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					      We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person
      perfectly. SAM KEEN
                                                                                                                          JUNE 2011         9
               Amid celebration of the ‘113th Year of Philippine Independence’

          Honour historical roots correctly
             N June 12, 1898,                                      JOE RIVERA                                       One can argue that no sen-
             EMILIO    AGUINALDO                              sible and patriotic leader of his
             proclaimed the inde-                                                                              country would claim indepen-
             pendence of the Phil-                                                                             dence, yet beg for protection
ippines from the window of his                                                                                 from a foreign army.
home in Kawit, Cavite.                                                                                              A U.S. Library of Congress
      A month before, Aguinaldo                                                                                Country Study on the Philippines
also formally established the Dic-                                                                             completed in 1991 contained
tatorial Government which he                                                                                   reports that the United States
believed would be more efficient                                                                               Department of the Navy during
than a republican one in time of                                                                               that time had ordered Dewey to
crisis.                                                                                                        distance himself from Aguinaldo
      Later, upon the advice of                                                                                so he would not make untoward
APOLINARIO MABINI that Agui-                                                                                   commitments to the Philippine
naldo changed the form of gov-                                                                                 forces.
ernment from Dictatorial to Revo-                                                                                   Besides, Aguinaldo was never
lutionary.                                                                                                     in a firm position to declare inde-
      Aguinaldo’s proclamation of                                                                              pendence from Spain when the
Philippine independence came                                                                                   Philippine revolution was not over
at the cusp of the Spanish army’s                                                                              yet.
defeat in the hands of the Filipino                                                                                 The most Aguinaldo could
rebels.                                 A painting shows EMILIO AGUINALDO waving the Philippine tricolour accomplish was to proclaim the
      It was never recognized by from a window of his home in Kawit, Cavite after declaring indepen- Filipino aspiration for a govern-
Spain or the United States, which dence from Spain.                                                            ment that was independent and
at the time had also been at war                                                                               free from Spanish control, except
with Spain.                                                                                                    this aspiration or desire to be an
      In December 1898, American                                                                               independent state was already
and Spanish peace commission-                                                                                  expressed two years earlier after
ers met in Paris to settle questions                                                                           members of the Katipunan, led
relating to Cuba, the Philippines,                                                                             by ANDRES BONIFACIO, declared
and other matters.                                                                                             a nationwide armed revolution to
      FELIPE AGONCILLO, Aguinal-                                                                               win freedom from Spain.
do’s diplomatic envoy, pleaded                                                                                      If we have to critically study
with the commissioners to recog-                                                                               the origin of an independent and
nize the Philippines as an inde-                                                                               sovereign Philippines, albeit aspi-
pendent nation.                                                                                                rational, we can trace the embry-
      The commissioners refused                                                                                onic idea to the formation of the
to listen to Agoncillo and went                                                                                Katipunan in 1892 when a small
ahead to sign the Treaty of Paris                                                                              group of patriotic Filipinos decid-
on December 10, 1898, in which                                                                                 ed to found a society dedicated
Spain gave up the Philippines to                                                                               to the objective of securing sep-
the United States for a sum of 20 This image from the US Library of Congress shows US President FRANK- aration and independence from
million dollars.                        LIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (seated) signing the bill granting indepen- Spain.
      On February 4, 1899, the Fili- dence to the Philippines.                                                      The Katipunan was founded
pino-American War broke out                                                                                    right after JOSE RIZAL was arrest-
which would last until 1902.                                                                                   ed on July 7, 1892 by Spanish au-
      Aguinaldo’s revolutionary government was crushed and his proc- thorities and ordered to be banished to Dapitan.
lamation of independence short-lived.                                        But it was four years later on August 24, 1896, under the threat of
      The Philippines was annexed as a Commonwealth of the United discovery by the Spanish civil authorities, that the Katipunan would
States until the end of the Japanese war in 1946 when independence finally declare to wage a national armed revolution against Spain.
was granted to the Philippines on July 4 by the United States’ Con-          The Katipunan also established a national government with elect-
gress.                                                                   ed officials who would lead the nation and the army.
      The June 12, 1898 independence proclamation was essentially an         There was no holding back the revolution.
aspirational one.                                                            The Spanish secret police knew of the dangerous clandestine
      It was never achieved, and the colonization of the Philippines was
handed over from its former colonial master Spain to the emerging                                    To page 28, please
power, the United States of America.
      Whereas the July 4, 1946 independence was merely a nominal
one, it came at the expense of officially adopting the vestiges of
                                                                            PHL flag: No no as trademark

American colonialism such as parity rights for American citizens in the
Philippine Constitution and one-sided bilateral agreements in favour              HE Philippine flag cannot displayed in battle on May 28,
of the United States such as the Bell Trade Act, Laurel-Langley Agree-            be registered as a trade- 1898.
ment and the RP-US Military Bases Agreement.                                      mark for goods and ser-            It was formally flown on
      In other words, the celebration of Philippine independence, as              vices.                       June 12, 1898 during the proc-
it was held before every July 4 commencing from the third Republic              And so are the coat of arms lamation of Philippine indepen-
under President MANUEL ROXAS and then every June 12 beginning             and other insignia of the Philip- dence.
the fifth Republic under President DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL, is a ritual        pines, as provided in the coun-            The law also prohibits the
bereft of historical correctness.                                         try’s Intellectual Property Code.    registration of trademarks that
      Macapagal changed the celebration of independence to June                 The Intellectual Property may disparage or falsely sug-
12 as a symbolic act of nationalism which was praised by other Filipino   Office of the Philippines (IPOP), gest a connection with national
nationalists at the time, since the July 4th independence was declared    warned those in business against symbols or bring these into con-
not by a Filipino but by an American, President HARRY TRUMAN.             using the country’s flag in com- tempt or disrepute.
      Both dates, however, do not represent the historical truth if the   merce, but they “may create                “Names and signatures of
celebration of independence should really reflect the first act made      and use brands inspired by the past Philippine presidents can-
by the Filipino people to establish a free and sovereign nation.          flag or its colours.”                not be used as a brand except
      Aguinaldo’s June 12th declaration of Philippine independence              The flag itself is part of the by their written consent or by
was in itself questionable since he had earlier made overtures to Admi-   national patrimony, IPOP said.       consent of their surviving spous-
ral GEORGE DEWEY to recognize the independence of the Philippines               The Philippine flag was first es,” the IPOP added. PNA
under the protection of the United States Navy.
                                             Look, how my ring encompasseth thy finger, even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart.
                                             Wear both of them, for both of them are thine. Richard the Second: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE,
                   JUNE 2011

