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									Celebdaq Curriculum Mapping: Media
Subject         Key Stage :   Curriculum       Idea/Suggestions
                School Year   reference
Media           KS3 : 7-9     Online media -   Students to look at key features of websites as sources of information. Find different types of websites (e.g.
                KS4 : 10-11   Websites         search engines, city guides, movie sites) and discuss language used, audience, and purpose of websites. Discuss
                                               what makes a website good or bad and how you evaluate what you find online. Critic the Celebdaq website. In
                                               groups plan to produce a webpage for the Celebdaq site. Where will this page sit? What information will it
                                               contain? Where will it link from and to?

Media           KS3 : 7-9     Print Media -    Analysis: key features of newspapers (use of columns, headlines, pictures, captions, subheadings, interviews).
                KS4 : 10-11   Newspapers       Discuss the usage of emotive language and bias that can lead to confirming or reinforcing prejudices. Students
                                               to write a lead story for a tabloid and a broadsheet newspaper about an event featured in Celebdaq News this
                                               week. Articles need to answer: Who? What? Where? When? questions.

Media           KS3 : 7-9     Print Media -    Students critique the Celebdaq News for the day and consider the form, content & purpose, who produced the
                KS4 : 10-11   Newspapers       text, who the audience is, how meaning is conveyed. Compare articles in newspapers to the coverage in Celebdaq
Media           KS3 : 7-9     Print Media -    Students to look at key features of magazines articles. Students discuss intended audience of different
                KS4 : 10-11   Magazines        magazines, find examples of different tone and use of language in magazine articles, and explore what the writer
                                               is trying to do or say and if they achieve their purpose. Students to produce their own article for a magazine on a
                                               Celebdaq Celebrity and their investment potential.
                                               Adaptation: apply this activity to the creation of an informative and persuasive leaflet to encourage investment
                                               in a selection of celebrities.

Media           KS3 : 7-9     Advertising      Students to look at key features of advertisements and the different types of ads: product ads, services ads and
                KS4 : 10-11                    ads that encourage participation (e.g. Charity 'info - ads' and ads to use websites e.g. Celebdaq posters).
                                               Students study static image ads and evaluate design and layout. Understand and consider the influence of the
                                               following advertising devices: factual endorsement, persuasive 'loaded' language, rhetorical device, font size &
                                               layout, images to represent or entice target audience, representation of people (e.g. portrayal of females).
                                               Students create a poster encouraging people to sign up to Celebdaq.

Media           KS3 : 7-9     TV               Discuss the Narrative, Technical, Representational and Audio codes of TV making and the various roles of the
                KS4 : 10-11                    production team who make TV programmes or commercials.
                                               Students create a TV news bulletin or interview of ‘Day Trading on Celebdaq’ with children taking different roles
                                               (e.g. scriptwriter, production manager, director of photography, director) in the production of the bulletin or
                                               interview. Students will need to think about these three factors: framing the shot, shot angle and if movement is
Curriculum reference (unit, Objectives
Concept of investment

                           the links between Celebdaq Academy
                           and the real stock market.

 > explain what the stock market is, how it
 functions, and what purpose it serves.

 > analyze links between Celebdaq Academy and
 the real stock market .

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