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Gravelbelly's COMBAT PREP PACK Access To Destiny
Self Defense from a Biblical Worldview:
If you clicked through to this page ,
you probably don't want or need
a lot of sales hype.

Friends and Brothers,

You know why you're here, and you know what you need. So, instead of trying to convince you of why you need Gravelbelly's Combat
Prep Pack, I'm just going to tell you what's in each of the books and let you decide for yourself.

First e-Book: Biblical Studies in Self Defense

Contains the following chapters:
What Does the Bible Say about Self Defense? - How far does God's Law allow you to go in defending your home and property?:This
short exposition of Exodus 22:2 followed by a series of in-depth questions and answers will settle the question once and for all;What
about Turning the Other Cheek? - Did Jesus advocate passivity in the face of a life threatening attack? This exposition of Matthew
5:39 may surprise your Sunday school teacher;Does the Bible Restrict Women's Self Defense? - Does the Bible place the "groin
shot" off limits for a woman defending her life or her child's?? An expositional analysis shows the true purpose behind Deuteronomy
25:11-12;Buying a Sword: Should Christians Arm Themselves? - Does the Prince of Peace really command His followers to bear
arms? This investigation of Luke 22:35-38 will tell you exactly why Jesus' words are literal and not symbolic;
How Personal Self Defense Relates to the Strategy of the Great Commission - Can you reconcile preaching the Gospel of peace with
armed self defense? This study of Matthew 28:16-20 does precisely that.

If you believe the Christian Martialist needs to settlethese issues firmly in his mind before he undertakes the defense of hishome or his
church, Biblical Studies in Self Defense will guide you and/or those who question you through the relevant Biblical issues.

(Contains two entire chapters that have never appeared on my blog.)

Second e-Book: How to Cultivate the Christian Martialist Mindset
Contains the following chapters:
Mental Toughness - What is toughness and how do you achieve it? This chapter explains the spiritual and psychological
components as they apply to your training;
Mindset: Carefulness - Where are you most vulnerable? This chapter will help you identify the times & places where you need to
develop more careful habits;Mindset: Ruthlessness - Should a Christian ever be ruthless? This chapter explains why, when and
how;Mindset: Resolve - What is resolve, and how can it spell the difference between life and death? This chapter lays it all out
for you.Mindset: Justice - When the chips are down, will you be able to pull the trigger? You will if you master the subject of this
chapter.Do ? Do you want to cultivate these traits to become second nature to you?

If you consider these mindset issues important to the life of a warrior, How to Cultivate the Christian Martialist Mindset will give you a
great start you in the right direction.

Third e-Book: How to Take Control of Your Adrenaline:
Contains the following:
Introduction - Do you know your optimal stress level? This intro contains material not published on my blog that will answer that
question and lay the foundation for the adrenaline control methods that follow.Indirect Methods of Control - Do you know the
physical measures you can take to control your adrenaline? This section contains two chapters that describe two combat
proven methods -- one to focus and direct your adrenaline dump, and the other to bring it down to manageable levels.Developing
Direct Methods of Control - Do you have the mental skill of coolness under pressure? Three chapters in this section will start
you on your way to designing your own training regimen to develop a high level of stress control.I have added new material,
clarifications and explanations to my original blog entries, so that this e-book will provide you with the information you need to master
a crisis instead of letting the crisis master you.

Gravelbelly's COMBAT PREP PACK . . .

. . . includes sixty pages packed with information you can use -- not the ten lines of 20 pt. type per page you've seen in other e-books.
It's the same informative, practical kind of material that you've come to expect from my blog.

Each of these e-books is unique in the fields of self defense and unarmed combat. They address the subject matter not only in light of
the best information available, but also from a Biblical worldview perspective.

Because this is specialized information and because it's directed to a very narrow niche, I could - in good conscience - offer any one
of these e-books for $30. But as a consumer of martialist-type products myself, I have decided to make this COMBAT PREP PACK
more affordable to you at a combined total of $27.90.

AND in addition to the COMBAT PREP PACK, I will also send you the following

Bonus Items:

Twelve U.S. Military Combat Techniques That Could Save Your Life

Print copies of this book list for $39.95 (you can buy one at Amazon for $34).

The contents of this manual will complement the emphasis on the warrior's spirit and mind found in the COMBAT PREP PACK with
practical instruction in basic close combat techniques. It presents system of techniques based on WWII combatives, and which are
hidden in plain sight on the pages of US Military manuals.

The book will teach you techniques that are:
Brutally EffectiveSimpler Than Tying Your ShoesQuickly Learned and Not Soon ForgottenWithin the Physical Capabilitiies of the
Average PersonThe Secrets of JuJitsu Expanded (Preview)

(No Cover Picture Available)

I not only heartily recommend Captain Allan C. Smith's The Secrets of JuJitsu, but I have used it aa a textbook in training others. I
believe two people following the lessons and drills of this book can develop both the technique and kinesthetic sense that one usually
gets only from an instructor.

I have begun a project that uses Smith's work as the core, incorporating more lesson material, drills, explanations and illustrations.
Eventually, I hope to publish it as a comprehensive manual of martial arts and close combat skills.

Right now, it is still a work in progress (first draft of the first seven lessons), but I want to make it available to you happy few who take
advantage of Gravelbelly's COMBAT PREP PACK. This book is going to be big, and it will sell for more than the price of this whole

Here's your chance to take a pre-publication peek.

There you have it: Gravelbelly's COMBAT PREP PACK. The three e-books will help mold your warrior spirit, and the two bonuses
will help hone your physical skills. It's designed to help prepare you for combat on the inside and the out.

Now you know why I call it the "COMBAT PREP PACK".

For Crown & Covenant,
Craig "Gravelbelly" Mutton (Clan MacAvram)

P.S. You can't start your preparation for that critical moment any sooner than today. For your own sake, don't put it off -- order now.

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