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Mederma®, the "skin care for scars", is the flagship product of Merz

The Product

Mederma is a greaseless topical gel formulated with the active ingredient
Cepalin, a botannical extract derived from Onions. The gel hydrates the scar and
promotes normal skin healing. Mederma is effective in reducing various types of
skin scarring:

       Surgical incisions
       Stretch marks
       Burns
       Accidents and Injuries
       Acne scarring

Mederma doesn't claim to make scars vanish completely, but they should appear
softer and smoother after being treated.
A 50 gram tube of Mederma gel costs approximately $25 and will last for about 3
months when used to treat an 8" to 10" scar. A 20 gram tube costs under $15
and will also last about 3 months if used to treat a smaller 3" long scar.
 Mederma is sold at most local retail pharmacies.

Similar products

Treatment option such as injections and Silicone sheets are more expensive then
Mederma (up to $900 for a course of injections) and can take up to 9 months to
complete. Positive results have been reported for the use of Band-Aid Brand
Scar Healing Strips and Curad Scar Therapy Cosmetic Pads.

There are several other topical products available for the treatment of scars:

       Neosporin Scar Solution
       ScarFade Scar Gel
       Scar Esthetique
       Scar Fx
       Keleocote
       Cimeosil

Risks and Warnings

Mederma has no reported side effects. The only caution is that it is not intended
to be used on open wounds.
Skin care for scars, company home page with product and media information

Wounds and Scars
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