Department
a resident and tenant association member.          of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs on May 29,
    The June 26 demonstration by about 20          according to Rebecca Lindhurst, a nonprofit
women in the group was widely covered on           attorney assisting the tenants’ association.
local television news and newspapers, includ-         Shortly before the protest, a city inspector
                                                   looked at the common areas of the building
                                                   but not their individual rooms, tenants told
                                                   Lindhurst. Advocates then e-mailed govern-
        Foundry                                    ment officials, including D.C. Council mem-
                                                   ber Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), asking for a full
        United Methodist Church
        A Reconciling                              building inspection. That inspection did not
        Congregation                               occur until July 3.
                                                      Spokeswoman Karyn Robinson of the
                                                   regulatory affairs department confirmed the

                                                                                                                                                                                                        TeD Henson
                                                   first correspondence received from the ten-
        Invites you to join us in                  ants was sent on May 29. In June alone, her
        worship on Sundays                         department held four meetings or inspec-
        at 9:30 and 11:00 AM                       tions with YWCA building management, and          sharon Rohner, a resident of the YWCa women’s shelter, protests unsanitary living conditions.
        Sign Interpretation at 11:00               by June 16, notices of violations had been is-
                                                   sued to YWCA management, she said.                   Rohner said that the beds were donated           have good living conditions.”
                                                      While awaiting results of the city inspec-     from an unknown source shortly after the                Patty Smith, a Street Sense vendor who
        Homeless Outreach
                                                   tions, YWCA tenant Rohner said minor im-          media coverage but have since been kept in          lives at the Y, said that although the situa-
        Hospitality Fridays 9 AM
                                                   provements have been made to the facility         storage.                                            tion is still tough, it is getting better thanks
                                                                                                        “The beds went to empty rooms,” Rohner           to the tenants’ association and the support
        Foundry United                             and stored furniture has been moved out of
                                                                                                     said. “There are still women sleeping on the        it received.
        Methodist Church                           the first-floor common room.
                                                      But the majority of the problems originally    floor.”                                                 “Things that we fought so hard for are fi-
        1500 16th Street, NW
                                                   raised still have not been remedied, she and         According to Rohner, the problems at the         nally coming to fruition,” Smith said. “Us
        Washington, DC 20036
                                                   other tenants said.                               YWCA ultimately are health concerns.                women are sticking together.”
        (202) 332-4010
                                                      “I was thrilled to see all of the furniture       “I’m concerned about their health,” Roh-             The YWCA board of directors did not re-
                                                   come out of the lounge area,” Rohner said,        ner said. “A 67-year-old woman is still with-       turn calls for comment.
                                                   “But when I left, people called me to tell that   out heat or air-conditioning after three years.
                                                   they haven’t received beds.”                      I am not at the Y right now because I don’t            David Hammond contributed to this story.
Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007                                                                                                                                                       LOCAL NEWS 5

 Plan, from page 1
 able housing units in the last two years. But this funding was
 not the result of inter-agency collaboration under the 10-year
 plan, department spokeswoman Najuma Thorpe said.
    “We certainly work with the plans that are dictated to us
 but we are always looking for more ways to increase affordable
                                                                                                                                            Results Win
 housing,” Thorpe said.
    However, the department has set aside $12.5 million for
 building permanent housing as a result of long-term planning
 with the Deputy Mayor’s Office of Economic Development,
 which oversees the 10-year strategy, Thorpe said.
    But that earmark does not include funds for any support
 services like medical or mental health, Thorpe said. Under the
 10-year plan, the 6,000 new affordable units must offer perma-
 nent supportive housing.                                                                                                                      Chronic homelessness has dropped by 70% over the
    “The city’s commitment to dollars is definitely a good step                                                                             past two years in the Portland, Ore., region, a result of the
 forward in the right direction, and shows that the city believes                                                                           area’s 10-year plan to end homelessness by increasing per-
 in the concept of preventing people from becoming home-                                                                                    manent affordable housing and access to social services,
 less,” said Michael Ferrell, director of the nonprofit D.C. Coali-                                                                         according to a national group that advises local govern-
 tion for the Homeless. “The responsibility lies with the District                                                                          ments on such plans.
 government.”                                                                                                                                  A chronically homeless person is defined by the U.S.
    Ferrell said that bringing affordable housing is the biggest                                                                            Department of Housing and Urban Development as an
 challenge D.C.’s government faces and that the plan will take                                                                              “unaccompanied disabled individual who has been con-
 time to implement.                                                                                                                         tinuously homeless for over one year.”
    “That’s why it’s a 10-year plan and not a five-year plan,” Fer-                                                                            Beginning in December 2004, Portland and Multnomah
 rell said.                                                            additional units coincide with the District’s loss of thousands      County adopted a “Housing First” approach which quickly
    Father Jon Adams, the director of one of the largest pro-          of affordable rentals and homes each year.                           moves the region’s homeless into permanent affordable
 viders of homeless services in the District, said he believes             The city has also not met its own deadlines under the 10-        housing linked to supportive services, including medical
 the plan is making progress. As head of So Others Might Eat           year plan for rehabilitating various homeless shelters. Al-          care and mental health services.
 (SOME), he noted that providing funds for housing is a step in        though the 10-year plan called for mass renovations at Parcel           This approach allows the homeless to bypass stays at
 the right direction to ending homelessness.                           26/La Casa, Gales School and an unidentified men’s shelter by        temporary shelters and secure a stable foundation and
    “I think [the plan] is going [forward] and I think for one thing   October 2006, no major renovations have taken place and no           network of support to manage their condition. Portland’s
 the city itself has had enough foresight to have established the      men’s shelter has been selected for renovation.                      plan included the support of the nonprofit, public and
 Housing Production Trust Fund,” Adams said.                               Meanwhile, Franklin School Shelter for men, located down-        business sectors.
    The trust fund was established in the late 1980s to fund the       town, does not have air conditioning for the summer and is              “We knew we were doing the right thing by adopting a
 building and rehabilitation of affordable housing. More than          scheduled to shut down at the end of the year.                       plan to end homelessness in Portland, and we are thrilled
 5,000 affordable housing units have been completed or are                 With funds available for construction and further imple-         to see such great results in the first two years,” said Port-
 under development from direct support from the Housing                mentation of the 10-year plan, progress should be on the ho-         land Mayor Tom Potter in a July press release from the
 Production Trust Fund, according to a joint report by the D.C.        rizon. But the patience of some of District’s homeless and their     National Alliance to End Homelessness, a nonpartisan
 Fiscal Policy Institute and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing       advocates is wearing thin.                                           organization based in Washington, D.C.
 and Economic Development.                                                 “I’m appalled. They don’t understand the importance of this         “This is a true testament to our community’s effort to
    The number of affordable housing units added to D.C. un-           issue,” Barnes said, expressing her frustration at the pace of       helping people end their homelessness every day,” Potter
 der the trust fund has “grown dramatically” since 2001 to more        work at the Interagency Council. “There are folks who have           said.
 than 1,500 units in the 2006 fiscal year, the report said.            been in the shelter system for the last seven to 10 years. We’re        The number of homeless people in Portland living with-
    However, these additions may not include supportive ser-           tired of waiting for our piece of the pie.”                          out any form of shelter, on streets and in parks, dropped
 vices for mental and medical health and are not the result of             Despite numerous attempts to contact representatives from        39% in the last two years — from 2,355 in 2005 to 1,438
 inter-agency collaboration for more permanent supportive              the mayor’s office, they were unavailable for comment on the         in 2007.
 housing under the city’s 10-year plan. Most alarmingly, these         status of the 10-year plan by press time.                               And Portland’s total numbers of homeless, including
                                                                                                                                            those in shelters and those without shelter, dropped 13%
                                                                                                                                            from 2005 to 2007, from 5,103 to 4,456, the National Alli-
Legal Aid, from page 1                                                 enough – legal aid organizations have to turn away thousands         ance reported.
                                                                       of aid-seekers each year.                                               Apart from achieving dramatic results, Portland’s plan
in the District, including an expansion of services east of the            With the $638,200 it recently received in new grants, the        for permanent supportive housing also saves money. Cen-
river in the often-disenfranchised wards 7 and 8.                      District’s Legal Aid Society plans to add eight new attorneys        tral City Concern, a homeless services provider in Portland,
    The boost in civil legal aid comes at a time when D.C. resi-       across three community-based offices, bringing its total num-        reported cost savings of about $15,000 per individual after
dents are increasingly struggling with housing costs. Obtaining        ber of lawyers to 26.                                                the first year of the approach’s implementation.
representation or advice in civil legal matters – landlord-tenant          “We are thrilled to receive these generous grants, which will       Other components of the area’s 10-year plan include
disputes, access to public benefits and housing discrimination,        enable us to further our mission and bring more comprehen-           improving outreach on the street, developing employment
to name a few – are out of reach for many.                             sive civil legal services closer to where our clients live,” Jona-   and income opportunities, helping people discharged
    The grants are funded by a landmark D.C. City Council ap-          than Smith, the society’s executive director, said.                  from jails and hospitals make the transition to life outside,
propriation aimed at increasing the number of lawyers han-                 In addition, the Legal Aid Society will provide three law-       and preventing homelessness through short-term rental
dling housing issues for the poor and working in under-served          yers for a court-based legal services project in conjunction         assistance.
communities.                                                           with Bread for the City and the Neighborhood Legal Servic-              In 2000, the National Alliance recommended that com-
    The funding was pushed through the City Council with the           es Program. The lawyers will be available on-site at the D.C.        munities adopt 10-year plans to eliminate homelessness.
help of the D.C. Access to Justice Commission, a commission            Landlord-Tenant Court to assist with critical needs for repre-       Since then, its emphasis on securing permanent housing
established by the D.C. Court of Appeals in 2005 to assure qual-       sentation. Litigants at the Landlord-Tenant court often face         for the homeless as the backbone for all other initiatives
ity access to civil legal services for low- and moderate-income        eviction and need immediate assistance.                              has influenced more than 200 communities in their own
city residents. The earmarked 2007 fiscal year appropriation                 The Neighborhood Legal Services Program, another award         10-year planning process.
was recently renewed in full for the upcoming 2008 fiscal year,        recipient, plans to open two new offices by 2008 and expand             “Cities across the nation can learn from the success that
which begins in October.                                               its current office in southeast Washington with its new grants       Portland has achieved. Reducing homelessness is a very
    In D.C., civil legal aid is provided by nonprofits, law school     of $674,638.                                                         achievable goal,” Nan Roman, president of the National
clinics, and pro bono assistance from the D.C.’s many lawyers                “By adding offices and lawyers we will substantially ex-       Alliance, said.
and law firms. Historically, it has been funded by grants and          pand our capacity to help residents in underserved neighbor-            “But to really end homelessness, we also need increased
donations, and by the federally funded Legal Services Corpo-           hoods understand and assert their legal rights,” said Brenda         federal attention to the affordable housing crisis faced by
ration, created in 1974 to promote equal access to justice and         Harding, the program’s executive director.                           communities across the country,” she said.
provide legal assistance to low-income Americans.                                                                                                                                        – Matt Johnson
    In 2006, D.C. legal aid organizations received $910,499              For more information, District residents can visit www.
from the Legal Services Corporation. But that amount was not , a project of the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program.
6 Advertisement                                                    Street Sense . July 15 -31, 2007