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         It’s BBQ time, folks!
          ARBECUE season has be-             Clean:
          gun and Health Canada              ♦ Remember to wash your
          would like to remind Ca-      hands and other utensils, like cut-
          nadians of steps they can     ting boards, counters and knives,
 take to avoid foodborne illness        carefully with soap and warm
 caused by bacteria such as E.          water before and after handling
 coli, Salmonella and Campylo-          raw meats.
 bacter.                                     This helps avoid potential
      Eating undercooked meat           cross-contamination and prevent         plates when removing cooked                • Beef, veal, lamb and pork
 and other foods that have come         the spread of foodborne illness.        meats from the grill.                         - 71°C (160°F)
 into contact with raw meat can              When you grill:                         ♦ Remember to wash the                • Poultry - 74°C (165°F)
 result in foodborne illnesses.              ♦ Colour alone is not a reli-      thermometer in hot, soapy water            • Egg dishes - 74°C (165°F)
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 vere stomach cramps, vomiting,         to eat.                                      ♦ Always remember to keep        ing, leftovers) - 74°C (165°F)
 fever and diarrhea.                         Meat can turn brown before         hot food hot until you are ready           Official reports show some 11
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 of foodborne illness by handling       digital food thermometer to be               ♦ Always follow these safe in-   nesses in Canada every year.
 and cooking raw meat carefully.        sure.                                   ternal temperatures to make sure           Many of the illnesses could
      Storing:                               ♦ To check the temperature         that the food that you are cook-      be prevented by following proper
      ♦ Raw meat should always be       of meat that you are cooking on         ing is safe to eat.                   food handling and preparation
 stored in the refrigerator or cooler   the barbecue, take the meat off              Food Temperature:                techniques.
 at 4ºC (40ºF) or below.                the grill and insert the digital food        ♦ Beef, veal and lamb (piec-          For more information on food
      ♦ If you are storing raw meat     thermometer through the thickest        es and whole cuts)                    safety tips while barbecuing,
 in a cooler, make sure that it is      part of the meat.                            • Medium-rare - 63°C (145°F)     please visit:
 packed with ice and the cooler              ♦ If you are cooking a beef             • Medium - 71°C (160°F)               ♥ Government of Canada’s
 stays out of direct sunlight.          hamburger, take the patty from               • Well done - 77°C (170°F)       Barbecuing Food Safety Tips
      Avoid opening it too often.       the grill and insert the digital food        ♦ Pork (pieces and whole              ♥ Government of Canada’s
 Ensure meat products are well          thermometer through the side,           cuts) - 71°C (160°F)                  Food Safety Portal
 sealed and that ice water doesn’t      all the way to the middle of the             ♦ Poultry (e.g. chicken, tur-         ♥ Partnership for Consumer
 come in contact with stored meat       patty.                                  key, duck)                            Food Safety Education’s Be Food
 products to avoid cross-contami-            ♦ If you’re cooking more than           • Pieces - 74°C (165°F)          Safe Canada Campaign
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 I chose my wife, as she did her wedding gown, not for a fine glossy surface, but such quali-
 ties as would wear well. The Vicar of Wakefield: OLIVER GOLDSMITH, 1766
                                                                                                    JUNE 2911     11
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12                JUNE 2011
                                                      He is blessed in love alone, Who loves for years and loves but one. SIR A. HUNT

                                                                                                                 2. Be willing to listen to others who
              “Death is nothing at all
I have only slipped away into the next room
                                                       JEANETTE RICASIO                                   shared similar losses and how they dealt
                                                                                                          with it. However, you don’t have to take

             I am I, and you are you.                                                                     all the advices in. Just choose whichever’s
       Whatever we were to each other                                                                     appropriate and let the rest go.

                  That we still are.                                                                             3. Practice remembering the good
       Call me by my old familiar name                                                                    memories over the negative ones. It’s not
   Speak to me in the easy way which you                                                                  easy, “switching attention is a critical life-long
                    always used                                                                           skill to develop”.
  Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
         Laugh as we always laughed                         Being content,                                       4. Express your emotions when you have
                                                                                                          to. Don’t hold back since crying is a normal

                                                             wanna try?
                  at the little jokes                                                                     human response. If you don’t want to then do
               We enjoyed together.                                                                       something creative to express your emotion

