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Indoor Finals 2011


									National Indoor Trophy 2010/2011 -- Finals Day
                         Finals Group 1 (Ladies)   Finals Group 2 (Ladies)    Finals Group 3 (Men)
Participating teams      Armagh                    Trinity                    Glenanne
                         Old Alexandra             Railway Union              Runner Up Group II
                         Winner Group B            Runner Up Group B          Winner Group III

Competition dates and    Saturday
times                    5th February 2011
                         9AM to 6PM
Venue Directors:
9AM - 12PM
12PM - 3PM
3PM - 6PM
Match schedule                                9:00 Armagh v Old Alexandra
                                              9:45 Trinity v Railway Union
                                             10:30 Old Alexandra v Winner
Group games:                                       Group B
17 minutes per half                          11:15 Railway Union v Runner
                                                   Up Group B
                                             12:00 Glenanne v Runner Up
                                                   Group II
                                             12:45 YMCA v Winner Group II

                                             13:30 Runner Up Group II v
                                                   Winner Group III
                                             14:15 Winner Group II v Runner
                                                   Up Group I
                                             15:00 Winner Group B v Armagh

                                              15:45 Runner Up Group B v
                                              16:30 Winner Group III v
                                              17:15 Runner Up Group I v
Venue                    National Basketball Arena, Dublin 24

Competition dates and    Sunday
times                    6th February 2011

Venue Directors:
10AM - 1PM
1PM - 4PM
4PM - 6PM
Match schedule                                10:00 MSF: W3 v Rup 4
                                              11:00 MSF: W4 v Rup 3
                                              12:00 LSF: W2 v Rup 1
Semi Finals and Final:                        13:00 LSF: W1 v Rup 2
20 minutes per half                           14:00 Exhibition Game
                                              15:00 Exhibition Game
                                              16:15 Ladies Final
                                              17:30 Mens Final
Venue                    National Basketball Arena, Dublin 24
Finals Group 4 (Men)
Winner Group II
Runner Up Group I

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