Johnnie Walker Unveils Ultra Deluxe Whisky in Europe

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					Johnnie Walker Unveils Ultra Deluxe Whisky in Europe
& the Americas
5 April 2007


The World’s number one whisky brand, Johnnie Walker® is welcoming a new addition to the
award-winning Scotch whisky family. Today, Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ King George
V™ Edition is launched across global duty free outlets at London’s Heathrow. Following its
successful introduction in Asia in December, this launch marks the start of the global
availability of this exclusive blend. Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ King George V™
Edition celebrates the first Royal Warrant granted to John Walker & Sons Ltd to supply
Scotch whisky to the British Royal Household in 1934, a recognition of the quality and
appeal of its whisky.

Travel retail first to launch in Europe & the Americas

The Duty Free channel in Europe, the Americas & the Middle East will be the first to receive
an allocation with Paris & the Americas launching during April. The product will be formally
presented to key Duty Free customers in the Americas at the IAADFS show in Fort
Lauderdale in April and made available in selected retail accounts in May.

"Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ King George V™ Edition is particularly suited to Travel
Retail where luxury items play an important role for consumers, many of whom are looking
for the ideal premium gift" said Nick Robinson, Marketing Director – Diageo Global Travel
& Middle East.

A Taste None Can Compare

Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition is the crown jewel of the Johnnie Walker
Scotch whisky family. It is one of the most distinctive blends ever created in the past century.
True to its heritage, the exquisite blend is handcrafted using the original techniques practiced
during the era and only whiskies from distilleries operating during the reign of King George
V have been used.

"Johnnie Walker has access to an unrivalled collection of fine whiskies that date back to the
early 20th Century. This stock of whiskies has been carefully maintained for generations and
is the diamond mine of the industry. Some of the rarest whiskies – many from distilleries that
no longer exist - have gone into the creation of this extraordinary blend of Johnnie Walker
Blue Label King George V Edition. The blend is thus so rare that it is available only upon
strict allocation," said Jonathan Driver, Brand Ambassador, Johnnie Walker Blue Label King
George V.

The King of Blends – An Exquisite, Irreplaceable Flavour

Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition is handmade in the same tradition of
Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a masterpiece which captures the delicate balance of the
peatiness, smoke and power of West Coast whiskies with the lighter fruit and aromatic
qualities from Speyside whiskies and European oak casks. Johnnie Walker Blue Label King
George V Edition similarly captures a fine balance of whiskies from distilleries located in the
four corners of Scotland – from the Mountains, the Valleys and the Great Glen.

No effort has been spared in the creation of Johnnie Walker King George V Edition to
capture the essence of the 1930s, the golden era of whisky. The highly prized Port Ellen™
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is used in Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V blend.
The distillery no longer exists and the remaining stock is carefully preserved and has steadily
appreciated in value due to its absolute scarcity.

"Port Ellen provides a smokiness and peatiness that is more profound than any other Islay
Whisky, giving Johnnie Blue Label King George V Edition a distinctive taste from Johnnie
Walker Blue Label, which uses Caol IIa," said Jonathan Driver, "The result is a very
individual flavour, mellow with age without the tannin associated with younger oak casks.
Johnnie Walker King George V Edition possesses a rich, profound smoky signature and a
complex taste with a mouth-warming and lingering peaty finish. An exquisite and exceptional

Notes to editors

A Royal Warrant
A Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition to companies who have regularly supplied goods to
the Royal Household. They have always been regarded as a mark of excellence and quality,
and are highly prized.

JOHNNIE WALKER® is the world’s number-one whisky brand, representing the concept of
personal progress for the many people who enjoy it in almost 200 countries worldwide, just
as it did to John Walker when he founded the business in 1820. A combination of consumer
insight, determination and commercial astuteness enabled three pioneering generations of
Walkers to grow a small grocery store into an international whisky business selling stylish,
globally recognised brands.

Today this progressive and innovative approach continues. In 2005 JOHNNIE WALKER®
announced a partnering agreement with one of the world’s most successful Formula 1 racing
teams, Team McLaren Mercedes. The sport provides a unique international platform for
engaging with today’s consumer.

Throughout almost 200 years of trading, John Walker’s original values of quality and
consistency have been rigorously applied to the blending process. Like John’s grandson,
Alexander, a master of the art of blending, today’s specialists combine a first-class training, a
natural talent and a Master Blender’s perceptive nose; all crucial when creating complex

In 1908 "Born 1820 – Still Going Strong" appeared on JOHNNIE WALKER® advertising
material. Nearly a hundred years later JOHNNIE WALKER® continues to produce
successful leading-edge brands. The range of stylish, award-winning whiskies now includes
PREMIER and SWING. Together they account for 13.7 million cases annually, making
JOHNNIE WALKER® the most popular whisky in the world.
JOHNNIE WALKER, BLUE LABEL, KING GEORGE V and the Striding Figure device
and associated logos are trademarks.

About Diageo
Diageo Plc was formed in 1997, following the merger of Guinness and GrandMet, and is
headquartered in London. The word Diageo comes from the Latin word for day (dia) and the
Greek word for world (geo). We take this to mean that every day, everywhere, people
celebrate with our brands.

Diageo manages eight out of the top 20 premium spirits brands in the world. The company
trades in over 180 markets around the world and is listed on both the London Stock Exchange
(DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO).

Diageo is also committed to promoting responsible drinking through: setting world-class
standards in responsible marketing, promotion and innovation; promoting a shared
understanding of what responsible drinking means, and working with others to combat
alcohol misuse. In Europe we are at the forefront of industry efforts to implement effective
alcohol education programmes and to promote self-regulation of the industry.

More information about Diageo, with links to brand websites, is available at


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