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                       Mount Greylock RHS                           Williamstown,                      Mass.                                    Friday, January 18, 2008

Committee eyes curriculum change
                By Sofia Brooks                  “When the proposals were brought up this       lty to comment on the proposed changes at
    The Mount Greylock School Committee          fall, there remained some questions fthat      a meeting earlier his year, and an informa-
considered this week long-tabled propos-         had been addressed to the Committee which      tion sheet was handed out to parents on
als to review curriculum, scheduling, class-     no one knew the answers to,” explains David    Parent’s Night this fall explaining the four
ranking and elimination of prerequisite re-      Langston, a member of the School Commit-       proposed changes. Lehleitner understands
quirements for AP classes.                       tee.                                           the delays in voting on the motions, say-
    Many students remember the uproari-             Upon contacting another member of the       ing, “The School Committee is aware of the
ous controversy at the end of last year re-      committee, Robert Ericson, it is apparent to   heavy-duty implications for Mount
garding a group of students and teachers         the Echo that the committee is making an       Greylock culture inherent in the proposed
calling themselves Strategic Planning Com-       effort to thoroughly research the proposals    changes. They’re trying to make an in-
mittee 3.1. Robin Lehleitner’s Strategic Plan-   presented to it. The committee has consid-     formed decision.”
ning Committee was, in reality, a subcom-        ered several topics regarding each proposal        One area in which there has been action             A passion for
mittee of a larger program to critically re-     such as financial implications and what the    is the development of the tutoring program.              chocolate --
view Mount Greylock’s policies in several        potential negative outcomes are that could     With the help of Heather Dunlavey and other          and Shakespeare . . .
areas in an effort to improve them.              result from the potential changes. In addi-                                                               Page 3
    The students, community members, and         tion, the committee decided to allow the fac       See CURRICULUM, Page 4
Mount Greylock faculty that met in                                                                                                             Poster: Diana Walczak / Inset photo: Hank Gold
Lehleitner’s room last year were in charge
of curriculum improvement.
    After much debate throughout the year,
this group presented a proposal containing
four action points to the School Committee
last June. In making this recommendation
                                                  MG student council: What does it do?
to the School Committee, the subcommittee                                                                                                           By Krista Mangiardi
put the task of implementing these sugges-                                                                                              The Mt. Greylock Student Council is a student
tions in the hands of the School Committee                                                                                           organization in which a lot has been going on this
members, and since then, no one has heard                                                                                            year. The Student Council is a group made up of
much news.                                                                                                                           six delegates from each of the high school classes.
    Initially, the School Committee decided                                                                                          These students are elected into the council by
to vote on each point of the group’s pro-                                                                                            their peers. Then, from within the delegates, a
posal separately. They chose to discuss the                                                                                          President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and
proposed tutoring program during their                                                                                               Parliamentarian are chosen at the first meeting of
October meeting, the proposal to eliminate                                                                                           the school year. The council meets in the new meet-
prerequisite requirements for AP classes in                                                                                          ing room every Friday at 2:30 where they discuss
November, and the proposals to eliminate                                                                                             current issues such as high school and middle
weighted grade point averages and class                                                                                              school interaction, lacrosse’s becoming a varsity
rank in December.                                                                                                                    sport, and student parking. These discussions can
    The tutoring issue came up in the Octo-                                                                                          then be transformed iinto changes and improve-
ber meeting as promised, but the committee                                                                                           ments in various aspects of the school.
saw problems with funding for the program                                                                                               This year, the Student Council has incorpo-
and decided to postpone their final deci-                                                                                            rated some new ideas that help anything from the
sion until these problems could be ad-                                                                                               way meetings are run to student body involve-
dressed. In November, the proposals were                                                                                             ment. For example, students can now find a page
still on the agenda for the meeting, but once                                                                                        on the school website sidebar where minutes, pic-
again, the committee made no final deci-                                                                                             tures, and an email address for the council are
sions.                                                                                                                               posted. Soon, a constitution outlining the way
    The day before the most recent School                                                                                            the group is run and the rules that it will adhere to
Committee meeting in December, the votes                                                                      Photo: Echo archives
                                                                                                                                     will be approved and posted as well. Furthermore,
on the Strategic Planning proposals were            From left, student council members Tijana                                        a Greylock Student Council Facebook group now
dropped from the agenda. (The committee                                                                                              exists for easy contact.
planned to discuss the issues again earlier         Samardzic and Gina Riggins, and junior-class
                                                                                                                                        In addition, meetings are now run by Robert’s
this week, but at this point, everyone is won-      president Michael Leja shown during the                                          Rules of Order, a guide book for running orga-
dering what they have been doing all this           September community building day.
time.)                                                                                                                                                 See COUNCIL, Page 3

R.L.P. -- Life-changing experience for MG volunteer
                                                                                                           which I am in: one where edu-       unteers interested in community service
         By Sarah Crosky                                                                                   cation is poorly valued and         work and spreading literacy in Latin America.