     Play, smile, think of me, pray for me,                                                               (drawing, painting, etc.)
               Let my name be ever                                UP! This month’s article’s not gonna           5. “It’s a new life”. Begin your new
            the household word that                               be too long.                            routines, it is important!
                   It always was.                                     My grandaddy (from my dad’s                6. Believe in “spirit”, mystery, and unseen.
        Let it be spoken without effort,                          side) passed away on June 1, 2011.      There is nothing wrong with praying for a sign
     Without the trace of a shadow on it.             Of course! I’m gonna miss the big ol’ man.          that your loved one is ok.
       Life means all that it ever meant                    How do you cope with the death of a                  7. Take a break when you have to. You
          It is the same as it ever was               loved one? I was able to pool in a few answers      can schedule a daily rest break to relax and
   There is absolutely unbroken continuity.           from various sources.                               calm yourself.
 Why should I be out of mind because I am                    However, honestly... The way I deal with            8. “Discover and grieve your associated
    Out of sight? I am but waiting for you            it? Is... It happens and sometimes, it’s also for   losses”. Also known as secondary losses.; they
                   For an interval                    the best to stop physical suffering (sickness,      could be dreams of the future, and “plans”
               Somewhere very near                    etc.). So R.I.P. Lolo Filologo <3                   to come. With the loss of the one who helped
              Just around the corner.                            “Various ways you can deal with death    you “plan them”, these plans have possibly,
                      All is well.                    of a loved one” (Thanks to Dr. LaGrand’s article;   or might have to be altered now to fit the
                                                      www.extraordinary            situation. But discover them first, talk about it,
- CANON HENRY SCOTT HOLLAND(1847-1918)                      1. Find someone you trust and talk            then grieve them.
   Grandmother Grandfather Funeral Poems              about it. Don’t keep it to yourself, or you will           9. Try to look for ways to help others. It

                                                      hurt yourself.                                      brings you peace in return.
                                                                                                                 10. Replenish your spiritual beliefs. Don’t
                                                                                                          be afraid to interact with what you believe in,
                                                                                                          such as nature. I find this peaceful.
                                                                                                                    Fellow mourners! Hope you found this
                                                                                                          article helpful ;p

                                      OPINION                                                                    Oh, before I run I’d like to share a few stuff
                                                                                                          that keep me content. You might wanna try!
                                                                                                                 -- FOR DESSERT! Melt a chocolate bar (I
                                                                                                          prefer dark but you can go with milk) for 15
                                                                                                          to 20 seconds with two tablespoons of heavy
                                                      two hours as the limit for one day of screen        milk (optional) in a mug. Then MIX!
                                                                                                                 After, add as much mini marshmallows
                   ROSANNA JAVIER                     time and anything beyond that is already
                                                      “gaming overuse”.                                   you want into the gooey mix. Let it melt in the

                        On my                               There is yet no known Philippine legisla-
                                                      tion setting boundaries for Filipinos’ internet
                                                                                                          microwave for another 10 to 15 seconds. The
                                                                                                          marshmallows may rise but that’s ok.

                                                      video gaming use.                                          The mug might be hot so be careful when
                                                            Wikipedia describes “video game addic-        taking it out.
                                                      tion” or more broadly video game overuse                   Next, MIX! There you have it ... Fudge!
                                                      as the “so-called excessive compulsive use
                                                                                                                        Turn to page 34, please
    Taming video
                                                      of computer and video games that interferes
                                                      with so-called “normal life”.

  gaming addiction
                                                            Reports abound as to how children play
                                                      compulsively, virtually isolating themselves

                                                      from their significant others, many forms of so-
            characteristic odour coming from a        cial contact and neglecting other interesting
            possible combination of computer          life events.
            desktops, air conditioning and chil-            Children spend less time on hygiene and
            dren’s sweat always fill the air in in-   even deprive themselves of sleep to have
ternet cafes. The lights are dim and there are        more time to play; their school grades plum-
                                                                                                                         ELEONITA MENDOZA
a couple of children shouting in there.               meting to all time lows.                                            JEANETTE RICASIO
     Since it is technically not feasible for me            While research suggests that symptoms of                      AMOR GABORNO
to have an internet connection at home, this          video game overuse are akin to some other                             TINA RADIMISIS
internet cafe scenario is what I am regularly         psychological addictions or disorders such                          ROSANNA JAVIER
thrust in.                                            as compulsive gambling and impulse control
                                                                                                                           TERESA TORRALBA
     It is far too often that I would have to         disorder, the American Psychiatric Associa-                 Director, Advertising & Promotions
wait for an open slot and quite irritating that       tion has not yet conclusively classified video
I couldn’t figure for how much longer I would         game addiction as a disorder.                                       LARRY LIMCUMPAO
have to wait for one.                                       Be that as it may, parents including con-                      Account Executive
     The kids, sometimes only 9 to 12 years old,      cerned sectors of society should curb this ris-
                                                                                                                            MON TORRALBA
would often cuss and shout profanity while            ing phenomena.                                                        Director, Creative
playing. WTF, FY and PI, words too profane we               Here are some tips drawn from parents
can’t even print it, so easily slip their tongues.    who have started dealing with their kids’ on-                         BUTCH GALICIA
     Fresh from school, the kids stay inside the      line gaming addiction.                                                 Publisher/Editor
café for hours and hours.                                   As parents, we should set clear limits on       ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: Call 647-718-1360, 647-
     That makes one wonder, where the kids’           allowed online or video game time.                    707-7201 or 647-893-6484; EDITORIALS: 647-706-
parents are and why they are even allowed                   Be aware that addicted players log on at        4902 or e-mail
to stay out playing internet games when they          the first available opportunity, usually at these
                                                      times: immediately upon arriving from school;          Published by: MENTOR PRODUCTIONS, 1002-650
should be at home doing school work or
                                                                                                             Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3N2
spending time with their families.                    immediately after dinner and late at night
     With kids playing for more than two hours        when others have already slept; and most es-          Unless otherwise specifically noted as belonging to li-
should raise concern for parents and even             pecially on weekends.                                 breto, all articles, photographs, logos, slogans and ev-
school authorities.                                                                                         erything else subject to copyright laws remain the sole
                                                                  Turn to page 29, please                   intellectual work and property of its individual owners.
     The American Academy of Pediatrics sets
             One should believe in marriage as in the immortality of the soul. HONORE DE BALZAC
                                                                                                                              JUNE 2011          13
                     BUTCH GALICIA
                         Hit the
                                                       pananaw                               OPINION

            More on ...
                                                       manner, with the former.                             nization was then staging, specifically meant
                                                           Sorry, but I deal with caution with anyone       for a story on worthwhile community events.

