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									       In designing the pages for the rest of my website, I used the same designs that I had

developed for my home page. I chose not to keep the menu bar throughout the pages of my

site. Instead, I have the Push play Animation logo present in either the left or right-hand corner

of the pages to link to the home page so there are no dead-end pages. On the home page, the

buttons link to their respective pages, with the exception of three buttons that link to a pop-up

menu. Rather than having buttons for each page within the pop-up menu, I grouped them

together because they are related to each other. I tried to maintain the color scheme of black,

blue and orange throughout the whole site.

       For the home page, I wanted to show an example of the “work” that the company does,

so I featured four strips of example work that I have done in the past two years for my various

design classes. I also feature my work throughout the rest of the website.

       Since Push Play Animation is not a real company (yet), I am unable to process job

applications. However, I do provide a link to a page where you can “submit” a job application.

When you click on the button, it informs you to check back at a later date, just as I imagine a

real company website would do. I repeatedly used this technique for portions of the site that I

was unable to make happen with the abilities that I currently possess.

       The three website icons that I designed for previous assignments were used on my

homepage to link to other portions of the website. The three icons include Upcoming Releases,

Coming Soon to DVD, and Meet Rex, which links to a popup menu.

       The “Films” link takes you to a page listing all the “movies” that the company has

produced. Rather than having a bland page with just a list of movie titles, I wanted to make a
design that has something to do with movies. I used one of my prospective home page

wireframes and turned it into the design for this section. The name of the movies are in the

individual frames in the film reel. If I knew how to link movie files to the website, I would have

had each movie frame title be a button that links to the indicated movie.

       I combined the pages for “Commercials” and “Posters” under one link: “Publicity.”

When the user mouses over the Publicity button a pop-up menu appears where the user can

choose either “Commercials” or “”Posters.” The Posters page design was also an option for the

homepage, but I decided it would be better used for this page. The user mouses over the film

title on the left-hand side and the poster will appear on the right. If I had had more time and

actual posters, I would have made it so that when the user clicks on each film title, it brings you

to a new page with all the posters available for that particular movie. Once again, the logo is

located in the corner to link back to the homepage.

       The “Commercials” page is more similar to the “Films” page in that its design links to

commercials and TVs. A TV is featured on the page, and the individual buttons on the TV

feature the names of the movies with commercials. When you mouse over the buttons, a

screencap from the “commercial” appears on the screen. You can even click on the buttons.

However, the buttons do not lead to another page devoted to the commercials for that

particular movie, as I wished it could have.

       Under the “About Us” link, I grouped “Our History” and “Awards” together because I felt

that these two pages were related. Of course, under “Our History” I wrote a “history” of the

company, which basically consists of our mission statement. I included an alternate company
logo to break up the text on the page. I also included a picture of Rex on the left-hand side so

the page is not so bland. The overall design of this page is the same as the design for the

posters page as well as other pages, so I was able to recycle the design for several pages

throughout the site.

       Under the “Awards” page I listed a couple of the “movies” that the company made and

tried to come up with some “awards” that they may have won. I also put a twist on the

traditional “two thumbs up” commendation that is given to movies and change it to “two claws

up” that Rex has given the movie. I also put the number of claws that Rex has given the movie

next to the title. On the left-hand side I featured a silhouette of an award to addm ore color to

the page.

       The “Coming Soon” page is dedicated to advertising movies that will be released soon. I

drew inspiration from the icon that I had previously designed for the website icon, which is an-

old fashioned movie camera. On the page, the camera is “projecting” the upcoming movie

screencap onto a white movie screen. If I had a preview for the movie, I would have featured it

here and had it play when the user clicks on the movie title.

       The “Coming Soon to DVD” page was also inspired by the icon button. The page features

a TV and a DVD remote. Ideally, pressing “play” on the remote would play the commercial for

the new movie. Instead, a picture of the “movie” is featured on the TV screen. This page and

the “Coming Soon” would be periodically updated to feature the newest movies and DVDs.

       The final icon button on the page links to a pop-up menu for pages concerning Rex the

Robot, the mascot of the company. One page features the background story for Rex and his
game, and the other page links to his game (if I made the game). The “About Rex” page also

features an image of Rex in action which links to the game page so that you can link directly to

the game while reading about Rex. The button is in the middle of the page to break up the text.

The game page is designed to look like an old arcade game system, with two buttons. Even

though they do not work, it adds more to the page so that it does not seem bare.

       As I mentioned before, I did not want my website to be a boring, conventional site. I

wanted to use bright colors and fun images to engage with the audience, who will hopefully be

children as well as adults. Hopefully the website is fun and interactive for all the users. For

example, users should instinctively know that pressing buttons on a remote or a TV should play

a movie or video clip, so I believe that I successfully engaged them. In my opinion, websites are

more fun when there are more buttons to press purely for entertainment, which is why I

animated the buttons on the TV and video game console. Hopefully my design decisions were


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