   If you are reading this in one of                                                                       lacks structure, a society          Past volunteers include Henry Suave,
the many classrooms, at Mount                                                                              where motivation is scanty at       Marichal MacDonald, and various Greylock
Greylock Regional High School, take                                                                        best. Most of all, this society     alumni. The project was created eight years
a moment to look around you. There                                                                         lacks the resources that of-
should be books-- too many in the                                                                          ten provide the impetus for                              See RLP, Page 3
opinion of some students. There are                                                                        productive learning. At cer-
posters, paper, new desks, lockers,                                                                        tain moments, all I can do is

televisions, projection machines,                                                                          compare this picture to my
computers, printers, maps, and more.                                                                       colorful         days        at
Notice the details.                                                                                        Williamstown Elementary
   Now picture this: A single room                                                                         School.
with a door to the outside. The floor                                                                          During a break from obser-
and walls are concrete. Thirty tired                                                                       vation, we meet the teacher,
desk-chairs are set up in crooked                                                                          and she is more than happy                   Tributes to the memory
rows. A few sitting in the back are                                                                        to leave us with the students            of Geoffrey Lewis,
missing seats. There is a white                                                                            for a whole morning (a day of            (MGRHS 2008), by a
board at the front of the room and a                                                                       class) to work with the young            teacher and classmate
typewriter on a desk in the corner.                                                  Photo: Sarah Crosky students on their pen-pal let-
                                                                                                                                                    ...............................Page 2
That is all. Imagine this: The room Sue O’Riley instructs in Guatamala                                     ters to next fall’s class of
is the fourth-grade classroom for                                                                          fourth graders at in                       An insider view of the
Escuela Basico, an elementary school in the out to greet us. They offer to help us carry Williamstown.                                              MG nordic ski team by
poor, rural village of San Andres, Guatemala. our bags and boxes to the fourth grade            “Amigos Del Mundo” (Friends of the                  Patrick Joslin.......Page 3
The school consists of a row of these class- classroom. We peek into the room, and the World), the pen pal and photography pro-
rooms, each with one door to the outside, teacher is explaining how to divide and gram involving Spanish conversation be-
in front of which is a cement basketball multiply fractions. Confused, I think back tween students in San Andres and the stu-                        Meet the Misses and
court-sized area used for physical educa- to every time I learned this skill in my math dents of Williamstown Elementary School,                    Mr. January ........Page 3
tion. The bathrooms are outside in a sepa- classes. The way she’s teaching, it’s wrong! is one of the many projects established by
rate building. When we approach the class- Completely wrong!                                 the Rural Literacy Project. The project is a
room, the younger children, all smiles, rush    At this instant, I recognize the society
                                                                                             group of teens, educators, and other vol-
                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 2

Flexibility, empathy and identifying what doesn’t work
On Thurs., Dec. 20, 2007, the Mount Greylock community                                                                              Like many of us who knew Geoff, I’ve asked myself if
lost a beloved student and friend, senior Geoffrey Lewis.                                                                       there was anything I could have done to make life better
Echo editors invited English teacher Robin Lehleitner and                                                                       for him. I know that it’s possible I’m simply overreacting,
senior Sean Peltier to reflect on Geoff’s life.                                                                                 given the circumstances, but it strikes me now that I could
                                                                                                                                have come up with a couple of alternatives to the poetry
                                                                                                                                assignment when I realized he was struggling with it.
                     By Robin Lehleitner                                                                                        Surely, there was some other way for him to show me that
    Geoff Lewis was a smart kid. He was one of the                                                                              he had learned what I wanted him to learn. Some of you
smartest kids I have ever encountered in my eight years at                                                                      who read this will want to tell me I shouldn’t feel this way,
Mt. Greylock. I knew how smart he was smart the first time                                                                      but I feel this way because I want to—not out of guilt. I
I read one of his essays when he was a tenth grader. It was                                                                     can live with this feeling and learn from it. I sincerely wish
flawless: the sentences were beautifully constructed, the                                                                       that I had gone a little farther to meet Geoff on his own
ideas were clear and well-articulated. Geoff was smart in a                                                                     terms. I’m not sure it would have made any sort of
natural way—the kind of “smart” that could do well on an                                                                        difference, but I still wish I had done it.
