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Alaska Division of Economic Development Small Business Development

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									State of Alaska

                                Alaska's Small Business Calendar of Events
                                Attend business workshops in your area or
                                Advertise for FREE in Buy Alaska!
                                Business Law Education
                                Community Related Business Training
                                Learn how to do business with the State of
                                Made in Alaska Workshops and
                                Preferences for Alaskan Businesses Bidding
Financing Your Small Business
                                AIDEA Loan Participation Program
                                Download a booklet on Financing a Business
                                Loans for Rural Alaska (USDA)
                                Loans Guarantees for Socially Disadvantaged
                                Loans in Southeast Alaska (JEDC)
                                Micro Loan Program for Women
                                Rural Community Projects Funding Sources
                                Rural Development Initiative Fund (DED)
                                Rural Small Business Development Loans
                                U.S. Small Business Administration Loan
For-Profit Businesses
                                A booklet on starting a small business in
                           Alaska Business Development Center
                           Access travel agency business training
                           A Complete Site for Employer Resources
                           A resource book “Establishing a Business In
                           Attend business plan classes (SBDC)
                           Alaska’s Business Source Link -
                           Alaska's manufacturing business resources
                           Apply for a Dun & Bradstreet number for
                           Apply for an Employer Identification Number
                           Booklets for Business Development "Steps
                           Business Counseling – (SBDC)
                           Center for Economic Development –
                           Contact Alaska's Taxpayer Advocate for help
                           Download a booklet “Alaska-Community
                           Download a template for a business plan
                           Download Templates for Your Business
                           Download a template for 12-month cash
                           Download a template for Profit and Loss
                           Download Federal forms for SBA, IRS, OSHA
                           Find any answer fast! EIN, TIN, S Corp, Taxes
                           Find market research on Alaska
                           Get professional, confidential, and free
                           Need a lawyer? Contact the Lawyer Referral
                           Register as a federal contractor
                           Retirement Solution (U.S. DOL)
                           SCORE with Business Advice
                           Start a business in rural Alaska (ARDORs)
                           Start a business in Southeast (JEDC)
                           Take several SBA business courses on-line
                           Wage and Hour Administration
                           Workers' Compensation information for
                           Write your business plan at your own pace
Licenses, Permits, Forms
                           Alaska registered agents with Alaska
                           (for information only, not an endorsement
                           Commercial Fisheries (ADF&G)
                           Corporations and LLC Forms for Applying or
                           Definitions: corporation, S corporation, LLC,
                           Find necessary professional or occupational
                           Food Safety certification courses online
                           Get an Alaska business license online with a
                           Get guiding, fishing, and hunting permits
                           How to become a licensed big game hunting
                           How to open a restaurant
                               How to open an auto dealership
                               Important Bed and Breakfast Safety
                               Mineral Exploration/Operating Permits
                               Opening a Bed and Breakfast in Alaska
                               Permits for a pool, spa, restaurant,
                               Print and mail an application to get an Alaska
                               Seafood processing and shellfish permits
                               Turn your business into a corporation online
                               Turn your business into an LLC online
Taxes & Tax Consequences
                               A One-Stop IRS site for small businesses
                               Alaska Department of Revenue - Tax Division
                               File business taxes online
                               Find out everything about payroll taxes
                               Get IRS information on starting a business
                               IRS requirements if you change your
                               IRS requirements if you close your business
                               IRS requirements if you file bankruptcy
                               IRS requirements if you sell your business
                               Know how to claim your business vehicle
                               Sales taxes by city, municipality, or borough
                               Problems with the IRS? Contact the
                               Take an online IRS Tax course on self-
                               Take a classroom course on business tax
                               Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) - What
Market Your Business
                               Alaska Marketplace Competition (AFN)
                               Arctic Innovation Competition (UAF)
                               Alaska Business Plan Competition
                               Advertise with the Iditarod, "The Last Great
                               Alaska Export Assistance Center
                               Certify your business as Alaska Product
                               Certify your Alaska-made products as Made
                               Certify your Alaska Native artwork with
                               Certify your fresh produce as Alaska Grown
                               List your business in Buy Alaska! An
Certify Your Business to Bid on Government Contracts
                               8(a) SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business)
                               Definitions: Women-Owned, Service-
                               Federal government contracting regulations
                               Get a Department of Transportation's
                               Find contracts available for bid with the
                               Go to the Service-Disabled Veteran Business
                               How to get federal government contracts
                                   HUBzone business website
                                   Make sense of the language of federal
                                   Preferences for Alaskan Businesses Bidding
                                   Sign up to bid for State of Alaska
                                   State of Alaska proposed changes to
Alaska Industries
                                   Film Industry
                                   Fisheries Industry
                                   Mining Industry
                                   Timber and Forest Products
                                   Tourism Industry
Non-Profit Businesses
                                   Access a local specialist on non-profit
                                   A Complete Site for Employer Resources
                                   Find any answer fast! EIN, TIN, S Corp, Taxes
                                   Find federal funding sources for non-profit
                                   Find foundations that offer funding for non-
                                   Funding sources in Alaska
                                   Need a lawyer? Contact the Lawyer Referral
                                   Take a complete IRS workshop on non-profit
                                   Take an online course on fundraising for non-
Target Market Research
                                   Find Alaska Economic Information by Region
                                   Find data on economic trends,
                                   Find information on Alaska's public lands,
                                   recreation opportunities
                                   Find out about laws that apply to Alaska
                                   SBA Advocacy and Source of Small Business
                                   SBA Statistics: Small Business Profiles for
                                   Alaska Veterans Business Alliance
                                   VA's Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE)

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Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
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Telephone: (907) 269-8104 Fax: (907) 269-5666

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                                    2009 Alaska Economic Performance Report
                                    2007 Fuel Prices Across Alaska
                                    Community Development Resources
                                    Alaska Marketplace Competition AFN
                                    Alaska Product Preference Program
                                    Alaska Statistics
                                    All About Investors – Alaska InvestNet
                                    Apply for an Employer Identification Number
                                    Basic Economic Development Course
                                    Before You Buy a Business License
                                    Buy Alaska! An exceptional marketing tool!
                                    Buy a Business or Professional License
                                    Definitions of Corporation, LLC, Partnership
                                    Determine the value of your business –
                                    Economic Development Training and
                                    Insurance Information
                                    Loans for Rural Alaska
                                    Made in Alaska Program
                                    Manufacturing Program
                                    Need a Lawyer?
                                    Register a Corporation, LLC, Partnership
                                    Silver Hand - Native Alaska
                                    Arts Logo
                                    Support for businesses and entrepresenurs

                                    Fisheries Development
                                    Forest Products Development
                                    Minerals Development
                                    Tourism Development
                                    Film Office

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