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Being a broker of a real estate company and also an internet marketer, I am always looking for ways to improve the use of my time.
Because I write articles and post them on article sites to help promote my real estate business, I am always looking for any ideas I can
use in my article writing.
I have been using AnswerAnalyst for only a short time, but it has made it a lot easier for me to research for questions and answers that
I can write about in my article marketing efforts. At times I can have a brain freeze and not be able to come up with any ideas to write
about. With your software, just by asking a question and getting the answers helps me to get back on the right track of writing my
This is a great product.
Thank you, Don Cramer
Don Cramer

ARTICLES EYERYONE WANTS TO READ ... With 40 years experience in sales and marketing as an expert adviser, I have plenty of
information to write about. As a Platinum status writer at EzineArticles, some quality articleS took 3 hours to write.
Most of the other writers "spin" PLR articles, and submit useless dribble. The article directories are focused on sheer quantity.
I can now write a quality article in 30 minutes. I wanted to find what interested people about lung cancer. Immediately ARTICLE
ANALYST gave me 12 questions on readers minds. I picked one question and received 50 answers, I chose 5 of the best as basis for
the article.
ARTICLE ANALYST did all my research in 2 minutes, and I am fussy.
Which article title catches your eye? (1) 4 ways for farmers to plant crops or (2) Did Lung Cancer Kill The Marlboro Man? The Silent
Killer is Still Stalking. (yes, both actors died of lung cancer)
When I submit this article, hundreds of blogs will pick it up for their readers. Article Analyst provided me with a knockout question
people still ask. The questions and answer assistance make writing an article quick and easy. Pro or beginner this in the one and only.
It is the question answer format that inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks Article Analyst ...Now I still have quality, good research, and subjects that knock reader's eyeballs out!
I am so pumped that I am creating 3 different article directory styles that will only accept articles that people want to read. Using Article
Writer, it would be hard to not make my high standards.
Donald Yerke, Expert Adviser, Platinum Writer, and Ebook Author.
Donald E Yerke

I have spent three and a half years sorting out the spam and outright fraud 'OPPORTUNITIES' littering the net. Last fall I thought I had
finally reduced the business model to something managable. Or so I thoutht.
My talent lies in writing; opinions mostly, but writing nevertheless. I have linked up to a daily source of researched niches, complete
with keyword lists and a massive list of article directories hounding me for content. Where on earth was I to get the content I needed?
Then, along came A/A!
Now I have a new problem... sorting through the virtually unlimited content I can get at the stroke of a button. Ask, and you shall receive.
This app is going to kick the door in, I do believe. I have spent several thousand bucks for marketing tools which were so vague that a
Philadelphia Lawyer would cry in envy.
The principals are clearly defined, the procedural logic actually makes sense... even for a novice.
Thanks a bunch...

The Best Blog Post Research Tool Ever ... As a blogger it's always a struggle to keep coming up with new ideas for blog posts. With
Answer Answer analyst all I have to do is enter the keyword I want to base my blog post on and it will literally throw ideas at me.
This tool does not write your blog posts for you, but it certainly makes coming up with new blog posts far, far easier!
Mike Nielsen

This is the complete answer to article content ... I've got to let you know how Answer Analyst has been the boost I needed to my article
writing. I'd tried for months to think of ideas for my articles and web content, but the whole process took so long.
I'd even signed up to Ezinearticles and hadn't got round to writing anything until I came across Answer Analyst. Within a week I've had
two articles written and accepted by Ezinearticles, another three articles posted to article sites and new blog posts.
None of the other products came near to answer Analyst in fact I nearly gave up the search, but now I'm glad I didn't.
Anyone who is serious about article writing and getting traffic to your site must consider this software and will definitely benefit from it.
Tony Manning-Stanley

Thanks Jonathan. The great thing for me about Answer Analyst is the ability to save the source references so that I can return later to
make in depth research for my articles etc.
Kindest regards
Martin Godden

Timely Relevant Content in Mere Seconds! ... Jonathan .. I purchased Answer Analyst with some reservations as to just what it was
capable of delivering.
I am totally flabbergasted just how quickly I can hone in on my subject matter of choice. In just a matter of minutes I am putting together
"on topic" quality articles and blogposts.
Answer Analyst is a godsend to anyone looking to zero in quickly on meaty, relevant content. A wonderful research tool that is saving
me countless hours of precious time! Thanks a million!
Dale Calder Auckland, New Zealand
Dale Calder

Awesome! Answer Analyst is the Truth ... Wow! I was absolutely blown away by this easy to use tool to assist in my heavy writing load.
First, I was reluctant to use it and had second thoughts about it, but once I started using it, my writing became a joy instead of
painstaking, time consuming research. Do I recommend it? You bet I do. Jed Tooke

Answer Analyst is an Awesome Tool for my Internet Marketing Business ... Thanks a million Jonathan for this unbelievable tool!

