script by pengxiang


INTRODUCTION (intro is in black letters)

Hello, May I speak with Roger Johnson,

(you have the phone book, and their name, remember. If they say that this is the Mrs. or the Mr. go ahead and
pitch them, either one is okay).

Hello (sir, or ma’am) my name is Jeremy, I’m with Favorite Financial. How are you today?

That’s good. (go to INFO section)

(if they say anything negative then……next line)

I’m sorry to hear that, maybe I can brighten your day for you. (go to INFO section)


The reason I’m calling you today, is that your information was passed along to me as someone who might
qualify for a special program we have available.

(if they ask where did you get their information, tell them you don’t know where the company gets this
information, you just make the phone calls)

Are you currently having a hard time paying your mortgage, or has your financial situation changed for the
worse, since you originally took out your mortgage?

If YES, go to (1) below

If NO, then read next line.

Do you have an adjustable rate mortgage that recently adjusted upward, or is about to adjust upward, in the next
several months?

If YES, go to (1) below

If NO, then read next line.

Well, we probably aren’t going to be able to help you improve your mortgage situation, but maybe you know
someone in the kind of situation we just discussed. If so, could you please give them my name and phone
number. Hopefully, we can help them out, and maybe keep them out of bankruptcy, or from losing their home.

Go ahead and give them your phone number, if they’ll take it.
    (1)        Well, then you would be a good candidate for our loan modification program.

The way our program works is this: Using your current situation, our professionally prepared documents, and
intimate knowledge of your banks requirements, our team of lawyers and other experts, go in and force your
bank to modify your existing mortgage to terms that are easier for you to pay. This is not a refinance and you
don’t have to qualify for any kind of financing. It also doesn’t matter if your home is worth less than you owe,
in fact, bad credit and owing to much on your home, might make it easier for you to qualify for this program.

Remember, we can help single family homes, second homes, investment and multi-family homes, and even
apartment building and commercial property owners.

All I need from you right now, to get you started with your free evaluation, is some preliminary information, to
submit to our processing department. There is no obligation, from you, at this point. The processing department
will go over your information to determine if you fit within our legal parameters. If so, they will contact you
for more information and give you some info too, including the $1,500 cost, and some of the various ways for
you to pay that, and also info about our Performance Guarantee. All I need from you is about 5 minutes of your
time to fill out my simple information form. It does not require you to give me any information about social
security number, or bank account or credit card information, or anything like that. Just 5 minutes and you’re on
your way. Now how do you spell your first and last name……

If they ask more questions about the process, go to the next paragraph, or answer them from your FAQ pages.

Once your payment has been received and the rest of your information has been processed, our lawyers will
create the necessary document package for your individual lender and approach the correct office within that
lender’s organization to start negotiations to get you good terms. You will be informed and kept up to date with
the process, and have nothing to worry about. Our professional processing team has been doing this for many
years, we are the experts. If we are not positive we can help you out, we will not accept your money. If we
can’t get this done for you, no one can.

(just start asking the questions on the form, go right into it and assume they will do it)

If they start asking questions, that is a good thing. It means that they have some need, or desire to know more
about it.

Make sure you tell everyone to take down your phone number and give it to someone who might be able
to be helped by this program, or at least ask if they know anyone who might need this help.

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