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									                                                                   West Virginia
Profession         State Board                         State Association             Continuing Education Requirements
Alcohol & Drug     West Virginia Certification                                       40 hours every 2 years of continuing education is
Abuse Counselors   Board of Addiction Professionals                                  required. 6 hours must be addiction specific. All
                   P.O. Box 6761                                                     courses must be pre-approved by the Board.
                   Wheeling, WV 26003-6761
                   Tel: (304) 233-6404
Psychologist       West Virginia Board of Examiners    West Virginia Psychological   Psychologist - 20 hours every 2 years, 10 of
                   of Psychologist                     Association                   those hours must be APA, NASP, CPA approved
                   P.O. Box 3955                       www.marshall.edu/wvpa         or WVPA approved. Pre-approval is needed for
                   Charleston, WV 25339-3955           P.O. Box 58058                interactive television and computer courses
                   Tel: (304) 558-0604                 Charleston, WV 25358
                   Fax: (304) 558-0608                 Tel: (304) 345-5805           School Psychologist Independent Practitioner
                   wvpsychdb@earth1.net                Fax: (304) 345-3905           - 30 hours every 3 years
                                                       wvpsychbda@earth1.net         School Psychologist - 30 hours every 3 years
                                                       Contact: Executive Director
                                                       Jimelle Rumberg
                                                       President, Jeannie Sperry,
Social Workers     West Virginia Board of Social                                     50 contact hours every 2 years is required for
                   Work Examiners                                                    continuing education. 30 hours must in
                    P.O. Box 5459                                                    workshops or conferences. Up to 20 hours may
                   Charleston, WV 25361                                              come from individual professional activities. If a
                   Tel: (304) 558-8816                                               course is approved by the NASW in another state
                   Email: mail@naswwv.htm                                            then it is also approve in West Virginia.
Attorneys          West Virginia State Bar                                           24 hours over 2 years including 3 hours of ethics,
                   2006 Kanawha Boulevard, East                                      office management or substance Abuse. Only
                   Charleston, WV 25311-2204                                         correspondence courses are allowed for self-
                   Tel: (304) 346-5688                                               study. Reporting date June 30th.
                   Fax: (304) 346-5689
Physicians         West Virginia Board of Medicine                                   50 CME hours every 2 years.
                   101 Dee Drive
                   Charleston, WV 25311
                   Tel: (304) 558-2921
                   Fax: (304) 558-2084
                   Contact: Ronald D. Walton, Exec.
                   No website available
Nurses             West Virginia Board of Examiners     LPN’s are required to complete 24 hours of
                   for Licensed Practical Nurses        continuing education and engage in 400 clock
                   101 Dee Drive                        hours of LPN practice in each 2-year period.
                   Charleston, WV 25311                 Reporting occurs on the even years
                   Tel: (304) 558-3572
                   Fax: (304) 558-4367
                   Contact: Nancy Wilson, RN Exec.

                   West Virginia Board of Examiners
                   for Registered Professional Nurses   RN’s are required to complete 30 hours over a 2-
                   101 Dee Drive                        year period. All continuing education classes
                   Charleston, WV 25311                 have to be issued with a WVBRN provider
                   Tel: (304) 558-3596                  number. A total of 5 hours of reading or other
                   Fax: (304) 558-3666                  programmed instruction may be claimed.
                   Contact: Laura Rhodes, MSN, RN,
                   and Exec. Director
Law Enforcement


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