                                                       who believes in the stinking sweeping non-                 I needed the data as the group’s web-
               ILL you, a Torontonian, perchance       sense that says: Show me who you are with            site information that time was so general, and
               spend bucks on fare or gas for a        and I’ll tell and know who you are.                  the names of pageant bets might have been
               120-kilometre cold rainy day joy            Indeed, only a moron can outdo the               kept, perhaps inadvertently, top secret.
               ride, while away some four hours        world’s best shrink.                                       Anyways, I received the president’s reply,
on a forth-and-back trip, and exert even the                                                                which simply referred me to the group’s PRO.
laziest of effort, just to disrupt and grab grub in         Which brings us to a very valuable lesson:            I perceived that as a good leader’s qual-
a kababayan’s event in Niagara?                        Never ever mess with a moron. He has noth-           ity -- sharing and delegating authority to qual-
     The ecstatic replies: ‘No to stupidity ... sim-   ing to lose.                                         ified officials. It had a PRO who could profes-
ply crazy ... fantastically idiotic ... amazingly           Fair warning! Ever never mess with me.          sionally work on it.
lunatic ... if it’s the casino, let’s go nuts!’                                                                   Hindi naman siguro marunong mag-bas-
     Just what I thought. Ano ako, baliw?                   Resolving to brand me persona non gra-          ketball ang naturang pangulo. Wadyatink?
                                                       ta? I really don’t mind.
    C’mon! Give the poor moron -- who fig-                  At least, I still have the consolation to            So I stood by for the PRO’s word. But the
ured out that aliens would nod to such an              have been recognized as a persona.                   quite long wait made me start entertaining a
odd feat -- the benefit of the doubt.                                                                       million questions. Aside, the other end’s dead
    However, I doubt if there would be any                   But my impression of that misdeed as only      line was not helping me meet my deadline.
benefit to it.                                         fit for the dump, fit only for the dump, fit for          Likewise, the blank wall never helped me
                                                       only the dump and fit for the only dump may          stop the president’s reply from squeezing the
     The president of a Niagara community              just last a long, long time.                         juices out of my birdbrain (Excuse me, Birdie,
association practically shut the doors of an                 More on the power of only?                     for taking your name in vain).
Open House to expected visitors from Toron-                                                                      But I hushed, aware that for all my ques-
to, the US of A and the Philippines.                       What do morons in an international con-          tions, I’d get a gazillion or more answers that
     What that so-called community leader              vention admit to each other?                         might cost me a brain glitch (ouch!).
did was quite an amusing paradox.                          ‘Beards of the shamed feather fluctuate               Eventually, the PRO got back to me. But
                                                       to ether.’                                           the take on my e-mail request for names went
     If that is how that so-called community               Ssshhh! They are talking about those who         way way way off its intent.
leader perceives Filipino, Canadian or univer-         brag on being abno (say, above normal).                   The PRO asked me if I were soliciting for
sal hospitality to be, then Amen!                                                                           advertising, so I could be referred to another
     A moron out there may suggest that it is               Crazy world, isn’t it? Here’s a tale that al-   entity, not the organization itself, implied to
the modal mentality of hospitality, without ET.        most made me a lunatic (Hehehe. Hati tayo.           be in control of ads and media relations.
                                                       Sa iyo na ang luna, akin ang atik!)                       I raised my hands in disgust, faced a mir-
    All things taken equally, though: The act               I e-mailed the president of a Toronto com-      ror and told myself: ‘Sorry, no English!’
of one does not necessarily reflect the atti-          munity group seeking for just one thing, the
tude and thinking of others associated, in any         names of candidates in pageants the orga-                          To page 32, please

           Chinese proverb tells that every                                                                 for Health Research explains that the fathers’
           great action starts with the first step.                         NITZ MENDOZA                    presence and the time they spend playing

                Father’s Day celebration dates                                                              with their children contribute extensively to
           back more than a century ago                                                                     help the children look at wider horizons and
from SONORA SMART DODD’s first move to                                                                      be exposed to valuable life experiences.

remember fathers in a special way for their                                                                      A father plays an equally vital and
noble contributions to the family and to                                                                    indispensable role in childrearing.
humanityl.                                                                                                       His is such a magic touch that conveys
     Dodd’s idea sprang as an inspiration from                                                              the tender care a vulnerable babe feels and
a minister’s homily on a Mother’s Day.
     She believed her dad, a Civil War veteran                  Father-child                                understands.
                                                                                                                 It brings security and echoes assurance

who raised all his six children single-handedly                                                             only a father can truly provide.
after his wife died giving birth to the sixth child,                                                             There seems to reverberate a kind of
deserved such recognition, and all the fathers                                                              symphony of undefined notes only the child
for that matter.                                             It looks that what is exercised in a loving    and the father can relate to.
     On June 19, 1910, the idea of celebrating         and wholesome atmosphere is easily caught                 Such creates a bonding between the two,
Father’s Day was hatched. Today, people in             and taught as well.                                  made stronger and firmer with the passing of
56 countries worldwide give tribute to dads                  Great parents are those who raise their        time.
every third Sunday of June.                            children in an environment of care and                    Considerable discussions and studies
     US President BARAK OBAMA adds that of             encouragement.                                       on father and child bonding over the years
all the rocks upon which we build our lives,                 Every birth of a child to a family is a        further illustrate outstanding findings and
we are reminded that the family is the most            celebration of life as he is a precious gift from    significant results.
important. And we are called to recognize              God.                                                      Children are said to have a high intelligent
and honour how critical every father is to that              Nobody can surmise what surprises this         quotient if fathers get themselves involved in
foundation. A father is known and is looked            little creature -- who neither asks to be born       devoting quality time playing with their kids.
up to be the leader, supporter, defender, role         nor has the chance to select the kind of family           They become better linguists, owing to
model and confidante. He is an important               he gets into -- can bring.                           fathers who tend to use diversified words of
figure and has a significant role to play in                 Very little, if ever, do parents (especially   expressions.
the family. His influence on his children is truly     newly married couples in their adjustment                 The children’s cognitive abilities and
tremendous, encroaching on them an impact              period) ponder on what a prevailing domestic         verbal skills are challenged; thus, they can
on their moral, emotional, mental and health           environment at the child’s birth may have on         function intellectually well.
development.                                           the general health and welfare of a growing               They too become emotionally secure,
     According to scholarly studies, the loving        infant.                                              confident to explore, to discover and know
outlook of parents impinges positive benefits                A Davis and Cummings 1994 study reveals        more around them, exercising self- control
on children.                                           that there is a strong link between a child’s        and are with high self- esteem.
     In a home where respect and love                  exposure to inter-parental conflicts and the              They can relate with children of their
dominate, siblings are likely to develop into          effects of adjustment problems.
                                                                                                                          To page 30, please
good and responsible individuals.                            A Canadian researcher from the Institutes
14                JUNE 2011
                                              The ideal marriage is not one in which two people marry to be happy, but to make each
                                              other happy. ROY L. SMITH, 1886

