Tips for Choosing a Tablet PC by darmawan124


									1. Safety / Security
On your tablet computer aat already integrated with computing systems in the office, the safety factor
becomes very important to keep corporate data secure. Especially for information technology managers
must provide a "seat belt" special, such as encryption, authentication device, when connected in the
network security wired or wireless, and connectivity of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

2. Collaborative applications can run
Tablet users certainly do not want to "be alone" when operating the device. He must stay connected
with other colleagues, for example, to conduct a conference via Instant Messaging (IM), presence, email,
and collaboration in virtual teams from a single mobile device.

3. Administration and management of enterprise
The administrator of information technology should simplify system administration and management of
the tablet computer usage, including having the authority to allow or not allow users to download
applications from the various marketplaces.

4. Video communication
Tablet computers can support video communication business with multi-vendor solutions.

5. The performance is excellent
For business purposes, of course, users want a tablet computer that allows it to share data as well as
create and edit content.

6. Desktop virtualization
Desktop virtualization allows users to host applications in a flexible and secure software in the data
center and use the network to deliver these applications as a service, anytime and anywhere. This
virtualized environment should be forwarded seamlessly to mobile devices, including tablet computers.

7. Open source
Tablet computers for companies using open platforms such as Android OS, can leverage the Android
developer community that is growing to provide business-class productivity applications and allows
users to develop their own applications that are tailored to their needs

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