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                                                         All applicants welcome,
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                                                         To learn more and apply, visit
Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007
 PHOTOS & POETRY                                                                                                                               Street Sense . July 15 -31, 2007

    The Married Woman
                                                                                                                      Cliff’s Pics:
    My name is Roxie.
    I get up every day, look in the mirror, comb my hair,
    brush my teeth, wash my face and say,
    “I’m his wife, why do he treat me this way?”

    He leaves me at eight,
    don’t come home until late.
    I sit at home and wait.

    When he come home, I ask,
    “Honey, how was your day?”
    wearing a sexy negligee.
    He looks at me and say,
    “Woman, it’s late, go away.”

    I go to my room and start to cry,
    asking myself, “Why do I try?”

    When I’m gone, he will remember this night.
    When he finds out that another man
    is squeezing, cuddling
    and holding me tight,
    he will be out looking for me,
    day and night,
    with a flashlight.
                              – Ivory Wilson

   This Is My Life

   Like people watching
   Do they look out for me
   Or are they against me
   I’m taken advantage of
   At least it feels that way
   It feels that way to me
   So what is going on
   Who is in control of who
   Who’s taking advantage of who                            This little boy was blowing his heart out. Look at his cheeks, they look like they are ready to explode with music and excitement.
   I’m not in control of my life
   And I’m the one who’s ‘sposed to be in charge
   Because I am the king
   I choose to be the queen
   You’re not in control of me
   So get your spies away from me
   ‘Cause I do not trust your people
   I didn’t say I didn’t trust you
   But you’re kind of shady, too
   This stuff really messes me up
   You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do
   ‘Cause I can do anything I want, dude
   So please, God, tell me who is running this show
   I thought I was in control
   Maybe it is time to go
   ‘Cause I ain’t beneath no one
   And that’s what’s making me mad
   It ain’t jealousy
   Because this did work
   Whoever’s responsible is a thief
   Pretty soon they’ll be among the diseased
   Once I get things in order
   Once I get my money right, keep faith in God
   And all is good I pray all the time
   This is important
   That’s why I don’t give up
   And nor will I ever
   God’s my boss. I can’t give up
                                       – Baby Alice             I really liked these circle fireworks. They are a change of pace from the big explosion ones and remind me of
                                                                the Circle of Life.
        Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007                                                                                                                                           PHOTOS & POETRY 

                                                                                                                                            Wild and Precious Life

                                                                                                                                            I watch you
                                                                                                                                            in the mornings,
                                                                                                                                            you are
                                                                                                                                            an avalanche of motion,
                                                                                                                                            through Mondays, Tuesdays,
                                                                                                                                            and yesterdays,
                              Here is the quintessential celebration. Even though I see it every year, the July 4 fireworks in D.C. still
                                                                                                                                            counting your ticking minutes
                              amaze me.
                                                                                                                                            like coins of gold,
                                                                                                                                            rushing to your cubicle
                                                                                                                                            to perform
                                                                                                                                            Useful Things.

                                                                                                                                            I am a still life,
                                                         Washington didn’t let a                                                            a cliche,
                                                                                                                                            a study in bags and rags,
                                                         little rainstorm ruin its                                                          decoration
                                                         chance to celebrate the                                                            for a park bench; you have no notion
                                                                                                                                            of my wild and vivid life.
                                                       country’s birthday. In this
                                                                                                                                            I paint your universe and mine
                                                       edition of Cliff ’s Pics, Cliff                                                      in pastel colors,
                                                                                                                                            put you under sapphire skies
                                                       captures the Fourth of July                                                          reflected in your cornflower eyes.
                                                       with an explosion of music                                                           Minutes drift past me
                                                                                                                                            like feathers from angels’ wings.
                                                        and fireworks in the sky.
                                                                                                                                            If you notice me at all,
                                                                                                                                            you pity me,
                                                                                                                                            as I sit through eddies
                                                                                                                                            of a cold north wind; you have no notion of the Eden between
                                                                                                                                            my ears, tropical and mystical; if you would just sit still, I
                                                                                                                                            would invite you there.

                                                                                                                                            Five minutes with me, talking,
                                                                                                                                            you could be sculpted in a portrait
                                                                                                                                            hewn of cardboard and lace.

