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									IHE Australia
30 April 2011

Overview of 2011 activities.


Following the calling for Expressions of Interest to vendors, IHE Australia has received a
number of replies as at 31 March 2011. It has been decided that the subject for the annual IHE
Australia Connectathon in Melbourne will be the implementation of a PCEHR using IHE
profiles. As in 2010, this year‘s events will focus on how the PCEHR can be delivered using
proven and already implemented standards.

IHE Australia understands that this topic of the PCEHR is of interest to many e-Health vendors
given the current state of activity in this area in Australia and following the issuing of the
NEHTA Draft Concept of Operations Document on 8 April 2011. (Refer Attachment A).

The six IHE integration profiles mentioned in the Draft Concept of Operations Document are:

      IHE Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) Integration Profile
      [IHE Cross Enterprise User Assertion (XUA)
      IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b)
      IHE Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) Integration Profile
      IHE Consistent Time (CT) Integration Profile
      IHE Retrieve Information for Display (RID)

   Note: These profiles are referenced in the PCEHR Draft Concept of Operations as IHE2010a.
   These profiles are contained in the IHE Infrastructure Technical Framework set of
   documents in three volumes – Refer -

The IHE Australia Connectathon in July 2011 will provide an excellent opportunity for vendors
to develop and test their capability in the shared EHR domain with other vendors. As in the 2010
Connectathon, there will be an opportunity for vendors to express interest to participate at an
observer level which will increase their understanding of the technology, even if they are not
able to participate at the technical level for this year.

Vendors who have expressed interest in participating in the IHE Australia Showcase focused on
PCEHR include:

GE, Oracle Australia, HP, Orion Health, Microsoft/Surity, RadLogiX, Smart Health Solutions,
McCauley Software, Endosoft, Kestral, CDN and Eizo.
Vendors will be asked to provide an indication of which IHE profiles and actors they wish to
showcase. The Showcase will create a virtual health care system and demonstrate the capabilities
of vendors to create a complete health record exchange system such as is proposed for the
PCEHR. This will include central infrastructure actors using IHE profiles to create registries
(index service), repositories, identity management, and access control and audit.

Plan of Operation
1. Connectathon

An IHE Connectathon is an engineering event aimed at testing and refinement of systems to
comply with IHE standard profiles. In addition, IHE Australia has used Connectathons to test
Australian Standards for HL7 and for NEHTA SMD profile. The Connectathon is not a publicity
or marketing event; it is held under rules of confidentiality and only positive outcomes are posted
on the IHE Australia website.

The IHE Australia Connectathon focused on the PCEHR will be held in Melbourne on 11-15
July 2011. In accordance with the operating rules of IHE International, vendors who successfully
demonstrate completion of the IHE Australia Connectathon tasks will then be able to:

       Publish an IHE conformance statement that applies to individual products
       Proceed to IHE Australia Showcase activities where they can demonstrate the results
        from the Connectathon and their proven capabilities in this area to a wider audience.

The Showcase scenarios may include interoperability of IHE profiles with other communication
standards (e.g. HL7 v2, SMD, IHI web services or Continua). Vendors who are participating in
the Showcase using other communication standards are also required to participate in the
Connectathon as part of the Showcase rehearsal.

Participant options for the Connectathon include:

   1.      Participants (either testing against IHE profiles or undertaking Showcase rehearsal)
   2.      Supportive systems (as described below)
   3.      Observers who may undertake training in implementation of IHE profiles and attend
           the education Open Day. The opportunity for training and development support
           alongside the Connectathon would need prior discussion with IHE management.

An important development in the IHE Australia Connectathon operation is the introduction this
year of the concept of ―Supportive System‖. IHE Australia recognizes that there are over 400
vendor organisations that have participated internationally at IHE Connectathons in USA,
Europe and elsewhere and that many of these organisations are represented in the Asia-Pacific
region. While IHE Australia recognizes that for a variety of reasons, these vendor organisations
may not wish to participate in the specific PCEHR related 2011 Connectathon, nevertheless, IHE
Australia is keen to have these major vendors participate with their systems in both the
Connectathon and Showcases as a ―Supportive‖. For a relatively modest cost, these vendors will
be able to participate and contribute to the critical mass of certified systems for group testing,
meet and network with the technical staff from other organizations, and if desired, use the
Showcases to demonstrate to a new and wider audience their overseas experience in managing
IHE profiles. This participation will enable local engineers, marketing and sales staff to become
familiar with the IHE interoperability capability of their products and enable local marketing of
this capability. Being a Supportive System is about deployment, and should not required in-depth
engineering input from international development teams. To qualify a system as ―Supportive‖,
the product must be able to demonstrate successful participation on a internationally recognized
IHE Connectathon event and have published an IHE Integration Statement claiming
Conformance for those Integration Profiles.

In association with the Connectathon, IHE Australia will hold a public Education – Open Day
during the event to enable industry and stakeholders to learn about IHE and view the
Connectathon in action.

