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                                                                                              August 2011

                                            Whoever wrote about the “lazy days of summer”
                                            never spent a summer at Catholic Charities of
                                            Southern Nevada. We have had one remarkable
                                            month in August, as the pages of this newsletter

                                            Perhaps what is most remarkable is the number
                                            of people and organizations that gave up so many
                                            of their summer days to work with us to help men,
                                            women, and children in need. The need to give
                                            help and hope to people never takes a vacation.
                                            This is truer now than ever as our economy in
                                            Southern Nevada continues to struggle and people
                                            face an uncertain future. However, you can see
  Monsignor Patrick R. Leary                that there are many people who care and want to
   Chief Executive Officer                  do something to help. In my way of thinking, that
                                            makes every month remarkable.
         Thank You for

 Help and Hope
                                            Thank you and God Bless,
                                            Monsignor Pat

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Program...Medical Nutrition Therapy...Social Services...Tenant Based Rental Assistance...Immigration Services...
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                Community Partners
 Grand Opening
 Catholic Charities Thrift Store
On August 4th Catholic Charities celebrated the grand
opening of its newest thrift store located at Rainbow
and Charleston Blvd. Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman and
Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian attended the celebration.

Nicki Coval, representing Congresswoman Shelley Berkley’s office;
Shaundell Newsome, Catholic Charities Board of Trustees member;
Lois Tarkanian, City Councilwoman Ward 1; Monsignor Patrick Leary;
Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman; Jill Blanchette, Board of Trustees Mem-
ber and Marie Tomao, representing Congressman Joe Heck’s office.
 Retail Services enables charitably minded citizens to
 support our programs by donating gently used furni-
 ture, clothing and household goods. Donated goods
 help meet our clients’ needs, offer quality low-cost
 goods to members of our community and revenues
 help sustain our agency’s programs. We would like to
 thank our community partners who made the grand
 opening possible: City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas
 Chamber of Commerce, Weingarten Realty, Sherwin
 Williams, Border Construction, Cadeau Express and
UNLV University Libraries
Preserving A Piece of History
While teaching men of our Resident
Empowerment Program how to sort through
donated books received at the Catholic
Charities Distribution Center, a treasure
was found! Diane Hutton, Director of Retail
Services, found a third edition leather bound
presentation script of the 1971 iconic movie
“The Godfather.” The Script was featured on
the hit show Pawn Stars and Fox 5 MORE.

                                                       Michael Frazier, Conservator for UNLV
                                                       University Libraries.
                                      In support
                                      of our Social Service Programs our hope is to
                                      raise funds in a silent auction at our upcoming
                                      2nd Annual Heart of Hope Awards Luncheon.
                                      The UNLV University Libraries Preservation
                                      Conservation Laboratory created and donated
                                      a hand crafted preservation case for the script.

Us Bank
Summer Jeans Friday

                                              The US Bank Development Network held
                                              an employee engagement opportunity
                                              benefiting Catholic Charities Community
                                              Food Pantry during the months of July
                                              and August. This creative fundraiser
                                              encouraged employees to purchase
                                              tickets for designated Fridays to wear
                                              jeans to work! The team raised $1400
                                              to help fill our food pantry shelves for
                                              struggling families in our valley.
                                              Thank you!

Jess Whisnand, VP, CTP Treasury Management Consultant and
Karal Presley VP for Deposit and Payment Solutions for US Bank.
                  Program Highlights
Back to School Fair
Social Services
Special thanks to St. Francis of Assisi,
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and our
community for supporting Catholic
Charities Social Services
Back-to-School Fair.

                                                     On August 20th, students from St.
                                                     Elizabeth Ann Seton volunteered
                                                     at the event by giving out back-
Students from St. Elizabeth Ann                      packs, lunch boxes and goodie
Seton donated their time and
assembled hundreds of back-
                                                     bags to our clients.
packs filled with school supplies.

                                     Thank you for making
                                     this a joyful day for
                                     our clients!