                                                                                                                                            You have your life of useful things;
                                                                                                                                            I, a still life,
                                                                                                                                            am as beautiful and useless
                                                                                                                                            as a jungle orchid –
                                                                                                                                            in my stillness,
                                                                                                                                            I have a wild a precious life.
                                                                                                                                                                                – David Harris

i love how all these horns are crowded together as this band near DuPont Circle plays. You can almost hear the music that
caused dozens of people to get up and dance.
10 FEATURES                                                                                                                                                             Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007

AboUT Town By Patricia Jefferson

Shaken and Stirred
                                                                                      n the middle of the desert, there’s a phone booth and it      got in the camper, when James tried to start the camper, but

at the Spy Museum
                                                                                      works. But if it rings, don’t answer it.                      it would not start. James and Kelly got out and raised the hood
                                                                                          It was a very hot summer night, and Kelly, Bonnie,        to look at the engine, but they couldn’t find anything wrong.
                                                                             Susan, James, Ross and Sally were going to Las Vegas for the           Kelly walked to the camper door, stuck his head in and said,
                                                                             weekend in James’ camper. On their way, they stopped at a              “Girls, we’re not going anywhere.”
                                                                             store for chips, beer and gas. Ross went into the store to get              Sally came out of the camper. Bonnie and Susan were still
                                                                             the things and to pay for the gas. James was pumping gas, and          sitting inside, talking. Bonnie tried her cell phone, but it didn’t
                                                                             an old “bag lady” was pushing a cart along the sidewalk.               work. The others tried theirs too, but they didn’t work either.
                                                                                  Ross came out of the store not paying attention. Not see-         Sally, looking at the telephone booth, noticed the phone re-
                                                                             ing the old lady, he knocked over her cart and started laugh-          ceiver was off the hook. She walked into the booth, and hung
                                                                             ing. “Watch where you’re going, old lady,” he said.                    up the receiver. It rang, and Sally, not thinking, picked it up.
                                                                                   In the cart were a lot of bags and an old dial telephone.              The voice said, “You wouldn’t want to be burned alive,”
                                                                             The old lady reached to pick up the telephone, but Ross was            and the door closed behind her. Bonnie and Susan came run-
                                                                             still laughing and kicked it. He kicked it again, and this time it     ning out of the camper. The telephone booth burst into a hot
                                                                             went into the sewer. Bonnie said, “Stop it, Ross.”                     flame inside. The guys were in shock. When the flames went
                                                                                 She walked over to the old lady to help her gather her             out, there was nothing left of Sally but ashes. Susan screamed
                                                                             things and put them back in the cart.                                  and cried. Bonnie, crying, thought about what had happened
                                                                                   Ross and James walked back to the camper and got in,             at the store.
                                                                             laughing. The others in the camper were laughing, too.                      Kelly and James gathered wood to make a campfire. They
                                                                                  Bonnie said to the lady, “Ma’am, I’m so sorry.” All of them       sat around the campfire, and Bonnie told them what she was
                                                                             in the camper were looking at her and the lady.                        thinking about why this was happening. They didn’t believe
                                                                                   The old lady looked at the camper, and said to Bonnie,           her. The telephone started ringing. They all looked at each
                                                                             “They will pay with their souls for that telephone.” She then          other, saying, “I’m going to answer it.”
                                                                             turned to Bonnie and said, “Little one, don’t go with them.”                Susan ran to the telephone booth to pull the receiver from
                                                                                  James started blowing the horn, shouting, “Bonnie, would          the phone. The voice on the line said, “You wouldn’t want to
                                                                             you please come on.” Bonnie said to the lady, “I have to go, I’m       fall into an endless pit alive.” Susan screamed. The floor of the
                                                                             sorry.” Bonnie then walked away and got into the camper.               telephone booth opened and Susan fell through the opening,
The International Spy Museum at 9th and F streets, NW, is offering a              Traveling down the highway, the group was drinking beer           and it closed behind her. James and Kelly were lost for words
$5 entry fee to celebrate its fifth anniversary on July 19.                  and laughing. Then James said, “Let’s play a game.”                    and looked at Bonnie.
                                                                                   Susan asked what kind of word game. Ross said, “Yeah, I                Bonnie said, “Now do you believe me? It’s the old lady.”

       f you thought of being, or wanted to become, an FBI agent, now        like games,” looking at Susan’s legs. Bonnie laughed and said,         James and Kelly said, “Yes, Bonnie, we believe you.”
       there’s an opportunity to live in your dreams. The International      “Ross, you’re crazy.” They all laughed. Kelly also asked what               Kelly said, “It’s unbelievable, but it’s happening to us. We’re
       Spy Museum will have a new and exciting adventure, “Opera-            kind of game. “Yeah, James, what kind of game,” Sally said. “I         all going to die in this desert.”
tion Spy,” opening soon.                                                     hope it’s not sex – that comes later.” They all laughed.                    The telephone started ringing again. Kelly said, “It can ring
   As reported by the museum, participants will be working in groups               James said, “When you die, how would you like to die?”           all night, I’m not going to answer it.” James said, “Me either,
in the capacity of intelligence officers. You will be working from real      They all asked what kind of stupid game is that. James then            no way.” Bonnie took a deep breath, got up and walked to the
cases and conducting certain tasks in the assignment so that a reso-         said, “OK, what way wouldn’t you want to die?”                         telephone. They said, “Bonnie, have you lost your mind? ”
lution can be accomplished in the mission. The experience will be                  Sally said, “I would not want to be burned alive.” Susan              She said to them: “I don’t think it wants me.” Bonnie
different from the regular tour of the museum, and there will be a           said, “OK, James, I’ll play your silly game. I wouldn’t want to        walked into the booth and answered the telephone. It was
separate admission fee.                                                      fall into an endless pit alive.”                                       the operator on the line. The guys ran to the telephone booth.
   The International Spy Museum, which is located at 800 F Street                 Ross said, “OK, I’m in. I wouldn’t want to be buried alive.”      Bonnie told the operator where they were at and what was
NW, opened in July 2002. The museum has an array of espionage arti-          Kelly said, “I wouldn’t want to be hanged alive.”                      happening. Bonnie said to the guys, “She will send the sher-
facts and other collections on public display. The museum is the only            James said, “I would not want to be drowned alive.”                iff.” She was jumping for joy, “They are sending help. They
spy museum in the United States. The museum is relatively large and              Susan said, “Bonnie, it’s your turn.” Before Bonnie could          will call right back.”
consists of hands-on components that make the tour enjoyable.                answer, James said, “Hey, guys, look out the window. There’s                Bonnie stepped out of the telephone booth and was talk-
   I observed the museum being built several years ago and walked            an old telephone booth, in the middle of nowhere.”                     ing to Ja9( )33(tMC /S)]TJE76b33(tMC K)4319(9( 8(i)18(l)18(u1n)4(3(tM
past the construction site every morning after leaving the shelter                Everyone was wondering where it came from, who left it
where I reside. The building is in the midst of the tourist attractions      there and why. James, not paying attention to the highway
in the downtown area, with the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum             sign, took a side road off the highway into the desert, 250
and National Portrait Gallery directly across the street. Also, the FBI      miles from Vegas. James drove to the telephone booth and
building is a block away.                                                    stopped, saying, “Let’s get out, guys, and stretch our legs.”
   Before taking the tour of the museum, perhaps you can take ad-                  Everyone was standing outside the camper, looking up
vantage of the film in the lobby, which gives you information and            at the stars in the sky. Bonnie said, “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t
insight about the museum.                                                    it, guys?” Ross, Kelly and James walked over to the telephone
   I found several exhibits intriguing and interesting to view and           booth, laughing at it.
capture. It will take you about an hour to take the tour, but it could            Ross, joking, said, “Excuse me, I have to make a call,” and
take longer. Among the particular exhibits that caught my eye were           then closed the door behind him. He picked up the receiver
recording devices in the spy business (it makes you wonder about             and dialed. Ross, laughing, put the receiver back, saying,
the person next to you!), such as a briefcase recorder and wristwatch        “There’s no one home.” As he turned to step out of the tele-
microphone recording device.                                                 phone booth, the telephone rang. He picked up the receiver
   I was very much intrigued to view the exhibit of a disguise of a          again and asked who it was. Everyone was in shock that it
young woman in which she was made up to become an older wom-                 rang, and they stared at him.
an and became an undetectable street person. This was an amazing                   The voice on the line said, “You don’t want to be buried
transformation to capture.                                                   alive,” and sand started filling the booth from the bottom of
   These are just a few of the many authentic exhibits that are on           the floor. Ross was pulling on the door trying to get out, but
display and astonishing to view. So, if you are a person who wants to        the sand was coming in so fast he could not open it. Ross’ eyes
know about the makings of the spy business and what it takes to be           grew big and he was screaming, saying “Help me, guys!”
a spy, then this is the place to visit.                                            The guys tried to bust the glass, but it would not break.
   Please call 202-393-7798 for hours of operation and admission             The girls were screaming. James ran to the camper to try to
fees, and especially to find out when Operation Spy will open.               find something to break the glass. When he came back, Ross
   The International Spy Museum is offering a special $5 entry fee on        was dead, with his eyes open.
July 19 in honor of its fifth anniversary. On any other day, the entry fee         The sand started to drain back the way it came. Kelly
for the museum is $16.                                                       pushed the door open, and Ross fell out. The girls were cry-
                                                                             ing in disbelief that this could be happening. Kelly and James
   Patricia has been a Street Sense vendor since August 2006 . She is        picked Ross up and brought his body back to the camper.
saving up her Street Sense earnings to move into a place of her own .               James said, “Everybody get in, we’re going.” Everybody
Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007                                                                                                                                                  FEATURES & GAMES 11