                                                                                    Bata Reyes wins US pool title

                                                                                     LILY RAMOS
                                                                                             EVER, never

MAKING FILIPINOS PROUD                                                                       count      out
                                                                                             Filipino bil-
                                                                                             liards    icon
                                                                                 EFREN ‘Bata’ REYES in
Alcala brings home                                            ALCALA
                                                                                 his favourite sport.
                                                                                        He may have not
Aussie Juniors crown                                                             be in his peak form

                                                                                 and his eyes may not
            ALVINNE ANN ALCALA out-                                              see clearly as before
            classed Singapore’s FIONA                                            but his natural talent
            SEAH, 21-8 and 21-9 to bag                                           and innate skills are                 REYES
            the women’s singles crown                                            still sharp.
in the recent 2011 Li-ning Australia Bad-                                               Reyes, 57, again
minton Juniors in Wendouree, Australia.                                          showed his deadly             in a report, said Reyes          He cited age and
     Alcala, 16, earlier beat Australian                                         vintage form to beat          pocketed US$8,000          weak eyes as his low-
and tournament top-seed WENDY CHEN, enroute to her finals meeting                American CRIS GEN-            and a handsome tro-        downs.
with Seah.                                                                       TILE, 5-2, in the finals of   phy for his victory.             But he has re-
     Alcala could have brought home two championships, had she                   the 2011 One Pocket                Reyes, known as       fused to give up on
and partner THEODORE CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW CO won in the finals of                 Championship in Las           the sport’s Magician,      billiards, a sport he
the tournament’s mixed doubles event.                                            Vegas, Nevada, USA.           has seldom won in lo-      helped raise to its cur-
     Alcala is the Philippines’ top badminton player. She won last year’s               US-based billiards     cal and international      rent global popular-
Singapore Youth International Badminton Championships. PNA                       expert JUN ALMOITE,           competitions.              ity. PNA

Boxer Barriga grabs                                               Mute witness to Filipinos’ struggle for independence

 gold in Uzbekistan                                             Novaliches century-old
L                                                                heritage ‘duhat’ tree
      IGHT flyweight       even faster with his
      MARK ANTHO-          fists, running rings
      NY      BARRIGA      around Zoirov and
      stunned       the    leaving the judges no

hometown         crowd     choice but to rule him
                                                                                              SEVERINO SAMONTE
as he outpunched           the victor.                            ESPITE its being over 100 years old, a       al institution in Novaliches.
Uzbekistan’s SHAHO-              “Mark utterly frus-              historical duhat or blackberry tree in             The duhat tree (scientifically known as eu-
BIDDIN ZOIROV, 4-1,        trated (Zoirov) and                    Novaliches, Quezon City continues            genia Cumini) originally measured six metres
to capture the gold        forced him to com-                     to bear fruits, although not as big and      in diameter at the base and about 50 feet in
medal in the recent        mit mistakes,” said         succulent as those it used to produce during            height when it was renamed Katipunan tree.
Sydney Jackson Me-         ED PICSON, Amateur          its younger years.                                            The shade generated by its outspread
morial Tournament in       Boxing Association of             Estimated to be more than 130 years old,          branches used to encompass about 30 feet in
Tashkent, Uzbekistan.      the Philippines execu-      the heritage tree, renamed Katipunan tree af-           diameter. But due to old age, its height went
     Zoirov’s   corner     tive director.              ter the revolutionary society founded by AN-            down to about 25 feet (considering the grad-
had crowed that Bar-             Meanwhile,            DRES BONIFACIO                                                                          ual loss of many of
riga, 17, of Davao         Asian Games gold            on July 7, 1892, is                                                                     its branches which
del Norte in southern      medalist JOAN TIPON,        located in Baran-                                                                       had not re-grown)
Philippines,     would     back from a shoul-          gay Kaligayahan,                                                                        and its shade half
be mincemeat since         der injury, settled for     Novaliches, birth-                                                                      smaller.
Zoirov had competed        the silver medal after      place of revolu-                                                                              The old tree is
for Russia in an earlier   dropping a close 3-2        tionary      heroine                                                                    one of the histori-
world tournament.          decision to SHOHRUH         MELCHORA ‘Tan-                                                                          cal trees marked
     But Barriga was       HUJABEKOV, also of          dang Sora’ AQUI-                                                                        by the NHI and
fast on his feet and       Uzbekistan. PNA             NO and site of the                                                                      TPFPI in the Philip-
                                                       first bloody en-                                                                        pines.