2. IHE Showcase

IHE Interoperability showcases are marketing and demonstration events held in conjunction with
major health IT conference exhibitions to enable IHE capable vendors to demonstrate to the
market their capabilities. In doing so it becomes clear that health care interoperability is
achievable by a wide group of vendors using existing technology, IHE Profiles and standards.

Showcases can also include other vendors who use recognized health IT standards, with a focus
on integration with IHE enabled vendors. Showcases demonstrate that there is capability to
work with existing and legacy systems and communication standards.

Showcase Participation Options:

   1.     Participant: Vendor playing a role in the showcase scenario as ―an actor‖
   2.     Leadership Participant: Vendor who is a participant and also provides sponsorship in
              return for additional publicity and leadership status.
   3.     Supporter: Vendors who are not playing a role as actors or leaders, yet want to
              recognised in Showcase publicity, support the Showcase, and may also participate
              in front of house roles as demonstrators and educational speakers.
The 2011 IHE Australia 2011 supported Showcases and marketing events will be:

   1. Interoperability Showcase (PCEHR focus)

   HISA – Health Informatics Conference, HIC 2011, Brisbane, 1-5 August 2011

   2.   Interoperability Showcase (PCEHR focus)

   HIMSS AsiaPac 11, Melbourne, 20-23 September 2011.

The above Showcases focused on PCEHR will also demonstrate the capacity of the IHE Cross
Enterprise Document Share (XDS) and Imaging (XDS-I) profiles to deliver patient healthcare
records. The Showcases will use technology and models that are already implemented by many
different companies and used in many overseas countries, including a major implementation in

Consumers will see a real time demonstration, with themselves potentially as "the patient", of
how a consumer-centered ongoing health record can be delivered and what benefits they can
gain in terms of improved healthcare, and capacity to participate in their own healthcare

The IHE Australia Showcases provide a demonstration for healthcare professionals of a model
healthcare system showing how common services such as GPs, specialists, community health
services, pathology, radiology, and hospitals can provide access to existing health records such
as discharge summaries, referrals, care plans, lab and radiology results, and potentially
prescription records.

   3. RANZCR 2011 Interoperability Showcase, 6-9 October 2011

For vendors with a radiology focus, an IHE Australia Showcase involving IHE Profiles for
Digital Image Exchange and Mammography and other radiology profiles on request, will be
conducted by IHE Australia at RANZCR Annual Scientific Meeting 2011, Melbourne, 6-9
October 2011 (
Costs of Participation
IHE Australia is a volunteer not-for-profit group and therefore the costs of mounting
Connectathons and Showcases have to be recouped from participants. Charges to vendors will
be in line with last year‘s costs and on a sliding scale according to vendor size.

1. Connectathon

IHE Australia Connectathon
$6K (Listed Company >100
$4K (Vendor 11-99
$2K (Vendor <11 employees,
Observer, Supportive System)

2. Showcases

HIC 2011                       HIMSS AsiaPac 11 (Payable       RANZCR 2011
                               to HIMSS AsiaPac 11)

$12K Leadership Participant    $12K Leadership Participant     $12K Leadership Participant

$6K Participant (Listed        $6K Participant                 $6K Participant (Listed
Company 11-100 employees)                                      Company 11-100 employees)
$3K Participant (Vendor <11    $3K Supporter                   $3K Participant (Vendor
employees) Supporter                                           <11employees) or Supporter

Please contact the event manager: Bernie Crowe by phone on +61 (0) 418 487 081 or
EventsManager@ihe.net.au) to discuss your level of involvement

NB: Payment is due on registration + 7 days

Preparations work on pre-testing to be completed by end June 2011.

Next Meeting

A Vendor Teleconference meeting with IHE Australia Connectathon participants will be held on
Wednesday 11th May 2011 at 8.30 AM (Sydney time)
The 8 digit Teleconference Access Code:
 Conference Group Guest Access Code
 *IHE Australia   28489121#

Melbourne 03 8779 7440       Gold Coast 07 5560 0956
Adelaide 08 8220 0836        Hobart 03 6218 0647
Brisbane 07 3811 0988        Perth 08 9460 0829
Canberra 02 6210 0851        Sydney 02 9696 0774

New Zealand 0800 448 298

U.S.A. 1866 814 5210

For further information: contact Bernie Crowe (IHE Australia Connectathon and Showcase
Coordinator) EventsManager@ihe.net.au

Mob +61 418 487 081

Chris Lindop (IHE International liaison with IHE Australia):
Phone: +1 262.649 6538 Christopher.Lindop@ge.com
                                                                                Attachment A

IHE Profiles nominated for use in the PC-EHR
NEHTA - Draft Concept of Operations - PCEHR

The Department of Health and Ageing, together with the National eHealth Transition Authority
(NEHTA) have released a draft concept of operations describing how the federal government‘s
$467 million personally controlled electronic healthcare record (PCEHR) will work.