Answer Analyst has been a powerful tool for me in my business. I have used it several times a day since I got my hands on it. To be
able to do research instantly when a bright new idea comes into my mind is just fantastic.
Rather than trying to invent time during a busy day to carry out manual research, this tool has made my life so stress free that I simply
cannot understand how I managed without it in the past.
The results that this tool produces are just amazing and it takes just a few minutes to complete the research that took me several hours
before I got Answer Analyst.
Thanks again,
Tom Kavanagh
Tom Kavanagh

Wrote 4 (yes 4) articles inside of 40 minutes! ... Hey Jonathan,

Just wanted to tell you that you have another winning product with Answer Analyst.
Within 40 minutes of downloading and getting it setup (which only took a couple of minutes) I was able to crank out 4 quality articles.
This is going to save so much time writing articles.
Michael McQueen

This Is Even Better Than Article Wizard ... Thanks for the new tool. I can research and write in depth articles at the touch of a button on
any subject. I have 6 blogs to keep up with and now it's easier than ever with the answer analyst software. Thank You Jonathan
Michael Romero
Jonathan Hi: I'm a newbie in this field and what I've been doing for the past months is studying the business of IM and buying various
software's. I can say this much about your tool, it will help people like me and experienced marketers to research and wright keyword
relevant content, thank you very much for developing this tool...Louis Louis M De Jesus

Answer Analyst is Awesome For SEM Consulting ... As an SEM Consultant, I commission dozens and dozens of original articles each
week. I have found that if I don't provide high quality research, I don't get the high quality articles I want.
With Answer Analyst I can send my outsource team a completely researched article outline. All they have to do is put it in their own
words, link together the paragraphs, and add an introduction and conclusion.
Before Answer Analyst I used another tool to do my research. It really just found existing articles and then I could copy and paste them
into a document. My writers would get too much information.
Answer Analyst is much more efficient. When I'm finished searching for answers my output file is waiting for me, and I just send it
Thanks for another great tool, Jonathan!
Ahryn Scott

Following on from purchasing Instant Article Wizard a few months ago, I was so pleased with it that I went on to purchase Answer
I have had this only a few days but am already finding it INDISPENSABLE for getting instant answers to virtually anything I want to
THis in turn helps me in finding Niche's and knowing what to write on my blog or in articles to drive traffic to my sites.
Thanks for a fantastic product.
Dave Robus.
Dave Robus

Instant Content For Article And Websites ... Answer Analyst is a must have tool for those writing articles and creating websites. Not
only does it instantly provide content on any topic, the "Get Questions" button tells me what questions those searching the web are
asked about my topic. This allows me to easily build relationship with my readers by providing them with the information they are
looking for. Terri Gibbons

The Ease of Using Answer Analyst ... I have purchased other software for quick answers in the past. Nothing works better than Article
Analyst. The ability to obtain set questions, makes the use very easy. I have tried it for some articles and was amazed at the time
spent and the content of the research it provided with references. I will recommend this software to all my friends. It Is Really Amazing!
Emmanuel Mba

I provide SEO services for a living. I am not a large company or agency, I am an individual who has to keep on top of my monthly costs
to be competitive for the small businesses I service. Answer Analysts is rapidly becoming my best SEO tool.
I frequently need to create content for business niches that I know nothing about. I can hire content writers to provide the articles
needed or I can do the research and the writing myself. I have opted to do just that for all of my clients. Now, Answer Analyst is
reducing my content research and creation time tremendously.
Articles that generally take a couple hours to research and write can now be done in a matter of minutes.
I have been a fan of many of Jon's products and services. Answer Analysts is definitely one of the best so far.
Terry Reeves

Answer Analyst Gave me ideas for my latest blog post ... Hi John,

I just want to thank you for this fantastic tool to research the internet for ideas. I own a few blogs and am constantly looking for new
ideas for blog posts. The latest idea I had for an article was for putting tips. Answer Analyst was used and a few seconds later my
mind was filled with ideas to write about.
John Scigliano

