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									Download Intelligent Virtual Agent PDF, Ebooks And Softwares
Download Intelligent Virtual Agent - PDF Ebooks And Software
"Have you ever given any attention to your exit traffic? Is it?possible to turn your exiting?visitors into cash paying
"If you skip this page, you will be?doing EXACTLY?what the 'Big Gurus' want you to do. Because you are about to
discover their biggest hidden secret to converting their visitors into buyers right here!"- They REALLY Hope You Skip
This Page!!
*Warning* This is NOT?the regular Exit Traffic script you've seen everywhere! This brand new script will convert 55% or more of your
visitors into customers.
You've probably seen Gurus?Use It. But, they will not reveal The secret behind the Newest Conversion Secret to You, no matter how
many ebooks you purchase from them!
The Brand New Intelligent Virtual Agent Is Here! It is the new generation of my Exit Chat Popup. What you are going to

see will totally blow you away...
From: Shane McClure
Tuesday 10:27 AM
Dear Friend,
To be honest with you, I developed Intelligent Virtual Agent almost by accident. My first release was ?an Exit Chat style Popup creator
that I put together rather quickly?:D
The idea behind that?Exit Traffic Chat hit me after I visited a big guru's new website. That story is described on my Exit Traffic Chat
Popup's home page.
But, after the release, I received overwhelming responses.
Honestly, I feel a bit guilty about that script which I did not spend much time to develop.?
I didn't do any advertisement.
I didn't sell it through Clickbank - as you know Clickbank can offer you a tremendous advantage for your product since they have a?
group of "professional" affiliates to sell your products for you.
I did not even promote it through my optin list. Not even one time!
But, hey, the website sells on its own. The orders keep rolling in. The script really worked!
I realize that there are really a lot of website owners that are desperate for this script to help them to boost their ?sales.
I need to do something better!
After hundreds of hours of scripting (yes, this time it was not "overnight"), the new generation of the old Exit Traffic Chat Popup was
How about the existing users of the old Exit Traffic Chat Popup?
Don't worry about them, they all have upgraded to?this new version as of this posting. And the new Intelligent Virtual Agents are
already live and be working for their new boss now.
Don't be left behind!
Ok, just what is Intelligent Virtual Agent and what can it do for you? ?How?can it convert your "exiting " visitors into cash paying
?Here it comes...
Introducing Intelligent Virtual Agent
Is your website converting visitors into sales as you expected?
Are you trying your best to maximize the conversion that you could be getting from your website?
Are you?making all the money that you would like to make through your product online? These questions may be difficult to answer.
But, you are going to find out how you TOO can convert more visitors into cash paying customers with absolutely no additional traffic...
What is Intelligent Virtual Agent?
Intelligent Virtual Agent is a trained intelligent virtual agent set up by you to answer your potential customers questions.
They are not real persons. They process the questions from your visitors and display your answers to them.
Golden rule: It is very important to let your visitors know that they are talking to a virtual agent not a real person.
When your visitors are leaving (for example, they type in google.com in the address bar), IntelligentVirtualAgent will turn your webpage
from this:

Note: They went to Google.com. Not your website anymore!
into this:

Note: It's still your website with a friendly virtual agent to offer your visitors?a special discount!
Do you see the difference?
You are giving one last shot at selling your visitors who are leaving your site!
"Have you ever given?any attention to your exit traffic? Is it possible to turn your exiting ?visitors into cash paying
"Once you get visitors, do you try your best?to grab their attention even when they are leaving? Or do you just totally
ignore them and abandon your exiting?visitors?"
"What can you do, right?"
Let me explain...
There is a way to show your visitors?you really care...
When your visitors? leave (without buying -?there must be?something they are not satisfied with), you can offer?them something
special with your virtual agent and ask them if there are any questions that they have in mind.
They ask questions and the virtual agent replies.?They get the answers instantly!
Is there any better customer service than this??
Ok, on the other hand, who doesn't like to be offered a discount or special price? Your visitors are leaving. Why not give it one?last
shot offering something that interests them?

What can Intelligent Virtual Agent do for you?
When your visitors are navigating away from your website, an unstoppable popup will popout on the top of your offer to ask your
visitor's permission to stay on your webpage to receive a special offer or to leave without seeing the offer.
Of course, they can peek through the top popup to see the special offer which?is already in place.
It's very important to ask your visitor's permission first. This way you will not only grab their attention but also show them respect.
When they elect to stay, the popup that asked them to stay will disappear and the popup with the picture of your Intelligent Virtual
Agent will start typing the special offer for your potential customers from you.
Your visitors? accept?the special offer, purchase through?the order link and you make money.
The whole process takes no extra work from you. It's totally automatic.
What's simpler than that?
Intelligent Virtual Agent will not only display your messages customized by you first, but also answer the possible
questions that your potential customers ask.
You see, when I re-designed Intelligent Virtual Agent, I included an extra entry field for your potential customers to ask your Intelligent
Virtual Agent questions.
When your?Intelligent Virtual Agent receives a question, it will go into your customized Q&A section to search for the proper answers.
Don't let your potential customers leave your website with questions on their mind!
Intelligent Virtual Agent will greatly slash your customer service load. And you will have more satisfied customers and a lower refund
This is an absolutely incredible tool that grabs your visitors that were leaving your website and brings them back in as paying
To see the script live, please click here (a new window will open). Pretend you are leaving and closing the window. You'll see how the
script works.
Have you spotted the money making?technique here yet?
You Can Convert 55% More of your Visitors into Buyers with The Tactic in Intelligent Virtual Agent. It Grabs the Attention
of Your Visitors and Creates More Customers With No Additional Traffic!