in-class essay even if it hadn’t studied; the kind of                                                                               The lesson here, for me, is about flexibility. It’s about
“smart” that could ace a test with one hand tied behind its                                                                     seeing beyond the walls of the box I live in. Geoff’s death
back. But for a reason I never totally understood, Geoff                                                                        has made me think, among other things, about how great
was also the kind of “smart” that didn’t like school,                                                                           it would be if we were all just a little bit more relaxed with
especially certain kinds of assignments. He was usually                                                                         one another—if we could feel safe enough to identify
here, but I’m guessing he usually didn’t want to be. On                                                                         what does and doesn’t work for each of us, both as
many days he may have watched those around him having                                                                           students and as teachers, and if we could respect and
what he assumed was a good time while he just felt like                                                                         appreciate one another’s differences. It’s not always
going home.                                                                                                                     possible to change something in order to make someone
    Most of the kids in my first and second period English                                                                      feel more comfortable and capable. But whenever it is
12 classes grew up with Geoff, and I have, unavoidably,                                                                         possible, it’s a good—not a bad—thing to do. This may
experienced my grief with and through them. The morning                                                                         seem to you like an insignificant realization for me to take
after his death, nearly all of them came to school. They                                                                        away from the death of a student I had in both the tenth
were devastated, but their automatic and natural response                                                                       and twelfth grades, but it doesn’t seem insignificant to me
was to begin telling stories—both sad and happy—about                                                                           at all. I’m going to think a long time about the fact that a
their friend. Through them, I’ve heard about the things                                                                         student as blindingly brilliant as Geoff, one who cared as
Geoff did like: music, exploring caves, anything and                                                                            deeply as he did about turning in his work, could not
everything to do with computers. A few weeks ago he                                                                             bring himself to write a few poems.
went to his first concert ever, and the kids who saw him                                                                            About mid-day on that Friday morning before
there noticed how happy he seemed. Later he spoke of it                                                                         Christmas, I saw a group of seniors who had known Geoff
as the highpoint of his life. The one consistent thing most      Geoffrey Lewis, ‘08             Photo: Courtesy of Judy Dias   well huddled together in a small, miserable clump in the
people, including teachers, noticed about Geoff this year                                                                       wide breezeway near the principal’s office. Grief and
was that there were a lot of things he was looking forward                                                                      shock were still bubbling up into their faces. It was class-
to doing. The last time I talked to him, he spoke with                                                                          passing time and all around them, in either direction,
confidence about writing his college essay.                           The lesson here, for me, is                               innocent, noisy kids were walking briskly towards class,
    Geoff was friendly whenever you spoke with him, but                                                                         laughing and talking and flirting, unaware of the smaller
he never felt comfortable sharing his ideas aloud in class. I    about flexibility. it’s about seeing                           group standing there feeling unbearably sad and isolated.
place a high premium on class discussions, and sometimes
his grade suffered as a result of his inability to participate
                                                                 beyond the walls of the box I live                             I stopped to ask if I could help in any way. Their answer:
                                                                                                                                they didn’t want to talk to anyone; more than anything,
in them. Once in a while, I would tease him about his            in . . . Human beings give each                                they just wanted to go home. It struck me later that these
shyness in an attempt to loosen him up a bit, but it never                                                                      desperate, out-of-place kids, overwhelmed by the happy,
really changed anything. This quarter, however, I was just       other extraordinary gifts each and                             confident majority, were feeling the way Geoff may often
beginning to feel that maybe we had hit on something like
a solution: when my seniors tackled Beowulf, a very long
                                                                 every day: admiration, kindness,                               have felt. It was as if, for that one moment in time, they
                                                                                                                                were standing in his place and experiencing what it might
1000+ year-old epic poem, I decided to invite them to earn       emotional validation, financial                                have been like to be him.
their class participation credits by reading sections of it                                                                         Human beings give each other extraordinary gifts each
out loud. Geoff delighted me by volunteering on a number         support, and romantic adoration.                               and every day: admiration, kindness, emotional validation,
of occasions. I could feel a sort of hush descend on the                                                                        financial support, and romantic adoration. But of all the
room every time he read: he was a very, very good reader,        But of all the gifts we give to one                            gifts we give to one another, nothing hits the spot like
and we were all aware of it. He was aware of it too. It was
just something that came naturally to him, something he
                                                                 another, nothing hits the spot like                            empathy. Putting yourself in someone else’s place, heart-
                                                                                                                                wise and mind-wise, actually understanding where
was comfortable doing.                                           empathy.                                                       someone else is coming from, is heroic work. Every time
    On the morning of the day he died, Geoff handed me                                                                          someone practices it, the world becomes a more humane
his final essay on Beowulf. It was one day late. I                                                                              place. It changes the person who gives it as much as the
considered this the most difficult assignment I’d given my       almost always. When Geoff died he still owed me one            person who receives it. If Geoff’s death means anything
seniors so far this year, and I expected a lot of them to        thing—a major poetry assignment from a few weeks               to us, let it mean this: today, or any day, for just a little
struggle with it. When I read Geoff’s essay, however, I          back. I had asked him about it, but for reasons he never       while, stand in someone else’s shoes. Feel, even just for
realized that he had completed it with his usual flair for       explained, he simply couldn’t bring himself to do it.          five minutes, what it is to be another person—preferably,
excellence. It was, beyond a doubt, an “A” paper, the kind       Critical essays were really a breeze for him; the creative     someone as different from you as possible. It might
of writing he had turned in on other occasions. Geoff            stuff, not so much. I don’t think he was unusual in this       stretch you, challenge you, turn you inside out in a way
cared deeply about the quality of his work, and he               way; over the years, I’ve come to realize that many kids       that feels uncomfortable, but afterwards—I guarantee—
couldn’t stand to let an assignment slide. Sometimes he          are comfortable with one kind of assignment but not with       you’ll be someone significant. You’ll be one step closer to
turned things in late, but he always turned them in. Or          another.                                                       understanding how to change the world.

