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From the Desk of Reuben D. RockThursday, 10:59am

          et used to that title! Your friends and family will be complimenting your business-savvy in no time. Because you¡¯re about
to uncover the truth about the mobile DJ business. And your life will never be the same.
Think about this: would you like to trade 40 hours per week for a paycheck? Or would you rather work 5-10 hours per week and
double your income? Yes, that¡¯s a fraction of the time you would spend at a normal job! And the best part is you decide how often
you work, how much you make, and when you want to take time off.
Just imagine having the power to take a month long vacation any time of the year. Doesn¡¯t that sound unbelievable? I know it does,
but that¡¯s not unusual in this kind of business. You make the rules. You live your life on your terms.
What if I promised that you could become a successful DJ, working only part-time, and earning more money than a Wall Street
white-collared criminal? And what if you could start this business, get everything you need for just a couple hundred bucks, and land
high-paying clients by this weekend?
Would you be willing to give me the next 7 minutes and read this letter all the way through?
Are you still here?
Then congratulations, you made the right choice. Now let me show you what an incredible business this is¡
When you think about a mobile DJ, what comes to mind?
Maybe it¡¯s weddings, receptions, proms, parties, etc. Those are just a few of the high-paying gigs a mobile DJ can work. People are
willing to shell out big bucks for mobile entertainment, and somebody has to be willing to cash those checks. Wouldn¡¯t you like to be
that somebody?
Don¡¯t you want to pocket hundreds of dollars every night for just a couple hours of ¡°work?¡±
I thought you might enjoy that. Everybody I know in the DJ business loves their job. But it¡¯s not just the money ¨C they really love what
they do.
That¡¯s because this business is exciting. Where else can you get paid to blast great music all night, party like a rock star, and
make everyone around you happier? I can¡¯t think of a job I would rather have. That¡¯s why I¡¯m sharing my excitement with you right
I¡¯m convinced there isn¡¯t a better job out there ¨C and I want you to find out for yourself.
But first, let¡¯s clear the air. There¡¯s a lot of garbage out there on the Internet, and I want you to feel confident that this is not just
another empty promise.

        First of all, this is not a ¡°work at home¡± scam or any kind of pyramid scheme, envelope stuffing, selling on eBay, etc¡ I hate
that kind of junk. So many people get tricked out of their money by the scum bags that sell those pipe-dreams. And the only person
really making any money is the big rat at the top.
Sure, I have already told you about the profit potential in the DJ business. I¡¯m completely comfortable sharing those details with you,
because this is the kind of business that really produces great income. That¡¯s no secret, which is why so many people want to start
a DJ company. But if you begin your journey without a roadmap, you are sure to get lost. Don¡¯t make the same mistake that has
doomed other DJ businesses from the start. Invest in a solid course like this and put your best foot forward.

       Second, this is not a bunch of fluff and filler. I have seen hundreds of business courses over the years. Most of them fail to
deliver on their promises. So I decided early in my career that I would never let down my customers by holding back the ¡°juicy
details¡± of this business.
You get it all in my course. I¡¯m not going to tell you about business taxes and getting a loan from your bank. That¡¯s just nonsense
that other ¡°gurus¡± stuff into their course to take up space. Any moron can Google those simple steps and figure it out in 2 minutes.
Instead, I focus on the real meat and potatoes of the DJ business. How to find customers, how to price your services, how to make
extra cash with little upsells, where to find good deals on equipment, etc. These are the insider secrets you will find in my DJ business
course ¨C and no where else!
      Third, I¡¯m not going to try and sell you a franchise DJ business. This is a big deal. If you didn¡¯t know, most business
conferences and seminars will sit you down, fill your head with hopes and dreams, and then ask you to buy into a $75,000 franchise
business. Unbelievable! They actually ask you to write a massive check just to get started in business. Maybe I¡¯m losing a lot of
money by not following that traditional approach, but I don¡¯t care. There are some practices I refuse to take part in ¨C and pumping
my customers for thousands of dollars is one of those ¡°forget about it¡± decisions. I have never and will never do that to you. You have
my word.