  ?Intelligent Virtual Agent can convert more of your visitors into cash paying customers without any extra effort on your

   Once set up, Intelligent Virtual Agent is totally automatic.

   It is a sales agent absolutely 100% designed just for you.

   Intelligent Virtual Agent will grab A Whole Segment Of Customers that you have been losing!
Do you see the power here?
See with your own eyes what you can get from Intelligent Virtual Agent today:
  Select your frame?layout.

   You can choose a color to fit the theme of your webpage. There are currently eight different designs?for you to choose from.
  Select a "Send" button to go along with your frame layout.

   This will make your popup window appear professionally designed. There are eight different designs for you to choose from.
This is the main difference between Intelligent Virtual Agent and other virtual agent style scripts. You have the control of what your
Intelligent Virtual Agent looks like.
A lot of the other virtual agents have only one?set or layout.?You have no other choice but to look like everyone else...
  Select your own agent.

  You can select the picture of your agent. And name them whatever you prefer. Currently you have four professional looking virtual
agents waiting for you.
  Enter an extra optin email link to boost your optin rate. Optional.

   On your Intelligent Virtual Agent popup, there will be one link to lead your visitors to your optin landing page (or your other affiliate
program). If you don't make a sale, get their email addresses to back sell to them!
  Enter your affiliate ID for Intelligent Virtual Agent to make money. Optional.?

   As you can see the demand for Intelligent Virtual Agent is getting higher and higher. If you want to get into the gold rush, get in
When your visitors click on your Intelligent Virtual Agent affiliate link, they will come to the salespage. The website will do all the
selling.?And I?will do all the fulfillment and support.
There is absolutely no burden on your part. But, this is totally optional. You can elect not to put the link on your page. It is wholly?up to
   Set your own default messages. These messages will be displayed by time lapse to give your visitors time to read through your

   I have a whole set of pre-written messages which have converted for me. You are free to customize them to fit your own needs.
  Set up your own Q&A data center. This is also totally customizable.

   Each time a question is rendered, your Intelligent Virtual Agent will search through the Q&A center to find the answer and reply to
your visitors. Give your visitors an instant reply.
  One button creates your own Intelligent Virtual Agent scripting files.

   No programming skills required. You only need to copy and paste some codes to your webpage and you are ready to go.
I have made the whole process so easy for you that you can set it up within 5 minutes.
It's like step one, two,.... After you login to your back office, you only need to select buttons, custom messages and copy and paste
some codes. That's it.

   You don't have to deal with ANY of the scripting files! PERIOD! You DO NOT need to open any scripting files to edit.
Your Intelligent Virtual Agent back office will store your data until you are ready to create the data?files.
One button click, your files will be ready and the Intelligent Virtual Agent center?will give you some codes to paste onto your webpage.
You are ready to rock.
   Intelligent Virtual Agent is a professional looking unstoppable popup window with the functionality of masking the background
of it.

   This special design of masking the background does play a main role. You see, when it pops out, the background will be darkened
so your visitors can focus on the Intelligent Virtual Agent only.

Without masking, if the color of the popup window is?close to the background color (the color of your webpage), how can the popup
window stand out? Isn't it just defeating the main purpose of this pop out?

   Unlimited campaigns. You can setup unlimited campaigns with different layout and agents to split test about what combination is
the best?for your website.
   Unlimited webpages. You can put the same code to all your webpages. Or you can setup different campaigns for one webpage.

   IVA?records everything for you. You can search your data by agent, campaign, conversion,?and date about your IVA performance.
You can check?exactly what your visitors' questions are to adjust your Q&A section accordingly.

    Send unanswered questions to your email box. Of course, there are always some questions your IVA agent can not answer. When
this happens, your agent will ask?your visitor to enter his/her email address. Once your visitor enters his/her?email address, IVA will
send all the questions from this visitor to you, so you can answer the question in time.

  Since IVA hosts all your IVA scripts and data on our data server, you'll receive any updates instantly. Yes, there are more features ?