MoviE REviEw
SiCKO: Fixing U.S. Healthcare                                                                            Solve the message below to discover a famous,
                                                                                                         meaningful quote on poverty and homelessness.

   Michael Moore is notorious. The mere            their parents back in the States continue to
mention of his name elicits a reaction from        struggle. In Cuba, Moore brings 9/11 rescue
just about anyone. So leave it to Mr. Moore to     workers to the hospital in Havana to receive           VKQ UKBMX GIL XBLQILQX IV TBOVK, LVOBUJQS GBVK
pick a topic to tackle in his new film, “SiCKO,”   the health care that was denied them in the
that is as notorious as he: health care.           States. And in Canada, most citizens don’t             I KQOQXBVIOE BMM VKIV WSME VKQ YWLV PBVIM YQS
   Most people will agree that health care in      even understand the concept of paying for a
America is not working. Our                                       visit to the emergency room.
infant mortality rate                                                       Here in the U.S.,             IOQ ITMQ VW LKIJQ WAA. B YQIS FWPQOVE -- VKQ
is the highest in the                                                       however, it is a different
Western world. Our                                                           story. People with
                                                                                                          YWLV XQIXME ISX FOQPIMQSV WA IMM XBLQILQL.
average life span                                                             health insurance are
ranks below most                                                              denied the procedures
eastern      European                                                        that could save their            Hint: M = L
                                                                                                                                               – QRHQSQ W’SQBMM
nations.                                                                  lives, while people who
   While health care for                                             can’t pay for their health             June Solution:
America’s elite is second to                                      care are pushed out of cabs in             Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive
none, a large percentage of                                        front of homeless shelters.              it is to be poor. – James A. Baldwin.
the nation’s population                                                   In the richest nation on
has       no      health                                                   earth, a man has to make
insurance         and,                                                        a decision about which                                                                       1   6   9   4   2   7   8   3   5
according to the
National Coalition
                                                                              finger he can afford
                                                                              to have reattached
                                                                                                                Street Su-Do-Ku                                            5   2   8   1   9   3   7   4   6
for the Homeless,                                                             after a power tool                                                                           7   3   4   8   6   5   1   2   9
poor health care                                                            accident, and a woman               Our Su-Do-Ku puzzles were first put

                                                                                                                                                         June’s Solution
                                                                                                                                                                           8   5   6   7   4   1   3   9   2
is the second leading                                                   is told that the malignant             together by vendor Chris Sellman who
cause of homelessness behind the lack of           tumor in her brain is “not a life threatening                 said he is obsessed with this game.                       4   9   1   3   8   2   5   6   7
affordable housing.                                condition” by her insurer.                                                                                              2   7   3   6   5   9   4   8   1
   What most people won’t agree on is how             Throughout, Moore mixes laughter and                       Just fill in the numbers 1 through 9
                                                                                                                                                                           9   8   2   5   1   4   6   7   3
to fix this problem. We’ve all heard the horror    tears in a way that keeps the viewer glued to                 without repeating a number in any
                                                                                                                           column, row or box.                             6   1   7   9   3   8   2   5   4
stories surrounding the idea of universal          the screen, and he makes an effort to avoid
health care, the system provided by the            the editing tricks that have been cited by                                                                              3   4   5   2   7   6   9   1   8
governments of most industrialized nations.        opponents of his last two films as proof of his
So Michael Moore takes his half-humorous,
half-dramatic show on the road to investigate
                                                   lack of objectivity.
                                                      But Moore isn’t trying to be objective in                    2 1                     9                                                       4
the health care available in Canada, Great         his latest work. Health care in America is
Britain, France and even Cuba.                     “SiCKO,” and Moore is the surgeon.                                7 3                                   8                               9
   As it turns out, it’s not as bad as Ronald
Reagan would have led you to believe.                           – Anthony David Pirtle                                                    1         5                              3
   In England, the National Health Service
pays for hospital stays and all prescriptions,       David is formerly homeless and is a found-                     3             2       5                                        6
                                                   ing member of Until We Are Home, Inc. He is
no matter what size or number, cost $10. In
France, American expatriates feel ashamed          also a member of the National Coalition for                              5                       3                                      1
that they have such good health care, while        the Homeless Speakers Bureau.
                                                                                                                                  7                        6                       5               8
cook’S coRnER By Francine Triplett                                                                                                4                 1      5
Sweet Potato Pudding                                                                                                        3             7                                        4       6
                                                                                                                    7                                           9                          2       1
       ▪6 to 8 sweet potatoes
        ▪3 eggs
         ▪½ c. milk
                                                                                                                                                    want to read more poetry
          ▪½ tsp. nutmeg                                                                                                                              from Street Sense?
           ▪½ c. cinnamon
            ▪½ tsp. vanilla extract

             ▪1 tbsp. butter                                                                                                                      Then order your own copies of
                                                                     I learned this recipe a long time                                            “Street Verses,” the first Street
  Preparation                                                    ago from my daughter’s grand-                                                    Sense poetry book, today.

                                                                 mother. And last Thanksgiving,
      ▪Peel and cut sweet potatoes                               I put it to the test. My niece and
       ▪Boil sweet potatoes until soft. Let cool                 I fixed sweet potato pies. I made                                                Just $12.50 per book, including
        ▪Mash sweet potatoes until smooth                        three and she made two. Her pies                                                 shipping and handling.
      Mix in milk, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla until            ended up staying at home, be-
    combined                                                     cause after she tasted mine, she
           ▪Put mixture in medium-sized baking dish              knew they beat hers out. At the
            ▪ Bake about 25 to 30 minutes or until golden        dinner of 15 guests, only two slices                                             Order online at www.streetsense.
    brown                                                        of my pie were left!                                                             org or mail in a check for $12.50
                                                                                                            Poems by the Homeless Writers
      **If you want to make sweet potato pie, bake
                                                                                                                                                  to: Street Sense, 1317 G Street,
                                                                    Francine has been a vendor for            and Vendors of Street Sense
    shell for 10 to 15 minutes until golden brown and            Street Sense since 2004 and is also
                                                                                                                                                  NW, Washington, DC 20005
    put the potato mixture in the pie shell.**                   on the board of directors.
12 EdiToRiALS                                                                                                                                                Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007

