Build-A-Business by gegeshandong


              advertising and the
                 free market

          What are we doing?
   You will be getting into groups to create a
    business in order to explore some of the
    ideas and issues present during the 1800s

   This will be a multi-step process that will
    require knowledge of the material we have
    discussed in class (e.g. corporations,
    monopolies, laissez faire, etc.)
          Guidelines & Requirements
   Each group will be responsible for completing each
    step of this activity in the time allotted
   Your grade for this assignment will depend on how
    hard you are working as well as following directions
    and listening to others when it is their turn to
   Each group is responsible for completing the
    accompanying handout. (It will be turned in at the
    end of class).
Step 1: Get into groups
   You will become a ‘business’ and form a
    group no larger than 4 (no single person
   Send one group member to pick up the
    handout for this activity.
   You have 2 minutes to form your groups
Step 2: Start Your Business
   A) You must now decide what type of business you want to start (Hint:
    it will be easiest to choose one that exists in some capacity
    already…but yours will be a new version)
   B) Next, name your business (Make it catchy and original)
   You will announce your business to the class and take a series of
   Be ready to defend your business from criticism. Why is it necessary?
    What sets you apart? What do you sell? How will you get funding?
    Explain how much money you think you will need to start.
   Explain what materials you need, production, labor, use statistics that
    are realistic
   (we want 20 billion to head to the moon for moon trips---not exactly
    feasible and a bit ridiculous)
   You have 7 minutes for this step, GO
Step 3: Marketing
   You now have a business and a product
    to sell…Big Deal. You need people to
    buy it.
   So, pretend you are an advertising
    team and create a strategy to promote
    your product (a motto or slogan could
    be helpful). You can develop a jingle,
    short commercial/skit, radio ad, etc.
   You have 10 minutes for this step. GO!
Step 4- Part 1: Going Public
 Congratulations, your ad campaigns were so
  successful that business is bound to go
  through the roof so you decide to incorporate
  (become a corporation)
A) What does that mean?
B) What is this going to allow your business to
Should you try and go about using horizontal integration (p.545)
Should you use vertical integration (p.545)
*Find out what this means and then explain how you are going to
   do this. Refer to Rockefeller for inspiration. How would you do
   this in your business?
    Step 4 - Part 2: Going Public
 Time to expand:
 Go around the room and obtain signatures
  from your fellow students pledging amounts
  of stock. Each company may contribute no
  more than $100 total and they may not
  pledge money towards their own
  corporation. Write the name of the
  company clearly with the dollar amount
  next to the name
You have 7 minutes. Vamos!!!
    Step 5: Some Trouble
 Your company has become so successful and so
  large that the government is now trying to break
  it up.
 They are taking you to court so you need to get
  prepared to stand up for your business practices.
  In order to do so, you need to know what the
  government is going to use against you in court
  and how you can argue against it.
USE Pg. 551 to figure out what they’ll come at you
-You have 7 minutes. GO!

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