The Resume by xiuliliaofz


									The Resume

This Is Not Your Mother’s Resume
Know the Purpose

  Understand this:

 Resumes all look the

 The average life span
   of a resume is 10
Stand Out

  The Key:

 You are the product.

 Know your sales features.

 Especially know the benefits of hiring you.
It’s a Game

  Manipulate your audience.
  Know what they want.
  Know what you have.
Types of Resumes

    Traditional
    Electronic (ASCII Format)
    CV
    Portfolio
Resume Tips
  One to two pages.

  Simple format.

  Good quality paper for traditional versions.

  Professional in look and tone.

  White space!

  Proofread for error.
Resume Organization

  Chronological             Functional

 If your experience flows If you have experience
    in a logical order,      in a number of types
    choose this.             of work, or if there is
                             an interruption in
                             your work history,
                             use this format.
Resume Components
 1.   Contact Information.
 2.   Career Objective.
 3.   Education.
 4.   Relevant Courses.
 5.   Work History.
 6.   Skills and Aptitudes.
 7.   Awards and Honors.
 8.   Publications, Tapes, Etc.
 9.   References Available.
Contact Info

  Design your own letterhead.
  Include your address, phone, email.
  Beware of the cutesy email address.
Career Objective

  Create a strong, concise statement.
    --Do not say: I wish to gain experience
   in the _________field.

  Perfect place to customize, if you have
   done some research on the company.

  High School is out.
  If you haven’t graduated: Graduation
   Date: May 2007.
  No QPA if under 3.2.
  List relevant courses.
Relevant Courses

  What courses will look most attractive to
   potential employers?

 Don’t forget Business and Professional

  Can be separated into Related
   Experience and Experience.
  List Employer’s Name, Your Title, City,
   State, and Dates Employed.
  Summarize accomplishments for each
  Current or most recent position comes
Skills and Aptitudes

    Languages?
    Software Proficiency?
    Martial Arts?
    Managerial?

  Know your strengths. Everything you do
   has the potential to be a marketable skill.

  Awards and Honors

  Publications, Tapes, Etc.

  References
The Electronic Resume

                ASCII
                Courier Font
                Keywords
                Asterisks and Caps
                Plain—no special
                 formatting, no
                 boldface, no

  ASCII—text file.

  Saving your resume as a text file,
   ensures that when it is printed, it will
   retain the structure you gave it.
Font and Formatting

  Use a monospaced font like Courier.
  Proportionally-spaced fonts like Arial or
   Helvetica will change in ASCII.
  Special formatting is not effective here.
   Don’t waste your time.
  Asterisks and capital letters are effective
   ways to bullet or emphasize information.

  Computers will scan your resume,
   looking for certain keywords.
  Use nouns.
  Include keywords from the beginning—
   some programs may have a limit for
  Customize your keywords. Be creative.

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