AGP archery highs set                                  counter between                                                                               Its marker was

                                                       the      Katipuneros                                                                    signed jointly and
      HE Philippine ar-          The      women’s      and the Spanish                                                                         installed on April
      chery team set       team also clinched          forces on August                                                                        26, 1980 by then
      two new Asian        two gold medals.            26, 1896, or three                                                                      NHI chairman ES-
      records     and            With       Sydney     days after the his-                                                                     TEBAN DE OCAM-
shone with at least        Olympian Chan in            toric August 23 Cry of Pugad Lawin.                     PO, TPFPI president NICOLAS LANSINGAN, and
two gold medals in         the squad are JOAN                Being the only one of its kind in the en-         MMC president MAMERTO MIRANDA.
the recent 2nd Asian       CHAN-TABAÑAG and            tire country, the tree is considered a pride of               The marker read: “This tree was a mute
Archery Grand Prix in      RACHEL CABRAL.              Novaliches, a former town of Rizal province             witness to historic events. This very site where
Vientiane, Laos.                 For the men’s         which is now divided between Quezon City                it stands was once a wooded hill which was
    Eight     countries    team, FERMIN BAR-           and Caloocan City.                                      a staging area of the Katipuneros during the
participated in the        NACHEA earned a                   When I recently visited the ancient tree, I       Philippine Revolution. Under this tree, the Kati-
Grand Prix -- the Phil-    bronze medal.               picked up about a dozen of its overripe black           puneros held meetings, treated their wound-
ippines,    Indonesia,           Meanwhile,            fruits which had fallen to the ground.                  ed. Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipu-
Myanmar, Mongolia,         Chan has begun pre-               At home, I put them in a big can with soil,       nan, was here on several occasions.“
Malaysia, Hong Kong,       paring for the July 2       hoping that during this rainy season, some of                 On the hill where the tree stood, the Kati-
Singapore and host         World Championships         them would sprout into seedlings that I can re-         puneros established a battery and an outpost,
Laos.                      in Italy and in the Lon-    plant to replace the historical tree when it “fi-       a makeshift facility that became the target of
    Dumaguete-             don Olympic Games           nally bows out of existence due to old age.”            regular attacks by Spanish soldiers.
based archer JEN-          in 2012.                          Officially declared as a Katipunan tree in              Kapitan BERNABE SERRANO, known as Ka-
NIFER CHAN, 46, said             Also on training      1980 by the National Historical Institute (NHI)         besang Abeng by fellow Katipuneros, was the
the national women’s       is MARK JAVIER, who         and the Tree Preservation Foundation of the             former owner of the property where the tree
squad won in the new       will represent the Phil-    Philippines Inc. (TPFPI), the tree is located at        stood.
50-metre team event        ippines in the recurve      the compound of the 64-year old Metro Ma-                     Serrano, when still alive, never tired of nar-
category, first intro-     category in the World       nila College (MMC), formerly the Novaliches
                                                       Academy, the pioneer secondary education-                              To page 38, please
duced in Laos.             Championships. PNA
        I do not pretend to have discovered that life has anything more to be desired than a pru-
        dent and virtuous marriage ... Life of Johnson: JAMES BOSWELL, 1791
                                                                                                                                JUNE 2011                         15
       Moro Filipino shines at West Point
             hundred years ago, UZI                   BENJAMIN PIMENTEL                     out in class, “I hate Muslims!”
             IBRAHIM’s forefathers were                   (With permission)                       “I was completely blown away by

                                                                                                                                         MAKING FILIPINOS PROUD
             fighting for their lives, de-                                                  this, and very upset to the point that
             fending Mindanao against          views       un-                              I left the classroom in tears,” he told

invading U.S. forces led by Gen. JOHN          derscore                                     me. “I remember that I went through
J. PERSHING.                                   the      com-                                a time of self-searching and I was
       On May 21, Uzi, who was born in         plexities of                                 wondering what I did wrong.”
Mindanao, marched as a member                  the U.S. and                                       But the outburst led to a teaching
of the Class of 2011 of West Point,            the      world                               moment for him and his friend who lat-
the military academy where Pershing            after Sept.                                  er came up to him and apologized.
trained to be a soldier and where he is        11. For the                                        “The thing was that he never
still highly regarded as a distinguished       narratives                                   even knew that I was a Muslim, or re-
alum. Uzi even won an award named              that flowed                                  ally understood what being a Muslim
after Pershing.                                before and                                   was all about. It was then I realized
       “I was both in disbelief and hope-      after      that                              that, it wasn’t them but it was my fault
ful,” he told me on receiving the hon-         tragedy      a                               that events had led up to that point. I
or given to graduating cadets.                 d e c a d e                                  think this was a very defining moment
       “If a hundred years later the de-       ago, which reached a turning point           in my life.”
scendant of one of America’s fierc-            recently with the killing of OSAMA BIN             Uzi moved on. Though prejudice
est opponents could enter the same             LADEN, had many unexpected twists            against Muslims was known to inten-
halls as General Pershing to become            and turns.                                   sify in the years after Sept. 11, he says
a leader,” he adds, “it gives me hope                Some may disagree with his views,      his identity has “never been an issue.”
that a lot of things can change in the         and may find them naïve, but he re-                He became class president of his
world.”                                        calls his journey and tells his story with   high school in West Virginia, a state
       In 21-year-old Uzi Ibrahim, we find     sincerity and quiet conviction.              known for its conservatism.
a unique odyssey. It is a journey of a               Uzi moved to the U.S. when he                He even became governor of
young man who proudly considers                was three. He was 11 when the terror-        Boy’s State, the West Virginia leader-
himself a Moro Filipino.                       ists hijacked the planes that slammed        ship academy. (Photo above is from
       He is a child of Sept. 11, who is ea-   against the Twin Towers in New York          the
ger to serve as a soldier of the United        on Sept. 11, 2001, killing nearly 3,000            “What this shows is you can dwell
States, but also looking to give back          people.                                      on the differences all you want,” he
to the country, to the island where his              Two days after the attacks, he felt    told me. “But at the end of the day is
people fought bravely for their free-          the sting of the tragedy.                    it making the situation any better? Am
dom a century ago.                                   In a moment that he still recalls                To page 30, please
       In many ways, his story and his         vividly, a close of friend of his yelled

