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									                                               Notched V-Belts
Many studies have shown improved efficiency and life for notched V-belts when compared with standard belts.

       →A notched belt reduces slip and allows the belt to bend around sheaves with less energy loss.
       Reduction in motor speed and efficiency occurs when a standard V-belt slips within the groove of
       the sheave. Efficiency improvements have been found to range from 1% to 3%.

       →Friction between the standard V-belt and sheave generates heat within the belt, resulting in an
       energy loss and shortened belt life. Notched V-belts can last twice as long as standard v-belts but
       have shorter lives in abrasive environments where contaminants can become trapped between the

       →Notched V-belts may be used with existing V-belt pulleys but typically cost 20-30% more

In general, the additional cost of the notched V-belts will be offset by a longer lifetime, so there is no cost associated with
installing notched V-belts to replace old belts when they wear out, yielding an immediate payback.

Notched V-Belt Tool
Enter the system specifications in the columns D through H. Outputs will appear in columns J, K, and L.

                                         Inputs                                                               Outputs
Entry # of Motors       Annual           Motor          Motor HP          Unit Energy          Current       Potential    Potential
                       Operation       Efficiency:       Rating:             Cost            Energy Use       Energy     Energy Cost
                        Hours:                                             ($/kWh)            (kWh/yr)        Savings      Savings
                                                                                                             (kWh/yr)       ($/yr)
                                                                                   Total:          0             0            0


This tool is based on a similar tool created by the Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center. More information about the
Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center can be found on the OSU Energy Efficiency Reference (EEREF) website at Similar tools to the Notched V-Belt Tool can be found on the OSU Opportunity Templates
website at
Instructions for using the Notched V-Belts Excel Sm
 1   Select the "Notched V-Belts Small Tool" tab located in the bottom left corner of this window highlighte
 2   Enter the # Motors, Annual Operating Hours, Motor Efficiency, and Motor HP Rating values (See chart fo
 3   The outputs will appear in columns J, K, and L.

     # Motors:                                  The total number of motors in the plant
     Annual Operation Hours:                    The total hours during the year that the motor is used.

                                                Electrical motor efficiency is the ratio between the shaft ou
     Motor Efficiency:                          and the electrical input power. This value is listed on the m
     Motor HP Rating:                           The horsepower of the motor in HP listed on the nameplate
                                                The dollar amount per kilowatt hour of power consumed. T
     Unit Energy Cost ($/kWh)                   found on your utility bill.
     Current Energy Use (kWh/yr)                Energy consumed with the current system.
                                                Potential energy saved if a notched v-belt is used in place o
     Potential Energy Savings (kWh/yr)          belt.
                                                Potential cost savings if a notched v-belt is used in place of
     Potential Energy Cost Savings ($/yr)       belt.
elts Excel Small Tool
of this window highlighted in red.
ating values (See chart for definitions).

t the motor is used.

atio between the shaft output power -
 s value is listed on the motor nameplate.
  listed on the nameplate.
ur of power consumed. This value can be

d v-belt is used in place of a standard v-

v-belt is used in place of a standard v-

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