Enthusiastic, gifted writer, a lover of video, computers, caves
               By Sean Peltier                      whatsoever. That was our thing, our            beyond. I never asked Geoff what the               Pringles®, or green grapes, or a Capri
    I will never forget Friday, Dec. 21, the    connection and tradition. Geoff was the         appeal of climbing into a cold, muddy hole        Sun® juice pack, hear about spelunking or
day I learned that my friend and classmate      most enthusiastic kid I’d ever seen in gym.     was but I wish I had. He was also a good          hear Sublime on the radio, I’ll remember
Geoff Lewis had passed away. That day           He would fly about the floor wreaking           employee. Only after his death did I              Geoff, his smile, his giving his insanely
will remain etched in my memory, forever,       havoc on the game of soccer. Later, at          discover that he had worked with my               enthusiastic best in gym soccer, and his
for so many reasons. The hallway,               lunch, the usually talkative table at which I   cousin, Tim. Tim described Geoff very much        appearing to be asleep in psychology yet
normally a happy, loud place full with          normally sat next to Geoff was completely       like anyone else would; he described him as       somehow hearing everything and
chatter prior to that dreadful first period     silent, not a word was spoken, nor was          a great guy. Geoff was a great guy. He never      receiving better grades then I did. I’ll
was eerily silent, with only whispers and       much food consumed. Even later came             had anything negative to say and he was           remember how he could always tell when I
sobs audible. Faces were gaunt, showing         psychology class, in which I sat next to        always there to pick you up when you were         was having bad day and how he always
either absolutely nothing or the deepest        Geoff and completed worksheets with him.        down, telling a dumb joke and cracking his        managed to cheer me up. I know one thing,
pain. Classmates turned to each other,          I never saw it coming. But he’s gone now,       goofy smile. Geoff Lewis was truly a great        a part of Geoff will remain alive as long as
looking for comfort, an answer, or any          and nothing I can ever do will bring him        guy.                                              we remember him, and I, for one, will never
connection. We asked ourselves how it           back.                                              There are many different beliefs and           forget.
was possible that one of our classmates             Geoff was, despite his unconventional       theories regarding what happens to us after           Geoffrey Lewis is gone, yet, in the
was gone; how was it possible that we had       theory that sleeping in class made you          we die. I would be lying if I said I had any      weeks since his passing, I have seen
lost one of our own?                            smarter, a good student, a gifted writer,       clue as to what actually happens.                 changes within the student body. I have
    It could have happened to any of us,        and a fun kid to be around. He loved video      Nevertheless, I personally find it difficult to   seen people checking on acquaintances to
and yet, there we were, without Geoff. The      games (Who doesn’t?), enjoyed driving,          believe that our souls can die. Right now,        make sure they’re alright. I’ve seen
day proceeded in the same manner, a day         going to Greylock football games, and           the loss of Geoff is fresh and the thought of     friendships forged because those people
of silence and sorrow. Personally, three        simply hanging out with friends. He loved       going ten minutes, much less a day, without       who knew Geoff came together to
portions of the day affected me most            making movies; I could never get him shut       thinking of Geoff is incomprehensible, but        remember him. I would like to think that, at
profoundly. On my way into to gym class,        up about Mr. Powers’s video editing class.      time heals all wounds and healing will            the very least, Geoff’s death brings us
I turned around in the same spot I always       And the caves were ever so important to         happen. It’s simply the way people are.           together as a class, a school, and a
do. I turned to say “HI” to Geoff and chat      him. Geoff loved spelunking, crawling into      Even so, I know one thing for certain:            community. Rest in peace, Geoff Lewis. We
about something of no importance                dark nooks and crannies to see what lay         Anytime I see a Chips Ahoy!® cookie, or           will never forget you.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Page 3

New year, new you: Less cool, less tough, less judgemental?
                         By Nick Fogel                               it seems cliché, maybe the New Year is the perfect time       are willing to help us if we fail, loads of opportunities to
    2008 is well underway and it’s time to pack the excuses      to make some changes. I’m not talking about drastic               find out who we are; what we like; and what we want to
away and start making good on the New Year’s                     measures that require loads of effort. Maybe this change          do, opportunities to have a lot of fun along the way.
resolutions. You want to shed a few pounds without               is as simple as holding the door an extra couple of                  Let’s look at 2008 as the chance for change. If you
spending too much time in the kitchen or the health food         seconds for someone who is a little ways behind you or            have never played a sport before and are used to taking
aisle? Is it finally time to unveil the six-pack abs? Maybe      not cutting the entire line at lunch as though you are more       the 2:30 p.m. bus home every day, try a sport. If you’re a
you are determined to be a better spouse: cook a few             deserving of your bagel than everyone else (I’m talking to        boy, maybe try a sport outside on the snow that has a
meals, spend more time with the kids, and not watch so           you junior boys).                                                 three-year win streak, a sport with a group of the coolest
much football? We’ve got all you need to stay motivated                                                                            and best looking guys in the school. If you haven’t yet
and, in the words of our democratic candidates, make 2008                                                                          spoken to a lot of people in your grade, don’t think that
the year of change!
