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Physical Therapy Exercises for Spinal Stenosis
                                   The narrowing of the spinal canal creates
                                   pressure on the nerves, and this results in spinal
                                   stenosis. This is a severe and complicated
                                   problem, which might lead to pain and
                                   discomfort. In order to get relief from the pain,
                                   physical therapy is the ideal solution ensuring
faster and longer lasting results. There might be different types of spinal stenosis
ranging from those caused by osteoarthritis, injury or aging. There are a number of
physical therapy exercises that can be performed at this stage to obtain relief from
the symptoms of spinal stenosis. It not only reduces pain, but also allows the
patient to gradually return back to normal activities.

Common Physical Therapy Exercises
                      If you are suffering from spinal stenosis, you should keep in
                      mind that the most important thing for you to do in order to
                      get relief from the pain is to approach a reliable physical
                      therapy center, and talk to an expert. Your condition will be
                      thoroughly examined, before the physical therapist
                      recommends any kind of physical therapy. It is on the basis
                      of the symptoms and diagnosis that the ideal exercises are

Physical therapy exercises for spinal stenosis include those for strengthening of
the lower limbs, for stabilization of the lower back, stretching exercises that can
reduce stress on joints, and aquatic exercises.

Treatment of Severe Conditions
In fact, the exercises for physical therapy are largely determined on the basis of
the severity of the symptoms. Some of the common exercises might include:
   •   Flexing your spine- In this case, you stretch the muscles of the lower back.
       This in turn, might increase the passageway of the nerves and reduce the
   •   Knees to chest- This exercise stretches your hip and lower back muscles, and
       relieves the pressure on the spinal nerves.
   •   Rotating the trunk- This is also another important exercise in physical
       therapy that would increase the flexibility in your hips and lower back.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Exercises for Spinal Stenosis

Physical therapy exercises help increase the blood flow to the spine, supplying the
much needed oxygen and nutrients while removing any toxic metabolites. These
exercises would help improve and maintain flexibility, and at the same time
strengthen the muscles around the spine. With the muscles strengthened, pressure
on the bones and other static structures in the back is relieved. Physical therapy
exercises can also help you maintain a healthy weight, preventing back pain.

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