        More features are coming:

    Different layout rotation: in BETA
    Different agents rotation: in BETA
    More different layouts: in progress

    More different agents: in progress

    And more to come... (I can't tell you all here?; )

You see my point here?The best part about?Intelligent Virtual Agent is the possibilities. In my plan, there are more to come and I'll
listen to your requests if you have any which is not in my plan already, Cool, uh ; )?
Start today, you will have your own?auto sales agents working for you 24/7.
Once you setup your Intelligent Virtual Agent, you don't have to do any maintenance ever. It runs on autopilot and
doesn't need you to monitor it at all.
My friend, I'm not trying to convince you?to get Intelligent Virtual Agent here. The truth is that the Internet is always changing so much
and so fast.?And every time that you turn around, you can see someone claiming they just "cracked the code" and they can make a
bunch of money.
But, you see them come and go... The ones that stay on top?will be the ones who spot a new technique and are willing to try it at first
hand - action!

This technique (it's getting very hot now) is based on the time tested psychology of human nature - that is "waiting for a
good deal".
If you really want the conversion rate of your website to sky rocket, get Intelligent Virtual Agent now.
If you want to look around more, you are welcomed too. But, three things you have to bear in mind:
I have raised Intelligent Virtual Agent price twice already. Each time when an updated version is in place, the price will go up.
You have read that all the previous?version owners of Intelligent Virtual Agent have received the new generation already?(my guilt).
You will enjoy?the same upgrade, too.
You have seen that there are?new features coming. The?price WILL go up very SOON.
I really can not guaranteed you the price you see on this page will stay the same for very long. In fact, I doubt if you come
back tomorrow or even later today, you still can get the same?price!
From the market point of view, when more and more websites install Intelligent Virtual Agent, the smart visitors will expect your
website to offer?special deals as well. This is just the trend. No one can stop it.
As I stated before, this is just human nature - "waiting for a better?deal always". Get it before your competitors do.
Of course, you are already behind the "big gurus" (sorry!) - that's why they are "gurus" - they are searching for any possible techniques
to boost their sales and are willing to try them with any cause.
It?is a one time only payment to get your own Intelligent Virtual Agent. You will not pay any monthly fee or any percentage of
your sales EVER! Once you get your?Intelligent Virtual Agent setup, it?will work for YOU not for me!
With these three things in mind, you can start looking around, comparing features, price?and window's display layout.
But, remember to bookmark this site and visit frequently while you are searching on the Internet.
You will come back. Trust me. I did my homework!

I don't need to stand on a soap box and yell about how incredibly powerful this software is.
The value and the results speak for themselves.
I firmly believe that....
There is nothing on the Internet that could increase your sales like your own Intelligent Virtual Agent...
To expedite your setup process, I will include the following videos as your bonus if you act now.

A total of 25 minutes (over 2 GB) of step by step instructions of how to setup your own Intelligent Virtual Agent on your webpages.
With these videos, you can easily and quickly setup your first IVA within minutes.

                                                                                             It's easy to get started right away. Just click
the order link below.
?Click here to order right now (even if it?s 2:30 in the morning)

Now, here I have stated it clearly. There will be absolutely no OTO (one time offer), back sell or cross sell once you click on
the Order button.
I really hate them...
There was one time I order something from a "BIG guru". The product is good and the price is decent. But, in the order process, the
OTO kept popping out (I got three OTO offers!). Oh, please, that's WAY OVER DONE! (He is out of my "guru" list after this!)
So, you will NOT get any OTO from me! I have tried my best to put everything you need into this?package in one.
NO HOLDING BACK! I won't hold something back and try to get you to pay more for some "addons".
You WILL get everything you need to be successful with this package. Period!
I offer the best product I can make - perfectionism. And I offer it with a very?very decent price.
Your decision...
Yes Shane, I Just Have To Have The Incredible Intelligent Virtual Agent! Count Me In Right Now!

Order the Intelligent Virtual Agent instant access to
your back office now for only
$7.00 for 14 days to try and then $47/yearly
Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!
You are minutes away from being able to have the profits rolling in from your successful online business. Our new Intelligent Virtual
Agent will dramatically boost your profits from all that exit traffic you used to never see again once they left!
Don't you owe it to your website to try?Intelligent Virtual Agent For Cash?today?


Shane McClure
P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your business on the path to success the hard way. Don't spend weeks trying
to "figure it out" let Intelligent Virtual Agent shows you the way!
P.P.S. The reason to order today: Please keep?this in mind - with so many addon features coming up, the price will go up any time
without any advance notice. Think about it, for $57/yearly,?IVA doesn't even cost you $5?a month. Every month, for 5 dollars, we host
and manage all your IVA scripts and data. 5 dollars! How can you beat a price like this?
P.P.P.S Actually, from the money making point of view, I'd like you to come back later and then order. Why? You will pay more and I
could?make more ; )??But, if you are sincere about converting your visitors on a shoestring?budget, order today NOW. Give it a try
before the price goes?up again. And most importantly, get it before your competitors do!

P.P.P.P.S Still not convinced? Try the demo here. (Username: demouser. Password: demopass)

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