    Don’t worry; the Echo has not turned into Men’s
                                                                      Try being . . . “ a little nicer to                          you are too cool or too lame for them and say hello. If you
                                                                                                                                   have been too afraid to talk to your lifelong crush,
Health. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of New Year’s hype           each other, a little more under-                                  Valentine’s Day is coming up, so put on your best
myself. Does 2008 really feel different than 2007? There is                                                                        clothes, get a nice haircut, and work the magic.
nothing new or fresh about January in New England. But,          standing when someone is upset, a                                    Sometimes it seems impossible to change and break
if there is one good thing that this “holiday” offers, it is a   little less judgmental, a little less                             out of our routine. Sometimes we need these artificial
chance to change. However, artificial it may be, 2008 is a                                                                         holidays like New Years and Valentine’s Day to realize
new opportunity.                                                 concerned with looking cool and                                   what’s important to us. Sometimes they provide a wakeup
    For many of us, 2007 could not have ended much
worse. Geoff will forever be in our hearts and minds. As
                                                                 tough, and a little more concerned                                call to who we want to be, who we want to be with, and
                                                                                                                                   how we want to live. So whether you have big or small
we move on in this New Year, we carry the memory and             with being a good friend.”                                        plans for change, take 2008 as a chance to try new things,
pain with us. I know there is nothing I can say to ease the                                                                        grow, and be happy. Best wishes to everyone in 2008!
pain felt by those friends and family who were close to
Geoff, but I want you to know that we are here for you               There are a lot of problems in the world that could be
and pray for you every day.                                      solved if people made a point of being a little nicer to each
    2008 is full of possibilities, uncertainty, and new          other, a little more understanding when someone is upset,
                                                                 a little less judgmental, a little less concerned with looking
                                                                                                                                   Feb. 8 ‘Food of Love’
beginnings. Seniors will leave, with any luck, enter
college, make new friends, and open a new path in their
lives. Underclassmen will have to suffer with the loss of
                                                                 cool and tough, and a little more concerned with being a
                                                                 good friend. I know there are a lot of people that dread          mix to include chocolate
                                                                 coming to school, and I’m not going to pretend that I’m
the best class any of us can remember and somehow find
a way to carry on for at least one more year. All of us have     not looking forward to February break, but I know that I’m
                                                                 also dreading leaving Mount Greylock.
                                                                                                                                   and the ‘darker side’
the better part of six months left in the school year. While
                                                                     We have loads of people that want us to succeed and                                By Patrick Madden
                                                                                                                                       “A combination of three of life’s most delicious things:
                                                                                                                                   Shakespeare, love, and chocolate” is how Deb Burns
                                                                    Nights at the library, a direct result of the Rural Literacy
R.L.P.                    Continued from Page 1
                                                                 Project serving as the nightly hotspot for the youth of the
                                                                 town, consist of intense Scrabble competitions among kids
                                                                 of all ages, English tutoring, checker games with bottle
                                                                                                                                   describes the annual Food of Love theatrical event that
                                                                                                                                   takes place at the Williams Inn in Williamstown on Friday,
                                                                                                                                   Feb. 8 at 7:30 p.m. -- just before Valentine’s Day. Sound
                                                                                                                                   appealing? It should. There are cups of chocolate mousse
                                                                 caps, and the production of library cards for the new com-        (literally cups made out of chocolate filled with chocolate
ago by a fourth-grade teacher at the Williamstown Elemen-        puter system we installed. The library has become a safe          mousse) and a plethora of other delicacies, all making up
tary School, Sue O’Riley. It has helped to establish libraries   and encouraging place for the children and is serves as a         an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet available to audience
in rural communities of Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Nicara-       transition from educational neglect to a what could be a          members. “The audience gets to sit and gorge on
gua, and Bolivia. Future plans involve a trip to Ecuador.        bright future.These grateful children and their families were     chocolate (made by the Williams Inn’s chefs) while
Each trip involves many heavy suitcases packed with              eager to receive us in every way possible. We left the small      amazing young actors in
books, paper, games, projects, and soccer equipment. Most        community with pleas that we return from all, which we will       costume perform
recently the bags carried a computer, two printers and all       not deny.                                                         Shakespeare’s love
the necessary cords and accessories. Nothing goes                   The Rural Literacy Project is currently selling calendars,     scenes — comic,
through the mail.                                                jewelry, and bookmark beads to raise funds for books and          romantic, tragic — all
    I traveled to Guatemala this past summer and am plan-        classroom supplies for the next trip. Crosky encourages           around them,” says
ning my second trip in February. The trip was a life-chang-      those interested in the project to contact her.                   Burns, the show’s
ing experience that opened my eyes to the power of volun-                                                                          director and originator.