Answer Analyst Is Wonderful ... Hi Jon. I will like to congratulate you on the launch of another great product Answer Analyst. When I
learned about it, I didn't even have a second thought of laying my hands on it because one of your products the Instant Article Wizard
Pro proved to be a great product which helped me to easily write articles and get valuable back links to my websites and we all know
what that means in the eyes of search engines.
Since I bought the Answer Analyst a few days ago, I have found valuable information to offer to my visitors as well as getting enough
material to write rich contents for my websites, blogs and article submission directories. Nice work Jon and wishing you keep those
products coming.
Reuben Oyeyele

Answer Analyst springboard for many ideas ... I have recently downloaded this software with little suspicion as this would be a another
new s aggregator but for my surprise what I found was amazing software which throws lots of ideas which can be turned into huge
source of ideas for your site or blog . I have been glued to this article churning articles after articles on my niche subodh kumar
Answer Analyst Works For Me ... I am a great admirer of Jonathan Leger but in all honesty I do not subscribe to all of his products.

Answer Analyst is different. A brilliant product for finding out what people want to read articles about, and a tool to research the
information for use as content.
Used in conjunction with other article creation software, I now feel I have the ultimate content exploration and creation software.
My newest website is targeted at the UK Learner Driver and already within a couple of days I have amassed tons of material from
which I will create the articles. I am very happy to recommend Answer Analyst.
John Giel

Answer Analyst pretty much does all my research for me. There is usually enough information to write several articles. I am not a
natural writer so I sometimes have to struggle to come up with enough relevant content. This is just what I have been looking for. The
other products on the Internet just pale in comparison and now article marketing is a breeze. thanks Ed Ed Penner

I tried your Answer Analyst software as soon as I purchased it because I couldn't wait. It worked perfectly for me - no problems. I
started doing some research and as I got the results, I thought of another great idea that this software will help me with. In addition to
articles and other projects, I thought this would be great to use with a survey. It's always hard to think of good questions that can help
lead the participants in the right direction for your "solution." And with this software, all the most popular questions pertaining to your
niche comes back to you. Jill Hyland

Take the drag out of research ... Wow! This software really takes the search out of research and makes research an absolute
pleasure. I love learning new things but find that it is often a drag to find information on subjects that I do not really have an active
interest in, but need to create articles for. No more. This software takes the drag out of it and gives me more time to do the more
pleasurable things in life.
Thanks Jon!
Roland Payn

A Must Have Tool For All Bloggers ... Some days it can be hard coming up great content that your readers are really looking for.

But not anymore!
I'd just fire up "Answer Analyst" put in my keyword click the button and bingo, I've got a list of questions that my niche are asking PLUS
I can also easily research the answers at the same time.
My RSS subscriber list has doubled in the past 2 days and believe its because I'm finally giving my niche the content they've always
been looking for.
Thanks Jonathan for such a great piece of software you've saved my many hours of frustration and wasted time.
Barry J McDonald

I started to run out of ideas! ... Having lots of blogs I write and products that I sell I often get a block on what to write next. Answer
Analyst has solved this problem for me providing a whole new range of content to draw from. Quentin Brown

...the right tool for the job ... Jonathan Leger has done it again...

Brain dead is no longer an excuse. With Answer Analyst you almost don't even need a brain. Research and article writing are now as
easy as a few mouse easy even a caveman can do it. Now your outsourcing is as near and simple as going to your desktop
and asking your answer analyst. The only question now is...will you get answer analyst before your competition does.
Jon you've got a real winner here.
Cammie Brown

Answer Analyst Makes Article Research Child's Play! ... Hi Jonathen,

Like many other business owners, I am constantly looking for productive ways to drive traffic to my website. I have tried everything,
PPC, CPA, SEO, Mobile CPA, Banners, name it, I've tried it!
All of the above methods drove traffic to my sites, but some had prohibitive costs, either in money or time. PPC like to broke the bank
and CPA was too hit-or-miss for my tastes.
What I found that suited me personally was article marketing. For me, it's a no-brainer: whenever I get some free moments during the
day, I do research on keywords for one of my sites, then write an article and fire it off to one of the article distribution services.
In my article writing efforts, I've tried all kinds of article spinners, most are a complete joke. A much-heralded spinner that was
promoted by virtually every affiliate on the planet earlier this year turned out to be a "Mass" pile of garbage. I've never read worse copy
in my life!
The problem with article writing is that, until now, I'd spend more time getting ready to write than I did in actually writing!
Well, my friend, Answer Analyst changed all of that; no longer do I agonize over article research. I just fill in some blanks, hit the button
and all the research is done for me! Presto, in about 10 minutes I have a well researched article all written and ready to go.
I estimate that you have saved me an average of 30 minutes per article. That's real time, valuable time that I can spend cranking out
even more articles.
Thank you for developing this wonderful product.
Chip Morgan
Wow - first article done in ten minutes ! ... I just bought the program and in the first ten minutes I had already done my first article with it.
That was yesterday. Today I have already posted two more aticles on my site and now working on a third.
So simple to use it's almost childs play. And the saying goes "it doesn't matter if your working or playing if you love what you do!"
I think this program rocks !
Thanks for a great another program for internet marketers!
Sara Lees

