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									                                  Mallory Paulson (2013)
                 DOB 10/17/1994                
     Parents: Lanny Paulson, Bobbie Paulson             
        Positions: P, SS, 3rd, 1st, Outfield           GPA: 3.9 / National Honors Society
    High School: Fruita Monument High School        Summer Team: Colorado Stampede A/Gold

                Softball Resume
       2011 ASA High Plains Champions
           2011 JO Classic Champions
           2010 5A State Semi-Finalist
             2010 SWL Champions
         2010 1st Team All-Conference
        2010 All-State Honorable Mention
          2010 B&H Player of the Week
            2010 All Region Selection
               2010 Varsity Letter
            2009 All Region Selection
               2009 Varsity Letter
          2008 ASA Nationals 7th Place
       2008 Pony Express MVP Offense
       2008 Pony Express MVP Defense
        2007 Pony Express MVP Offense
       2007 Pony Express MVP Defense
2005 Triple Crown World Series Fourth Place

Please feel free to contact any of the following:
Daven Bond: 303.669.4807 (Head Coach, Colorado Christian University) Top Reference
Dean Reeves 303.489.0970 (Head Coach, Colorado Stampede 18 A/Gold)
Lanny Paulson: 970.640.9883 (Father)
Dan Burns 303.919.1076 (Coach, Colorado Stars Gold)
Richard Schniner 303.368.4680 (Pitching Coach - Denver, CO)
Wayne Gucinni 970.858.3791 (Pitching Coach, Fruita, CO)
Jamie Dunn 970.640.2314 (High School Coach)

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