                    My name is Reuben Rock. I¡¯m an entrepreneur from Minneapolis, Minnesota. But these days, I¡¯m living in
Memphis ¨C birthplace of rock n¡¯ roll. I¡¯ve been involved in all kinds of businesses, from recording studios to pest control. Heck,
I¡¯m even working on a master¡¯s degree in industrial/organizational psychology. That¡¯s the kind of psychology that helps people fit
better with their jobs. Basically, I¡¯m a jack of all trades, and I know my way around the entrepreneurial world. I help people start and
run a business so they can achieve the kind of success they dream about. Sound like a fun job? Well it is. I truly enjoy helping people
and teaching them the best way to start a profitable business.

                    But this is the guy you really want to hear about ¨C his name is Ryan Fine. I¡¯ve known Ryan for years. We even
went to middle school together! That was a long time ago. These days he is a professional DJ in Knoxville, Tennessee. For the better
part of a decade, he has been making great money as a DJ and working only a few hours a week. Ryan has had some incredible
mentors as well ¨C DJs that have been in the business for longer than we have been alive. Through his own experience, and the sage
advice of his mentors, Ryan is able to pass on the insider knowledge you need to start a profitable DJ business in just a few days.
Imagine sitting down with a successful DJ and picking his brain for a couple hours. You¡¯re about to have that opportunity¡
Other DJ business owners are getting pretty upset about this course. That¡¯s because we have busted their business wide open
for the world to see. If you want to know exactly what it takes to make a DJ business work, you don¡¯t need to look any further. This
course is a full view of the internals and mechanics of this business. You get all the tricks of the trade, plus the foundational knowledge
required to get off the ground quickly.
We pulled the curtain back and revealed the dirty little secrets that mobile DJs use to make more money, have more fun, and grow
their business.
But why would we risk angering these other DJ business owners?
Truthfully, I thought they would be happy about our course. Why wouldn¡¯t they want to share their experience and help everybody get
into this industry? My whole career is based on helping people start businesses and make more money.
Then I realized what was going on ¨C it was a silent rebellion. A mutiny. These professional DJs didn¡¯t want to share their profits,
and they certainly didn¡¯t want you to threaten their turf. DJ after DJ turned their backs on us while we put together our course. But we
kept working.
Finally, we finished putting it together. And without thinking twice, we began offering Mobile DJ Profits to new students. That¡¯s when
the **** hit the fan!
It was only 1 week after our course hit the market, and I got an angry phone call from a local DJ business owner. He was furious.
What ensued was 10 minutes of angry conversation. This guy told me I was ruining his business by letting too many ¡°noobies¡± in on
his secrets. He said this course gave them an unfair advantage by revealing too much insider knowledge. I also got an earful about the
years he spent learning the ropes, and how he didn¡¯t get any help while his business was struggling and new. He did everything short
of threatening me with bodily harm.
After I hung up the phone, I was more determined than ever. I set out to teach as many people as possible how simple the DJ
business really is. Maybe it¡¯s vindictive, but I hope one of our students puts that guy out of business some day. I¡¯m sure it will
happen, too. The feedback we have received about this course has been amazing. In fact, let me show you what some of our students
have sent me after checking out the course¡
      I always wanted to start a simple business that could make some extra money for my family. But most businesses require
      all kinds of special knowledge or school ¨C and I barely graduated high school! So when I stumbled on this course, I got
      pretty excited. How hard could it be to play music at a party and collect a check at the end of the night?
      Turns out, it really isn¡¯t too tough. I¡¯m already making a ton of extra cash every weekend. Finally I can afford those
      extra things, like tickets to a ball game or new furniture for the house. The DJ business really is great, and I¡¯m glad I
      found this course to help me get started.
      Mike Jessup
      Denver, CO
      Thanks so much for putting together this course! My brother and I were able to get started with a small DJ business within
      a week. The first customer paid us enough to upgrade our equipment and really go pro. Now we¡¯re a couple of happy
      guys running our DJ business part time. But the money is definitely better than any part time job. Your course was
      invaluable to us, and I think we owe you everything. Thanks again.
      Jeremy and Ron Harper
      Orlando, FL
      I just wanted to let you know, my DJ business is making enough money for me to quit my ¡°real job.¡± This is a seriously
      awesome business, and I can¡¯t wait to become a full time DJ this summer. I already put in my notice at work.
      For anybody that¡¯s still on the fence about buying this course ¨C just do it! You will be kicking yourself later if you pass up
      this opportunity.
      Actually, maybe you should stop selling the course right now. I don¡¯t want too many people finding out about the DJ
      business! Let me make all the money while the other guys work at lame jobs.
      Rick S.
      Detroit, Michigan