                                                                                                 in My oPinion By Eric Sheptock
   LETTERS FRoM SEATTLE By August Mallory
                                          Hello, dear Street Sense readers,
                                         As many of you probably already know, I was a
                                                                                                    Lonely Street of Dreams
                                      Street Sense vendor for three years before coming to                                                   eo-     For the last five years when I had lived with
                                      Seattle. I honestly have to say that the transition went                                               ple     them she would remind me how she could
                                      very well, but as happy as I am to be a part of the Real                                               of-     not wait for me to turn 18 and leave.
                                      Change street newspaper family here, I do miss Street                                        ten ask me           In fairness, they had adopted me and 24
                                      Sense very much.                                                                             if I am still     others, having had seven naturally for a to-
                                         I am a part of the Real Change editorial board, and                                       at Franklin       tal of 32 children. I realized then that I would
                                      I am campaigning to get on the board of directors.                                           School Shel-      never see eye-to-eye with her. I decided never
                                      There is a lot of work to be done here in Seattle. I can                                     ter. It is true   to call her, though I knew she would not allow
                                      see new things in store for Real Change but it will be                                       that I have       me to talk with my father if I did not want to
                                      an uphill battle because Real Change has been around                                         decreased my      talk to her. My siblings and I always met at
                                      for more than 12 years now. When a publication has                                           employabil-       Mom and Dad’s and by not calling Mom I, in
                                      been established for that long, new ideas get a strict                                       ity through       effect, lost contact with my entire childhood
                                      review.                                                                                      prolonged         family.
      On the personal side, I recently heard from my sister who lives in California. She                                           homeless-              My father passed away about three-and-a
   has been wondering what has happened to me during the years I had not contacted                                                 ness and only     -half years later. Being out of contact with my
   her. Oh, believe me, she was very upset – she really chewed me out. She demanded                                                intermittent      family, I didn’t hear about it until 2005 when a
   to know why the family hadn’t heard from me during the years I spent in the Wash-                                              employment.        friend who told me about it. I was too embar-
   ington, D.C., area.                                                                           Strangely, this is not my main reason for lack-     rassed to ask about the details of his death.
      But I managed to calm her down. I explained to her that there were a lot of issues         ing employment or remaining homeless.                  Just days after speaking to my mother for
   with me. But it wasn’t until I joined the National Coalition for the Homeless that I saw         My reasons for remaining homeless begin          the last time in 1998, I began to use crack co-
   an opportunity to notify my family about what I was doing. And when Street Sense              with me being dissatisfied with much about          caine. I was 29. I’d been homeless for most of
   came along, that was an even greater opportunity to come out of my hiding place               the American way of life. My hopelessness           the last four years. I would end up using for
   about things. I can never express my gratitude enough to Michael Stoops, acting               and despair have noth-                                                     just over seven years. Of
   executive director, for allowing me to join NCH.                                              ing to do with an in-                                                      that time, I spent a total
      And when I went to Seattle to join Real Change, I made it a priority to stay in touch
   with family about what I am doing. They seem quite proud now that I am working
                                                                                                 ability to land a job or
                                                                                                 maintain a residence.               We aren’t as                           of about one-and -a -half
                                                                                                                                                                            years in jail.
   with the homeless and writing on homeless issues. I also own and operate my very
   own small business, called Division One International. It’s a project that I started
                                                                                                    I have had to ask
                                                                                                 myself a certain ques-
                                                                                                                                   free as people                              I haven’t used since
                                                                                                                                                                            2005. August 1 will mark
   around the time I got involved with the National Coalition for the Homeless.
      To all of the Street Sense vendors, there were a lot of ups and downs on certain
                                                                                                 tion that no one should
                                                                                                 ever have to ask: “What
                                                                                                                                  say we are. You                           two years since I quit.
                                                                                                                                                                            I’m not proud of myself.
   matters, and we didn’t always see eye to eye on certain things, but I want every one          niche do I want to fill in         can be who                              I know that it sounds
   of you to know that you are one hell of a team. I am very proud of each and every one
   of you and I wouldn’t trade you in for anything in the world.
                                                                                                 a society whose ways I
                                                                                                 grossly disagree with?”           you choose to                            a little hedonistic, but
                                                                                                                                                                            I’ve yet to replace the
      And once again my shout-out goes out to More Betterman at radio station WOL-
   AM 1450 and to all of the WOL listeners. And my best wishes to Mary Hall, former
                                                                                                 I’ve yet to answer that
                                                                                                                                  be. People can                            euphoric feeling with
                                                                                                                                                                            something that feels as
   host at WOL. I send her my shout-out as well. So from the Real Change newsroom in
   Seattle, this is my latest article on my transition from Street Sense to Real Change.
                                                                                                    More than once, I
                                                                                                 have gotten back on my
                                                                                                                                    cause you to                            good or better.
                                                                                                                                                                               We a r e n’t a s f r e e
                                                                                                 feet only to have some-          suffer ill effects                        as people say we are. You
      August was the first vendor for Street Sense and stayed with the organization for
   three years. He now lives in Seattle and is on the editorial board of Real Change News,
                                                                                                 thing else go wrong and
                                                                                                 fall back into home-                for it also.                           can be who you choose
                                                                                                                                                                            to be. People can cause
   Seattle’s street paper. He invites questions and comments on any of his stories and let-      lessness. I first became                                                   you to suffer ill effects
   ters at or (206) 279-3884.                                         homeless in February                                                       for it also. They can di-
                                                                                                 1994, just days after my 25th birthday.             vorce you and take the kids and the house.
                                                                                                    Oddly enough, I lost my job at the Shands        They can refuse to date or marry you in the
                                                                                                 hospital at the University of Florida as a result   first place. I will neither change my thinking
                                                                                                 of trying to help a friend. She had indicated       nor lose my longing for meaningful relation-
      whAT oUR REAdERS ARE SAyinG...                                                             to me she was being raped by her stepfather
                                                                                                 but later got cold feet and portrayed me as
                                                                                                                                                     ship. As long as lasting relationships are not
                                                                                                                                                     a lasting reality in my life, then I will not be
                                                                                                 a harasser. When my supervisor approached           getting back on my feet again.
                                                                                                 me, I got insulted and mad and walked out              I spend many a day just sitting in one of
      I first would like to truly apologize for taking so long to write this letter,             of that job.                                        D.C.’s many parks for hours just thinking to
    but things have been busy in my life. I met and talked with two Street                          I headed back to New Jersey, my birth-           myself. I imagine a much different world. I
    Sense vendors and engaged myself in two inspiring conversations.                             place. I stayed in motels until my money ran        even plan my next move. I plan who or what
                                                                                                 out and then went to the Atlantic City Res-         I hope to influence next.
      The first conversation took place with Mark Jones. We talked about                         cue Mission. That’s how I became homeless. I           I am quite the activist both for the cause of
    various subjects in life and about life. We shared opinions and ideas as                     tied to help a hurting friend. I’ve been hurting    the homeless and against Bush with his un-
    well as debated with one another. Mark was polite, courteous and kind                        ever since. No more Mr. Nice Guy!                   righteous war. It was my dislike for President
    but at the same time had strong points of view. I really enjoyed convers-                        I returned to Florida in 1994 only to find      Bush that brought me here in the first place.
    ing with him.                                                                                Joyce, a long-time girlfriend and the love of       Why else would anyone leave sunny Florida
                                                                                                 my life, had died while receiving a liver trans-    to come to this hell hole?
       The second Street Sense vendor that I spoke with was Charlie Mayfield.                    plant.
    Our conversation was brief but on point. Charlie told me to stay busy,                           The next major heartbreak came in 1998.            Eric is a frequent contributor to Street Sense
    that that was what he was doing with his life. He talked to me about                         I called my father to wish him a happy birth-       and a self-proclaimed advocate for the home-
    staying alive, living longer than people that were younger than he was.                      day. He’d always been my favorite parent. I         less. He currently resides at Franklin School
    What Charlie said really touched my heart and soul.                                          had not gotten on that well with my mother.         Shelter.

