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                                    Minutes of DICOM’s WG-10
From 11 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday, January 12, 2007, members of DICOM’s WG-10 met in joint
session with members of ISO TC215’s WG2. WG2 Chair Michael Glickman welcomed all participants
to this 6th consecutive annual joint meeting of the two groups.
In the course of this meeting:
      Howard Clark gave a short, oral report on DICOM’s progress during 2006. In particular, he
       noted that:
           o DICOM had been approved as an official ISO (Reference) Standard [TC 215 ISO
           o The 2007 version of the DICOM Standard is now available for free distribution on the
               DICOM Web Page
           o The 2007 version of the Standard includes six new supplements and 98 correction items.
               Total page count for this publication is 3433.
      Participants discussed the process by which DICOM became an ISO Standard and how it is
       possible to update DICOM without revising the ISO Standard that refers to it.
      Members of WG2 also questioned how it is possible to make so many changes to the Standard in
       one year without making previously published versions obsolete. Rob Horn explained that users
       typically claim conformance to a particular (and very stable) Service Object Pair (SOP) class
       rather than to a particular published version of the Standard. Most supplements add new SOP
      Joel Chabriais gave a PowerPoint presentation concerning possible extensions of the WADO
       Standard [ISO 17432] that had been developed jointly by the two groups. A copy of Dr.
       Chabriais’s presentation may be found at:

      All agreed that an implementation guide for the existing standard should be developed before
       any effort is made to extend its scope. This will give WG-10 members the time they need to
       assess the actual use cases that emerge for the Standard. When those use cases are clear, one can
       efficiently begin to look at the technology needed to meet the emerging needs. Members of
       WG2 noted that this approach is consistent with ISO guidelines that call for review of existing
       standards after two years of use. WG2 will begin by identifying countries and experts who can
       take action on approval of a new work item request for extension of 17432.
      Members of WG2 announced that a formal agreement had been negotiated between HL7, ISO
       TC215, and CEN and urged WG-10 to communicate this to the broader DICOM community.
       While they saw little need for DICOM to become a formal participant in this agreement, they
       thought it was important to increase awareness. In the course of this discussion, WG2 members
       reported that Tom Marley is looking at data types in four different standards.
      Participants agreed that this series of annual joint meetings was useful and should be continued
       in the future.

                                                        131              Working Group 10 (Strategic Advisory)
                                                                           of the DICOM Standards Committee
                                                                                              January 12, 2007

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