teering and developed my sense of cultural awareness and
respect. I discovered a deeper passion for photography
and for language study. The children I met became my close
                                                                 Student council                                                       Food of Love was
                                                                                                                                   pioneered by Burns four
                                                                                                                                   years ago as a fund-raiser
friends and were enthusiastic and curious about partici-                                    Continued from Page 1
                                                                                                                                   for MGRHS’s
pating in the pen pal project and contributing to our activi-                                                                      participation in the state-
ties and work.                                                   nized and official club or group meetings. “We are hoping         wide Fall Festival of
                                                                 that the Student Council will hold a lot more decision mak-       Shakespeare. Burns has
                                                                 ing power as [it forms] committees and subcommittees to           continued the program,
                                                                 address issues and concerns in the school.” says faculty          much to the benefit of all
                                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Patrick Madden
                                                                 advisor Mrs. Keeley. This system has helped the Student           chocolate and/or
                                                                 Council add to their list of successes. The group recently        Shakespeare lovers. Tickets will be approximately $15, and
  The Mount Greylock Echo is the student newspa-                 got the student parking line to move forward and is con-          all proceeds will go towards next year’s Fall Festival.
  per of Mt. Greylock Regional High School in                    tinuing to work on getting rid of it altogether.                  While tickets will be sold at the door, seating is limited, so
  Williamstown, Mass. Published monthly during                      The members of the Student Council show exemplary              it is safest to purchase tickets in advance. Tickets will be
  the academic year, each issue is developed and                 leadership skills with running school wide events, making         available shortly at Where’d You Get That?!, Wild Oats
  edited by a team of editors and writers. Any Mt.               changes that effect everyone, and representing their peers.       and can also be purchased from Robin Lehleitner.
  Greylock student may join the staff, attend                    Mrs. Keeley also states that “it’s really exciting to come to         Some 25 student actors -- include a few MGRHS alums,
  meetings and submit articles.                                  Mt. Greylock where we have the potential for incredible           are preparing for this year and are already hard at work,
                                                                 leaders who can make a big difference in this school.” Cur-       rehearsing sometimes twice weekly in the First
                      Next issue:                                rently, the council is considering creating a time during         Congregational Church and the ’62 Center for Theatre and
                 Friday, February 15, 2008                       which underclassmen may consult seniors about the col-            Dance. Milos Mladenovic, a highly experienced actor and
                    Copy Deadline:                               lege-application process and course recommendations.              director, and Franny Shuker-Haines are also helping to
                 Friday, February 1, 2008                           Another idea that they are working with is groups of           direct scenes from eight or nine Shakespeare plays. Local
                   Next staff meeting:
                                                                 high school students going to middle school classes to            world music group The Shoes will also provide live music
                Thursday, January 24, 2008
                                                                 talk to them and answer questions about high school and           before and throughout the performance.
   Staff meetings, open any to Mt. Greylock student,             more. Furthermore, the Student Council is considering hav-            Burns hints the program includes some surprises and
   are held at 2:30 p.m. in Mr. Niemeyer’s Room (54)             ing a Spring version of the Community Building Day from           new elements this year, including swordplay and more
                                                                 the half-day this Fall.                                           exploration into love’s darker side. Food of Love actors
            Editor-in-Chief: Chris Densmore                         Of course, there is also discussion about the ways in          are able to explore their scenes independently and/or with
           Associate Editor: Matt Baker-White                    which the Student Council, students, and school can com-          a director. Mount Greylock sophomore Isabel Kaufman
                                                                 memorate Geoffrey Lewis whether in the form of an assem-          calls Food of Love “an amazing opportunity and the
               This month’s contributors:                        bly or some sort of monument.                                     perfect fundraiser because it incorporates what we love
     Sofie Brooks, Sarah Crosky, Nick Fogel, Patrick                The Mt. Greylock Student Council is a school organiza-         most about the Shakespeare experience with copious
     Joslin, Robin Lehleitner, Patrick Madden, Krista            tion that has the power to help the school environment in         amounts of delicious chocolate!”
               Mangiardi and Sean Peltier.                       which so much time is spent. The council works directly               Burns loves that each student is “a star in his or her
                                                                 with both students and faculty to make sure that concerns         own little scene, so students who sometimes don’t get
                 Mount Greylock Echo                             are dealt with. Anyone may approach a council member              big parts are playing [leads].” She also loves it when
           Mt. Greylock Regional High School                     and input is welcomed. The council is a voice and govern-         Mount Greylock’s experienced actors try new things, and
                 1781 Cold Spring Road                           ing body of the high-school classes.                              one of her favorite aspects of the project is that “the
           Williamstown, Mass. 01267 USA                            To contact the Student Council, either speak with the          students do most of the work to raise money for this pro-
                     (413) 458-9582                              representative from your grade, email them at                     gram they care about so much — although this is really
                    All submissions:                   , or visit their website at http:/      play, not work.” Burns guarantees “a fun, warm, relaxing
                            /                                  evening with lots of laughs and some magic moments.”