       May God bless all of the Street Sense vendors.
                                                                                                          If you are homeless, formerly homeless or in tune with poverty issues,
       Thank you,                                                                                         your thoughts and editorials are welcome. Please e-mail content to
       Grace Odrick                                                                             or mail it to 1317 G Street, NW, Washington, DC
Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007                                                                                                                                                EdiToRiALS 13

                                                                                                                                   Dealers, from page 1
                                                                                                                                                                       took only slightly longer for

       Looking Beyond the Numbers                                                                                                                                      the dealers. Two weeks after
                                                                                                                                                                       the new breakfast program
                                                                                                                                                                       opened, there were drug

                                                s the July 1 is-      A problem the District has already seen is the vanish-                                           dealers conducting business
                                                sue of Street      ing of affordable housing. More and more costly condo-                                              right outside the front door,
                                                Sense report-      minium buildings are being constructed, leaving the few                                             directly across the street from
                                      ed, a report recently        rental properties that remain to skyrocket in price. As rents                                       Judiciary Square.
                                      produced by the Met-         ascend beyond the means of the population, the causes                                                   It got me wondering why
                                      ropolitan Washington         for homelessness increase.                                                                          exactly the police in D.C.,
                                      Council of Governments          For those persons who have not succeeded in find-                                                aware that dealers prey on
                                      announced that home-         ing housing, the report brings little reason for cheer. The                                         the homeless, don’t stop
                                      lessness in the District     numbers may show a decline in homelessness but they do                                              them a mere two blocks from
                                      of Columbia declined         not show a disappearance. That would truly be the news                                              police headquarters, let alone
                                      for the first time since     that would make all persons who are presently homeless                                             in front of every other District
                                      2004, down from 6,157        happy.                                                          shelter and soup kitchen. It also got me wondering why the
                                      people in 2006 to 5,757         Behind the numbers lie true-life stories of people whose     service providers don’t act. If they are purporting to help the
                                      in 2007.                     lives have hung in limbo as they have sought their way out      homeless, many of whom have serious addiction problems, it
     The decrease in homelessness happened at the same             of the trap of homelessness. It’s a trap that is all too easy   would seem a good idea to keep dealers away from their facili-
  time that the number of permanent supportive housing             to fall into and very difficult to escape without help. The     ties.
  units in the region increased.                                   report cannot reveal the suffering of these individuals or         As a resident of Franklin School Shelter last year, I was
     What was even more revealing was that 25% of indi-            their hope for an end to the misery of homelessness.            amazed at the amount of dealing that was conducted in the
  viduals and 43% of persons in families were homeless even           The increase in permanent supportive housing units           courtyard of the facility. I had several friends who found them-
  though they were employed. The report also mentioned             would seem to be the key to solving the problem, since          selves unable to beat their drug habit because of the fact that
  that those persons sleeping in places not meant for human        their increase coincided with the decline in the number         you can’t get off crack if you are living in a crack-house. Not
  habitation declined by over 11% from the previous year.          of homeless. It would make sense that this housing solu-        that residents were dealers, only clients, mind you – just like
     The facts of this report bring some good news and             tion be implemented further. Employment alone is not the        the men from the office overlooking the courtyard who rou-
  some bad news. The good news is that homelessness has            answer, as the report clearly indicates.                        tinely came down to buy.
  declined in the District by slightly more than 6.4% in the          The report signaled good news indeed for those persons          There was little done to curb this activity until earlier this
  past year.                                                       who have found their housing solution. But for the people       year, when a man was stabbed in the courtyard. Neither the
     The bad news is that the problem of affordable housing        who continue to languish in a homeless state, the ques-         victim nor the attacker was a resident. Since the attack, the
  remains a factor to be dealt with because even persons           tion remains if one day they, too, will be among the people     shelter has moved to lock its gates after intake in an attempt
  who are gainfully employed still become homeless.                included in the happy news.                                     to create a more secure environment.
     In short, while things may have gotten better, the prob-                                                                         But George Jones, who runs Franklin for Catholic Commu-
  lem is far from solved. Finding a solution to the problem of        Maurice King has been writing editorials for Street Sense    nity Services, told me that now dealers are actually trying to
  homelessness is far too large a project to leave to private      since January 2004, and is also in the process of publishing    get a bed at the shelter in order to set up business inside the
  organizations that might not be working toward a com-            his own book. If you have any comments, e-mail him at           facility. As Franklin is a low-barrier shelter, there is little the
  mon goal.                                                                                        staff can do to stop them unless they personally witness drug
                                                                                                                                      When I served on Mayor Adrian Fenty’s transition team
                                                                                                                                   with Sczerina Perot from the Washington Legal Clinic for the
                                                                                                                                   Homeless, we held a town hall meeting at One Judiciary Square
                                                                                                                                   that was attended by more than 80 homeless individuals from
                                                                                                                                   shelters and transitional housing throughout the city. The one
                                                                                                                                   recommendation that came out of every discussion group we
                                                                                                                                   held that day was the need to get the police to do something
                                                                                                                                   about dealers working homeless shelters.
                                                                                                                                      My own organization, Until We Are Home, made up of cur-
                                                                                                                                   rent and former homeless individuals working to reform D.C.’s
                                                                                                                                   homeless services, set up a meeting with a Metropolitan Police
                                                                                                                                   representative to address this issue. Unfortunately, the officer
                                                                                                                                   in question was more interested in gathering information to
                                                                                                                                   make a few quick arrests rather than discussing a strategy for
                                                                                                                                   dealing with the problem.
                                                                                                                                      So we sent an e-mail to the new chief of police, Catherine
                                                                                                                                   Lanier, who sent us this form-letter reply: “Thank you for bring-
                                                                                                                                   ing this to my attention. I am forwarding to Assistant Chief
                                                                                                                                   Robinson who will have the appropriate command official
                                                                                                                                   contact you. You will be hearing from one of my commanders
                                                                                                                                   shortly.” We are still waiting.
                                                                                                                                      In the meantime, members of the homeless community,
                                                                                                                                   friends and strangers, continue to be victimized while the city
                                                                                                                                   turns a blind eye. If we want to end homelessness in D.C., as
                                                                                                                                   the new mayor has stated, we need to find a way to give home-
                                                                                                                                   less persons a fighting chance to get off the street by remov-
                                                                                                                                   ing drugs from shelters, and we need to do it in a way that
                                                                                                                                   doesn’t further victimize addicts. This means focusing on the
                                                                                                                                      Service providers know where and when the dealing takes
                                                                                                                                   place, and they need to be given the tools to stop it. They need
                                                                                                                                   help from the Metropolitan Police Department, and we should
                                                                                                                                   insist that the new chief of police provides it.

                                                                                                                                     David is formerly homeless and is a founding member of
                                                                                                                                   Until We Are Home, Inc. He is also a member of the National
                                                                                                                                   Coalition for the Homeless Speakers Bureau.
14 STREET SEnSE nEwS                                                                                                                                           Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007

   VendorNotes                                        By Laura Thompson Osuri
                                                                                                                                  EdiToR’S noTE By Kaukab Jhumra Smith
                               Job for Jake                          help him flesh out one of the stories into a full-length
                              Congratulations are in or-             book.
                           der for Jake Ashford, a veteran
                           vendor of Street Sense, who                  The Heat is On
                                                                                                                                  Celebrating Multitudes
                           has landed a job at Insight                  With the terribly hot weather in the past few weeks,

