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									Download Alibaba Gold PDF, Ebooks And Softwares
Download Alibaba Gold - PDF Ebooks And Software
¡°I Have Personally Made Thousands of Dollars on, Without Even Walking 5 Feet Away From My Desk, and
Guess what?
I'm Gonna Show You How You Can Too!!

                                             You are gonna find out¡
                                             How I Regularly Make $5,000 - $10,000 Commissions Flipping Large Stock Lots of
                                             Other Peoples Product via EMAIL as an ¡°Online Liquidation Broker¡±
                                             And SO CAN YOU!
                                             Hi my name is John Durham,
                                             It shocks me daily that marketers still haven't caught onto the Gold Mine that exists on
                                             Every Single Day on , over 146 MILLION dollars exchanges hands!
                                             It is one of the most high traffic sites in the world. Only there is something even more
special about it...
They are all LARGE QUANTITY buyers and sellers.
I want to share a system with you here that is very simple, and it has made me over $300,000 working only part time, maybe 5 hours
per week!

                                                              Great report here is why.
It reminds me of a technique that was going the rounds several years back often costing hundreds even thousands for the info.
The problem was it often involved some serious money to implement and a serious learning curve due to the logistics of implementing
it and other various barriers such as CIF and FOB. The technique often involved wearing many hats and was not always a work at
home solution.
Looks like John spilled the beans and removed all the problems mentioned above thus leveraging other peoples knowledge, abilities
and money.

How do you know I really do this?
If you look up the term "wallpaper stocklot" on google you will see that I have dominated the first page with my Alibaba listing, and I
haven't even got that great of presentations...
I don't have to be flashy, heck; half my customers don't even speak fluent English. They appreciate my simplistic ways... because they
are not hard to assimilate.
They don't understand a lot of sales bs... what they understand is "Would you like to buy a load of wallpaper"?
Seriously. That simple.
Years ago I learned how to contact manufacturers, retail, and wholesale distributors like "Mattell" and "Kellogg's" and "Macy's"... to
ask a simple question:
"Do you folks have any distressed merchandise you need to unload..."?
What I found is that in 4 out of 10 of these calls, the answer was "Yes".

In fact most of them had quantities in excess of a million units, that were taking up valuable warehouse space, and they were almost at
the point of throwing them out or donating them...
They had written them off as a loss on their taxes...
Things like:
"Batman Dolls"
"Electronic Piggy Banks"
"Clothing such as Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts"
"Wallpaper and Home decor Items"
"Costume Jewelry"
Any and everything that you might see in a "One dollar Store".
These people are willing to sell these MILLIONS of units at a time for as little as 3 cents on the dollar. for various reasons, it makes
sense for them.
This means, they could literally sell it for a mere penny and it would be profit! However if they don't sell it fast it recreates its cost and
they have to throw hundreds of thousands of units away, and DO every year!

                                                            Nice report!! You got my attention with this one. Mainly as I've used
Alibaba many years ago to make a great living buying product at wholesale and reselling just under retail on eBay. I knew there had to
be an easier way to use alibaba.. now I know there is.. and without tying up thousands of pounds!!

That's how discount stores stock their shelves!
For instance;
How do you think a product that retails for $19.99 ends up in a discount store selling for $1.00?
The answer is what I am about to show you in this report!
I want to teach you how years ago, I learned to locate these lots of merchandise, and a few years ago I learned that you could sell them
BY THE TRUCKLOAD for thousands of dollars, ONLINE, without ever leaving your living room... for literally $20-$30-$50,000 per
pop, to overseas buyers!
1: I created "Broker" relationships with manufacturers.
2: I would offer to "buy" their million units of a $30.00 product, for $0.04 per unit... then sell it off in truckloads at $0.24 per units...
50,000 units at a time... get this:
Without ever picking up a phone.
Good news, it works even BETTER today!

                                                          Well John I had to read it again this is fantastic ... This is a KISS system
that leverages other people money, knowledge and if you really think about it ... inventory.
Much like affiliate marketing that is working it from home but on an much much much larger scale and with the merchants more willing
to work with you! What more could you ask for!
I am familiar with alibaba and have been for a few years now and many of the people are very active there I know I have made quite a
few inquiries there and the responses can be many. So yes it is a very active community and money to be made. Just wish I would
have been seeing it from your angle instead of being the lucky squirrel that gets the nut.
Thanks again!

If you are willing to:
1: Contact manufacturers and wholesalers to ask about their distressed inventory.
2: Offer to broker it for them.
3: Get on Alibaba and offer the stocklot it to the THOUSANDS of bulk buyers overseas who are dying to buy the stuff at your
"WAAAAAAAY below wholesale prices.
Then you can make 5K 10K 20K per pop in commissions!
Admittedly my average commission is between 5-10K, but there are guys who focus on selling to bigger customers who buy a million
units at a time, and they regularly make 50-100k commission checks!
If you could pull 2 or 3 deals like off per year you would be set BIGTIME.
Your buyers don't even want to talk to you on the phone, they prefer email because of language barriers, so selling is fairly easy work.
Mostly sending emails back and forth to buyers...
One time I put out an ad and some guy from china wired me $20,000 within 24 hours and I got a $7,500 commission, and other times
it takes weeks to close a 5k deal maybe even a couple of months... but once again, I don't work too hard at it. If you did you could
make a TON!
So there's how I make money on Alibaba, basically if you do what I teach here, you can too!
Listen to what others have to say about this report...

                                                              Great Report John!
I bought this last night and have read every word before I was able to get to bed. Even had a hard time sleeping because of it.
Your report really enlightened me to the possibilities that exist out there on alibaba. You did a great job laying everything out so that
anyone could get started immediately, without any experience, or extra costs. I have not seen too many reports that are as complete
as this is.
Now that the juices are flowing, I am going to work on planning out my strategy to make some money. I plan to add to this review in the
next couple of weeks.
Thanks for putting this out John.

If you buy this report now, experts agree that it could be the most valuable investment you ever make. This is the kind of thing you can
teach your children and grandchildren to prosper with for years to come, and it will work in any economy. It has worked for hundred of
years, and will continue for hundreds more...and NOW you can do it on the INTERNET!
How exciting.
I will look forward to hearing your success stories, after you read this report that contains information that has made me and many
others prosperous, and has changed my life for the better!
When you purchase Alibaba Gold Report, you have 30 days read and take action.

If you're not 100% satisfied for any reason at ALL, simply let me know why and I'll refund every penny - no
questions asked.
I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you get in this high-quality, report.
Order today!

John Durham
P.S - Hurry and Order now, before I get kicked out of the internet marketing community forever for sharing this info!

                                                         "...Superlicious! AWESOME - John - this is a great biz model for this
economy and what attracted me was the export to China /India and other countries because this is something I've been looking into
Why? Because my neighbor on my street who lives in a 10,000 sq. foot home on the lake (so that's bigger than mine! LOL) is doing
pretty darn good in his biz and it's all importing/exporting with China... hmmmm.... my INTRIGUE level is HIGH and thanks for sharing
what you do ...Another reason - heck - when you know internet marketing and deal making (if you're new to deal making - I'm sure John
will teach you to be a 'deal maker) - one can see how powerful this can be for your business when you add this as a income stream"!
Maria Gudelis

                                                                                                  Disclaimer | Affiliates

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