                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 4

X-C ski team looks to continue splendid success
               By Patrick Joslin                                                                                                                      perennial success, as with most cross-coun-
    When most people think about cross-                                                                                                               try teams in the school. It would not be un-
country, or “Nordic,” skiing, they probably                                                                                                           reasonable to say that the Nordic ski team
think about revealing spandex, skis that look                                                                                                         is the most under-appreciated team in the
absurd and skiing uphill (a grim prospect                                                                                                             school.
for most). Many teenagers dismiss Nordic                                                                                                              The boys’ team has been both undefeated
skiing as dull, boring, and monotonous.                                                                                                               and reigning MIAA Division III State Cham-
However, the truth is that most students at                                                                                                           pions for five consecutive years. This year’s
Mount Greylock Regional High School                                                                                                                   squad is poised for another stellar season.
probably don’t know about our Nordic Ski                                                                                                              With its only loss being that of its number
team’s perennial success and the excitement                                                                                                           one skier, the ever-charismatic; attractive;
that accompanies it.                                                                                                                                  and cheerful Evan Dethier, the squad is re-
    The abridged version of the scoring sys-                                                                                                          turning seven of its top eight.
tem for Nordic skiing works like this: The                                                                                                                Leading this year’s crew into the cold,
first four skiers on are scorers. Their places                                                                                                        frosty, gutsy competition is standout se-
are added together. For instance, if your                                                                                                             nior captain Nick Fogel, who will look to
team had skiers that placed 1st; 2nd; 4th; and                                                                                                        contend for the individual state title. Nick is
6th, you would add those numbers together                                                                                                             closely followed by other senior and cap-
to calculate your score. In this case is would                                                                                                        tain Ben Ogden, junior Dylan Dethier, and
be 13.                                                                                                                                                yours truly rounding out the top four.
    The team with the lowest score wins. The                                                                                                              Any one of those top four skiers could
                                                                                                                             Photo: Chris Densmore    make a serious bid for a state title. Nipping
next four skiers that ski varsity can displace
skiers from other teams That is, they can         The Mountie ski teams working out in the school’s weight room.                                      at the first four’s heels are junior Cary
move other team’s skiers down in rank but                                                                                                             White, sophomore Jordan Touboly, and
cannot score themselves.                          of the most hysterical and charismatic per-        nomenon of global warming. But, that is          freshman Greg Karibinos. White, fresh out
    The Nordic ski team at Mount Greylock         sonalities around the school. Although             another story. Despite striving against the      of cross-country running and a good sum-
is, from this admittedly biased author’s point    Nordic skiing is viewed predominately as an        elements and the ever inconsistent weather       mer of training, has impressed early with a
of view, one of the greatest all-around teams     individual’s sport, the Greylock squads ex-        they bring, the Nordic ski teams have some       sixth and seventh place finish in the first
at Greylock both on and off the ski trails.       emplify team-building skills and incredible        of the best results, if not the best, of any     league races. The eighth spot is hotly con-
The team usually attracts roughly between         collective sportsmanship on and off the            team in the school.                              tested for by junior Evan Grillon, sopho-
sixty to seventy students from both the se-       course.                                               Many of us winter sports fanatics, at         mores Nate Nurmi, and Caleb Pudvar, and,
nior high and middle school, amounting to            Although there is room for individual           one time or another, have found ourselves        last but not least, senior captain Peter Glover.
an astounding approximately ten percent of        glory, any one of the skiers will tell you that    in the perpetual alpine skiing vs. Nordic            The races are usually held on Saturday
the student body.                                 the team goals are set far above individual        skiing argument. The truth is that both          mornings and there are both junior varsity
    Each and every team member adds to the        gratification. Nevertheless, this chemistry is     sports have their respective lures and chal-     and varsity races for boys and girls. So find
nearly family-like feeling of one of the most     truly put to the test when rain covers the         lenges, but this is neither the time nor the     a cross-country skier, get directions to the
tightly knit teams in the school. The atmo-       trails in the middle of January. This circum-      place for that debate. The fact is that the      next race, and get out there to cheer on one
sphere on the team is always a constructive       stance has plagued several seasons in re-          vast majority of the school is uninformed        of our schools most successful athletic en-
one. The team is also a collection of some        cent years due to the much-debated phe-            about the Nordic skiing and our ski team’s       deavors and most lovable teams.

           Students of the month                                                                                                                         Curriculum
                                                  speeches. This year he was a main organizer
                                                  of the pep rally. (He ensured that his cool-                                                                  Continued from Page 1
                                                  ness made up for the lameness of the other
                                                  MC to illustrate how sweet our class is.)                                                           representatives from Williams College, last
                                                      Everyone at Greylock is thankful that the                                                       year’s Step-Up Tutoring program has been
                                                  ABC program exists and chose Anthony to                                                             transformed into the Williams Center, a tu-
                                                  come here. When Anthony talks, people lis-                                                          toring program with Williams College un-
                                                  ten. When Anthony sings, hearts of young                                                            dergraduates as well as Greylock students.