                           Global in Chantilly, Va. After            please be mindful of the vendors that have to be out in                                                       he streets were
                           a long and trying search, he              the heat in order to earn an income. They do their best                                                       deserted outside
                           will finally be starting full-            to find a shady spot and dress in lightweight clothes, but                                                    Union Station
                           time employment. He will be               anything you as customers could do to help them stay                                                when I pulled up in a cab
                           helping out with warehouse                cool would be much appreciated. The occasional bottle                                               at 3 a.m. on a Thursday.
                           shipping and receiving. He                of water or cold drink is always welcome, as are a simple                                           Inside, an Amtrak wait-
                           is excited to finally get into a          hand fan or sweat towel.                                                                            ing lounge was crowded
                           work routine, and would like                                                                                                                  with travelers slumped
to thank all his customers for supporting him over the                  Goodbye Rita                                                                                     in place or lying across
years. Even though he will be working 40 hours, he still                And all of us here at Street Sense would like to thank                                           several seats in unapolo-
plans on selling Street Sense at his favorite spot at Whole          Rita Monjardino, an office volunteer at Street Sense for                                            getic sleep. My train to
Foods on P Street.                                                   the last eight months, and wish her the best of luck as                                             New York for a journalism
                                                                     she heads back to her home in London. Not only was                                                  conference didn’t leave for
                              Ivory the Writer                       she a top-notch office volunteer on the dreaded Mon-                                                another hour, but there
                              Ivory Wilson, a Street Sense           day morning shift, but she was also the voice of vendor                                             were no empty seats here.
                          v e n d o r o f s i x m o n t h s, h a s   Martin Walker’s girlfriend on the first few episodes of       I rolled my little bag to the next lounge, my eyelids itching
                          caught the writing bug and is              StreetSense TV.                                               from too little sleep in a long week of deadlines.
                          now writing about three stories               As she cannot continue to lend her voice to StreeSense         Less than 40 feet away, another lounge looked emptier
                          a week for Street Sense. The first         TV once back in London, Martin conveniently dumps             and somehow different. There were far fewer travelers but
                          of his many stories, the coming-           Rita for another woman in episode four. But we here at        they were all in a deep, stretched-out slumber. They had sur-
                          of-age short story “Black and              Street Sense will never dump Rita and will always wel-        prisingly little luggage, if you could call their few plastic bags
                          White,” ran in the last issue and          come her back!                                                luggage. Where were these people going with their beat-up
                          this current issue includes the                                                                          looking CVS bags?
                          exciting thriller “Don’t Answer              Top Vendor Sales for June                                       I hesitated. An unwashed smell drifted by.
                         the Phone.” Others in the works                                                                               They weren’t catching a train. They were homeless. They
include “Black Cowboy,” “The Fat Rat Under Union Sta-                                          Conrad Cheek, Jr     1,204          were catching up on their sleep under these fluorescent
tion,” and “Stacy from Malibu.” He has also recently                                           Anonymous            1,036          lights, using their hands or a balled-up shirt for a pillow.
written several poems including an ode to his custom-                                          Leo Gnawa              613              Less than a month ago, I would probably have sat some-
ers at 7 and E streets, NW.                                                                    Martin Walker          562          where else. This Thursday, two weeks after I took over as
   Street Sense is publishing a piece of Ivory’s fiction                                       James Davis            554          editor of Street Sense, I mentally shrugged and settled into
each issue, but he is well ahead of the game already. Af-                                      Charles Nelson         550          a stretch of empty seats, taking care to avoid the source of
ter self-publishing his first full-length book, “A Player’s                                    Bobby Buggs            455          the smell.
World,” he is looking for a person or company to help                                          Jake Ashford           424              It made me think of “Gotta Go,” the pilot episode of Street
publish his short stories in a compilation or someone to               Congrats, Conrad!       Phillip Howard         424          Sense TV, a 13-part series put together by a homeless crew
                                                                                                                                   and due to air on District cable this fall. “Gotta Go” illustrates
                                                                                                                                   a devastatingly simple problem: where do you go to the bath-
                                                                                                                                   room if you’re homeless? And how do you avoid smelling bad
                                                                                                                                   if you don’t have a regular place to wash and change your
     Get Twice as Much Street Sense Each                                                                                           clothes?
                                                                                                                                       Less than a month ago, I would not have looked as deeply
                                                                                                                                   at the people stretched out around me and wondered about
     Month Delivered Right to Your Door!                                                                                           their daily rituals of survival. I’ve never been homeless. But
                                                                                                                                   since joining Street Sense, I’ve been doing some serious
                                                                                                                                       Some of the learning has been professional, like taking an
        Do you want to continue to support Street Sense throughout the year?                                                       intensive weekend class in New York City to learn our page-
                              Order a subscription today.                                                                          layout program, or attending workshops on affordable hous-
     Not only will you receive 24 issues packed with all our latest news, poetry and                                               ing at a homelessness conference on Capitol Hill.
                                                                                                                                       But much of the learning has been based on personal in-
    photography, you will also help raise awareness about poverty in the D.C. area.                                                teractions with the vendors and volunteers who frequent our
                                                                                                                                   little office in the Church of the Epiphany every day.
                                                                                                                                       So far, I’ve found Street Sense to be a unique little animal,
    ___ yES! I want to subscribe to Street Sense for just $40 a year for 24 issues.                                                more challenging and multitudinous than any place I’ve
    ___ yES! I want to give half of the cost of a subscription to my favorite vendor: ____________                                 worked in my 12 years in journalism. I’ve learned creative
                                                                                                                                   ways to survive when our computer network crashes and
                                                                                                                                   we have no technical help available in the face of a looming
                                                                                                                                   printer deadline. I’ve relearned that powerful storytelling and
    Name: __________________________________________________________________________                                               beautifully fragile poetry can come from unexpected sources.
    Address: ________________________________________________________________________                                              I’ve understood that despite their best intentions, sometimes
    City: _____________________________________ State:_______________ Zip: ______________                                          people will break promises and let each other down. But I’ve
                                                                                                                                   also seen them try to rise again.
    Phone: ___________________________________ Email: ________________________________                                                 I think of Walt Whitman when I think of Street Sense:
                                                                                                                                     I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
                                                                                                                                   And what I assume, you shall assume,
                                   Please make checks payable to Street Sense.                                                     For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you…
                         Mail to: Street Sense, 1317 G St. NW, Washington, DC 20005.                                                  Do I contradict myself?
                                                                                                                                   Very well, then, I contradict myself.
                                                     Thanks for your support!                                                      (I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007                                                                                                                                FEATURES
                                                                                                                              SERvicE PRovidERS & voLUnTEER oPPoRTUniTiES 15

Community Service Index                                                                                              Shelter Hotline: 1-800-535-7252
wAShinGTon, d.c.                         Food and Friends                                       1516 Hamilton Street, NW
                                                                                                                                                                        Mission of Love
                                         219 Riggs Road, NE                        dinner, education, recreation, clothing,   (202) 889-7702
SHELTER                                  (202) 269-2277                            child and family services                         6180 Old Central Avenue
                                                                                              HIV support, employment, drug/alco-       Capitol Heights
Calvary Women’s Services                                                           Rachel’s Women’s Center
                                                                                                                              hol addiction, healthcare                 (301)333-4440
928 5th Street, NW                       Miriam’s Kitchen                          1222 11th Street, NW                                                       
(202) 783-6651                           2401 Virginia Avenue, NW                  (202) 682-1005                             St. Luke’s Episcopal Church               life skills classes, clothing, housewares                  (202) 452-8926                             1514 15th Street, NW
                                                   hygiene, laundry, lunch, phone and         (202) 667-4394                            Montgomery County Coalition for the
Central Union Mission (Men)
                                                                                   mail, clothing, social activities                 Homeless
1350 R Street, NW                        The Welcome Table
                                                                                                                              food, counseling                          600-B East Gude Drive, Rockville
(202) 745-7118                           Church of the Epiphany                    Sasha Bruce Youthwork                                                                (301) 217-0314                        1317 G Street, NW                         741 8th Street, SE                         St. Matthew’s Cathedral         
CCNV (Men and Women)                     (202) 347-2635                            (202) 675-9340                             1725 Rhode Island Avenue, NW              emergency shelter, transitional hous-
425 2nd Street, NW                                      (202) 347-3215 ext. 552                   ing, and supportiveservices
(202) 393-1909                           welcometbl.htm                            counseling, housing, family services        breakfast, clothing, hygiene                                                              So Others Might Eat (SOME)                 Travelers Aid, Union Station              viRGiniA
                                         MEDICAL RESOURCES
Community of Hope (Family)                                                         71 “O” Street, NW                          50 Massachusetts Avenue, NE               SHELTER
1413 Girard Street, NW                   Christ House                              (202) 797-8806                             (202) 371-1937
                                         1717 Columbia Road, NW                                          Alexandria Community Shelter
(202) 232-7356
                                         (202) 328-1100                            lunch, medical and dental, job and         national emergency travel assistance      2355 B Mill Road, Alexandria
                                                      housing counseling                                                                   (703) 838-4239
DC Village (Family)                                                                                                           Wash. Legal Clinic for the Homeless
                                         Unity Health Care, Inc.                                                                                                        Carpenter’s Shelter
2-A DC Village Lane, SW                                                            ADDITIONAL RESOURCES                       1200 U Street, NW
                                         3020 14th Street, NW                                                                                                           930 N. Henry Street, Alexandria
(202) 561-8090                                                                                                                (202) 328-5500
                                         (202) 745-4300                            Bright Beginnings Inc.                                                               (703) 548-7500                                                                                        
                                                  128 M Street NW, Suite 150                                                 
Franklin School (Men)                                                                                                         legal services
                                                                                   (202) 842-9090                                                                       Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the
13th and K streets, NW                   Whitman-Walker Clinic
(202) 638-7424                           1701 14th Street, NW
                                                                                   Child care, family services
                                                                                                                              MARyLAnd                                  Homeless
                                         (202) 797-3500                                                                                                                 3103 Ninth Road North, Arlington
Gospel Rescue Ministries (Men)                                                                                                SHELTER                                   (703) 525-7177
                                                              Catholic Community Services of D.C.
810 5th Street, NW                                                                 924 G Street, NW                           Comm. Ministry of Montgomery Co.
(202) 842-1731                           OUTREACH CENTERS                          (202) 772-4300                             114 W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville                                                                                           (301) 762-8682                            FOOD
                                         Bread for the City
John Young Center (Women)                                                          umbrella for a variety of services               Alive, Inc.
                                         1525 Seventh Street, NW
117 D Street, NW                         (202) 265-2400 AND                        D.C. Coalition for the Homeless            The Samaritan Group                       2723 King Street, Alexandria
(202) 639-8469                           1640 Good Hope Road, SE                   1234 Massachusetts Avenue, NW              P Box 934, Chestertown
                                                                                                                               .O.                                      (703) 836-2723     (202) 561-8587                            (202) 347-8870                             (443) 480-3564                  