 ‘Taas noo kahit kanino, ang Pilipino ay ako!’                                          Timicheg’s Belgium tunnel
                                                           113th Philippine
                                                                                                               FAYE VELASCO

                                                       Independence Day
                                                             June 12, 2011               IMICHEG
                                                                                         was an Ig-

          10 OFWs in Israel cited
                                                                                         orot from

                                                                                  the Mountain
         ABOR Attache in Israel          ation of Filipino Communities in
                                                                                  Province who
         MERRIAM CUASAY has              Israel, she focused on her tasks
                                                                                  participated in
         cited ten overseas Filipino     as a quiet leader in many FCCI
                                                                                  the 1913 Gh-
         workers (OFW) who dou-          activities.
                                                                                  ent Expo in Bel-
 bled as leaders to help govern-               ♦ RUSS PAGARIGAN, past
 ment and the community pro-             president of the Kapatiran ng
 tect and promote the welfare            Manggagawang Pilipino sa Is-
                                                                                  and 53 others
 and interest of OFWs.                   rael (KAMPI).
       In a report to Philippine La-           He led KAMPI in initiating
                                                                                  were made to         TIMICHEG TUNNEL in Ghent
                                                                                  appear like di-
 bor and Employment Secretary            activities that kept the bond
                                                                                  orama pieces in the Philippine Mayor DANIEL TERMONT, officials
 ROSALINDA BALDOZ, Cuasay                and camaraderie among its
                                                                                  Village at the international trade of NMBS-Holding, VVM De Lijn
 identified the OFWs as:                 members and the community
                                                                                  and cultural exposition.             and Infrabel Network, and private
       ♦ EUGENE AGCAPEN, presi-          strong.
                                                                                       Timicheg died of tuberculosis sector partners of Project Ghent
 dent of the Association of Igorot             As chairperson of KAMPI’s Fi-
                                                                                  four months later.                   St. Pieters.
 Migrant Workers.                        nancial Assistance Fund, he has
                                                                                       After the Expo, the Filipinos        The Ghent City Council re-
       Agcapen works hard to pro-        helped distressed and needy
                                                                                  stayed in the city until December solved in 2007 to name city streets
 mote Philippine culture through         OFWs in Israel.
                                                                                  1913, “apparently since no funds and tunnels after participants to
 Igorot dances and costumes;                   ♦ JOSELITO SOLIS, founder,
                                                                                  could be raised to bring them the 1913 Ghent expo.
       ♦ PABLO and VILMA ALCAN-          KAMPI, one of the most solid Fili-
                                                                                                                            Timicheg joined prominent
                                                                                  back home, until the United States
 TARA, elders of the Couples for         pino organizations in Israel;
                                                                                  government provided the sup- Belgian architects OSCAR DE
 Christ-Israel Chapter.                        ♦ VICTOR SORIANO is one of
                                                                                  port,” the Philippine Department VOORDE and VALENTIN VERWYCK
       ♦ ELVIRA ALVAREZ, president       the earliest OFWs in Israel. He is
                                                                                                                       and many more whose names
                                                                                  of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.
 of the Batangas Ranging Colli-          the president of Ilonggo Tribe.
                                                                                       The sad experience prompt- have been etched in the city’s
 gation, one of the most active                As KAMPI founder, he im-
                                                                                  ed a ban on such kind of “exotic landmarks.
 Filipino groups in Israel.              mensely involved himself in
                                                                                  peoples’ display” in world fairs.         Manalo said the act was “a
       ♦ NENETTE GAGISAN, presi-         countless community events
                                                                                       The little known Igorot, how- positive recognition of human-
 dent of the Mindorenians Com-           and activities.
                                                                                  ever, was honored when, on May centered development and a
 munity.                                       He is dubbed Tatay (father)
                                                                                  5, Ghent city and Philippine of- celebration of cultural diversity
       She led her community in          of Ilonggos in Israel.
                                                                                  ficials opened a railway tunnel through non-exploitative means”
 helping improve information                   ♦ JENALYN ZUNO is one
                                                                                  named after Timicheg.                by the global community.
 technology literacy among               of the most visible OFWs in the
                                                                                       Philippine Ambassador to Bel-        He commended Ghent City
 schoolchildren in hometowns,            area. She is ever present in
                                                                                  gium ENRIQUE MANALO led the for celebrating the success of the
 through the donation of com-            sponsorship drives, decorations,
                                                                                  ribbon-cutting ceremony to open 1913 Expo and for commemorat-
 puters.                                 media coverage, etc.
                                                                                  the Timicheg Tunnel at the St. Piet- ing those who experienced diffi-
       ♦ ANALIZA MONTEROLA. As                 She manages Focal Maga-
                                                                                                                       culties to participate in the event.
                                                                                  er’s Train Station.
 four-time secretary of the Feder-       zine. PNA
                                                                                       Also present were Ghent PNA
16                 JUNE 2011
                                             An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court. WILLIAM
                                             FEATHER, Undated