Never before have I been so profficient at writing articles ... If I had known about Answer Analyst back when I decided to make the
jump from an earthly business to Online Home Business Boy Oh Boy! My life would have been a whole lot easier.
I have been a fan of Jonathan Leger ever since I made my first search on the internet for an easier way to write articles and I found
Instant Article Wizard, from that moment on I was hooked.
This time John really out did himself with Answer Analyst, it is the easiest and most efficient software I have ever used to research and
write my articles, and as an added bonus, I have learned so many things and discovered niches I didn't even know existed just by
asking questions.
Great software and productivity tool.
Alfredo Trabulsi

It makes my article research so much easier ... Answer analyst has cut down my time researching information for writing articles and
make the task so much easier. I am not a great writer, it does not come easy, but with this tool it makes it very quick to find the
questions you need to ask and the answer to those questions! Mark S

Answer Analyst For Copywriters ... Answer Analyst is a fantastic tool for copywriters, saving a great deal of time in research. It is
particularly helpful for identifying hot topics and questions for article submissions, sales pages,ebooks etc. I congratulate Jon for
producing such an excellent piece of software. Clearly a lot of thought and careful research has gone into its design. Jack Manners-

Quick & Easy Research for Blogging! ... Great tool for any fellow bloggers. Blog topics come into my mind on a regular basis, but I
used to always get bogged down on doing research. Now, with Answers Analyst I can do some quick research and then write original
blog content quickly and easily. Great program! Jonathan Milligan
"Answer Analyst" - A homerun without a doubt! ... As a previous customer of Jon's (I have purchased "Instant Article Wizard", Instant
Article Pro", two awesome pieces of software for finding great article content, but "Answer Analyst" has blown it to humongous
proportions for finding what you need to keep your blogs or websites fresh with content.
I have a lot of niche sites and "Answer Analyst" has cut my research time by more than half. Finding information even in the most
obscure subject matter is just a few clicks away. This software is amazing to say the least! I highly recommend "Answer Analyst for
anyone trying to use their time wisely.
Thank you Jon for another great product and looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve in the future.
John Foley

Milles Merci's for Inspiring my Writing Ways ... Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your "Answer Analyst" and Milles Merci's for inspiring my writing ways with your awesome "Answer Analyst". It's the second
time that i'm using one of your software's and i highly recommend you, your posts and your software's to my few readers that uses
pens as an introduction weapon to the Blogging/Articles Marketing world.
For proving it i've launched a new blog and i will post ONLY by using the "Answer Analyst" software for the next months for achieving
high ranking. I am so confident with future results that i've uploaded the new blog under my name, simply because the First article i
wrote using The Analyst - "Articles marketing- If it's Google Way, it's my Way as well" is rank first on Google first page for "Internet
marketing articles marketing google way"- keywords of 48,100,000 websites in just a few days.
I can't say more but praise your honesty, integrity and your professionalism.
Cordialy, Ziki de Naim
Ziki de Naim

Great Way To Find Titles of Articles ... I am not the most creative person in the world and one of the things I have always struggled with
is creating titles of articles. Well, this tool has helped me immensely, questions are great to use as titles and answer analyst provides
these in abundance. Simon Mann

Hello Jonathan, I had been struggling with just the thought of article writing for over a year now, yes that is right just the thought of it. Not
being a master of my native language, I have only ever written ONE article. Then along came Jonathan with Answer Analyst, now at
least I can easily research my topics of interest. I still have to struggle with piecing the content together, but thanks to your brilliant
software the content draft is right behind the GET ANSWERS BUTTON. You Beaut Thanks Jon Darren Darren Robinsen
Looking forward to writing now... ... Answer Analyst is not only a very useful tool, it is a time saver! Not having to spend any time to
search, surf and open countless web pages to find usable information to include in my research, I can actually focus on writing as soon
as the answers to my research questions load ready to be edited. But that's not all - I have to admit that having the tool I now actually
look forward to researching ideas to write about, whereas in the past I had dreaded the thought of needing to write an article or even a
post every time I sat down to do it. Thank you for the creating such a brilliant tool! Tomas Belcik