That¡¯s a simple question to answer: Everything you need. But I know you want to hear the details, so here¡¯s a quick run down
of the course:
2.5 hours of audio jam-packed with the juiciest DJ business secrets. This is the real golden ticket. It¡¯s an interview with our DJ expert
and our entrepreneurial madman, laying out the perfect blueprint for a new DJ business. You get the big picture, the little picture, and
everything in between. We hold back nothing and we break out the most powerful tactics for your business to succeed the first
time.A 130 page transcribed manual of the interview. Sometimes you want to see it on paper right in front of you. That¡¯s why I
decided to include this manual along with the audio. You really aren¡¯t going to believe the insider knowledge you will gain in this
course.FREE bonus material that you will absolutely love. Seriously, we went out of our way to make sure you had everything you
need. You¡¯re going to save hours of hassle and headache with our free bonus materials. I¡¯ll tell you more about it in just a minute.
Yes, there are other courses out there. I¡¯ve seen them, I¡¯ve read through them, and I¡¯ve been disappointed time after time. It
must be that ¡°old school¡± mentality that rules this industry.
The successful mobile DJs don¡¯t want you to become their competition. So most of these courses just glaze over some basics, and
then they leave you hanging.
Not Mobile DJ Profits. That isn¡¯t what we wanted to do in our course. Ryan and I held back nothing, so you get the real story about
starting a DJ business. This might as well be the only course on the market, because it¡¯s the only one that really delivers what it
Save yourself the disappointment. Skip the other garbage that¡¯s out there. Stick with the clear winner ¨C Mobile DJ Profits is the
key to success in this business.
A few weeks ago, I ran into an old friend from school. We chatted for a bit, and then he asked what I was doing for a living? For about
10 minutes I told him about this DJ business course I was working on. He listened wide-eyed while I shared a few of the golden
secrets from the course. Finally he stopped me and said:
¡°This is incredible ¨C how much will this course cost?¡±
When I told him it was only $97, he told me I was nuts! My friend was convinced that such a valuable DJ course should easily sell for
$500 or more. And that was after only a few minutes of listening. I guess he was right. If I consider all the years of experience that went
into this course, the dozens of books that were read, and the mentorship from older DJs¡ this course is worth way more than I¡¯m
charging. But then again ¨C that¡¯s not the point.
I¡¯m not here to charge an arm and a leg to anybody that wants to learn how to start a DJ business. I really just want to help people,
share this expert knowledge, and give back to the DJ community. That¡¯s why I decided to stick with the $97 price for now. But my
wife wants to keep a roof over our heads, which is why I¡¯m planning to raise the price to $297 in a few weeks. I figure if too many
copies of my course get into the market, everyone will learn my trade secrets. The new higher price will slow down that threat, and it
allows my ¡°insider¡± students to thrive with their businesses. But if you want to get in now for the lower price of just $97, you had better
act quickly. Otherwise you might not get a second chance!
How often does a business person give you advice that can save you money? Well it¡¯s happening right now. Only an idiot would
procrastinate, come back later, and pay more than twice as much for the same course! That just doesn¡¯t make any sense. I believe
my students are smart, savvy people who know exactly how to sniff out a deal. Are you that kind of person? Could you be my next
successful student, running a ¡°cash cow¡± DJ business?

I have always been happy to guarantee my consulting work when I help people start successful businesses. So why not guarantee this
DJ business course, right? I¡¯ll do even better than that.
Here¡¯s my amazing Triple Guarantee:
First, I guarantee that you will love this course and everything in it. You will find more value in this one audio course than in every other
DJ course available! Second, I guarantee that we have not held back one bit of insider information in this course. Why would I want to
leave you unarmed and struggling to succeed? I wouldn¡¯t, because it¡¯s my duty to help you launch an amazing mobile DJ business.
Go ahead; take down those rotten old DJs that tried to block our course from being sold. Third, I will even guarantee that you make
Did you read that correctly? I guarantee you will make money. If you buy this course, listen to it, read through the bonus material, and
you still feel that you can¡¯t make any money ¨C I¡¯ll refund every penny you paid. Up to 1 year after your purchase.
That¡¯s a full 365-day guarantee on this course. You really can¡¯t beat that kind of offer, which is why I¡¯m offering it to you right now.
I¡¯m not crazy; I¡¯m just positive that you can make a splash in the mobile DJ business. If you don¡¯t, I¡¯ll put my money where my
mouth is ¨C and refund you immediately. No questions asked.