La Casa Bilingual Shelter (Men)                                                                                 Our Daily Bread
                                                                                                                              Warm Night Shelter
1436 Irving Street, NW                   food pantry, clothing, legal and social   housing, substance abuse treatment,                                                  10777 Main Street, Ste. 320, Fairfax
                                                                                                                              311 68th Place, Seat Pleasant
(202) 673-3592                           services, medical clinic                  employment assistance                                                                (703) 273-8829
                                                                                                                              (301) 499-2319
                                         Community Council for the Homeless        Community Family Life Services                      
N Street Village (Women)
1333 N Street, NW                        at Friendship Place                       305 E Street, NW
                                         4713 Wisconsin Avenue NW                  (202) 347-0511                             FOOD                                      MEDICAL RESOURCES
(202) 939-2060                   (202) 364-1419                                                                                         Arlington Free Clinic
                                                                                                                              Bethesda Cares
                                                            housing, job and substance abuse                                                     3833 N Fairfax Drive, #400, Arlington
801 East, St. Elizabeth Hospital (Men)                                                                                        7728 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda
                                         housing, medical and psych care, sub-     counseling, clothes closet                                                           (703) 979-1400
2700 MLK Avenue, SE                                                                                                           (301) 907-9244
                                         stance abuse and job counseling                                                                                      
(202) 561-4014                                                                     Foundry Methodist Church         
                                         Bethany Women’s Center                    1500 16th Street, NW
New York Ave Shelter (Men)                                                                                                    Community Place Café                      ADDITIONAL RESOURCES
                                         1333 N Street, NW                         (202) 332-4010
1355-57 New York Avenue, NE                                                                                                   311 68th Place, Seat Pleasant
                                         (202) 939-2060                                                                                     Abundant Life Christian Outreach,
(202) 832-2359                                                                                                                (301) 499-2319
                                            ESL, lunch, clothing, IDs                                                            5154 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria
Open Door Shelter (Women)                meals, hygiene, laundry, social activi-                                                                                        (703) 823-4100
                                                                                   Hermano Pedro Day Center
425 Mitch Snyder Place, NW               ties, substance abuse treatment                                                      Manna Food Center               
                                                                                   3211 Sacred Heart Way, NW
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                                         Green Door                                (202) 332-2874
                                                                                                                              (301) 424-1130                            and medicines
                                         (202) 464-9200                  
                                         1221 Taylor Street NW                     meals, hygiene, laundry, clothing                                                    David’s Place Day Shelter
Charlie’s Place                                                                                                                              930 North Henry Street, Alexandria
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                                                                                   1526 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
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                                         (202) 328-6608
                                                                                   1345 U Street, SE , AND                    riety of other services
                                                                                                                                                                             Street Sense . July 15 - 31, 2007

                                   PhoTo FiniSh                                                                         vEndoR PRoFiLE                               Gerald Smith
            A Mystical Clean Up                                                                                             Gerald Smith was born in
                                                                                                                        Buffalo, N.Y., on Jan. 5, 1971. He
                                      By David Benassi                                                                  grew up in Southeast Washing-
                                    Volunteer Photographer                                                              ton and has lived here his whole
                                                                                                                        life. He has worked as a customer
                                                                                                                        service professional, a furniture
                                                                                                                        mover and a laborer. Earlier this
                                                                                                                        year, Gerald worked as a food
                                                                                                                        runner at RFK Stadium.
                                                                                                                            In 1999, while living with his
                                                                                                                        mother, Gerald lost his job and
                                                                                                                        couldn’t support himself or his
                                                                                                                        mother anymore. He became
                                                                                                                        homeless when she asked him
                                                                                                                        to leave. In retrospect, Gerald
                                                                                                                        attributes his unemployment to
                                                                                                                        a lack of job skills and a shift in
                                                                                                                        the Washington economy away
                                                                                                                        from hiring local residents. He
                                                                                                                        hopes to get more training and
                                                                                                                        get a job in nursing or law en-
                                                                                                                        forcement. He lives off his in-
                                                                                                                        come from Street Sense sales
                                                                                                                        while looking for a full-time
                                                                                                                            Gerald moved back in with
                                                                                                                        his mother in December 2006, and has worked to improve his life. He said he attends
                                                                                                                        religious services regularly, tithes his income from Street Sense sales to the church and
                                                                                                                        helps his mother with chores and household expenses.

DeLisha Milton Jones and Monique Currie of the Washington Mystics help out in the garden of the                         How did you become homeless?
 Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter on July 11 as part of a city makeover of the 100-bed facility.                             I became unemployable and unable to support myself. My mother asked me to

                                                                                                                        Why do you sell Street Sense?
                                                                                                                          To keep out of trouble.

   StreetFact                                                                                                           Favorite music?
                                                                                                                          Hip-hop. Favorite artist is Kanye West.

     One out of seven families                                                                                          Favorite movie?
                                                                                                                          “The Recruit” starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrell.
     nationwide pays more than                                                                                          Favorite food?
     half its income in housing
                                                                                                                                                               reminds customers to only buy
                                                                                                                        Favorite book?
                                                                                                                                                              from badged vendors and not to
     costs.                                                                                                               The Bible.
                                                                                                                                                               give to those panhandling with
                                                                                                                                                                          one paper.
     (For more info, see story on page 4.)
                                                          Source: Harvard univerSity joint center for HouSing StudieS

                                                                                                                                  PLAcE yoUR Ad hERE!
July 15 - 31, 2007 • volume 4 • issue 15                                                                                       With Street Sense now coming out twice a month and
                                                                                                                               reaching nearly 11,000 people each issue, now is the
Street Sense                                                                                                                      perfect time to promote your business with us.
1317 G Street, NW                                                                                                                                                                    RATES
                                                                                                                                                                      rates are about half the cost of the
Washington, DC 20005                                                                                                           and who your business will
                                                                                                                                                                      neighborhood monthlies and are as
                                                                                                                               be reaching can’t be beat.
                                                                                                                                                                      low as $57 for a 1/16 page ad that
                                                                                                                               our typical reader is a 35-
                                                                                                                                                                              runs multiple times.
Mail To:                                                                                                                       year old woman who lives
                                                                                                                                in d.c. and works for the                        DISCOUNTS
                                                                                                                               government or a nonprofit              Discounts offered to nonprofits and
                                                                                                                                                                     to those that prepay for multiple ads.
                                                                                                                           Call Laura at 202-347-2006 or email for more in-
                                                                                                                        formation and to get a copy of our new advertising brochure. Or ask your local
                                                                                                                                   vendor, who can earn 20% commission from ads sales.
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