Press Release 12 April 2011
The Hon Nicola Roxon, Minister for Health and Ageing

e-Health Records Blueprint released as National Health Reform continues to deliver

A national blueprint for the development of e-health records ready for their 1 July 2012
launch, helping Australians to better manage their own healthcare, has been released

Minister for Health and Ageing Nicola Roxon said the release of the blueprint was a major step
forward for national health reform and the development of personally controlled electronic
health records (PCEHR).

―E-health is one of the critical elements of the Gillard Government‘s efforts to modernise our
health system through national health reform,‖ Minister Roxon said.

―E-health records will drive safer, more efficient and better quality healthcare for Australians.

―Patients will no longer have to remember every immunisation, every medical test, every
prescription as they move from doctor to doctor.

―This national blueprint, and the consultation and development that will follow, will help to
develop e-health records for all Australians who want one from 1 July 2012.‖

The draft Concept of Operations document was released today and describes how the PCEHR
system will work, its benefits, the structure and the important privacy principles. The release is
intended to prompt further discussion on its design and input into areas that require further
discussion and development.

Minister Roxon said e-health will help to address the fragmentation of medical records which
exist across a vast array of different system—paper and electronic—with no single secure
solution to share records when sharing is needed to save lives.
―In the 21st century, patients should be able to visit their local GP, their specialist or emergency
department and know their health records are available at a click of a button, if they want them to
be,‖ Ms Roxon said.

―Developing a national consistent e-health record is ambitious, but I‘m confident that working
together with our stakeholders, that we can deliver e-health records for Australians who want

Today‘s release comes one week after the Gillard Government announced nine new projects that
will lead the development e-health records for up to 500,000 Australians before the wider roll
out of e-health records from 1 July 2012.

The Concept of Operations, which was developed following extensive consultation with patient
groups, the health and IT sectors, and other Governments and stakeholders, will be a ‗living
document‘ as the complex challenges of design, governance, policy and adoption continue to be
shaped by informed, practical views.

Feedback on the draft Concept of Operations may be submitted at http://yourhealth.gov.au until
31 May 2011. Feedback will be consolidated and the draft Concept of Operations will be
updated to take account of stakeholder opinions.

The Draft Concept of Operations document can be found at:


Title: NEHTA Draft Concept of Operations:
Relating to the introduction of a personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system
Edition: April 2011 Release
Date: 8 April 2011
Status: Draft – For Consultation
NEHTA Version Number: 0.13.6
PCEHR Feedback
An Internet site is available for the community and other key stakeholders to
provide their views and feedback. This website will also provide updated
PCEHR Program information throughout the community consultation process.
Electronic feedback should be provided at: www.yourhealth.gov.au
Written feedback should be addressed to:
PCEHR Feedback, MDP1005
GPO Box 9848
Canberra, ACT 2606
All feedback should include contact details of the individual and/or
organisation providing the comments.
Feedback on the Concept of Operations will be accepted until 31 May 2011.
IHE profile identified as candidate standards in NEHTA Draft Concept of
Operations - PCEHR

“6.4 Core PCEHR Services

6.4.1 Participation and Authorisation Service
Related standards and specifications
Interfacing specifications candidates include either:
IHE Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) Integration Profile
[IHE2010a] and IHE Cross Enterprise User Assertion (XUA) [IHE2010a]
(may require profiling/extension); or
HL7 Privacy, Access and Security Services (PASS) [HL72010a] (may
require profiling/extension).

6.4.2 Index Service

Related standards and specifications
Interfacing specification candidates include either:
IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) [IHE2010a] (to be
confirmed via consultation — also may require profiling/extension); or
HL7 Retrieve, Locate and Update Service (RLUS) [HL72010a] (to be
confirmed via consultation — also may require profiling/extension).
This list is not final and other specifications and/or standards may be
added/removed via a consultative process.

6.4.3 Audit Service
Related standards and specifications
Interface specification candidates include, either:
IHE Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) Integration Profile
[IHE2010a] and IHE Consistent Time (CT) Integration Profile [IHE2010a]
(may require profiling/extension); or
HL7 Privacy, Access and Security Services (PASS) (may require
This list is not final and other specifications and/or standards may be
added/removed via a consultative process

6.4.4 View Service
Related standards and specifications
Interface specifications candidates include either:
IHE Retrieve Information for Display (RID) [IHE2010a] (may require
profiling/extension); or
HL7 Retrieve, Locate and Update Service (RLUS) [HL72010a] (may require
This list is not final and other specifications and/or standards may be
added/removed via a consultative process.
6.6.1 National Repositories Service
Standards and related specifications
Clinical document content specifications, as identified by the template service
will be required to be supported.
Interface specification candidates include either:
IHE Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) [IHE2010a] (may require
profiling/extension); or
HL7 Retrieve, Locate and Update Service (RLUS) [HL72010a] (may require
This list is not final and other specifications and/or standards may be
added/removed via a consultative process.

Appendix E: References

IHE 2010a
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), IHE IT
Infrastructure (ITI) Technical Framework, Volume 1
Integration Profiles.
Available at: www.ihe.net                  “

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