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					                 Melbourne PC User Group
     Dial-up Internet Service - Configuration Instructions
The information in this document refers to the configuration of programs
for members accessing the Melb PC Dial-Up Internet service. The
configuration program is currently applicable to Windows 95 / 98 / ME /
NT4 / 2000 / and XP
All new members of Melb PC are provided with the Group’s Monthly
Disc. For those without already-established internet connection this Disc
is the primary source for installing this program. For those who have
already established online access, the program is also available for
direct download from
Members with ADSL or Cable through Westnet or other services should
follow separate instructions for that service.
With the information added by the subscriber as shown in the examples
below, the kit will [through its executable file mpcinter.exe] configure the
following programs (if already installed) ready for the Melb PC service:
 Microsoft Internet Explorer (v3.x to7.x) -
 Microsoft Outlook Express (Microsoft Internet Mail and News)

To install:
With Windows running on the PC, the Melb PC Monthly Disc will self-
start when placed in the PC’s CD/DVD drive.. On the first of the pull-
down menus listed on its opening screen, click on Melbourne PC User
Group, and then click on - Melb PC Internet Configuration Kit
Read the general comments in the page that opens and then click on the
link labelled Melbourne PC Internet Kit – mpcinter.exe and when the
new window opens click on Run, and continue with the installation
described below.
The next step is to type in your account information in the spaces as
shown in the examples below:
  Full Name – this is the exact registered name of the user(s)
  Username – this is the exact username issued to you by the Melb PC
  Password – enter the exact initial password issued by the Melb PC
office – you can change it later.
 Email Address – no need to insert your username a second time, it will
have been copied
  automatically at Stage 2 – your full email address will be in the form
 Dial-Up Number – choose one of the available phone numbers listed.
  The choices are:
   Full Internet Subscribers Access 1            [03 9697 4000]
   Full Internet Subscribers Access 2            [03 8626 5000]
   Full Internet Greater Melbourne Access        [0198 333 365]
   Associate Internet Access                     [03 8626 5001]
Note: Full Internet Subscribers may select any one of the first three
numbers, but access for Associate Internet Subscribers is only available
through 03 8626 5001
In the check box below: “Remove Existing Dial-Up and Email
Connections” – check this box only if you wish to remove a previous
installation from another Internet provider.

    Full Internet Subscription         Associate Internet Subscription

Click OK to continue the installation. If some Windows components have
not been installed previously you will be guided through the installation of
this software from the original Windows CD, and further details may be
requested depending on hardware and software already installed on
your computer.
After completing this configuration you will be prompted to restart
Now you are all ready to go ……
After the restart of Windows you are now ready to dial in to Melb PC
Internet Service. Simply click on the new Melb PC Internet icon that
that now appears on your desktop. This will bring up the Connect To
window, and then click on Connect. After the connection is complete,
simply open your browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer), and your mailer
program to receive and send e-mail, etc. As you can run several
programs simultaneously, it is strongly recommended that the Melb PC
dialler is always used to make the dialup connection and then open other
software (browser, mailer, etc) of your choice - it is not recommended to
link the dialup program to a specific program as is the practice of some
Your password is case-sensitive and must always be used in the same
format as it was given to you. It is easy to change your password from
the webpage, however after doing
so all programs using your Melb PC password on your PC will also
require to be changed – e.g. Dialer and for receiving E-mail..
Help and advice
  1. Dial Help assistance is available from a volunteer if available on
     (03) 9567 8066 between 10am to 3pm weekdays. There is a 24-
     hour answering service available on 9567 8088, where you can
     leave a message and a member of the help team will get back to
     you, usually within 24 hours. STD rates may apply, but Melb PC
     volunteers cannot return a call to an STD area. Help is also
     available through the Helpdesk at Help is also available
     by e-mail to Please describe your problem
     fully and as clearly as possible.
  2. On the Melb PC MOTD page
     there is a link to the Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] pages
     which will provide answers to many of the most common queries..
“Greater Melbourne” Access
The phone number 0198 333 365 provides access to some of the outer
Melbourne areas and provides a dialup connection for the cost of a local
call. A list of exchanges served by this number can be downloaded from

Note: These lines are provided by another provider, and although
Melb PC has not found any problems to date, it is the subscriber’s
responsibility to check with his/her phone provider to ensure that
he/she is being charged at a local call rate. This condition also
applies to calls made through the National number.

This number can also be used by subscribers in the Melbourne
Metropolitan area for access to an additional number for dialup lines,
however the number of these special lines is limited. Full details of this
access can be seen at
Regional and National Access
This additional dialup access for subscribers living or travelling in
regional areas and throughout Australia, and is available only after
special application. It is not for use within the Melbourne local call area,
or for areas covered by the “Greater Melbourne” dialup area. It may be
necessary to initially dialup through a Melbourne number (possibly at
STD rates) to make this application. Full details can be read at

Configuration Details
For subscribers who may use other operating systems or are able
manually to arrange their Internet configuration, the following are the
standard configuration settings:
Phone numbers:
  Full Internet Subscribers: 03 9697 4000, 03 8626 5000, 0198 333
  Associate Internet Subscribers: 03 8626 5001 only.
  Domain name servers:[ DNS servers addresses are obtained
automatically ]
Home Page:        - the final “/”
is essential. This page can only be accessed by Melb PC subscribers
Proxy Servers:
Melb PC uses a background proxy that eliminates the need to set any
proxies. However Netscape users must click on Edit | Preferences |
Category | Advanced | Proxies, then tick Direct Connection to the
Mail: (Incoming):
Mail: (Outgoing):
Organisation:       Melbourne PC User Group, Australia
Melbourne PC User Group external page:
This is the address of the Melb PC webpage which is visible to the world,
and provides information as well as ready access to your Mail, etc., from
any other Internet connection including Internet Cafés, Libraries, etc.

                                                             Revised: 12 September 2006

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