Hi Jon! As usual, you've come out with another awesome PRACTICAL tool at a price that doesn't break the bank. This tool is great for
writing articles fast. It used to take me all day to write a few articles now with your tool I can write 4 articles within a 1/2 hr. How
awesome is that. Thanks for creating another quality product. Sam Sam Fox

Sam Fox

This is great software. It has really had an impact on my content creation. My article output has doubled since I purchased Answer
Analyst. Also, I just did research for 20 articles and sent it to my writer to complete. By providing the research I get the kind of articles I
want. Very nice!! Don Munn

Don Munn

You brought to us a new great tool!I am already using your fantastic IAW P and as I am a very satisfied your customer it didn't take me
a long time to make decision about your new offer.I thought: If it comes from Jon, there is no need to doubt! And it was proved to be
the truth! The Answer Analyst is a great.I find it useful both in improving my researches and choosing the topics on which I create high
quality articles combining with IAW P results.Thank's !And keep the good work! Gordana Vanjak

What a wonderful time saver! ...
I don't know what the I'm talking about ... Jonathan I don't know what I am talking about, but I just wrote an article for my video games
site using Answer Analyst.
Which I know nothing about I have never even played a video game I cannot even type only with one finger so using Answer Analyst
has put me into overdrive. Can you think what it was like before Answer Analyst? now I one finger type a keyword it finds me the
questions and produces the copy.
Who would have thought typing into a piece of software would have produced an article but Answer Analyst did
Thanks Jonathan.
Phil Bradshaw
Answer Analyst gets right to the Heart of The Matter !!! ... Jon
I was unsure whether Answer Analyst would be suitable for my needs. I have a site which deals with Heart Attacks and Heart Disease,
and therefore need accurate information from credible and reliable sources.
Answer Analyst has proved to be an incredible tool. It is sourcing exactly the quality of information that I require and has made the
process much quicker and easier than any previous method that I have used.
Paul Darby

Best Writers Research Tool I've found ... I do quite a bit of freelance writing for my client's websites, blogs, article content and general
copy writing etc. Right or wrong, clients don't like to pay for research time so finding a tool to make this part of my job faster, easier,
and with accuracy was important. I found it with Answer Analyst.
All I do is ask the software the correct questions in the right order and I have more than enough information that I can rewrite in short
order for unique content. I can refer back to the original source for quick fact checking if necessary. It's all very simple.
When combined with Jon's other tools I have purchased, my job has become easier and I have become a more effective writer for my
Richard Embro-Pantalony

Writer Finds Much Needed Extra Time with Answer Analyst ... I write, write, write on holistic health care for dogs. I write books,
articles, website copy, video copy and my blog. Now I'm adding
Writing about health requires research from all sides of a topic. You need lots of info fast. Lives are at stake.
I've found that Answer Analyst makes the process much easier and the work goes much faster. Combine it with Instant Article Wizard
Pro and you've given yourself the gift of extra time.
Thanks for a great tool!
Jan Rasmusen Author, Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care
Jan Rasmusen

Answer Analyst is very valuable to me. I develop marketing material for business web sites and brochures. I used to spend hours
looking for content on search engines. There is a ton of information on the Internet, if you know where to find it. Answer Analyst is
"search engines on steriods."
It does a great job on practical answers also. I asked it for answers on dandruff removal and ink spot removal. Take a look at the
answers it gave me by scrolling down to the example link on my website. The answer to one important question could more than save
the price of the software.
Merlin Avenell

Practical and easy to use. ... Thank you very much for your great work. I purchased Answer Analyst only a few days ago and already I
have written articles,based on information from AA. It's both practical, and easy to use. I use it both to help me write articles, because
English is not my first language, and I also use it to research and get valuable inforomations,to help me build my website. Thanks
again Atli Vidar Jonsson

I've actually been pretty surprised at how helpful Answer Analyst is in getting useful information about things. When you don't know alot
about a certain topic it can be hard to even get started writing. But if you know the questions that other people have been asking about
that topic it can give you a nice outline on where to begin. Then you'll also get good material to answer those questions as well. Yes,
you can dig around and find this stuff other ways but in the end it's about time and how well we use it versus our competition. So, if you
need a quick way to get research done then you couldn't go wrong giving this a go. Pat London


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