                                                             Children preparing to go back
                                                             to school were able to pick out
                                                             their own back pack!
Stinky Boot drive
Resident Empowerment Program
                             American Worker and Boot Barn held their Annual
                             Stinky Boot Drive during the month of August.
                             Boots collected were donated to the men in our
                             Resident Empowerment Program. One client stated,
                             “I have a background in construction and have been
                             waiting for construction boots in my size,” Heriberto
                             entered the program about 6 months ago. “I am
                             very grateful for the boots, thank you!”
                             Men seek Spot Jobs while
                             looking for opportunities
                             for long term employment.
                             These boots help them
                             achieve these goals.
                             Thank you Boot Barn and
                             American Worker for
                             helping our clients work
Sabrina Tolson, Case Manager
for the Resident Empowerment
                             towards a better life!
Program and Heriberto Gomez.

Richard Harris Law Firm
Helping Those In Need
                                  After seeing a client’s story in the newspaper,
                                  Richard Harris Law Firm held a free seminar for
                                  clients in need of help to file for Social Security
                                  Disability benefits. Representatives gave an
                                  informational seminar, answered questions and
                                  helped clients fill out paperwork. Additional
                                  sessions are scheduled for the fall.

On behalf of the clients we serve, thank you
for offering this valuable information and
helpful services!
Extra Extra
New Catholic Charities Thrift Store Opening
Catholic Charities Retail Services is opening another new location September 12th!
The new thrift store is located in the Tropicana East Plaza at the cross streets of
Eastern & Tropicana.

Catholic Charities
Eastern Thrift Store
4840 S. Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: 385-1910

                                                        New Store Hours
                                                        Monday - Friday
                                                        9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
                                                        Saturday & Sunday
                                                        10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Catholic Charities Senior Services
has moved! New offices are located at
the back of the store. Programs include:
the Foster Grandparent Program, Senior
Companion Program, Retired & Senior
Volunteer Program, Telephone Reassurance
Program and the Respite Care & Supportive
Services Program.
                                             Senior Services Phone: 382-0721
Senior Services Hours of Operation           4840 S. Eastern Avenue
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.       Las Vegas, NV 89119
caring Community
Community Food Pantry
Many southern Nevada residents rely
on the services of the Community Food
Pantry. Catholic Charities could not
provide all we do with out the help
of our caring community.
Thank you for your support!

                                                              Nevada Federal Credit Union
                                                                      Food Drive

                                                                 Notre Dame Alumni
                                                                 Association held their
                                                                 annual Student Send-off
                                                                 Mass and Picnic August
                                                                 6th. Alumni and friends
                                                                 held a toiletry collection
             Leading Ladies Inc. Food Collection                 for Catholic Charities
                                                                 Social Services.

