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					June 6, 2006


         I haven’t heard from you in a long time, what a great brother you are! I just
wanted to check in with you. How is Iraq? Are you still stationed in Baghdad? It’s
almost summertime here and it is finally becoming warm again. Thank goodness.
         It’s 6/6/06 and people are being very superstitious. “The Omen” remake comes
out tonight but my mom won’t let me see it. Oh well. The gas prices are skyrocketing
here in Albany. They’re up to $3.00 a gallon! I heard that they would be coming down
soon which would help for any summer travel. Man, that Tsunami. FEMA is still
working on repairing the Gulf Coast after Katrina’s devastation. President Bush’s ratings
are still low. Mr. Banovic thinks that it has to do with his Administration’s immigration
policy and they way they have handled or, as Mr. B. says, “mishandled” the war. Ms.
Gifford told me that Chuck Taylor’s were back in style. I hope so because they’ll go
really well with my Jeter jersey that I’ve been wearing to help support the Yankees.
They’re the American League Division leaders!
         What’s the current situation in Iraq? We keep seeing images of the carnage on
the news. They’re really heartbreaking. Mrs. McClaine knew somebody who recently
passed away in a tragic Black Hawk crash. These stories really bring the reality of war
back home. Mr. H. keeps talking about the Greenhouse effect. He mentioned some car
that can run on ethanol. He said it’d be good because it would help with the
environment. Did you hear about the issues facing Africa? They’re facing a variety of
problems like diseases, such as malaria and AIDS, as well as genocide. Why can’t
people treat each other better? I bet you’re asking yourself that question everyday.
         Well my man, keep your eyes open. I hope this war will be ending soon and you
can come back home to us. I can’t wait until you’re back and we can drive across the
country. Maybe there will be some of those hybrid cars so we won’t spend a fortune in
gas. Oh yeah, and it’ll help the environment! I’m counting the days until we can we can
hopefully celebrate another Yankee victory and perhaps another Bush victory together!

Your bro,
Mr. Hash

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