I knew the course alone was pretty ground-breaking, but I just couldn¡¯t stop there. So I asked Ryan, the only professional DJ
willing to share his secrets, to kick it up a notch. I convinced him to throw in a few extra goodies for all the first-time business owners
out there. Here¡¯s what we came up with:

                            Free Bonus #1: After discussing equipment and lights for a while, Ryan and I decided to just throw
together a ¡°quick start¡± guide to help you pick your gear. Not everybody has a background in speakers, amps, mixers, and light
controllers. Well, now you don¡¯t have to know that stuff ¨C we got you covered! Even if you have absolutely no idea what equipment
you need to get started, this guide will set you straight. It¡¯s a one stop shopping guide that no new DJ should be without. Enjoy your
copy for free ¨C it¡¯s on us.
                       Free Bonus #2: I¡¯m also handing you my personal vault of forms, templates, contracts, and more. Consider
this a small token of my appreciation to you for taking the first step toward success. Sure, you could spend a couple hours creating all
the client information sheets, song request forms, invoices, and other essential ¡°paper work.¡± You could even pay a lawyer hundreds
of dollars to draw up a contract for you to use with clients. But why not avoid the hassle and headache?

My templates are already built, ready to use, and have been tested gig after gig. I promised you a ready-to-launch DJ business, and
that¡¯s exactly what you deserve. So piggy-back on my hard work, use these templates freely, and get your business rolling today.
That¡¯s my gift to you.

                    Free Bonus #3: Last, but certainly not least, I¡¯m going to give you Social Media For Business. It¡¯s the #1
resource for any small business that wants to maximize the power of websites like Myspace or Facebook. You can really propel your
business if you know how to leverage social media websites. In fact, the number one question I get from business consulting clients is,
¡°how can I start using social media to grow my business?¡± I¡¯ve answered that question more times than I can count, so I put
together this guide on the topic. Once again, this is my free gift to you. I hope you enjoy it.
At this point, it should seem obvious to you. There¡¯s really no question that this is the absolute best way for you to break into the
mobile DJ business. And if you have tried other courses and been let down in the past, you can finally rest easy. Because Mobile DJ
Profits is the missing piece to the puzzle.
So now it¡¯s up to you.
Would you like to have a ready-to-start DJ business handed to you today? Or are you happy with your day job, working day after day to
earn a small paycheck, while your boss makes the real money? I know what I would choose, but maybe you like being a worker bee. I
just can¡¯t stand to see anyone living like that. Let me help you start fresh, in a new business, and ready to conquer the world.
To get started right now, simply scroll down and click the big button. It¡¯s an easy step toward a better, more fulfilling life.

Here¡¯s to your success,

Reuben D. Rock
YES! I can¡¯t wait to get my hands on this valuable audio course and start a profitable DJ business¡

I understand that I will receive instant download access to this no-holds-barred DJ business course immediately after I purchase.I also
understand that I can be in business, making money, and enjoying life with this valuable insider information.I know the FREE bonuses
that I receive are mine to keep even if I decide to throw in the towel, give up my dreams, and get a full refund.

 Your order is guaranteed safe and secure Click here to start
P.S. ¨C If you still aren¡¯t sure about starting a DJ business, let me offer you this piece of advice. It¡¯s a quote my friend in the
business world likes to share. Here¡¯s his definition of ¡°crazy¡±:
Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.
That always made a lot of sense to me. If you aren¡¯t having a lot of success right now, why would you keep doing the same things you
have always done? Break out of old habits that get you nowhere, and take a chance on a profitable DJ business.
P.P.S. ¨C Remember that triple guarantee I told you about? That means this really isn¡¯t a ¡°gamble¡± or a ¡°risk.¡± If you aren¡¯t
satisfied, and you just can¡¯t make a profit with your DJ business, let me know right away. You will get your money back immediately.
Where¡¯s the risk in that? There is none.
The ball is in your court now. I hope you make the right decision for you.

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