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					Before I present my timeline for the issues leading up to my complaint I would like to point
out that the issues started over a year ago now, starting from April. Also as I started going
through the paperwork to find the relevant bits to send you I realised just how confusing this
whole situation is.
I hope I can explain adequately and you are able to follow the issues, can I also just bring
your attention to the confirmation letter I received 18th September 2008 I have labelled

I know PPI claims are meant to be made as a separate complaint but the PPI claim was a
factor among others in my incorrect balance.

This is when it all started, please find attached the documents starting the claim and showing
the progress. These are labelled PPI1, PPI2 and PPI3. This goes from 30/04/2010 to
Along with these please find the response from Welcome Finance about the claim, labelled
Welcome1, Welcome1 has some of my own working out that I will refer to in a bit. Please
pay particular attention to the highlighted statements on the final response. First I am told to
note that the active agreement does not have a PPI policy, and then in a couple paragraphs
I am told the new documents will reflect those of the old but without the PPI product and

Of course there would not be a PPI product as I have already been told there is no active
PPI on this account, which I already knew as it was cancelled in the first 30days and
rebooked. This shows that the account has been incorrectly calculated already.

During this process I received a settlement form for the PPI Claim, I marked up a copy of this
as FORM1 – On the original form returned I had chosen the second option “I accept the offer
of compensation, which will be applied to the arrears on my account (if any) and any
remaining amount will be applied to any of my active loan account to reduce my outstanding

Now this is where it gets interesting, after accepting the response I waited, not long after
06/08/210 I received an arrears letter claiming my balance was £2783.19 and an overdue
amount of £376.86 REF: Arrears1. Getting rather stressed at this letter I rung Welcome
Finance and complained, the person on the phone confirmed the arrears even after I insisted
the balance should be lower, I unfortunately do not have record of this, but I am sure
Welcome Finance can produce a log of the call. After the phone call, my mum, girlfriends
mum and myself went through the paperwork I had available and statements and worked out
what was true and what was incorrect. This is what some of the writing is on the paperwork
sent on letters referred to as Welcome1. I am afraid I cannot remember the exact workings
out of the top of my head but will be able to re-produce if required. Once we had worked it
out we had come to the conclusion that my balance was in fact in credit and that welcome
had worked it all out wrong. This is shown by the “£428.78 overpaid”.

I believe we came to this conclusion using their own workings out, using the “Loan details if
PPI had never been there” figures, as per the letter CONF1 I had cancelled the PPI in the
first 30days so the loan should have been running off the “No PPI” figures.
At this point I also contacted my girlfriends farther who is an accountant. We went to meet
him the same day I received the arrears, we explained our workings and the issue and he
went away to do some accountancy on my account and work it out. I will return to this later.

Almost a week later I received the claim cheques in the post with a cover letter, referred to
as claim1.

At this point I waited for a response from my accountant, I have enclosed copies of all his
workings REF. Account1, Account1b and Account1c – I will have to confirm with him witch
copies are the most up to date as he done some re-workings as the complaint progressed.

Now that I had received confirmation that there was a issue with my account I made an
appointment to see an advisor of Welcome Finance, for this I had to take a day off work and
had a appointment set for ******.

At the appointment I took along all paperwork I have sent you, and explained this whole
situation to them and raised the following complaints.

      The balance is incorrect
      Why the claim was not applied to my account and sent as a cheque instead
      Why I had received a notice of arrears
      The interest on the account is incorrect
      Removal of any arrears or defaults removed from my credit file

Once I had made my complaints I waited. I regularly rung the complaints department to
chase the progress of my complaint, not once did Welcome Finance contact myself with an
update. Every time I rang I was told the person dealing with my account was off, or I was told
that the department they needed to speak to about my complaint was not available and so
on. It got close to the eight weeks, I rung again and was told the same excuses. I gave them
extra time, and finally received a couple of letters over the course of a month stating that the
complaint was still being looked into. REF. RESP1 and RESP2. I also have some notes
while I was chasing up REF NOTES1.

Please take note as per NOTES1 I have noted that I was told the balance is £1462.69.

I received another arrears letter about the 16th December 2010 stating that my balance was
£3261.19 and my overdue balance was £1507.44 REF Arrears2 – How has my balance
doubled? Furthermore how is my balance now £478 higher when I have been making
payments of £200.83 for the 5months between the arrears letters totalling £1004.15.

By the time I received a final response it had been 12 weeks. I received the Final Response
on about 20th December 2010 REF FINAL1. I was not happy with this response and rang the
complaints department. I was basically told if I was not happy than to contact the Financial

My accountant advised me to cancel my payments to welcome finance as according to his
calculations and my own, I had in fact paid off my loan and was owed monies by Welcome
Finance. My last payment to Welcome Finance was the end of November I believe. Until that
time I had never missed a single repayment or had any issues paying.
From that moment until I raised my complaint with you I was on the phone regularly with
Welcome Finance chasing my subject access request trying to collect all my paperwork so I
could make a complaint to yourselves. During that time I had various arguments with
Welcome Finance staff, was passed to different people handling my account every time I
rung up, had to go over the whole issue with my account half a dozen times as a different
person handled my account each time I rang.

On about the 13th April 2011 I received yet another arrears letter stating my balance was
now £1558.76 and in arrears by £516.82 REF. Arrears3

I finally received my subject access request on 23rd March 2011 enclosed was a copy of my
credit agreements and statements. I had since removed the statements and got them mixed
with all the others I have collected, I have sent a copy of all my statements and will attempt
to put them in some sort of order for future phone calls. The cover letter that I received with
my Subject Access request was very interesting indeed. The letter was dated of March 2011
but the letter starts by confirming my Subject Access Request made in May 2010. You will
also like to note a few things on the credit agreements I received. REF CREDIT1 and

The cover letter says they no longer hold a copy of the most recent credit agreement as it
was closed when the rebook was made in August. But if you would note both CREDIT1 and
CREDIT2 these agreements go as far back as 2007. So why are they not able to supply me
with a more recent agreement? The agreement that is accountable for this whole loan in
question? The agreement that would verify that I was being overcharged interest on my
agreed term.

You will also note on both CREDIT1 and CREDIT2 there are different variations of ticks. I
would like to point out that I am left handed, and therefore my ticks will go to the left as per
the data protection section on CREDIT1. You will note the ticks in direct relation to the PPI
agreements have been made by a right handed person.

This is as accurate as I can remember the events leading to this complaint.

All with all the paperwork already provided I will include all the statements I have, if you note
the dates and account numbers you will see some of the statements are different to others
even though they are the same account. This shows the account is incorrect in one form or
another and has been calculated incorrectly each time.

I will also include two confirmations of my direct debits during the course of my loan,
showing that my monthly payments have always been £200.83 and that this has not been
put into account when my balance has been recalculated for payment of £188.43.

If there is any more information I can provide or help in understanding all these notes please
do not hesitate to contact me.

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