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Ever been on an obscure road looking for a light to shine in the darkness, and answers your questions? Will you be
healthy? In love? Married? Happy? Successful? Wealthy?...
Would you like to know what the future holds for you? Do you wish to foresee the future for yourself, family and friends?
If your answer is yes, welcome to Mara's Fortune Teller. You are on a bright road now.. a road to discover the future.
All you need is a deck of ordinary playing cards and Mara's Unique Fortune Teller Method. You will instantly start to learn
how to read cards and tell fortunes! Mara's Fortune Teller Method will lead your way to explore cartomancy (reading
cards) and discover fortune tellers secrets!
Since ancient times people have tried to foretell the future by different means of fortune telling. Cartomancy - card
reading, or telling fortunes by means of cards - is the most preferred method by fortune tellers.
Whether the history of cartomancy - fortune telling by card reading - is not very clear, it's believed that playing cards are
created at least 600 years ago around China. Cartomancy - fortune telling by card reading - reached Europe around 14 th.
century, from Asia to Spain through North Africa.
The original purpose of playing card creation is unknown, this may be for gambling or fortune telling. Cards have been
used for future predictions starting from 16 th. century, and by 18 th. century fortune tellers and fortune telling were
present in daily life as consultant of Emperors, traders and important personalities.
Mara's Fortune Teller Method is a heritage of family as a real fortune for centuries, and highly famous with its definite
accuracy. To learn the fortune teller method and enjoy the pleasure of telling fortunes you only need a deck of ordinary
playing cards and Mara's instructions
Now you can practice an old tradition that survives to our days, Cartomancy - the ultimate art of card reading and fortune
telling. Why not learn and benefit from this unique speciality?                 Mara's Fortune Teller Method needs 40
cards from a deck of 52 playing cards, and is formed by four consecutive readings as Preview, Grand Spread, Merger,
and Clearance. All are clearly explained in the tutorial.
Although Mara's Fortune Teller is extensive, the tutorial is quite easy and comprehensive. With Mara's instructions and
some practice, you will quickly learn the meaning of cards, and become an expert card reader soon. A wise fortune teller!
You will read your cards and tell people's fortunes about health, love, relationships, marriage, wealth, business, finances,
money, conflicts, decisions.. and many other special wishes!
With Mara's unique and accurate Fortune Teller you will foresee future influences in advance, and be able to wisely select
your direction, and move forward securely.                     Mara's Fortune Teller is a method of fortune telling by reading
ordinary playing cards. You don't need fancy and expensive card decks to to learn how to tell fortunes. It's easy and
Furthermore Mara is not a writer disappeared in labyrinths of publishing houses, she is alive and you can contact her by
email or fax whenever you need her assistance. This is the most unique advantage of Mara's Fortune Teller Tutorial in
learning fortune telling!
Your membership is for lifetime, no time limit, no expiry, no hurry... you can visit Mara's Fortune Teller Members Area at
any time you like, and practice with new reading examples.
You can download the html or PDF format of Mara's Fortune Teller Tutorial, but if you don't like downloading eBooks for
some reason, separate web pages are also available.
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(Broad-bean, Chickpea) is one of the oldest fortune telling methods!
A unique, easy and practical Fortune Teller Method with affordable price, reading samples at Members Area, reliable
Refund Guarantee, and highly secure payment processor (Credit Cad, Online Check, Paypal) facility provided by
Everybody loves fortune tellers! With this unique fortune teller by reading cards you will make new friends, attract
people's attention, create great and strong relationships, and influence many people! Order Mara's Fortune Teller Tutorial
Now!                  If you have a question that requires an urgent answer, a particular wish that needs a prediction, ask
Mara to spread her cards and make a private reading for you at Online Fortune-teller.
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50% discount at Online Fortune-teller! Ask your question or tell your wish, and let Mara predict your fortunes.
                  Dear Mara, To tell you the truth, I've studied books on different methods of divination for 15 years, and I
am very impressed with your system.
I am still studying your tutorial, however I have already started to read cards and intuitively, I feel all will go very well.
Thanks and best of all,
Steve H.
Hi Mara, I am interested with fortune telling for a while but always confused with face directions of Faces!!! Something
was wrong in other books, and now, with your tutorial I know how to read. I appreciate that and thank you
Anne D.
Hello Dear, Your fortune-teller is absolutely great. I was deeply in love for a guy but not sure about him. I checked my
cards and saw 7 of Spades between us. Next day he asked me to marry him. It was unbelievable!
You are invited, don't forget! Hugs and kisses,
Alison M.
What a great fortune teller! Your site was referred to me by a friend who is almost a master of card reading and fortune
telling, and tired of my questions. When I started to read your cartomancy method I was really surprised by the easiness
of reading and remembering the meaning of cards unlike the Tarot decks. Only after a few hours I have been started
reading cards and since I tell fortunes for myself, family and for my old friend. He is happy to get rid of me!
Elisabeth K.
Fortune Teller Tutorial's Sample PagesSample pages are compiled as the eBook (html), please check the specimen at:
Sample Pages. Meanwhile a PDF version is also ready for your choice at Members Page.
But if you have trouble with eBooks, or you don't like downloading files for any reason, separate Web pages (not
compiled as eBook) are also available. Upon your order please contact and ask the special URL.
Order Mara's Fortune Teller Tutorial Now!Don't spend a fortune to Fortune Tellers! Order now and start to learn how to
read cards and tell fortunes today! Lifetime membership, no expiry! Visit Members Page at any time to explore new
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Please click the button or the link to make your payment at Paypal by credit cards or from your Paypal account, and
access Mara's Fortune Teller Tutorial right now! After your order if you consider that this tutorial is unable to fulfil your
expectations, or is not comprehensible and practical, or you didn't like it for any reason, inform us by email or fax, we will
refund your payment immediately. You have our 100% satisfaction guarantee! P.S. This tutorial is an electronic download
so you can get started right away! No Shipping, No Waiting! And we are sure you will agree that the price is very
acceptable. P.P.S. Remember you are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely
satisfied for any reason, send us an email within 90 days and we'll issue you a full refund. You have nothing to lose by
ordering "Mara's Fortune Teller Tutorial" no matter what country you are in, discover how to read cards and tell accurate
fortunes, today! We appreciate any comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact.
Important Notice 1 Although Mara's Fortune Teller Method is well known by it's accuracy, all fortune tellers
are only for fun and entertainment purposes!
Important Notice 2 Mara's Fortune Teller Method is Unique & Copyright! Copy or use of the Tutorial without permission is
strictly forbidden! If you notice such a thing please inform us immediately.

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