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									Job Title:     Graduate intern/ student placement, BUFDG

Job Grade:     AD3

Reports to:    BUFDG Information and web manager

Responsible to:BUFDG Executive Director

Responsible for: N/A

1. Background

The British Universities Finance Directors' Group (BUFDG) is the representative body for Finance Directors
and finance office staff in the higher education sector in the United Kingdom.
Our members are the Directors of Finance of all UK higher education institutions. All finance staff at these
institutions have their own BUFDG account, which gives them access to a wide network of resources via
the website; information resources on training, financial news and all the latest reports and developments in
higher education finance.

BUFDG has the following objectives:

      to be the pre-eminent source for information, advice and comment on matters of financial strategy
       and management in higher education in the UK.
      to be the recognised channel for the provision, analysis and dissemination of information and
       comment to external agencies and all members concerning best practice in financial management
       and related topics in higher education.
      to promote high standards and best practice in accounting, tax, audit and financial management in
       higher education.
      to provide appropriate opportunities for training and development of finance directors and their staff.
      to work in partnership with related organisations to provide forums for discussion, consultation and
       exchange, both nationally and regionally.

2. Organisational Structure
 Executive committee comprised of                                       Exec
 Finance Directors from regions and
 four Finance Directors who serve as                                  Committee
 elected officers

 Executive Director leads and
 manasges the organisation , working                                               Specialist
 closely with the SA who deputises                        Executive                 adviser
 for ED. ED appraises SA. SA may call                   Director (1.0)
 on the resources of other staff,                                                    (0.8)
 keeping the ED informed.

 Information and web manager has
 responsibility for ensuring that the    Information                                Events
 EA and EC are instructed on the use                      Executive
 of the web and that as a team, they       and web                                coordinator
                                                        assistant (0.3)
 cover all updating and web-based       manager (1.0)                                (0.8)
 information tasks. The Info and Web
 Manager has day-to-day supervisory
 responsibility for the intern

 Intern will learn all aspects of
 the other roles
                                         Intern (1.0)

3. Job purpose
      a. To work closely with the information and web manager for a period of 12 months to specify a
         new website and work with developers to bring a new site to fruition.
      b. To be part of the team that writes the BUFDG Weekly Digest, a weekly online newsletter of HE-
         and finance-related news, currently distributed to over 2,500 sector professionals.
      c. To assist in projects for the benefit of BUFDG members.

4. Main duties
         a. Provide research support:
                  i. Word processing
                 ii. Data analysis
                iii. Report writing
         b. To analyse the current usage patterns of the BUFDG website and identify trends and gaps
         c. Produce a report showing where the current information is deficient, how it could be
             improved and what benefit improved MI would be.
         d. Read and digest information relating to HE admin and finance and write articles for the
             BUFDG Weekly digest
         e. Assist with the collection of data and analysis of surveys as required.
         f. Attend BUFDG events as required.


               By the end of this placement, the intern will have a thorough understanding of Higher Education
               Finance in the UK; have an appreciation of how large organisations are managed and financed;
               be able to write professional copy for internal communications; be fully aware of the challenges
               and potential risks/rewards of a new website development.

5. Person specification
                       Essential                        Desirable                       Stage to be
Experience and         Loughborough graduate or         Knowledge of financial          Application and
training               undergraduate with interest      terminology                     interview
                       in finance and management

Skills and abilities   Competent in MS
                       applications:                                                    Application form

                       Literate and numerate. Must                                      Candidates will
                       be able to spell and write                                       be asked to
                       grammatically correct plain                                      supply
                       English                                                          examples of
                                                                                        work they have
                       Good analytical skills                                           recently
                                                                                        completed as
                       Excellent personal                                               part of their
                       organisational skills                                            studies

                       Flexible approach with ability
                       to handle varied workload                                        Application form
                       and meet deadlines                                               and interview

                       Tact and diplomacy

                       Positive attitude and self-
Qualifications         Degree from or studying at       Recent degree from              Application form
                       Loughborough                     Loughborough University OR
                                                        Successful completion of Part
                                                        B studies at Loughborough
                                                        University ideally in
                                                        ent discipline
Other                  Commitment to observing
                       the University’s Equal
                       Opportunities Policy at all
                       Flexibility: There may be an
                       occasional need to work
                       outside normal office hours if
                       travelling to and from
                       BUFDG events.

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