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									                                Jeong-Ho, Koo
              Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB 53 Myungryun-Dong 3 Ga
                          Jongro-Gu, Seoul, 110-745, Korea
                            Office Phone : 82-2-740-1529
                             E-mail :


       Sungkyunkwan University, Ph.D. in Accounting, 2009
       Sungkyunkwan University, MS. in Accounting, 1998
       Duksung Women’s University, B. B.A in Accounting, 1994

Working Experience

       2010-present    Research Professor
                       SKK Graduate School of Business
                       Sungkyunkwan University

       2003-2006       HR Manager
                       LG Innotech

       2001-2003       HR Manager
                       LG Electronics

Teaching Experience

       Accounting Principle, Management Accounting, Sungkyunkwan University (2009-
       Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, ERP, Hanyang Women’s University
       Auditing, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Hyupsung University (2008-
       Accounting Information System, Duksung Women’s University (2001-2007)


Jeong-Ho, Koo(2011), “The effect of earnings management incentives on the asymmetric
cost behavior : Focusing on loss avoiding, income smoothing and big-bath, Korean
Accounting Review forthcoming.

Jeong-Ho, Koo(2011), “The effect of corporate governance on the asymmetric cost behavior :
focusing on managers’ ownership, foreign investors’ ownership and institutional investors’
ownership, Korean Journal of Management Accounting Research 11(1).

Jeong-Ho, Koo and Suil Pae(2011), “Stock options operating status in Korea”, FKI Media.

Inman Song, Yeonhee Park, Sunjik Hong, Suil Pae and Jeongho Koo(2010), “ Case study on
export-oriented firms adopting K-IFRS early”, Korean Accounting Journal 19(2).
Jeong Ho Koo, Yeon Hee Park and Tae-Young Paik(2009), “Strategic decision-making and
asymmetric cost behavior”, Korean Accounting Journal 18(4).

Jeong-Ho, Koo and Tae-Young, Paik(2009), “Linking the balanced scorecard to strategy in a
corporate learning center”, Korean Journal of Accounting Research 14(1).

Working Paper
Jeong-Ho, Koo, Yeon-Hee Park and Suil Pae, “Information effect of cost stickiness in Korea

Jeong-Ho, Koo, Yeon-Hee Park and Tae-Young Paik, “Industry sales patterns and asymmetric
cost behavior”.

Jeong-Ho, Koo and Yu-Jin, Oh, “An empirical analysis on the sticky behavior of costs: inter-
industry differences and the Korean financial crisis”.

Jeong-Ho, Koo, “ The peculiarity of cost behavior of loss avoiding firms”

Research Interests

        Management accounting, especially for cost behavior, performance evaluation, stock
        option and corporate governance.


        Doctoral dissertation award, Korean Accounting Association, 2010

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