Special thanks to Albertsons for donating bag      Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
racks and 4,000 bags to Social Services.           Southeast Area Command National Night
                                                   Out Food Collection.
Client spotlight
Starting a New Life In the Land of the Free
                                   Can you imagine what it would be like to be
                                   forced to leave your homeland? This is a reality
                                   for our clients of the Migration and Refugee
                                   Services program at Catholic Charities. I recently
                                   met Ameera. She is a 40 year old Iraqi woman
                                   who came to live in the United States under
                                   political asylum in January of 2010. Ameera has
                                   her Masters in English and worked in Iraq as a
                                   Lector at the University and later as a trainer for
                                   the U.S. Government. As a trainer for a USAID
                                   contractor, she trained local nationals to help
                                   establish governance throughout Iraq. Because
                                   of her skills and loyalty to the United States she
                                   and her family were threatened. These threats
                                   became severe, when her best friend, who
                                   worked with her was killed. Her employer
                                   relocated her to Kuwait. She lived there for six
years while applying with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees for
protection. The Embassy of the United States in Baghdad helped her apply for
political asylum to eventually relocate to the United States. Once she arrived
Catholic Charities helped her resettle here in Las Vegas. She worked one on one
with her Case Manager, Daniela, and received support from her local sponsor who
was her supervisor in Iraq and Kuwait. Our Migration and Refugee Services
employment unit helped her complete employment applications, attend job fairs
and prepare for interviews, with the goal of becoming self-sufficient. Today she
works for the Cosmopolitan as a sales associate. She says she loves her job and
everyday has a story. Now, Ameera has her own apartment and vehicle to get to
work. In her free time she enjoys working out at her local gym, attending knitting
and crochet craft fairs and shopping at the Mediterranean market near her home.
She volunteers her time as an interpreter for an elderly couple she met when she
arrived, helping them read their mail and taking them to appointments. She
hopes to complete her studies at UNLV to become a teacher or maybe take classes
to become a physical therapist. I asked her what advice she would give to other
refugees coming to start a new life in America and she said, “It is very important
to learn the language and culture, be open minded and patient. “If you desire it
you can do it!” “We are blessed here.” Last week Ameera was granted permanent
residency and hopes one day to bring her parents here. Thank you Ameera for
sharing your story with us and I wish you much success and happiness!
                                                                         Leslie Carmine
                               Recognition                     Catholic Charities of
                                                               Southern Nevada was
Nonprofit of the Year                                          selected as a VEGAS INC
                                                               2011 Angel Award recipient
                                                               for Nonprofit of the Year!
                                                               Honorees celebrated the
                                                               award presentations at the
                                                               Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip
                                                               on August 24th. Catholic
                                                               Charities is featured in
                                                               this year’s edition of
                                                               The Giving Guide.

Patricia Trent Morrissey, Board of Trustees President; Peggy
McKenzie, Executive Assistant; Monsignor Patrick Leary,
Chief Executive Officer; Patrick Raglow, Vice President of
Administration; Bruce Spotleson, Group Publisher Greenspun
Media Group; and Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, Diocese of              Monsignor Patrick Leary, Chief
Las Vegas.                                                      Executive Officer and Patricia
                                                                Trent Morrissey, Board of
                                                                Trustees President.

Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, Diocese of Las Vegas; Bruce Spotle-
son, Group Publisher Greenspun Media Group and Monsignor
Patrick Leary, Chief Executive Officer.
                                          Meet the Staff
   Meet the caring staff of Social Services. This program was established in 1941
   and since then has helped families face everything from minor stresses to
   major disruptions by providing emergency food, clothing, diapers, school sup-
   plies, counseling, rental assistance-utility payment assistance (when available)
   and referrals to other community resources. Case managers meet with each
   client individually to offer assistance. Some of the most rewarding moments of
   their job is to see clients’ faces light up. Social Services has events throughout
   the year to help ease the economic strain for families in our valley. With support
   from our community, we are able to provide an Easter Party, Back-to-School Fair,
   Thanksgiving Basket giveaway and Christmas Toy giveaway. Ellen Ramirez, Lead
   Case Manager for Social Services and the Tenant Based Rental Assistance
   program loves the joy she feels when she can make children happy.
   Jesse, Social Services Coordina-
   tor says his favorite part of his
   job is to help families through
   economic hardships. Mayra
   stated, “Knowing that I make a
   difference everyday is the best
   part. The services we offer can
   be the difference between
   someone having food on their
   table and not.”

   “Serving my community is the
   most rewarding part of my job,”
   says Sharon Romero, Social
   Services Case Manager of four
   years. Our Social Services
   team would like to say THANK                              Sharon Romero, Case Manager; Ellen Ramirez, Lead Case
   YOU to our community for                                  Manager; Mayra Del Real, Case Manager and Jesse
   making their job easier, we                               Marquez, Social Services Coordinator.
   could not do what we do
   without your caring support!


                                                                               Giving Help and Giving Hope
                                                                             to people in need regardless of race, religion or creed.

      Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada | 1501 Las Vegas Boulevard North | Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 | 702.385-2662 | Fax 702.384.0677

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