                                                  girls melt. When Anthony enters a room, you                                                             Now, with no cost to Mount Greylock,
                                                  get a strange feeling that you should stand.                                                        students may visit Ms. Lehleitner’s class-
                                                  Anthony claims that he wants to be a judge                                                          room after school on Mondays and Wednes-
                                                  when he grows up, and I have no doubt that                                                          days to receive free tutoring, or tutor other
                                                  he will succeed in any path he chooses, but                                                         students for service-learning hours. Al-
                                                  let me be the first to say this: I endorse An-                                                      though there is some uncertainly about the
                                                  thony Bellmon for President in 2028. (Maybe                                                         future of this program after this year, the
                                                  this column can serve as his first campaign                                                         creation of the Williams Center has been a
                                                  ad?) Anthony is a true role model, someone                                                          big success for the school committee and
                                                  that this class and school will never forget.                                                       the members of the Strategic Planning Com-
           By Nick Fogel                          Lindsay/Alysson Maynard
                                                      This article is dedicated to the best twins
Anthony Bellmon                                   at Mt. Greylock, two girls who stand out from
    There is something different about An-        by being tall, stunningly beautiful, smart and                                                          Background on the
thony. He has something I just don’t see a
lot of at Mt. Greylock, something that sepa-
                                                  kind. Lindsay is basically married, and
                                                  Allyson — who knows her status? But what           Zach Bishop at the pep rally.
                                                                                                                                                          planning comittee: a
rates him from the rest of the students. Yes,
he is black, but no, that’s not what I’m think-
                                                  self-respecting Greylock guy wouldn’t want
                                                  to win at least the friendship, if not the heart
                                                                                                         The only problem with the twins is find-
                                                                                                     ing a way to tell them apart. Nothing is
                                                                                                                                                          survey of needs
ing of. Actually, Anthony has a lot of unique     of one or both of these amazing women.             more detrimental to a first date than calling           The Strategic Planning Commit-
qualities that make him one of the most re-           The twins first made their mark at Mt.         the girl her sister’s name.If you have not           tee has included apprxoimately 20
spected people at Greylock,                       Greylock on the sports scene. If you’ve ever       met them, or still have trouble telling them         students, teachers, co-Principal Tim
    In ninth grade, Anthony journeyed north       been in a gym class with either of them, you       apart, here are pointers: Allyson sometimes          Payne, and parents. The group has
from Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love,    already know that it is a challenge for the        has curly hair and usually sports a very             been working on evaluating ways to
to Williamstown. Most of the girls who saw        best male athletes to appear cool and manly        fashionable outfit while Lindsay usually             make students’ lives better at Mt.
him on that fateful first day probably re-        with the twins there, and the rest of us are in    goes with simpler clothes and is easy to             Greylock. It’s work began with a
member grabbing their best friend, point-         serious danger of being completely left in         spot as the girl walking with Matt St. Pierre.       questionnaire to all high-school stu-
ing, and asking with wide eyes, “Who is           the dust. Both twins star on the softball team,        The “diesel” twins have helped keep ev-          dents seeking change requests.
that hottie?” Anthony has moved well be-          and Ally is dominant on the soccer field and       eryone smiling in their six years here and              Students listed .more free time for
yond being the good-looking guy from the          basketball court, leading the basketball team      have helped their sports teams immeasur-             school work and the availability of
city who is good at dancing and singing           in scoring and shutting down opponents as          ably. Their contributions as classmates and          extra help during school hours as
and looks a little bit like Kanye West. An-       the goalie in soccer.                              friends have made them well deserving of             their top priorities. The committee
thony is known as a leader, a voice for the           If you are a middle-schooler and don’t         the title of Miss(es) January.                       determined a need to explore ways
students, a good friend, and a kind class-        know these two, you might be afraid to meet            I apologize to anyone who has had a              to have students interact more with
mate.                                             them walking down the high-school hallway          hard time with college apps or the social            various community organizations --
    From the beginning, Anthony did not           to lunch. You might wonder why you haven’t         scene because they have not been named               including businesses -- to enhance
openly look down upon us “country folk.”          had any trouble keeping your lunch money.          Mr or Miss of the Month. There is no doubt
                                                                                                                                                          their educational opportunities. Such
He fit in immediately — winning the ladies        But, in fact, the “deisel” twins are two of the    it’s among the most prestigious awards at
over with his charm and extraordinary fash-       kinder people at Greylock. I mean Lindsay is       Mt. Greylock. If you are not selected, well          school-community partnerships
ion sense and befriending nearly everyone         always hugging some boy in the hallway,            deserving as you may be, colleges will con-          would benefit everything from se-
he met. Last year Anthony was a finalist for      and both of them are always laughing and           sider mitigating factors in assessing you            nior projects to applying for joint
Berkshire Idol, showcasing his musical and        joking around. They are often willing to help      application. You may also still have a shot          grant programs with other schools
performing talents. He also captivated all        those in need — you probably remember              at a reputable institution, though probably          and various local groups.
present at last year’s Martin Luther King         their coming to the defense of 120-pound           not your first-choice school.

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