  Athena Mae Imperial wins Ms PHL Earth 2011 title
            THENA MAE
            24, from Ca-
rora, was crowned
this year’s Miss Phil-
ippines Earth at the
Puerto Princesa City
Coliseum on June 5.
     Imperial, a Uni-
versity of the Philip-
pines Mass Commu-
nication student who
aspires to be a suc-
cessful news report-
er, bested 49 other
     She also received
the online voting spe-
cial People’s Choice
Award.                      Miss Philippines Earth 2011 ATHENA MAE IMPERIAL (centre) is flanked by her court (from left) Miss Eco-Tourism TARHATA
     “I couldn’t be-        CLIO SHARI RICO (Makati City), Miss Water MURIELLE ADRIENNE ORAIS (Cebu City), Miss Air JONAVI RAISA QUIRAY (Puer-
lieve it! I was floating;   to Princesa City), and Miss Fire MICHELLE GAVAGAN (Las Piñas City). The June 5 pageant coincided with the celebration
I feel very blessed.        of World Environment Day. Photo: Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Pageant
What can I say ex-
cept, embrace your          NAVI RAISA QUIRAY          TO of Cotabato City,         The Miss Talent     Sto. Tomas, La Union.      theme was forest
beauty and your flaws       of Puerto Princesa         BRENNA GAMBOA of        and Best in Cultural          On its 11th year,     conservation       and
together        because     City, and Miss Fire MI-    the Filipino communi-   Costume      awards      Miss Philippines-Earth     preservation, in con-
they can make you           CHELLE GAVAGAN of          ty of USA-East Coast,   went to DIANE QUER-      has worked for pub-        sonance with the
shine as a person, as       Las Piñas City.            CATRINE      OCAMPO     RER of Tanauan City.     lic awareness on vi-       United Nations dec-
a woman,” Imperial               Quiray took the       of General Santos            Named      Miss     tal     environmental      laration of 2011 as the
told media.                 Best in Cocktail Wear      City, MARY DENISSE      Friendship      was      issues.                    International Year of
     She will represent     and Best in Swim-          TORIBIO of Malolos,     NORELLA NACIS of              The pageant’s         the Forests. With PNA
the Philippines in the      suit awards, while         Bulacan, and MARIA
November Miss Earth
Pageant in Thailand.
                            Orais won the Best
                            in Casual Wear and
                                                       ALICIA ARIOSA of Pa-
                                                       gadian City.                Italian scientists find 20M
                                                                                    year-old sea cow fossil
     Imperial’s court       Miss Gandang Ricky              Gamboa went
is composed of Miss         Reyes awards.              home with the Miss

Eco-Tourism TARHATA              Gavagan        was    Thunderbird Resorts
CLIO SHARI RICO of          Miss Golden Sunset.        and Best in Long            TALIAN scientists from the La     sil is in the rock, in the cave. We
Makati City, Miss Wa-            Rounding up the       Gown awards.                Venta Geographical Explora-       cannot remove it and we don’t
ter MURIELLE ADRI-          ten finalists after four        Toribio     was        tion has discovered a 20 mil-     want to extract it.”
ENNE ORAIS of Cebu          elimination      rounds    named Miss New Pla-         lion year-old sea cow fossil at          “We would like to wait (until
City), Miss Air JO-         were EDAN DAFILMO-         centa.                  the Puerto Princesa Underground       the time) when the technology
                                                                               River (PPUR), in Palawan, south-      will allow us to study the fossil with-

                                                                               ern Philippines.                      out extracting it,” Piccini said.
                                                                                     The scientists found several           He said it was a rare discov-
                                                                               ribs and spine parts of the sea       ery in the region from the Mio-
                                                                               cow embedded in limestone rock        cene era, 20 million years ago.
                                                                               above the waters of the PPUR.                “It’s the first remains of this
                                                                                     An AFP report quoted Univer-    kind of animal in the area. It is im-

            NATURE’S BEAUTY                                                    sity of Florence geologist LEON-
                                                                               ARDO PICCINI as saying: “The fos-
                                                                                                                             To page 30, please

        Smart, WWF: Save dugong, sea turtles
       EADING Philippine wire-           ground for small and large pe-
       less services provider Smart      lagic species, with frequent sight-
       Communications Inc. and           ings of whale sharks, dugong and
       World Wide Fund for Nature-       leatherback turtles,” Tan said.
Philippines (WWF) have partnered              “Sadly, the Davao Gulf is be-
in encouraging Filipinos to help         ing threatened by the very eco-
save the endangered dugong               nomic activities it supports,” said
and green sea turtle.                    Tan, citing ports, oil depots, fac-
      Smart launched its Text-to-        tories and other industries per-
                                                                                Circa 2009. Volunteers gently push a
Donate SMS-based donation                ceived to exert pressure on the        beached dugong to deeper water.
platform that would give subscrib-       quality of water, the natural habi-    Photo: WWF/MAVIC MATILLANO
ers easy donor access to WWF’s           tats and the productivity of the
wildlife conservation programs           gulf’s fisheries.                          The WWF-Philippines’ Davao       Affairs head.
through the mobile phone.                     Environmental exploitation       Gulf conservation and protec-              “Smart’s Text-to-Donate is ac-
      WWF would use funds raised         could result from growing poverty     tion programs are implemented         cessible, simple and a quick way
through the platform to reha-            in an area where fish yields have     with the Davao Gulf Manage-           to do their share. With WWF, they
bilitate and preserve the Davao          dropped, leading many to en-          ment Council, composed the            are assured their donations are
Gulf, a known habitat for dugong         gage in destructive fishing meth-     five coastal cities and 18 coastal    put to good use,” Isberto said.
and green sea turtles.                   ods to survive.                       towns surrounding the gulf.                Smart and Talk ‘N’ text sub-
      WWF-Philippines vice chair              “Turtles are killed for meat          “A lot of Filipinos are natu-    scribers could donate from P5 to
and CEO LORY TAN said the                and eggs, while the number of         rally caring and protective of our    P1,000 by texting WWF to 4483;
Davao Gulf ranked as one of the          dugongs has dwindled due to           country’s environment and na-         the amount to be deducted from
priority conservation areas of the       boat propeller accidents and          tive creatures. They are willing to   a subscriber’s prepaid load or be
Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Eco-region.         fishnet-caused drowning, among        help but they do not know how,”       billed to the account of a post-
      “It is a breeding and nursery      others,” Tan said.                    said MON ISBERTO, Smart’s Public      paid subscriber. PNA

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